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Real estate


At left, homes in Adriatrica, a development in McKinney, Texas, are designed to look like a Croatian Village. Below is the view from the second level of a home in the development.



… and the 1,670 struggling schools where students seek it By CARyN ROUSSEAU aSSoCiated preSS Writer

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Above, Nik Spayne of Elgin, Ill., leans against the mirror in a dance studio at the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

CHICAGO — Nik Spayne wakes just before 6 a.m. on school days at his suburban Elgin home, in time to take an hourlong train ride and a bus to the Chicago Academy for the Arts. It’s regular classroom work in the morning for the 17-year-old senior before three hours of dance and vocal training. By the time he’s finished with another few hours of rehearsal and has commuted home, it’s 8 p.m. — more than 14 hours since he woke up. “Then I still need to do my homework and learn my lines and not have a social life and go to bed and do it all again,” Spayne said, sitting in a science lab after finishing his modern dance class. “But it’s worth it.” Spayne, an aspiring musical theater performer, is one of nearly 1.5 million students around the country who attend one of about 1,670 performing arts high schools, colleges or other instructional programs, according to the nonprofit group Arts School Network. After seeing the 1980 movie “Fame,” which follows New York City performing arts students, Spayne thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to go to a school like that?” Nearly 30 years later, an updated remake of “Fame” is to debut Friday. The movie’s trailer has one student asking: “Somebody’s gotta make it out there. Why can’t it be me?”

Area’s jobless rates improve

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Nik Spayne of Elgin, Ill., studies in the hallway at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Spayne, 17, is one of nearly 1.5 million aspiring student actors, dancers and vocalists nationally, attending 1,670 performing arts schools seeking that spotlight of “Fame.” The competitive drive and quest for success is still present at performing arts schools, which are private, public and charter, but officials say the recession has left them with less money and more to do. They educate students in the classical arts, but also have modern offerings, such as hip-hop dance and pop vocals. In addition, the schools have started teaching business courses to help budding artists learn to make a living. Enrollment has fallen at some private performing arts schools and endowments have lost value, said Roger Shoemaker, associate head for the arts at the boarding school Walnut Hill in Natick, Mass. He said families under financial pressure can no longer afford the tuition,

which at private schools can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year. Some students can receive scholarships or other financial assistance. The school’s endowments have lost 25 percent, said Shoemaker. Other schools say they’ve had to cut arts teachers and budgets. “Across the board it makes it much more difficult,” he said. “The environment for fundraising is pretty difficult. We made our fundraising goal last year, but not everybody can say that.” School officials said they’ve had to become more creative in how they raise money, with some institutions putting on benefit shows featuring famous alumni or current students.

‘Adriatica,’ Texas

At left, students at the Chicago Academy for the Arts glide down the floor in a modern dance class.

The schools also have responded with new courses that include digital filmmaking, music engineering and electric and acoustic guitar. The classes help find common ground with students who may not be as interested in the classical arts, like ballet or opera, said Ralph Opacic, executive director of Orange County High School for the Arts in Santa Ana, Calif. “We’re trying to use those more current art forms to get them to explore and expand and then hopefully fall in love with classical arts,” Opacic said. Schools have begun exposing students to the business side of arts and entertainment as well, offering courses that equip them with the skills needed to become entrepreneurs.

“It’s important for them to realize today you’ve got to be incredibly versatile,” said Isidore Rudnick, artistic director at The School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, home of the recent MTV reality show “Taking the Stage.” “You’ve got to have a savvy business sense. It’s not good enough to be a good actor or a good musician,” Rudnick said. Coursework aside, there’s a stronger reason students are attracted to a performing arts school. “They’re all looking for a place where they can be really passionate as well as becoming a well-rounded person,” said Lauren Williams, a 17-year-old senior and oboe major at Chicago Academy for the Arts. “The classes are so incredibly

structured and formulated. They’re so engaging and so interesting because they connect to your art.” The school’s alumni include actress Lara Flynn Boyle, dancer Tom Gold of the New York City Ballet and film composer Alex Wurman. While “Fame” may be the movie version of what happens in the halls and rehearsal rooms, it does show the true spirit of a performing arts high school, said Rory Pullens, head of school at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington. “’Fame’ captures that beautifully and we see that manifest in the students every single day,” Pullens said. “They look at the celebrity and the flash and the glory and all of that.” But he said when they enter the halls with “the sweat and the work ethic they need to possess, they come out appreciating the work they’ve put into this and the skill they develop.” For Spayne, the 25 hours a week of rehearsals will go on. He’s applying to colleges to study musical theater and says even if he has to wait tables it will all be worth it if he can have the chance to perform. “It’s almost sacred, in a way, that feeling that you get when you’re on stage,” Spayne said. “Once you’ve gotten it, then you keep striving for that feeling again and so you just immerse yourself in the arts.” On the Net: • “Fame” movie: http://www.

Developer builds subdivision inspired by Croatian village By JAMIE STENGLE aSSociated preSS Writer

MCKINNEY, Texas — From a chapel sitting serenely on a sliver of land jutting out on a lake, to stone homes with red tile roofs clustered on winding lanes, developer Jeff Blackard is working to bring European village life to a Texas suburb. “What we’re really doing is creating a real, functioning village,” Blackard said. Inspired by Supetar, a port city on the Croatian island of Brac, Blackard began work on the “Adriatica” development about 30 miles north of Dallas a few years ago. So far, it contains about a dozen single-family homes and a row of businesses and shops, including a day spa, an Italian restaurant, a Realtor’s office, a wine bistro and a Starbucks. By the end of next year, expect a replica of Supetar’s port lining the lake. Eventually, plans for the 45-acre development call for 70 or so houses, about 280 condominium units, 100 retail establishments, 100 offices and an 80-room hotel. A replica of Venice’s St. Mark’s Square is planned to serve as a community meeting place. For Anne Petrasek, who has lived at Adriatica since January with her family, it already feels like the ideal European village. “It’s like going on vacation every weekend,” she said. Petrasek, 52, used to live about five minutes away in a more typical suburban development, with a big yard on a golf course. Since moving into her new 3,000-squarefoot, three-bedroom home, she said she’s found the village-type life she wanted, from chatting with people from the balcony to frequenting the development’s shops. “People are more apt to just stop and say hello,” she said. Many of the homes incorporate antique architectural items from Europe, such as gates from Italy. Flowers

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SUNDAY, September 27, 2009 ap photoS/DONNA McWILLIAM

The Adriatica subdivision in McKinney, Texas, near Dallas, is inspired by the Croatian village of Supetar on the island of Brac, right down to a town chapel surrounded by water (above), a European-style belltower (right) and homes with rustic stone, wrought iron and wood interiors.

Volume XCV, No. 227

cascade from window boxes. Colorful lights are strung above sidewalks in the retail area. There are even plans to anchor a ship in the harbor and serve as a coffee shop. Blackard, a developer of about 15,000 homes during his almost 30-year career, said that after investing in a hotel in Supetar, it occurred to him that American housing developments should be

more like European villages. “Developers think they put in a fountain and a gazebo and think it’s a community, but it’s not,” he said. “One time I wanted to do it right at all costs,” he said, adding that zoning will allow for features such as zero setbacks from houses to the road, so that, as in a European village, the homes are right off the lanes.

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Cruizin’ for a Cure The South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church Instruments of Shining Hope Cancer Ministry and Maria Parham Medical Center Oncology Center sponsor Cruizin’ for a Cure’ on Saturday at the Henderson Operations Center. The purpose of the benefit is raising awareness and funds for breast cancer prevention, detection and support Top: Pink balloons are released at the end of the day as a way to remember victims of breast cancer. Above right: Ruthie Hopkins of Durham takes a shot at dunking Bradley Lloyd of the Bear Pond Fire Department. Below right: Charlie Forsythe of the Watkins Volunteer Fire Department accepts donations during the firemen’s pink boot drive. Below: Detective Kendall Riddick, left, and Lt. Charles Pulley wear pink “jail jumpsuits” as they ask for help in the form of donations as they try to raise their “bail.”

Two-hour parking in parts of downtown may be reduced to 90 minutes if Henderson City Council approves a recommendation by the Downtown Development Commission. Council may approve a trial run for the idea at its meeting Monday night. The affected areas are Garnett Street from Montgomery to Winder streets and the one block on Breckenridge Street from Garnett to Wyche streets. According to council’s agenda material, businesses in the ares were surveyed in August at the request of City Manager Ray Griffin, with only one preferring the two-hour limit. Griffin noted in the agenda material that some employees of downtown businesses park on the street and move their cars every two hours to avoid getting a ticket. If council approves, the new limit would be tried for six months. In other business on the agenda, council:


Vance receives grant for health care center By AL WHELESS Daily Dispatch Writer

The North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center has awarded a $360,000 grant to Vance County for renovation of the former Henderson Sarah W. Curl, 92 Lighthouse Entertainment Center Obituaries, 4A at 100 Park View Drive West for an integrated health care center. County Manager Jerry Ayscue said Thursday that the center is already in operation. The complex off Beckford Drive is expected to generate 30 jobs while serving the indigent and the unin-


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Early voter pace slow, only 291

High: 84 Low: 59

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2-hour parking may be reduced

Lots for the homes, or “villas,” begin at $40,000, and most homes are $300,000 and up, but Blackard said someone could build there for less if they wanted. “It’s OK to have an 800-square-foot house. Build something that you want,” he said. Stephen Melman, economic services director at the National Association of Homebuilders in Wash-

Please see COUNCIL, page 3A

A.M. rain

High: 82 Low: 51





make it?’” said John, whose record label has now moved its office to Adriatica as well. Adriatica reminded Amparo Abeyta of her native Mexico, so she decided to open a flower shop there. “I love the style,” she said. Eventually, Blackard says, he expects somewhere between 1,000 to 1,500 people to live at Adriatica. Bill Hight, a Dallas restaurant owner moved there with his wife in June 2008. Their 4,400-square-foot home with a patio facing the lake has European elements like arches, balconies, textured walls and a landscaped courtyard. “I think it’s just a slower, more relaxing pace,” said Hight, 69.

Daily Dispatch/AL CREWS



ington, D.C., said his group doesn’t keep data on themes in housing developments, but he doesn’t know of anything similar to Adriatica. “In this market, it’s challenging. So if you can make your product stand out, you’ve got a winner,” Melman said. Edward John, a Christian pop singer from Oslo, Norway, said that when he relocated to McKinney to be near his record label, he wasn’t pleased with the town. Then one day while jogging he stopped by an open house at Adriatica. It made him feel like he was back in Europe, he said, and he now plans to build a home there. “I love this area. Coming from Europe, I’m used to the buzz and the people. When I first came here (to Texas) I thought, ‘How am I going to

But only in parts of downtown


Unemployment rates dropped in 90 North Carolina counties in August, including Vance, Granville and Warren, according to statistics released Friday by the state’s Employment Security Commission. Rates increased in six counties and remained the same in four. “Rates have decreased in many of these counties for various reasons,” said ESC Chairman Moses Carey Jr. “Most counties experienced some loss in the labor force. People moving away and looking for work in other areas, students returning to school or some people exhausting their benefits are reasons for such declines. This can have an impact on the unemployment rate.” The improvement in most of the counties brought the state jobless rate down from 11.1 percent in July to 10.7 percent in August. In Vance County, the rate dropped to 13.4

sured, according to the new owner. A grand opening is planned for September of 2010. The four-year-old building — which was bought last March by The Rural Health Group of Roanoke Rapids — will have 9,778 square feet of space on the first floor for clinical care and 2,347 square feet on the second floor for administration. The Rural Health Group will build two family-practice suites, two behavioral-health offices, a six-chair dental office, a patient-education room and administrative offices. Officials said the company will

be a training ground for medical assistants, outreach workers, lay health advisers, patient navigators and operational staff support. The grant application was approved last June by the Board of Commissioners. County Manager Jerry Ayscue described the changes to the building as an economic development project. He said the health care center is expected to also serve people living in counties surrounding Vance. Contact the writer at

During last fall’s presidential election, local boards of election and early voting sites nationwide were swamped with people swarming to the polls to cast their ballots. During an off-year with only municipal races on the ballot in Vance County — not so much. Faye Gill, director of the Vance County Board of Elections, reports that 291 voters have cast their ballots at her office since early voting began on Sept. 17. “It’s going slow right now,” said Gill in an exchange of e-mails with The Daily Dispatch. “Hopefully Please see VOTER, page 3A


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Kittrell Job Corps Center celebrates 45th anniversary

Monday Masonic meeting — Beacon Light Masonic Lodge #249 will hold its stated communication at 7 p.m. at the lodge, located at 1204 West Andrews Ave. For more information, contact Michael Edwards at 767-3672. Henderson City Council — The Henderson City Council will meet at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of City Hall, 134 Rose Ave. A work session will follow.

Tuesday NAACP — Sen. Doug Berger and Charmaine Cooper, executive director of the Carolina Justice Policy Center, will address the Vance County Branch of the NAACP at its meeting at 7 p.m. The group meets at The Gateway Center, 314 S. Garnett St. Members and guests are invited to attend. Quilting event — Join the Heritage Quilters for the Stargaze Quilt Raffle Drawing and Giving Circle kick-off reception at the Warren County Campus of Vance Granville Community College in Warrenton from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Seminar Room #432, Building 4. For more information, contact Portia Hawes, 257-9194, or Jereann King Johnson,

Wednesday VGCC event — The Franklin County Campus of VanceGranville Community College (VGCC) near Louisburg will hold an event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of VGCC from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4-6 p.m. (for students who only attend classes during the evening). Stroke support group — The Maria Parham Medical Center Stroke Support Group will meet from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Center for Rehab Conference Room of the Brodie Waddill Building at Maria Parham Medical Center. A representative from the Vance County Social Services Department will be speaking about the adult Medicaid program. Stroke survivors, families, friends and caregivers are invited to attend. Please contact Liz Karan at 436-1604 with any questions. Chamber membership drive — The Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce will hold its fall membership drive today from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Businesses that are not chamber members will be contacted by phone and offered the opportunity to join the organization at a 15 percent discount. For more information, contact the chamber at 438-8414.

Thursday Genealogical society — Dr. Richard L. Taylor will present a program on naming traditions, especially in regard to nicknames, at the Granville County Genealogical Society meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the County Commissioners’ meeting room on Williamsboro Street in Oxford. Members and visitors are invited to attend. Childbirth classes — Prepared childbirth education classes are held at Granville Medical Center, 1010 College St., in Oxford, every Thursday night from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the first floor conference room. Women who are scheduled to deliver their babies at any hospital are welcome to attend. To register for the classes, call the Childbirth Education Department at (919) 690-3208.

Friday Warren Free Clinic — The Warren County Free Clinic will hold its second annual Appreciation and Recognition Banquet from 7-10 p.m. at the Ambassador’s Inn and Suites, 197 Parham Road, Henderson. For more information, call 257-1904. Art event — Art du Jour, 209 E. Nash St. in Louisburg, will be featuring its artist of the month, Julie Cooke, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. She will be demonstrating her jewelry techniques. Those attending will be invited to create their own pieces for a small fee. For more information, please call Art du Jour at (919) 496-1650. Blood drive — Maria Parham Medical Center and the American Red Cross will hold a blood drive from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the classroom and the auditorium of the hospital. Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins will be taken. Donors need to be at least 17 years old, in good health and weigh at least 110 pounds. Call Lee Anne Peoples at 4361116 or email her at to schedule an appointment. American Legion — The American Legion Post 60 will hold it regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Legion Hut. All members are requested to attend. If you miss your paper,

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tickets on sale for ACTS fundraiser set for Oct. 9

ACTS (Area Christians Together in Service) is currently selling tickets for a barbecue chicken fundraiser on Friday, Oct. 9, at First Presbyterian Church. Tickets are $7 and are being sold by members of more than 20 churches in the community, plus tickets are available from ACTS at 305 S. Chestnut Street and at The Daily Dispatch at 304 S. Chestnut. The meal, which will be served from 11 a.m. to 7 The Kittrell Job Corps Center celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Job Corps program on p.m. on that Friday, will Sept. 23. Mayor Pete O’Geary (shown speaking) and local business and community leaders include one-half of a barbejoined with Job Corps graduates to mark the occasion. The U.S. Congress passed a resolution cued chicken, cole slaw, podeclaring Sept. 23 “National Job Corps Day” to acknowledge Job Corps’ 45 years of training tato salad, bread and cake. over three million America’s youth. Celebrations took place at each of the 123 centers in the Eat-in plates are available U.S. and in Washington, D.C. At the local celebration, students had the opportunity to share and will include a bevertheir testimonies about what Job Corps has meant to them and how it has impacted their lives. age. Take-out is available Culinary arts students prepared refreshments for the reception. Henderson Mayor Pete O’Geary and ACTS is arranging for presented a proclamation letter to Arvin Lane, center director, expressing support for “National delivery of large orders to Job Corps Day.” North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue also sent a proclamation letter. businesses. ACTS is asking anyone who can help with the fundraiser by selling tickets, cooking chickens, preparing plates or deliverprize. Three drawings will ing meals to attend a meetAssociation member to The Lake Gaston Asing on Tuesday at the First be made for $50, $25 and sociation Board (LGA) has complete the survey. Baptist Church fellowship A paper copy can be $10. To be eligible, surveys posted its 2009 survey on hall at 7 p.m. requested by calling (252) must be completed on-line the association’s website For more information on 586-6577 or 1-888-586or postmarked by no later how someone can volunteer at www.lakegastonassoc. 6577. Everyone (except than Oct. 23. The winners or to arrange for delivery to com and invites the Lake board members and their will be announced at the Gaston community to a business, contact Melvin immediate families) who Lake Gaston Association participate. It is not neces- completes the survey will Green or Copper Rain at monthly meeting on Nov 4. ACTS at (252) 492-8231. be eligible to win a cash sary to be a Lake Gaston

LGA invites 2009 survey participation


from the

Flu prevention tips To prevent your child catching the flu or spreading it to others, remember

‘Cruisin’ for a Cure’ bike ride is Saturday Help with the battle against breast cancer by joining the Second Annual “Cruisin’ For A Cure” Bike Ride on Saturday, Oct. 3, sponsored by The Instruments of Shining Light cancer ministry at South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church and the Oncology Clinic at Maria Parham Medical Center. Registration will be from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the medical center. The ride will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and end at South Henderson Pentecostal. Entry fees for the ride are $20 per bike or $25 for bike and rider. The fees include a pork barbecue dinner. In case of the rain, the ride will be rescheduled for Oct. 10.

Dabney Drive RestauRant Buffet, Buffet, Buffet! Buy 1 Dinner Buffet & Drink and Get 1 Buffet @ 1/2 PriCe Mon & Wed - 4pm - 7:30pm - $7.49

LunCH Buffet eVerY DAY! 11am - 4pm - $6.50 (Tea Included)

friDAY & SAturDAY BreAkfASt Buffet!

Eggs, Bacon, Link Sausage, Hashbrowns, Grits, Biscuits & Gravy, Pancakes, Oatmeal & Fruit Salad Fri: 5:30am-10:30am Sat: 5:30am-11:30am


Banquet Room Available Don’t Forget to Book Your Holiday Party Early!

946-G Andrews Avenue Exit 214 off I-85


Mon-Thurs 5:30am - 8pm • Fri - 5:30am - 8:30pm Sat 5:30am - 2pm • Sun 8am - 2pm

Vance Co. Parenting Task Force

two words — hands and home. Teach your child to wash his hands thoroughly to prevent transferring germs to his eyes or nose, and also to prevent

his sharing his germs to others. Staying home also reduces your family’s chance of getting or sharing germs. When your child is sick, please do not

send him to child care, school, or take him to any non-essential public place. By Mary Helen Jones, N.C. Cooperative Extension

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• Will conduct the second of two required public hearings on its application for a $1 million Community Development Block Grant for the Ransom Street project area in the Orange-Breckenridge part of the city. No one spoke at the first hearing on Sept. 14. Of the grant amount, council proposes spending $850,000 for water, sewer

and street improvements. The balance, $150,000, would be used for a greenway from the project area to King’s Daughters Park. Ransom Street is just west of downtown and has 13 housing units. • Consider a resolution accepting a $142,000 Department of Justice grant for the Weed and Seed program. The original grant amount

A not so itsy-bitsy spider bugs the pope in Prague PRAGUE (AP) — President Barack Obama had his fly. Now Pope Benedict XVI has his spider. A large arachnid appeared on the pope’s white robes as he addressed politicians and diplomats in Prague on Saturday afternoon. The pope didn’t seem to notice at first — but journalists following the speech on a large screen flinched as the spider inched toward Benedict’s neck. It disappeared from view for a moment, but then could be seen crawl-

Correction Henderson Ward 1 candidate Cathy Ringley has 30 years of business experience, not three as reported in Saturday’s edition. Ringley made the statement Thursday at a forum for candidates in the Oct. 6 election

ing up the right side of the 82-year-old pontiff’s face. When it reached his ear, Benedict gave it a swat. But it didn’t go away — it reappeared on the pope’s left shoulder and scampered down his robe. As the pope left the medieval Prague Castle’s ornate Spanish Hall, the spider could be seen hanging from a piece of web. In June, Obama now famously swatted and killed a fly that intruded on an interview for CNBC at the White House.

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it will pick up next week.” The biggest day of voting thus far has been Monday, with 63 ballots submitted. On other days this past week, the number of voters who dropped by the local Board of Elections office has ranged between 33 and 46. There are 28,878 registered voters in Vance County as of Saturday, according to figures available on the North Carolina State Board of Elections Web site. During this municipal

ay yd r e Ev

season — with Vanceresiding voters casting ballots only for city council, town commission and mayoral races in the city limits of Henderson, Middleburg and Kittrell — Election Day is set for Oct. 6. Early voting will be available this week not only on weekdays, but also on Saturday at the Board of Elections, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Send comments to news@

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Est. Aug. 12, 1914 304 S. Chestnut St. P.O. Box 908 Henderson, N.C. 27536

Edwards Street. A $3,500 offer has been received from Alvin Johnson Jr. The city must now advertise the property and consider upset bids. • Consider a resolution endorsing the city’s 20092019 Solid Waste Management Plan. Council meets at 6 p.m.

Henderson Family Medicine Clinic

Call 436-2800 X

was $175,000, but such programs nationwide were cut 22 percent. • Consider ordinances allowing the demolition of structures at 416 Parham St. and 427 Garnett St. The city’s code enforcement office has declared them to be hazards to the public health, safety and welfare. • Consider a resolution of intent to sell a vacant lot on

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at 6.3 percent and Orange at 6.8 percent. Scotland County had the highest unemployment rate, at 16.5 percent, which was 0.5 of a percentage point lower than last month. Edgecombe County had the second-highest rate at 16.3 percent.

COUNCIL, from page one



North Carolina had 45 counties which were at or below the state’s unadjusted unemployment rate of 10.7 percent. Rates decreased in all 14 of the state’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Currituck County had the state’s lowest unemployment rate in August, at 5.1 percent, followed by Hyde at 5.6 percent, Dare

ay yd

24-Hr. Capacity Yest. Change 240 212.77 +0.12 264 248.39 -0.01

Lake Jordan Neuse Falls

find employment. Warren County’s rate in August was 13.2 percent, down from 13.5 in July. The August rate means that 1,045 workers out of a workforce of 7,946 could not find jobs. Across the state the unemployment total in August was 485,723 workers, compared with 510,021 in July.

er Ev

Elevation in feet above sea level. Data as of 7 a.m. yesterday. 24-Hr. Lake Capacity Yest. Change Gaston 203 199.60 -0.12 Kerr 320 294.19 -0.05

JOBLESS, from page one percent in August from 14 percent in July. The August rate means that 2,663 members of the 19,872 member workforce could not find jobs. The jobless rate in Granville County fell to 10.4 percent in August from July’s 10.9 percent. The August rate means that out of the county’s 25,912 workforce, 2,694 could not

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Deaths Sarah W. Curl TOWNSVILLE — Sarah Belle Williamson Curl, age 92, a resident of 12365 NC Hwy. 39 N., died Friday, September 25, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center. Born in Vance County on July 15, 1917, she was the daughter of the late William Hammett Williamson and Mary Belle Twisdale Williamson. Mrs. Curl was a homemaker and a member of Nutbush Presbyterian Church. Funeral services will be held today at 2:00 pm at Nutbush Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Dave Vellenga. Burial will follow in the church cemetery. She is survived by her husband of 70 years,

Weldon Burroughs Curl of Townsville; two daughters, Anne Curl Myrick and husband, Jim of Asheboro and Belle Curl Miller and husband, Jim of Harleysville, PA; one son, Weldon B. Curl, Jr. and wife, Shelia of Garner; six grandchildren, Elizabeth Myrick Boone and husband, Bryan, Maxwell Dean Myrick, Caroline Belle Miller Sweeney and husband, Rob, Marcus Lee Miller and wife, Jolene, Caitline Nicole Curl, and Charles Sheldon Curl; seven great grandchildren, Sarah and Anna Boone, Allyson and Robbie Sweeny, and Sadie, Abigail, and James Miller; and many loving and caring nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her infant son, Sheldon Clarence Curl;

sisters, Lillie W. Hawks, Jennie W. Howell, and Katherine W. Kearns; and brothers, Thomas, Ollie and Jack Williamson. The family received friends Saturday night from 7:00 until 8:30 pm at J. M. White Funeral Home. Serving as active pallbearers will be Marcus Miller, Sheldon Curl, Virgil Twisdale, Keith Hutson, Lee Twisdale, Cliff Walker and Ronald Kinsley. Memorial contributions in Mrs. Curl’s memory may be made to Nutbush Presbyterian Church, c/o Laura Harris, P. O. Box 116, Townsville, N. C. 27584. Arrangements are by J. M. White Funeral Home. Paid Obituary

Body of soldier missing for decades back in Neb.

Daily Dispatch/EARL KING

Fireman’s Day

Fire departments compete Saturday at the 26th Warrenton Rural Fire Department’s Fireman’s Day. Above, Norlina firemen (left) take on the Macon firemen in Command Post. It’s a timed event in which blindfolded firemen have a minute to get water into theri tubs. Below, the Norlina firemen compete in Bucket Brigade, an event in which a pingpong ball is forced out of the barrel when it’s filled with water. Eleven fire companies from North Carolina and Virginia participated.

Vance school chief recognized for dropout prevention work Vance County Schools Superintendent Dr. Norman Shearin is featured as the “Spotlight Member” in a book recently published by Cambridge Publishing, Top 101 Industry Experts: Tools to Help You on the Road to Success. The spotlight features a biography of Vance County ’s schools chief and a questionand-answer exchange on career goals, mentors and Shearin professional accomplishments, among various topics. “I feel extremely proud,” he said of the publication. “I was surprised to be included. I see this as a great honor for me personally and for our school system.” Shearin’s profile — under the industry title of educational administration ­— is among a group of industry leaders from various fields, from economics and agronomy to nuclear weapons research and development,

from marriage counseling to military finance, for example. Shearin said he was nominated for inclusion in the book but was not informed who made the nomination. The recognition came from “a lot of work I did with the National Dropout Prevention Board and for my 44 years in education both here in North Carolina and in Florida,” Shearin said. “It is the biggest honor I have ever gotten.” In his five-page profile, Shearin is credited for helping Vance County “achieve significant academic gains and eliminate barriers to student progression such as behavioral problems, low test scores and inadequate technology.” In 2007, Shearin was selected as the Central Carolina Regional Education Service Alliance Superintendent of the Year. He was given the Crystal Star Award from the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network in 2004. The book is a part of the Cambridge Who’s Who series of executive, professional and entrepreneur biogra-

phies in industry and career fields. The Who’s Who Registry is available in book form and online, providing a resource for Cambridge members. Inclusion in the Registry is an honor limited to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their industry and occupation, according to a Cambridge announcement. The profiles highlight members’ expertise, achievements, affiliations and education, making it easy for members to use it for job recruitment, career enhancement and new business development. Cambridge says that every major profession is represented by 400,000 active executive, professional and entrepreneur members. The membership base is international, with the majority of members in the United States, Canada, Australia and England . The Top 101 was selected from more than 250,000 executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, Cambridge said.

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The remains of a U.S. soldier who has been missing since a 1965 helicopter crash in South Vietnam have been returned to Nebraska. A casket containing Spec. Donald Grella’s body was flown from Hawaii to Omaha on Saturday. Grella’s sister, Shirley Haase of

Omaha, accompanied his remains. Haase learned in July that Grella’s body was among the remains found at a helicopter crash site near An Khe, Vietnam, in 2006. The helicopter went down on Dec. 28, 1965, during a supply mission. The pilot radioed before the crash that

bad weather and darkness made flying difficult. Grella was 25. It was three years before the crash site was excavated. Grella will be buried in his hometown of Laurel. A funeral is scheduled for Oct. 3 at the Laurel-Concord High School gym.

Congresswoman’s husband dies on mountain climb NEW YORK (AP) — The husband of U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney has died on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas, aides to the congresswoman said Saturday. Clifton Maloney, a millionaire investment banker and avid climber, was resting in a high-altitude camp after a successful ascent to the summit of the world’s sixth-

highest mountain when he died. He was 71, a late age for such a grueling endeavor, but had been in excellent health, aides said. Rep. Maloney, a Democrat, was “very shaken” by the death, they said. Arrangements were still being made Saturday to recover the body from the slopes of Cho Oyu, a 26,906-

foot peak that straddles the border of Nepal and Tibet. Maloney reached the summit with a professional climbing partner and guide, Marty Schmidt, on Friday, or Thursday night Eastern Daylight Time. They rested overnight at a camp at about 23,000 feet. Maloney died unexpectedly the next day after going to sleep in his tent, Nolan said.

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LEGAL NOTICE The Vance County Board of Election hereby gives notice that public hearings for the consideration of absentee ballot applications for the October 6, 2009 City of Henderson Municipal Elections will be held at 4PM in the Elections Office on the following dates: Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Tuesday, September 29, 2009 The Board will not be required to hold any of the above listed meetings unless, since its preceding meeting, it actually received one or more applications, which it has not passed upon. James C. Kearney, Chairman VANCE COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS 300 S. GARNETT STREET HENDERSON, NC 27536 Phone: (252) 492-3730

Whatever your medical concern, large or small, Granville Health System is here for you and your family.

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Business & Farm

New signs, marketing for Triangle North From STAFF REPORTS

Triangle North has installed new entrance signs at all business parks and launched direct-mail campaigns to attract specific companies in highpotential industry sectors. The signs at all four parks aim to increase the business parks’ visibility and support the aggressive targeted marketing efforts that are under way. Donations from Embarq, Progress Energy and PSNC Energy and the Franklin County Committee of 100 made the signs possible. Meanwhile, about 300 life sciences companies considered to have a strong potential for expansion to an East Coast market received personal invitations from Triangle North Executive Director Bud Cohoon to consider the area for a startup or expansion. The companies were identified in a marketing study conducted by Triangle North and the N.C. Biotechnology Center.

Submitted photo

Triangle North has installed new signs at each of its four business parks to increase visibility. They include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that could benefit from locating in close proximity to the Research Triangle Region’s life sciences center. Medical device com-

panies considered to be strong candidates for locating to Triangle North business parks have received personal letters from Cohoon promoting the parks as expansion locations.

Anyone with information about life sciences or medical device companies considering expansion should contact Cohoon at or (252) 436-6098. Triangle North’s marketing strategy relies on making personal contact with individuals and organizations that can help connect park developers with companies and startups needing affordable space to grow their businesses. Representatives speak regularly to civic associations, real estate groups, government bodies and others to explain the benefits the tax-advantaged netework of business parks offers. Among them is a $12,500 tax credit for every job a company creates in any of the parks — Triangle North Franklin, Granville, Vance and Warren, Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker should contact Cohoon. Send comments to news@

Key points of agreement by Group of 20 Key points of agreement by leaders of the Group of 20: The leaders of the top 20 of the world’s richest nations held a two-day summit in Pittsburgh, adjourning on Friday. ECONOMIC GROWTH: Support economic activity until recovery is assured. Finance ministers will develop coordinated exit strategies from stimulus efforts at appropriate time. NEW ROLE FOR G-20: G-20 will replace the G-8 as the main forum for coordinating global economic policy. The G-20 includes rapidly industrializing nations such as China, India and Brazil that are not part of the

Debbie Kinton Authorized Agent (252) 438-2635

wealthier G-8. MORE REGULATION: Improve the regulation, functioning and transparency of financial and commodity markets “to address excessive commodity price volatility.” Financial institutions “must be subject to consistent, consolidated supervision and regulation with high standards.” BONUS PAYMENTS: Tie bank executives’ pay more closely to long-term performance of their investment decisions. Discourage guaranteed multiyear bonuses, which encourage risky investments. TAX HAVENS: Maintain momentum “in dealing

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with tax havens, money laundering, proceeds of corruption, terrorist financing, and prudential standards.” Improve tax transparency and exchange of information among governments. TRADE: Oppose protectionism. Swiftly implement the $250 billion trade finance initiative. Oppose new barriers to investment or to trade in goods and services. FOSSIL FUELS: Phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies and push toward investment in cleaner energy sources. “Spare no effort” to get a global warming agreement passed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December. BALANCED GROWTH:

Take steps to ensure “strong, sustainable and balanced growth” and to build a stronger international system. Monitor economic policies to pursue sustainable patterns that don’t rely heavily on huge exports from a few countries and huge consumption by a few others. POOR PEOPLE: Through the World Bank and regional development banks, take steps “to increase access to food, fuel and finance among the world’s poorest while clamping down on illicit outflows.” BANK CAPITAL: Improve the quantity and quality of bank capital and “discourage excessive leverage.”

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Israeli and Arab hikers tell clashing tales of the land By DIAA HADID Associated Press Writer

RAMOT MENASHE PARK, Israel — Israeli and Palestinian hikers are taking to the hills in the footsteps of their ancestors — deploying maps, holy texts and walking boots in the long-running battle for control of the Holy Land. In Israel and the West Bank, bands of enthusiasts trek over the same paths mentioned in antiquity and past villages abandoned to wars. But Israeli and Palestinian hikers mostly emphasize their attachment to the land and ignore each other’s historical footprints. In northern Israel’s Ramot Menashe Park, guide Innon Kahalany recently led a group past pungent fig trees, bringing to life characters of the Old Testament, which he calls Israel’s first guide book. He vividly described how on nearby Mount Carmel, the Jewish prophet Elijah challenged the priests of the heathen god Baal. But his entranced hikers were not told that they were standing near the ruins of seven Arab villages destroyed during the 1948 Mideast war when Israel became a state and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were driven out or fled. Kahalany said he speaks of those events carefully, if at all. “People don’t like a history lesson, I try to make it easy,” he said. Some 45 miles south, in the West Bank, Palestinian guide Saleh Jawad led a dozen hikers up a grass knoll to the ruins of the ancient village of Khirbet Kfar Ana, now used as grazing lands. His route was dictated not by the distant past, but by the reality of the modern conflict: He avoided sealed-off Israeli military zones and checkpoints, and stayed away from the Jewish settlements that dot the area. Settlers are free to roam the West Bank, which is mostly ruled by Israel and which Palestinians hope

AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill

In this July 3 photo, Israelis walk over a bridge during a hike in Ramot Menashe, northern Israel. will be part of their future state. On the other hand, Jawad and other Palestinians would have a hard time getting a permit to enter Israel. At Khirbet Kfar Ana, Jawad described how the village was most likely destroyed a century ago by the Turks who then ruled Palestine and were upset at the villagers for harboring bandits. The conversation quickly fell to tracing a Palestinian connection to the land from biblical times. “This is exactly what this struggle is about,” said Jawad. “It’s the feeling that I’m walking on the land of my ancestors.” Many Palestinians assert they are the descendants of the biblical Canaanites, who inhabited the Holy Land before the Hebrews conquered it. “We never left the land and they can see that,” said George Rishmawi, a hiker who leads a walking group of Palestinian ecotourists. Hiking — from school trips to weekend getaways — is far more ingrained in Israelis than in Palestinians. Pioneering Zionists established a hiking culture to strengthen the connection between ancient Israel and new Jewish immigrants, said Yael Guter, professor of Israel Studies at Bar Ilan University. The same impulse drives the Palestinians, but their recreational hiking is a nascent pastime, hampered by the Israeli restrictions on movement and their own cultural

Henderson’s Raleigh Road

taboo that regards walking as something only poor people do. Jawad’s three-year-old group was established by environmentalists, including Raja Shehadeh, who wrote a book about the diminishing trails of the West Bank. Rishmawi has created the Palestine Trail — part of a larger regional project called the Abraham Path, a planned 750-mile route that would follow the route of the patriarch revered by both Jews and Muslims from Turkey, where he reputedly first heard the call to God, to his burial place in the West Bank city of Hebron. Some believe hiking could hold a key to reconciliation, acknowledging the history of the other. Eitan Bronstein is the Israeli head of an organization that tries to educate his countrymen about how Palestinians see the 1948 war, including a campaign to signpost Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948, such as those in the Ramot Menashe Park. “It’s important to know,” he said, “because not to know is to continue the conflict without knowing why there is a conflict.”

Tropical storm

Commuters wade through waist-deep floodwaters Saturday following heavy rains brought about by tropical storm Ketsana (locally known as Ondoy) in Manila, Philippines. At least five people have been killed after nearly a month’s worth of rain fell in just six hours Saturday, triggering the worst flooding in the Philippine capital in 42 years, stranding thousands on rooftops in the city and elsewhere as Tropical Storm Ketsana slammed ashore.

Iran to allow IAEA visit to Qom nuclear facility site TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran will allow the U.N. nuclear agency to inspect a newly revealed and still unfinished uranium enrichment facility, the country’s nuclear chief told state television Saturday. Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi didn’t specify when inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency could visit the site, but said it has to be worked out with the agency under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty rules. Iran’s newly revealed enrichment site is said to be in the arid mountains near the holy city of Qom, inside a heavily guarded, underground facility belonging to the elite Revolutionary Guard. The small-scale site is meant to house no more than 3,000 centrifuges — much

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head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said Tehran should be praised, not condemned, for voluntarily revealing the existence of the nuclear facility. Iran says the new facility won’t be operational for 18 months so Iran has not violated any IAEA requirements. The Iranians claim to have withdrawn from an agreement with the IAEA requiring them to notify the agency of the intent to build any new nuclear facilities and instead are now only subject to the six-month notification requirement before a facility becomes operational. But the IAEA says Tehran cannot unilaterally withdraw from that bilateral agreement and should have announced just the intent to build the facility.


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less than the 8,000 machines at Natanz, Iran’s known industrial-scale enrichment facility. Still, the enriching machines in Qom facility will produce nuclear fuel — or possibly the payload for atomic warheads. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy accused Iran on Friday of constructing a secret underground uranium enrichment facility and of hiding its existence from international inspectors for years. But Salehi said there was nothing secret about the site and that Iran complied with U.N. rules that require it to inform the world body’s nuclear agency six months before a uranium enrichment facility becomes operational. Salehi, who is also the

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With a Vision to Move Our City Forward in a Very Positive and Professional Way. I believe in the City of Henderson and that it can, and must, have a brighter and more prosperous future. I love this city and its people, believe in it and its many opportunities. I want to continue working in partnership with the city council, community partners and staff to improve our city and community by laying solid foundations and initiatives for crime reduction, economic growth, safe and vibrant neighborhoods, improved quality of life and a well respected municipal organization that is administered with sound business-like principles, ethics and integrity. I am seeking re-election as your Mayor because I believe these are the right things to be doing and I want to continue helping this city move forward. Over the past 20 months, much has been done to lay the solid foundations and initiatives that will help improve our community as I previously mentioned. Several of which I am most proud include: 1. Strategic Plan: The Council approved the City’s first strategic plan in well over a decade. A Strategic Plan sets the direction in which the city will head and work over the next several years. This plan sets forth 8 strategic objectives that include a) implementing Baldrige quality management principles within city government; b) crime reduction; c) more aggressive economic development, d) aggressive housing; code enforcement; e) maintaining and expanding the City’s infrastructure; f) improving recreational opportunities; g) growing the economy so that the city will have the funding it needs to provide services, and h) developing the City’s workforce.

The Strategic Plan is to be “worked” continuously and updated each year. 2. Improved Inter-Governmental Relations: I want to work more closely with our partners at Vance County government in order to better drive efficiencies and equity in joint programs and service delivery. 3. More Aggressive Economic Development: I am pleased that the City and County came together to reestablish the joint Economic Development Partnership. As the primary municipality and utility provider, the City MUST be an active partner in developing strategies to grow our economy. 4. Reduced Crime: For the first time in at least five years, Part 1 Crimes showed a 6% decrease in the first six months of 2009 when compared to same period for 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005. This is the FIRST time in five years that crime has shown a downward turn. We must work to keep the trend coming down. 5. Grants: The City secured grants in excess of $6.5M in FY09. This is equivalent to 76 cents on the property tax rate. 6. City Hall: Moving City Hall back downtown was a significant step in putting the seat of City government back downtown in proximity to its other services as well as and County and State government services. 7. Infrastructure: Plans are well underway to obtain permits for expanding the water plant, repairing the sewer collection system, and widening Beckford Drive. If re-elected as Mayor, my plans are: 1. To continue to “work” the Strategic Plan and keep it updated and current with

the business needs and future focus of Henderson, and more importantly, to implement the Plan’s goals and action plans. 2. To continue efforts to reduce crime and make Henderson a safer community by supporting the Police Chief and Department by adopting new ordinances working with the community as needed, via partnerships to create an attitude that crime is not acceptable in our city, to find ways to mitigate the root causes of crime and to support community watch efforts, weed and seed, etc. 3. To be more aggressive with Economic Development by working with our partners and community to develop a multi-focused strategy that will focus on creating new jobs, develop and grow small business, expand our commercial services and retail sector and to re-establish Henderson as a regional center for commerce. 4. To Forge Strong Human Relations among the people of our community. We are a diverse community and we must learn to trust, respect and work together and not allow our differences to continue to divide us. I will form a Task Force comprised of community leaders and citizen representatives to review this matter and offer recommendations to the City. 5. To Clean-up Neighborhoods by even more aggressive code enforcement to tear down dilapidated buildings and homes and to work with grants to help low-moderate income homeowners improve their homes. Additionally, to keep the momentum going to have Beacon Light rehabilitated or demolished. It is not acceptable to

Paid For By The Committee To Re-elect Pete O’Geary

allow it to continue to blight and downgrade the neighborhood and city. 6. To Redevelop Downtown and Neighborhoods by successfully implementing the HOPE VI housing conversion grants. $2 million, to create quality housing in downtown as well as support the efforts of the Redevelopment Commission to successfully implement the Orange Breckenridge Redevelopment Project and work with Vance Granville Community College and others to locate classrooms and services in downtown. 7. To Improve our Infrastructure by developing and implementing a funded multi-year capital improvements plan for water, sewer and transportation needs, to continue to pursue the highspeed passenger rail station in downtown, to expand the regional water plant so that our community will have adequate water supplies for the next 25 to 30 years and to continue renovations to the sanitary sewer plant and collection system. 8. To Continue Quality Improvements in City Government by supporting efforts of City administration to drive implementation of Baldrige Quality management practices and principles within City operations, development of a balanced scorecard for performance measurement of services, continue development of a team approach to resolving problems through process improvements and delivery of services. 9. To Seek Out and Take Advantage of Opportunities that would serve to help move our community forward in a positive, progressive manner.


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Army allows Iraq war objector to resign ‘for good of service’ tions as “resignation for the good of the service in lieu of general court martial.” Watada, 31, refused to deploy to Iraq with his Fort Lewis, Washington-based unit in 2006, arguing the war is illegal and that he would be a party to war crimes if he served in Iraq. The Honolulu-born soldier was charged with missing his unit’s deployment and with conduct unbecoming an officer for denouncing President Bush and the war — statements he made while explaining his actions. His court-martial ended in mistrial in February 2007. The Army wanted to try him in a second court-martial, but a federal judge ruled such a trial would violate the soldier’s constitutional protection against double jeopardy. The judge said a second court-martial on key charges, including missing troop movement, would violate his constitutional right to be free from double jeopardy. Watada’s attorney said the soldier had handed in his resignation before, but the Army refused to accept it.

BY AUDREY McAVOY Associated Press Writer

HONOLULU — The Army is allowing the first commissioned officer to be court-martialed for refusing to go to Iraq to resign from the service, his attorney said late Friday. First Lt. Ehren Watada will be granted a discharge Oct. 2, “under other than honorable conditions,” attorney Kenneth Kagan said. Watada told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin Lastname he was happy the matter has finally been closed. “The actual outcome is different from the outcome that I envisioned in the first place, but I am grateful of the outcome,” he said. Fort Lewis spokesman Joseph Piek wouldn’t confirm Watada’s type of discharge, citing privacy rules. But he said late Friday that Watada’s manner of resignation is described in Army regula-


• Kathy Jones, 54, of 4560 U.S.1/158N reported Sept. 24 the theft of the following items: black Hitachi 42-inch flat screen TV, red Reddy 20,000 BTU kerosene heater, Winchester .22 mag bolt action rifle with wood stock and a Mossberg 12-gauge turkey shotgun. No values listed. • Roy Newhouse Sr., 68, of 55 Daniel Harris Road reported Sept. 23 the theft from a shed of 12 tracking collar/machines valued at $2,305. • Dorothy Jean Murray, 46, of 2221 Hicksboro Road reported Sept. 23 the theft from the residence of a silver Smith & Wesson .38 handgun valued at $500.

• Bettie Wilson Edwards, 52, of 1010 Saint Andrews Church Road reported Sept. 25 the theft of an N.C. license plate, number PTS-5973. • Christopher Deans, 34, of 4185 Morgan Road, Oxford, reported Sept. 24 the theft from a vehicle of the following items and their values: set of 15-inch aluminum rims, $800; set 15x10 slick race tires, $389; and set 15x4 skinny race tires, $169. • Ryan Thomas McKoy, 33, of 2349 Spring Valley Road reported Sept. 24 the theft of a pair of custom gold hoop earrings valued at $400.

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-;9><)?@,A)&:9.=9(,"<'.B9;, 6?=7,7?)C+,64/)/4,7)?)(+,:&9)(,);(,.)B9, @4&,),

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david vick racing & sports .#/0(1234(5#/0(+5#(56'7$%-(

going out of business !

"#$%!!"#$!&#'!()%*+!#'!,$%%-'!#%!%&'()*+,-./0,1+!&'#.! 22,)030,/4,5,6030,/0!%'&7/,8&97:*/9&');,"<=&.<,/%,! everything must go immediately! +-(1!1'#2$,-!&##,!&#'!3#)'!%-$4+5#'6!7+#!/'-!+)%4'38!



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E)/>';,F,#)B9>4=/,F,G9?'H9&'97,@4&,I)&J9,-&(9&7, ,

#'.B9/7,)H)'?):?9,';,)(H);.9,)/,!"#$,);(,#<9,G)'?*,G'76)/.<,4&,.)??,,,,,,, crossroads shopping center L2O>PLL2,@4&,34&9,';@4&3)/'4;Q,X-G,AIE$$,U-V,%-W,U-VW,$V88-W#Q, ,

.6'7$%8(1234(9,'(5#/0-( South Henderson !

Pentecostal Holiness Church -;9><)?@,A)&:9.=9(,"<'.B9;,

"#$%!!"#$!&#'!()%*+!#'!,$%%-'!#%!%&'()*+,-./0,1+!&'#.! 22,)030,/4,5,6030,/0!%'&7/,8&97:*/9&');,"<=&.<,/%,! +-(1!1'#2$,-!&##,!&#'!3#)'!%-$4+5#'6!7+#!/'-!+)%4'38! !


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“This time, however, it was accepted, apparently only when the Army realized it could not defeat Lt. Watada in a courtroom,” Kagan said. Watada’s father, Bob Watada, welcomed the news. “I’m happy, very happy for Ehren. I’m happy for our family,” he said. Watada has been lionized by anti-war activists for contending that the war is illegal. If convicted, he could have been sentenced to six years in prison and be dishonorably discharged. Kagan said he felt history would treat Watada “more favorably” than the U.S. Army.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

HENDERSON POLICE DEPARTMENT Arrests • Regina Carroll, 25, of 445 Alexander Ave. was served with a citation on Sept. 25. Misdemeanor affray. No bond. Court date Oct. 27. • Christopher Brame, 25, of 92 Ranes Drive was served with a citation on Sept. 25. Misdemeanor assault on a female. No bond. Court date Oct. 27. • McKinley Kearney Jr., 56, of 1456 Newton Dairy Road was served with a citation on Sept. 24. Misdemeanor driving while impaired. Misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Bond was set at $600. Court date Nov. 24. • David Leon Johnson, 22, of 520 Hickory St. was arrested Sept. 24. Misdemeanor failure to appear. Bond was set at $200. Court date Oct. 26. • Dramil Simmons, 22, of 1270 Walter St. was arrested Sept. 24. Misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Bond was set at $500. Court date Nov. 5.

• Roshawn Maurice Coleman, 28, of 866 Jacksontown Road was arrested Sept. 24. Felony possession with intent to manufacture, sell and distribute a schedule VI substance. Misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $5,000. Court date Nov. 5. Police seized 59.5 grams of marijuana and a digital scales. • Cindy Ann Terrell, 23, of 911 Bridgers St. was arrested Sept. 24. Misdemeanor communicating threats. Bond was set at $300. Court date Oct. 8. • Andre Cuffee, 47, of 1725 Graham Ave. Apt. 6 was arrested Sept. 24. Two charges of misdemeanor worthless check. No bond. Court date Oct. 13.

Larceny • News and Observer, 215 S. McDowell St., Raleigh, reported Sept. 24 the theft from 101 N. Cooper Drive of a coin-operated newspaper stand valued at $200.

• Lawanda Harris, 32, of 301 Foxborough Lane reported Sept. 24 the theft from the residence of the following items and their values: Dell laptop computer, $1,500; Playstation 2 console, $250; Playstation 2 video games, $240; and LG Rhythm cell phone, $150. • Susan Williams, 48, of 686 Rock Mill Road reported Sept. 24 the theft from a vehicle of a Pioneer car stereo valued at $400. • Katie Allen Purnell, 55, of 976 Carver School Road reported Sept. 24 the theft of the following items and their values: black apostle bag, $100; gold earrings, $300; gold and diamond ring, value unknown; Omeprazole 20mg medication, $72; Freestyle Lie blood glucose strips, $136; Norethindrone 5mg, $39; Hydrocodone 5mg, $39; Arthrotec 75mg, $176; Diovan 80mg, $80; Hydrochlorothiazine, $9; Norethindrone 5mg, $39; and diabetic test kit, $125.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

New gift idea: Vintage worms


Editorial Board: James Edwards, Publisher Glenn Craven, Editor

Don Dulin, News Editor

304 S. Chestnut St./P.O. Box 908 Henderson, N.C. 27536 PHONE: 436-2700/FAX: 430-0125

Daily Meditation Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly. Proverbs 16:22

Our Opinion

Odes to Obama A video of New Jersey schoolchildren singing songs of praise about President Barack Obama has conservatives up in arms, and liberals telling them to just settle down. We do believe the songs were inappropriate for teaching at school, not because they deal with politics or speak positively about this (or any) president, but because some of the content seems to be Democratic Party boilerplate. The songs were written to mark a visit to B. Bernice Young School in Burlington Township by author Charisse Carney-Nunes, who wrote the children’s book “I am Barack Obama.” And penning a song about the subject of CarneyNunes’ book — our 44th president — wasn’t in itself a bad idea. But the song needed to stick to subject matter that is a little closer to nonpartisan: Respect for the office of the president; indisputable facts about Obama’s path to the White House; or even a nod to the notion that Obama’s election as the first non-white president might prompt children of all races to believe that they can reach similar heights. Sure, there still might have been conservatives who complained. But those complaints would ring hollow. Instead, the unnamed teacher taught the children to sing such lines as: He said we must be fair today. Equal work means equal pay. Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama. And, in a song set to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” these words: Hooray, Mr. President, we honor your great plans, To make this country’s economy No. 1 again. … So continue, Mr. President, we know you’ll do the trick. Those verses go a bit beyond just congratulating Obama on winning the presidency (which would be reasonable even though nearly half the country voted for John McCain) or encouraging students to know the president’s story and to respect his office. We’ll also admit that we take exception on another point: The songs have Christian influence, but those ties missing, replaced by praise for a mortal man. In the first song, students sang: He said red, yellow, black or white, All are equal in his sight. Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama Well now, wait a minute. Isn’t the Obama song a little late to the party here? After all, we were taught 40 years ago — and others were taught, long before us — to sing of Jesus’ love for us: “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight.” Of course, “Jesus Loves the Little Children” is a song you’d never hear taught to schoolkids these days. And if you did and a video of it aired on YouTube, the ACLU would have a lawsuit filed by nightfall. The second song was to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” As most of us know, that song begins: “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.” While the original is a tune you might still hear a school choir sing — perhaps “excused” because of its historic significance as a Civil War song — odds are that most schools would avoid it, fearing complaints about the separation of church and state. Some bloggers have suggested conservatives are being hypocritical in complaining about the Obama songs. They note that students from Hurricane Katrina-ravaged schools sang a song that praised George W. Bush (and government agencies, etc.) during a visit to the White House. The differences are apparent to all but the daft. For starters, that song was not effusive praise for one politician, but touched on all branches of government and society and the need to cooperate in the Katrina recovery. Second, it was sung at the White House, where surely it’s more permissible to take a more political and praiseworthy tone. Meanwhile, Obama wasn’t even present at the New Jersey school where songs praising him were taught and sung. It might seem like sour grapes to complain about the Obama songs, but the point is worth making. School is absolutely for teaching children not only facts about our politics and leaders, but to respect both. Such lessons and discussions might become very partisan (particularly among older students with more knowledge), provided students, as they should be, are encouraged to think and speak for themselves. Public school is not for teaching kids to memorize — and to sing or recite in unison — party- or ideology-specific messages.

This column was originally published April 20, 2003. Before I get to today’s topic (“Worms Making News”), I want to apologize to those readers, both human and elf, who were unhappy with my column on “The Lord of the Rings.” It turns out that my readership includes some VERY serious fans of the movie and the classic book by the late J.R. “Scooter” Tolkien. Many of these fans took time out from their busy schedules to write lengthy letters detailing the errors in my column, and observing that I am a stupid idiot. Here are some of the specific points they made (I am not making these points up): • “For your information, Dick Cheney is NOT in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’” • “It is not right to refer to Aragorn as ‘Lord Aragorn’ until he claims the throne of Gondor. He’s just a Ranger right now who happens to be really good in battle.” • “I don’t think that you fully understand that if they don’t destroy the ring, the world will fall into definite evil.” • “The Ents cannot do kung fu, as that did not exist in Middle Earth.” These are all strong points, and so I want to say to you Tolkien fans, by way of sincere

apology: Are you, by any chance, Hoosiers? No, seriously, I’m sorry if my column offended you, or in any way has caused the world to fall into definite evil. While I’m at it, I also want to apologize to the accordion community for a recent column in which I encouraged people to throw accordions into Dave ponds. That Barry statement earned me Tribune Media a stern Services rebuke from James P. O’Brien, Ph.D., a professor of music at the University of Arizona. Dr. O’Brien informed me that making fun of the accordion is “inappropriate,” and concluded his letter with this menacing statement: “Gary Larson did this years ago, and quality accordionists still boycott his ‘Far Side’ calendars as a result.” As a humorist, I am all too aware of the devastating effects of being targeted for a boycott by quality accordionists. I don’t want to wind up like poor Gary Larson, who today is penniless, dressed in rags, holding a

cardboard sign that says he will draw talking cows for food. So I hereby apologize to Dr. O’Brien, who, according to the Internet, has two CDs for sale: “Accordion Accord” and “Reason for Squeezin’.” This brings us to our popular attraction “Worms Making News,” which today features two exciting items: DATELINE, MINNESOTA — According to a story in the Duluth News Tribune and brought to my attention by alert reader Brian Rohland, a Duluth man has succeeded in doing something that, for most of humanity, remains only a dream: making wine from tent caterpillars. The man, Ray Reigstad, got the idea from the fact that Minnesota is regularly infested with tent caterpillars, which are also called “army worms,” because during certain times of year they wear tiny knapsacks. According to the story, Reigstad and his girlfriend collected a large quantity of these worms last June, “when they were big” (meaning the worms were big). Reigstad then poured boiling water on them “to kill them instantly” — no worm suffered needlessly in the making of this wine — then mashed them, then added sugar and yeast, then let it ferment until it was a “green liquid,” which he then flushed

down the toilet. No, wait, that’s what I would have done. Reigstad actually put it in wine bottles and gave it to people for Christmas. The story does not say how the recipients felt about this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if next Christmas, Reigstad gets at least one fruitcake containing numerous cockroach heads. Speaking of food: DATELINE, CAMBRIDGE — According to an Associated Press story sent in by alert reader Donald O’Brien, biologists at Harvard University have “manipulated hundreds of genes to create roundworms that are sleek and trim.” This is wonderful news for the literally millions of roundworms who suffer from obesity to the point where they do virtually nothing all day except sit around and vote for contestants on “American Idol.” But it’s also great news for overweight humans, also known, technically, as “Americans.” Because if scientists can deactivate the genes that cause roundworms to gain weight, it stands to reason that, in time, they will be able to deactivate the gene that causes human beings to play the accordion. No! Just kidding! Please don’t boycott me, quality accordionists! I am truly sorry! Here, have some wine.

Letters to the Editor Race doesn’t exist To the editor:

Back to school on immigrants RALEIGH — The North Carolina community college system seems bound and determined to admit illegal aliens. And once again, hotheads on both sides are doing their best to complicate a tough subject with irrelevant claims. Let’s walk our way through the immigration thicket one more time. First, virtually no one thinks it practical, and few would think it proper, to expend huge amounts of taxpayer resources to round up all the illegal aliens and deport them. If you hear someone on either side of the debate promising or warning against such a policy, ignore him. Second, not very many people think it would be practical or proper for Congress simply to legalize all the current illegal aliens. The public would never stand for it. And whatever immigration policy you think America should adopt, you can’t possibly believe that current illegal residents should be allowed to remain in the country even if they have: 1. felony convictions; 2. severe drug addictions or mental illnesses; 3. ties to criminal gangs or terrorist groups; 4. serious communicable diseases; or 5. no obvious means of support save government entitlements. Third, given the first two propositions, and the manifest need to rationalize the nation’s immigration policies for the 21st century, the only feasible federal policy right now is a targeted enforcement policy that reduces the number of illegal aliens over time, by focusing law enforcement efforts on those who violate other laws while refusing to treat illegal residents as if they were legal

residents. Only after the ranks of illegal aliens shrink, through gradual self-deportation, can immigration reformers in Congress rewrite the laws to allow more people to immigrate legally into the country to work and become Americans the right way. Now, combine these three propositions and the following realJohn ity becomes inescapable: Hood for the Special to foreseeable The Daily Dispatch future, there will remain significant numbers of people residing in North Carolina illegally. For state policymakers, the question becomes how to respond to this reality sensibly, affordably, and fairly. To start with, pretty much everyone agrees — and the courts already require — that North Carolina governments must provide emergency services to all residents, regardless of their immigration status, and that they cannot withhold services such as public education to minors who are in the state illegally through no fault of their own. The reasoning isn’t hard to fathom. Violating the nation’s immigration laws is a serious offense, but it hardly justifies being denied police protection after an assault or an ambulance ride to the hospital after a car crash. As for public education and other services to children, it would be wrong to punish them for their parents’ misdeeds. Once you get past these two

exceptions, however, it becomes very difficult to justify the extension of any other government services to illegal aliens. For one thing, while illegal residents do pay some taxes, their status prohibits them from shouldering the same tax burden that legal residents do. Extending services to them essentially compels taxpayers to subsidize lawbreakers. That’s wrong — and they’ll never stand for it. And don’t feed me any bunk about how illegal residents would have to pay out-ofstate tuition to attend colleges, thus fully covering their costs. Very few of them will enroll on such terms. The clear intention, already well telegraphed, is to charge out-of-state tuition for a while and then push for instate tuition status. Second, extending services such as higher education to adults residing illegally in the United States makes it less likely that they will do the right thing — comply with current law, move to their countries of origin, and then take their proper place in line. Third, extending such services to illegal residents is so outrageous to the majority of voters that it has the effect of postponing the date at which it will ever be possible to get comprehensive immigration reform through Congress. Selfstyled “immigration reformers” are doing themselves and their cause tremendous harm by continuing to insist on indefensible ideas such as admitting illegal aliens to state colleges. But the state is going to do it, anyway. Phooey. John Hood is president of the John Locke Foundation and publisher of

Racism. Even former President Carter and Bill Cosby are using the despicable word. Despicable? Why? It doesn’t exist. I have been a Bible student for over 40 years. I knew the history of man and the history of the Jewish people before I knew my own genealogy. Adam and Eve are grandparents of all mankind. Only one people. Do you doubt it? Nowhere in this book can we find “race” referring to any man. Further, recently our scientists completed a five-year worldwide genetics survey, The Genographic Project, examining DNA samples of people of every skin color, national origin, even people in the remotest areas of the globe. What did they find … and celebrate? The common denominator of our gene code points to a single man, they call “scientific” Adam and a single woman, they call “scientific” Eve. These multitudes of scientists even traced our genetic code back to where they lived, just west of the Indian Ocean in Africa. Then, they traced our parents’ migration path across Africa, Europe and Asia. Can we accept the facts from these two witnesses, the Bible and science? We are all brothers in creation. And if you are a Christian, we are brothers and sisters in Christ, the Church, eternally. Wondrous thought. This nation holds a proud moment in history at President Barack Obama’s election as president last year. He is our president. No congress or parliament on earth can pass a civil rights law that would accomplish that. He was elected as a result of our Christian roots. We are told, even commanded to, “Love one another.” And our people, united, lifted this man to the highest office in the world. Really, what I am saying, and we should all say, is, “Love your brother.” Therefore, the next time you hear “r--e,” or “r----m,” think about it. It doesn’t exist. And I wish Carter and Cosby would be quiet and stop clouding up the political air. It’s confusing enough already. Jim Tart, Henderson On the Web: • The Genographic Project: https:// genographic.nationalgeographic. com/genographic/index.html

The Daily Dispatch


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Gadhafi meets with Lockerbie family members By TOM McELROY Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — A woman whose brother died in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, says she and another victim’s relative met in New York City with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, whose country has been blamed for the attack. Colorado Springs, Colo., attorney Lisa Gibson said the meeting with Gadhafi at the Libyan Mission to the United Nations on Wednesday was arranged through a Libyan ambassador. “He generally said he

was sorry for the loss, but we didn’t go into any details about the bombing,” Gibson said of the 10-minute meeting with Gadhafi, who making his first visit to the U.S. to attend the U.N. General Assembly. Gibson’s brother was stationed in the Army in Berlin and was going home for Christmas when the plane blew up, killing 270 people. Last month, a Scottish magistrate ordered the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi after he was diagnosed with fatal prostate cancer. Though Libyan security forces cleared away most of the

Wrong-embryo baby had ‘guardian angel’ TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio woman who gave birth to a baby boy after a fertility clinic implanted her with the wrong embryo is a “guardian angel,” the boy’s biological parents said Saturday. Paul and Shannon Morell of suburban Detroit said in a statement that they would be “eternally grateful” to Carolyn Savage, of Sylvania, for her decision to give birth to their child despite the clinic’s mistake. “It’s been a long, difficult journey, and we’re thrilled that our family is now complete,” the Morells said. “We will be eternally grateful for his guardian angel, Carolyn Savage, and the support of the entire Savage family. The boy was born Thursday at 5 pounds and 3 ounces at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. He measures 18 inches long. In a statement Friday, the Savages offered congratulations to the Morells. “At this time, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Morell family on the birth of their son,” the Savages’ statement said. “We wish Paul, Shannon, their twin girls and their new baby boy the best, as they move forward with their lives together.” The Savages asked for privacy in the days ahead, saying “Our family is going through a very difficult time.” The Savages extended thanks to people around the world for their support and prayers. They thanked medical professionals for their care and treatment throughout the pregnancy and delivery. The Savages say a fertility clinic outside Ohio transferred the wrong frozen embryo in February. Ten days later, they got a call from a doctor at the clinic saying she was pregnant with someone else’s child.

Legend of Springsteen dissected WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J. (AP) — About 300 professors from as far away as Australia have come to Bruce Springsteen’s native New Jersey to fill their brains with the Boss. The no-holds-barred intellectual romp “Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium” began Thursday with a walking tour the rocker’s old stomping grounds, including his boyhood home in Freehold. The academic symposium organized by Virginia Tech and Penn StateAltoona continues through Sunday. It includes several pilgrimages to the Stone Pony bar in Asbury Park, where Springsteen launched his career. The scholarly exploration covers topics such as Springsteen and psychology, movies, culture, gender and the criminal justice system. Springsteen turned 60 on Wednesday.

thousands gathered at the airport, hundreds remained to greet al-Megrahi upon his arrival, infuriating the victims’ families. Gibson said she gave the Libyan leader a pen and a card, in which she told him she had been praying for him. “He was very friendly and cordial to us,” Gibson said. “Honestly, I think he was touched by us being there.” Gibson said she’s been to Libya three times, and through her humanitarian organization, Peace and Prosperity Alliance, she’s helped to raise money for Libyan children with AIDS and other humanitarian projects.

The Libyan leader has been trying to restore his country’s standing in the world and transform it from a pariah state to an accepted member of the international community. Gadhafi surprised the international community by agreeing to dismantle his country’s weapons of mass destruction programs. The United States restored ties with Libya in 2006, after Libya agreed to resolve the Lockerbie case in a deal that included paying compensation to the victims’ families. Gibson said the other person who attended the meeting had lost his father in the bombing.

3 killed in medical helicopter crash

GEORGETOWN, S.C. the American Eurocopter (AP) — A medical transport AS350B2 took off from helicopter crashed in coastal Charleston around 11 p.m. South Carolina, killing all Friday and was headed to The Savages said in an in- three people on board, auConway, a city about 50 thorities said Saturday. miles north of Georgetown. terview with The Associated The company that owned Federal Aviation AdPress on Wednesday they ministration spokeswoman never considered terminating the helicopter, Texas-based Omniflight, said a pilot, Kathleen Bergen says the the pregnancy or trying to flight nurse and paramedic pilot last radioed air traffic fight for custody. control at 11:05 p.m., saying They have hired attorneys were on board when it crashed Friday night. the crew was about four who say they are working to National Transportation miles from an airport near make sure the fertility clinic Safety Board investigators Charleston and had it in accepts responsibility. were en route to the scene sight. The Morells, who live in The helicopter crashed Troy, Mich., found out about Saturday. Agency spokesman Peter Knudson says shortly thereafter, at about the fertility clinic mistake a no patients were on board 11:30 p.m., Knudson said. day after the Savages. the helicopter, which had A thunderstorm moved The two couples knew dropped off a patient at through the area shortly nothing about each other. about 9:35 p.m. Friday in before the crash, according Shannon Morell feared that Charleston, about southwest to the National Weather the pregnant woman would Service. Authorities have not choose abortion, ending their of Georgetown County. In a statement, the said if weather conditions chance to give their 2-year-old company confirmed that contributed to the accident. twin girls a sibling. A few days passed before Services Provided By: Savages they learned that the were not only willing to continue with the pregnancy but also to hand over the baby without hesitation. Hair Cuts - Adults $10 • Children $5-$10, Haircut & Blowdry- $15 “This was someone else’s Haircut & Style- $20 • Shampoo & Style- $10 child,” 40-year-old CaroUpdos- $30 • Color- $40 & Up lyn Savage told the AP on Highlights -$35 & Up • Perms- $35 & Up Wednesday. “We didn’t know Conditioning Treatments-$5 and Up • Waxing $6 Makeup and Body Wraps Available By Appointment who it was. We didn’t know if Late Appointments Accepted • Walk-Ins Welcomed they didn’t have children or if this was their last chance for 1106 Bane Avenue-Henderson a child.”

THE HAIR SHACK (252) 433-4942

NOTICE OF OCTOBER 6, 2009 MUNICIPAL ELECTION FOR THE CITY OF HENDERSON, NC Pursuant to General Statute 163-33(8), Notice is hereby given that an election is to be held on October 6, 2009 in the City of Henderson, North Carolina as established by law. This municipal election is for the purpose of electing: A MAYOR AND EIGHT ALDERMEN Polls will open at 6:30 AM and close at 7:30 PM. You must live in the City of Henderson and be registered with the Vance County Boards of Elections to vote in this election. Those residents of the city who are not registered to vote must register by September 11, 2009. Any already registered voter who has moved into or out of the City of Henderson will need to make an address change with the Vance County Board of Elections by September 11, 2009. PRECINCTS & POLLING PLACES ARE AS FOLLOWS: North Henderson 1 Vance County Office Bldg. Young and Walnut Sts.

South Henderson 1 American Legion 110 E. Spring St. (off Garnett St.)

West Henderson (West Henderson 1 & West Henderson 2) (West Henderson 2 – Voters residing in City Limits only) Central Fire Station Dabney Drive East Henderson I East Henderson 2 (Voters residing in City Limits only) Henderson Middle School Charles Street Hilltop (Voters residing in City Limits only) St. James Baptist Church Oxford Road To request an absentee ballot by mail will start on Friday, September 4, 2009 and end on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. All mailed absentee ballots must be received in the Board of Elections office on Monday, October 5, 2009 by 5:00 PM. One-Stop absentee voting begins on Thursday, September 17, 2009 and ends 1PM Saturday, October 3, 2009 and will be held in the Vance County Board of Elections Office at 300 S. Garnett St. Anyone having questions concerning voter registration, city wards, absentee voting, and other election matters may call the Vance County Board of Elections office at 492-3730. James C. Kearney, Chairman Vance County Board of Elections

Featured Doctor

Duane F. Tull, MD Duane F. Tull, MD, FACS is a general and bariatric surgeon with Northern Carolina Surgical Associates. Dr. Tull joined Dr. Bob Noel and Dr. Cynthia Robinson last month. He completed his undergraduate degree, a BS in Chemistry, at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, and then went on to earn his medical degree at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Dr. Tull completed his surgical training at the Medical Center of Delaware. Northern Carolina Surgical Associates is located in Suite 206 in the Medical Office Plaza behind the hospital, and may be reached by dialing (252) 433-0430.

Maria Parham’s

Calendar of Events Stroke Support Group

Open to stroke survivors, families and friends. Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 3:00pm MPMC Center for Rehab Conf. Room Call (252) 436-1604 for more info.

Red Cross Blood Drive

Friday, October 2nd 10:00am-2:30pm MPMC - Auditorium Lee Anne Peoples (252) 436-1116

Breast Cancer Support Group Tuesday, Oct. 13th at 6:00pm MPMC - John T. Church Classroom Call (252) 436-1605 for more info.

The “Foundation 5” 5K Race, Heart Healthy Mile & Kid’s Dash Saturday, October 17th Please call (252) 436-1606 for more info.

Healthy Moment

H1N1 Flu Questions & Answers

What are the symptoms of H1N1 flu? Fever (usually high), headache, extreme tiredness, dry cough, runny or stuffy nose, muscle aches, sore throat, vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea. How does it spread? The same as seasonal flu, by person to person contact through coughing or sneezing. Or by touching something, like a surface or object, then touching your mouth or nose. How long can an infected person spread the virus to others? People infected with the seasonal and 2009 H1N1 flu shed virus amd may be able to infect others from day 1 before getting sick to 5 to 7 days after. How long should I stay out of work if I become ill with the flu? You must stay at home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without using fever reducing medicines. Keep away from others as much as possible and cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Take these steps to prevent infection: Clean your hands with alcohol hand rub or soap and water. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

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Maria Parham Medical Center Outpatient Diabetes Education Program Maria Parham is pleased to offer a comprehensive diabetes program approved by The American Diabetes Association. Physician referral is required. The program includes both individual and group class education. Components of the program include dietary information, blood sugar monitoring, high & low blood sugars, sick day care, managing complications of diabetes, dealing with stress, goal setting and problem solving. The program includes one individual dietary visit and two 4-hour group classes. The cost of the program is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances For more information, please call Cynthia Britton, RN, MEd, CDE at (252) 436-1129.

Maria Parham Medical Center 566 Ruin Creek Road Henderson, NC 27536 252.438.4143


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CMYK Bowyer takes first

Seminoles stunned South Florida, with backup QB, upsets No. 18 FSU — Page 4B

Clint Bowyer gets the win at Nationwide race in Dover— Page 5B

Section B Sunday, September 27, 2009


ALSO INSIDE: Hokies, Ducks win in blowouts ­­— Top 25, page 4B

Braves win fifth straight ­­— MLB, page 3B

Readying for a trip to the Potomac


Emonee Glover poses with Henderson Middle football coach Eric Watkins at practice Thursday. Glover, who plays middle linebacker for the Rams, is the first female football player at the middle school or high school level in Vance County.

Not just a guy’s game

Preparations continue for my trip to Maryland to compete in the BFL Regional Championship on the Potomac River. I will be leaving out on Friday, Oct. 2 and returning home on October 11. I believe that I have most everything in order, Walt including Bowen maps of the Dispatch river, reFishing Columnist quired outof-state fishing licenses, and plenty of good food. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how I am going to get two trucks and

two boats back to North Carolina after I win the event. I guess that will get figured out when the time comes. While I am up there I plan to eat deer tenderloins, country ham, beef steaks, and at least one trip to a seafood restaurant for local crabs with my daughter Claire who lives on the shore of the Potomac. They steam the blue crabs, bring them out and dump them on your table, then affix a bib around your neck and hand you a wooden hammer. It is the end of the line for dozens of crabs who Please see FISHING, page 3B

Emonee Glover making an impact at linebacker for HMS By ERIC S. ROBINSON Dispatch Sports Editor

She’s not too tall, and her frame isn’t too intimidating. But when Emonee Glover puts on shoulder pads and a helmet, watch out. The 12-year-old seventh grader is Vance County’s first female football player at the middle or high school level. As the starting middle linebacker for Henderson Middle School, she is a spotlight player for the Rams’ defense. In her first game as a Ram on Sept. 17, Glover led the defense with 11 tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery in a 44-20 win over Butner Stem. HMS coach Eric Watkins said he was not surprised with Glover’s performance in the first game. “Like I tell my kids, what we

do in practice is pretty much what we’re going to do in the game. If you come out here being lazy in practice, you can expect being lazy in the game,” he said. “Emonee came out here every day to work. Every day she’s on time, she gets out here and goes through the same conditioning. I don’t slack up on her or anything.” Watkins said Glover approached him in May and expressed interest in attending football camp. He said it wasn’t the first time a girl has asked about playing, but there was something different about this girl. Watkins said he wanted Glover’s parents, Delores Hargrove and Jzimon Glover, to call him to make sure they would give permission for their daughter to play. The coach said he was about

“50 percent” sure that Glover would go through with it all, and still had reservations even when she attended his camp. All of those doubts went away with one play. During a contact drill, one of the Rams players lined up opposite Glover. Watkins said she collided with him head-on. “He went one way and the ball went the other way,” he said. What does it feel like to make such a big hit? “I feel power,” said Glover. After that tackle, Glover demanded her teammates’ respect. “They don’t even look at her as a female any more. They look at her as part of the guys, one of the teammates,” Watkins said. “She showed a desire, the heart, and she’s a very nice young Please see GLOVER, page 2B

Wolfpack rallies to beat Pitt, 38-31 By JOEDY McCREARY AP Sports Writer

RALEIGH — Nobody could stop North Carolina State when it counted most. Not Pittsburgh’s defense, and not even the Wolfpack’s own mistakes. Toney Baker scored from 2 yards out with 6:28 left and N.C. State’s defense made a late stand to preserve a 38-31 victory over the Panthers on Saturday. In a wild game in which the teams combined for 830 total yards, Russell Wilson threw four touchdown passes for the third straight week and finished 21 of 35 for 322 yards for the Wolfpack (3-1). Wilson also rushed 10 times for 91 yards and led three straight secondhalf touchdown drives for N.C. State. “With the quarterback, the way he’s playing, we’ll keep slinging it around the yard and see what happens,” coach Tom O’Brien said. The last drive was kept alive by two pass-interference calls on third downs against Pitt. Baker raced

AP Photo/Gerry Broome

North Carolina State’s Jarvis Williams brings down a touchdown pass during the second half of Saturday’s game against Pittsburgh in Raleigh. North Carolina State won 38-31. untouched through the left side two plays later to give N.C. State its first — and only — lead. “The penalties we had on defense were mindboggling,” Pitt coach Dave

Wannstedt said. Bill Stull was 12 of 23 for 206 yards with two touchdown passes while Dion Lewis had two early scoring runs for the Panthers (3-1).

They had one last chance to force overtime after a shotgun snap sailed over Wilson’s head and was recovered by Pitt’s Max Gruder at the N.C. State 8 with 2:45 remaining. But freshman safety Brandan Bishop knocked a sure touchdown catch out of Dorin Dickerson’s hands one play before Stull’s fourth-down pass sailed out of the end zone with 1:15 left. “We gave them some opportunities, but we took advantage of ours,” O’Brien said. Pitt’s best start since 2000 was spoiled by an N.C. State team that held Lewis, the Big East’s leading rusher, to just 16 yards in the second half. Lewis finished with 95 yards and scored on runs of 6 and 7 yards in the first half. “We didn’t tackle in the first half,” O’Brien said. “If we can tackle at all in the first half, it’s probably a different story.” For a while, it seemed the Panthers would claim Please see WOLFPACK, page 3B

AP Photo/Gregory Smith

Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer drives against North Carolina defenders Quinton Coples (90) and Kevin Reddick (48) during the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game in Atlanta. Georgia Tech won 24-7.

Nesbitt leads ground game in win over Heels By CHARLES ODUM AP Sports Writer

ATLANTA — The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets didn’t like falling out of the Top 25 with their first loss, so they made a point with a lopsided victory against another ranked opponent. Josh Nesbitt ran for two touchdowns and Georgia Tech held the ball for 42 minutes, its highest total in 13 years, to beat No. 22 North Carolina 24-7 on Saturday. Georgia Tech was ranked No. 14 before its 33-17 loss at Miami last week. “I think a lot of people had written us off,” said Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson, who made sure his players heard the message. “Seeing it all week, we took the challenge to step forward as a defense and as a team,” said safety Morgan Burnett, who had two interceptions. “Everyone came in determined and it showed throughout the day.” Georgia Tech (3-1, 2-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) opened in a 4-3 scheme instead of the 4-2-5 it ran last week. The third linebacker helped; the Yellow Jackets held North Carolina (3-1, 0-1) to 154 yards on only 44 plays. “Terrible,” North Carolina coach Butch Davis

AP Photo/Gregory Smith

UNC quarterback T.J. Yates tosses a pass in the rain toward wide receiver Erik Highsmith during the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game. said. “We just didn’t do a very good job. ... We’ve got to take a long look at ourselves.” Georgia Tech held the ball for 42 minutes, 6 seconds — its best mark since a 1996 win over Wake Forest. “It’s really embarrassing,” said North Carolina quarterback T.J. Yates, who 11 of 26 for 137 yards with two interceptions. He missed a shotgun snap for another turnover. “I was a little off. I never got into a rhythm.” Jonathan Dwyer ran for 158 yards in his first 100yard game of the season. He showed no sign of the shoulder injury that limited him to five carries for Please see UNC LOSS, page 3B



The Daily Dispatch

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two-minute drill Harris leads East Carolina over UCF 19-14 Local Sports S. Vance booster club meets Monday Southern Vance’s Athletic Booster Club will be meeting Monday (Sept. 28), at 6 p.m. in the school’s drama room. All members and parents of Raider athletes are encouraged to attend.

Register for baseball classes next week Registration for the first classes at Henderson’s new baseball facility, Next Level Baseball, will be Thursday, Oct. 1 and Monday, Oct. 5. Registration will take place from 5 until 7 p.m. at the facility on Red Oak Road off of Highway 158, besides Kids World Child Care. Classes will begin on Oct. 12. There will be a baseball skills class, a softball skills class and a baseball hitting class. Baseball coaches from J.F. Webb and Southern Vance, along with several former players with experience at the collegiate level, will be among the staff assisting at the facility. Anyone who would like a brochure prior to registration should contact Jeff Tate at (252) 213-2766.

Officiating classes to begin Oct. 5 The Triangle Basketball Officials Association will begin officiating classes on Monday, Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. The classes will be held at Northern Vance High School every Monday night for six nights. If you plan to officiate in the Henderson/Vance Recreation and Parks Department youth basketball leagues, you must be certified. Contact Cornell Royster at (252) 425-1741 or (252) 430-7507 for more information.

College Football Coastal Carolina beats NC A&T 28-7 CONWAY, S.C. — Eric O’Neal rushed for 130 yards and Coastal Carolina defeated North Carolina A&T 28-7 on Saturday night. O’Neal, who had 23 carries, led a rushing attack which gained 304 yards and scored two touchdowns. Tommy Fraser rushed for 98 yards and a touchdown and Jamie Childers added another score toward the end of the second quarter on a 10-yard run. Childers’ touchdown, followed by a Zach MacDowall pass to David Duran on the two-point conversion, capped a 14-point second quarter for the Chanticleers. Justin Durham kicked two field goals in the second period to give Coastal Carolina a 14-0 lead at halftime. MacDowall was 5-for-15 with 99 yards, a touchdown and an interception for the Chanticleers (2-2).

Local Preps Monday, Sept. 28 Soccer n Crossroads Christian at Grace Christian-Raleigh 4 p.m. n J.F. Webb at Southern Vance 6 p.m. n Louisburg at Warren County 7 p.m. n Northern Vance at Orange 7 p.m. Tennis

n Roanoke

Rapids at KerrVance 4 p.m. n J.F. Webb at Southern

Vance 4:30 p.m. Vance at Orange 4:30 p.m.

n Northern

Volleyball-HS Christian at Grace Christian-Raleigh 4 p.m. n Wilson Christian at Victory Christian 5 p.m. n Franklinton at J.F. Webb 6 p.m. n Crossroads

JV Volleyball-HS at J.F. Webb 5 p.m.

n Franklinton

Sports on TV Sunday, Sept. 27 AUTO RACING 7:30 a.m. n SPEED — Formula One, Singapore Grand Prix 2 p.m. n ABC — NASCAR, Sprint Cup Series, AAA 400, at Dover, Del. 7 p.m. n ESPN2 — NHRA, Fall Nationals, final eliminations, at Ennis, Texas (same-day tape) GOLF 8 a.m. n TGC — European PGA Tour, The Vivendi Trophy, final round, at Paris 11:30 a.m. n TGC — PGA Tour, The Tour Championship, final round, at Atlanta 1:30 p.m. n NBC — PGA Tour, The Tour Championship, final round, at Atlanta n TGC — Champions Tour, SAS Championship, final round, at Cary, N.C. 7 p.m. n TGC — LPGA, CVS/pharmacy Challenge, final round, at Danville, Calif. (same-day tape) MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 1 p.m. n ESPN — Boston at N.Y. Yankees 3 p.m. n TBS — St. Louis at Colorado 4 p.m. n WGN — Chicago Cubs at San

Francisco MOTORSPORTS 5 p.m. n SPEED — FIM World Superbike, at Imola, Italy (same-day tape) NFL FOOTBALL 1 p.m. n CBS — Regional coverage, doubleheader n FOX — Regional coverage 4 p.m. n FOX — Regional coverage 4:15 p.m. n CBS — Regional coverage, doubleheader game 8:15 p.m. n NBC — Indianapolis at Arizona RODEO 8 p.m. n VERSUS — PBR, Dickies Invitational, at Ontario, Calif. (same-day tape) SOCCER 1 p.m. n ESPN2 — Spanish Primera Division, teams TBA Monday, Sept. 28 NFL FOOTBALL 8:30 p.m. n ESPN — Carolina at Dallas SOCCER 2:55 p.m. n ESPN2 — Premier League, Manchester City vs. West Ham United, at Manchester, England

GREENVILLE (AP) — Dwayne Harris scored two touchdowns, including a 3-yard catch midway through the fourth quarter, to help East Carolina defeat Central Florida 19-14 on Saturday. Harris was a threat all over the field for the Pirates (2-2, 1-0 Conference USA), who defeated the Knights for the fourth consecutive season. The wide receiver made 10 catches for 121 yards and rushed the ball three times on direct snaps for 27 yards and a touchdown. Brett Hodges, who threw one touchdown pass and four interceptions, was 21-for-34 for 266 yards for Central Florida (2-2, 0-2). The Knights went scoreless for more than 53 minutes after taking a 7-0 lead midway through the first quarter. Patrick Pinkney was 27for-40 for 293 yards and an interception for the Pirates, who amassed a season-high 408 yards of total offense. Both teams entered the game among the nation’s

AP Photo/The Daily Reflector,Greg Eans

East Carolina running back Brandon Jackson is tackled by Central Florida defensive back Darin Baldwin in Saturday’s game in Greenville. worst in total offense, with UCF ranking No. 116 and ECU ranking No. 113 out of 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams. But the Knights and Pirates punted just once each in the first half, moving the ball at will until they stopped themselves with turnovers. East Carolina running back Jonathan Williams

lost a fumble inside UCF’s 15-yard line that led to the game’s first touchdown, a 19-yard run by the Knights’ Brynn Harvey midway through the first quarter. UCF had plenty of other opportunities to score, but couldn’t convert until Hodges found Kamar Aiken in the end zone with 1:06 remaining to cut East Carolina’s lead to 19-14.

The Knights recovered the onside kick, but Van Eskridge intercepted Hodges’ first pass of the ensuing possession to seal the game for the Pirates. Trailing 10-7 late in the first half, UCF missed an opportunity when Hodges threw an interception on third-and-goal from the East Carolina 4. Flushed from the pocket by linebacker Nick Johnson, Hodges threw a short pass over the middle that was picked off by defensive tackle Jay Ross. UCF also had a field goal blocked in the second quarter, and kicker Nick Cattoi came up short on a 45-yard attempt early in the fourth. The Pirates also weren’t perfect in the red zone, coming up with a total of 12 points on five trips inside the UCF 20. But Harris’ 25-yard touchdown run early in the second quarter allowed them to bypass that troublesome territory and take a 10-7 halftime lead they never relinquished.

Duke wins first-ever meeting with NC Central By BRYAN STRICKLAND The Herald Sun

DURHAM — All of Durham, Duke and N.C. Central fans alike, had reasons to celebrate leading up to Saturday’s historic first football meeting between the neighbors and reasons to cheer during the game. Duke fans, however, were the ones with cause for celebration after the game. The Blue Devils ripped off three touchdowns in less than a quarter before NCCU enjoyed a couple of moments in the sun on a rainy night at Wallace Wade Stadium. Duke bounced back quickly and decisively, putting away the Eagles 49-14 before 26,390 soaked but spirited fans. “I thought it was a good thing for Durham; I just hate the weather wasn’t any better than it was,” Duke coach David Cutcliffe said. “It turned out as good as it was supposed to turn out, with all the kids enjoying playing and playing hard.” Duke quarterback Thad Lewis looked more like his old self after a shaky start to the season, hitting on 17 of 25 passes for 189 yards with two touchdown passes and a touchdown run. “I felt like myself — no swine flu, no ankle (problem),” Lewis said. “I was just able to go out there and play

AP Photo/The News & Observer, Chuck Liddy

Duke tight end Brett Huffman dives past North Carolina Central’s Jeffery Henderson for a first down during Saturday’s game in Durham. today.” Lewis got plenty of help from the running game. Former Hillside running back Desmond Scott looked like a new weapon, rushing for 100 yards on 16 carries in his college debut. Scott and Patrick Kurunwune (93 yards) got nearly all the playing time in the backfield with starter Re’quan Boyette out and second-stringer Jay Hollingsworth rarely used, and both wasted little time setting the tone. They helped Duke (2-2), which had totaled 183 yards on the ground through three games, rush for 233 yards on Saturday. “Coach Cut always tells us to be ready,” Kurunwune

said. “Whatever string you are, you’ve got to be ready. Des stepped up. It was great for a true freshman to step up the way he did. “We’re just glad that we’re real deep at running back.” Kurunwune and Scott scored on nifty runs on Duke’s first two possessions, and then Lewis hooked up with Donovan Varner for an 18-yard score on Duke’s next drive — the first of two TD catches for Varner — for a 21-0 lead. The Eagles (0-4), facing a Football Bowl Subdivision opponent for the first time in school history, didn’t accept their fate easily. Duke’s lead quickly shriveled and stood

at just 21-14 heading to the final minute of the first half. NCCU totaled 14 yards on its first seven snaps but changed that in a hurry, when former Hillside quarterback Michael Johnson heaved one deep down the middle to former Hillside teammate Geovonie Irvine for 55 yards, putting the Eagles in position to score on a 1-yard run from Tim Shankle. Duke went right back to business, but when Lewis hurt his ankle on a run, Sean Renfree came in and promptly threw an interception that Jeffery Henderson picked off and sprinted 83 yards down the right sideline with to bring NCCU within 21-14. “I thought early on we were sluggish,” NCCU coach Mose Rison said. “Once we got our feet under us and started to understand what they were doing, we were able to make some things happen on offense. “I thought we had them off-balance for a while and got the game much closer.” Lewis, however, returned after sitting out one possession and quickly returned to form, orchestrating a 13-play, 80-yard march to end the half, capped by a 14-yard TD pass on which Varner did most of the work with some shifty moves to make it 28-14 at the break.

GLOVER, from page 1B lady. She’s got good character about herself, carries herself well around school. She got out here and she proved to the guys that she wanted to be a part of the team.” Glover said she played football in the backyard with her father, and played rec league football for the first time last year. “I really didn’t play football too much, and when I stepped on the field, it was like I just had talent for football,” she said. When she came to camp for HMS, the coaches played her at middle linebacker because that’s the position she played in the rec league. “She proved to me she wanted to be a starter, so we started her at middle linebacker,” said Watkins. The coach said he was surprised at how quickly she picked up the game. “She’s quick. She reads holes well when we send her on blitzes and stuff like that. Her technique is very great,” he said. “It comes easy to her. I thought it would come hard, but it’s come very easy to her.”

Glover said she feels no different playing with the boys. “I don’t know. I just feel like I’m playing football,” she said. Glover and the Rams have their annual rivalry game this Wednesday, when they play Eaton Johnson in the CougarRam Classic at Southern Vance High School. The linebacker said she’s ready for her introduction into the big game. “I’m looking forward to stopping every play they run and just getting the quarterback out of the game,” she said. Watkins said that, while there are some bragging rights involved, the Cougar-Ram Classic has a deeper meaning. “I told the kids this game means a lot as far as pulling both sides of the town together. It’s a community thing to me. When we grew up playing the game, that’s what it was all about,” he said. In the five years the two teams have played in the Classic, HMS was won every matchup. “We’ve always had the trophy and we’re going to

pretty much try to keep the trophy at Henderson Middle School,” said Watkins. The Rams had a 16game winning streak that spanned three seasons end on Wednesday with a 20-14 loss to Northern Granville. HMS began the 2007 season 0-2 before winning the rest of their games. They were undefeated at 8-0 last season, and began this season with two wins. “That 16-0 run, it was a blessing because the kids bought into what

Winning Tickets RALEIGH — These numbers were drawn Saturday afternoon by the North Carolina Lottery: Early Pick 3: 0-7-9 Late Pick 3: 2-5-7 Pick 4: 0-0-7-0 Cash 5: 16-17-20-33-38 DES MOINES, Iowa — These numbers were drawn Saturday by Powerball:

we asked of them — academically, not just on the football field but in school, too,” said Watkins. “Our streak is, if we become family, we become champions, and that’s what we preach to the kids... Hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard. Through those two messages, we never said we have to be 8-0, but if the kids buy into that right there, we’re going to be winners regardless.” Contact the writer at Numbers: 18-20-34-36-39 Powerball: 19 Powerplay: x3 RICHMOND, Va. — These numbers were drawn Saturday afternoon by the Virginia Lottery: Pick 3: 6-6-0 Pick 4: 1-4-5-2 Cash 5: 4-10-15-20-27 These numbers were drawn Saturday night: Pick 3: 3-0-0 Pick 4: 4-9-2-6 Cash 5: 8-11-12-15-21 Win for Life: 13-17-2529-35-41 Free ball: 20


The Daily Dispatch

Sunday, September 27, 2009


NL Roundup

Braves win again, gain a game on Colorado Braves 11, Nationals 5 WASHINGTON (AP) — Tommy Hanson pitched seven innings for his 11th win, Yunel Escobar drove in three runs and the Braves earned their fifth consecutive victory. Atlanta pulled within 2.5 games of NL wild card-leading Colorado, which lost to St. Louis. The Braves (84-70) have won 13 of 15 and are 5030 since June 27, improving to a season-best 14 games over .500. Hanson (11-4) allowed four hits and four runs — three of them on Mike Morse’s pinch-hit homer. The impressive rookie, who made his major league debut on June 7, struck out seven and walked one. Garrett Mock (3-10), who lost his fifth consecutive decision, allowed six runs, four earned, and seven hits in five innings. Brian McCann hit a two-run homer in Atlanta’s five-run ninth. Cardinals 6, Rockies 3 DENVER (AP) — Matt Holliday celebrated another playoff clincher at Coors Field, only this time it was with the St. Louis Cardinals and not the Colorado Rockies. Jason LaRue, subbing at catcher for injured AllStar Yadier Molina, homered off Ubaldo Jimenez to break a seventh-inning tie and the Cardinals clinched the NL Central crown when they beat the Rockies 6-3 Saturday night behind right-hander Adam Wainwright’s 19th victory. Colorado’s lead in the NL wild-card race shrunk to 2 1/2 games over the Atlanta Braves, who beat Washington 11-5 Saturday.

Maybin ran for Cody Ross in the fourth inning after Ross was hit on the left hand by a pitch from John Maine (6-6). He hit his third homer an inning later to give Florida a 7-3 cushion. Maine allowed seven runs and seven hits in 4 2-3 innings. He struck out three, walked two, threw two wild pitches and hit consecutive batters in the fourth.

AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez

Atlanta Braves’ Yunel Escobar follows through with a two-run single to right field against the Washington Nationals during the first inning of Saturday’s game. The Braves won 11-5.

D-Backs 8, Padres 5 PHOENIX (AP) — Seldom-used Chad Tracy snapped an 0-for-18 slump with a pinch-hit grand slam in the seventh inning, sending Daniel Schlereth to his first major league win in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ 8-5 victory over the San Diego Padres on Saturday night. Tracy hit an 0-2 pitch from Luke Gregerson an estimated 432 feet into the swimming pool area in right-center field to conclude the scoring. It was his third career slam. Dodgers 8, Pirates 4 PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Dodgers locked up their fourth playoff appearance in six years, getting a two-run single from pinch-hitter Jim Thome during a four-run eighth inning in which Pirates relievers walked four before going on to beat Pittsburgh 8-4 on Saturday night. Manager Joe Torre is headed to the postseason for a record-tying 14th straight time — only the

Braves’ Bobby Cox has accomplished the feat — after the Dodgers assured themselves of at least a wild-card spot. They also cut their magic number to three for winning the NL West for the second consecutive season.

Brewers 7, Phillies 5 MILWAUKEE (AP) — Ryan Braun hit a two-run homer off reliever Tyler Walker in the ninth, giving the Milwaukee Brewers a 7-5 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday. It was Braun’s 30th home run of the season and second career gameending homer. The loss went to Walker (2-1), one of the pitchers the Phillies were considering as a replacement for struggling closer Brad Lidge. Marlns 9, Mets 6 MIAMI (AP) — Injury replacement Cameron Maybin hit a three-run homer in Florida’s sevenrun fifth and the Marlins rallied to beat the New York Mets 9-6 on Saturday night.

Reds 10, Astros 4 HOUSTON (AP) — Jay Bruce and Laynce Nix homered and drove in three runs apiece, helping the Cincinnati Reds beat the Houston Astros 10-4 on Saturday night for their sixth consecutive win. Juan Francisco and Corky Miller each had two RBIs for the Reds, who have won 10 of 12 and 23 of 33 overall. They beat the Astros for the ninth straight time. Cubs 6, Giants 2 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Aramis Ramirez homered, Jake Fox hit a two-run single and the Chicago Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants 6-2 on Saturday for their sixth win in seven games. Chicago’s victory again kept the Cardinals from clinching the NL Central. St. Louis had a magic number of one and could capture the division with a victory Saturday night at Colorado. Tom Gorzelanny (7-2) won consecutive starts for the first time all season and his third straight decision, following Carlos Zambrano’s two-hit gem a night earlier with five solid innings of his own. The left-hander returned to the rotation Sept. 21 after a 3 1/2-week stint in the bullpen.

AL Roundup

Sabathia gets 19 win, leads Yankees past Red Sox Yankees 3, Red Sox 0 NEW YORK (AP) — CC Sabathia combined on a two-hitter to become the major leagues’ first 19game winner, Robinson Cano hit a tiebreaking, opposite-field homer off the top of the left-field fence and the New York Yankees closed in on the AL East title with a 3-0 victory over the Boston Red Sox on Saturday. Sabathia (19-7) allowed just one hit in seven innings to outduel Daisuke Matsuzaka (3-6) as New York cut to one the magic number for its first division title since 2006. Already assured of no worse than the wild card, the Yankees have won eight of nine against their rival after starting the season 0-8 against Boston. They can wrap up the AL East on Sunday when they play the Red Sox for the final time this season. Cano homered in the sixth inning, and Johnny Damon added a two-out, two-run single in the eighth off former Mets closer Billy Wagner, who entered to boos in his first game in New York since Boston acquired him last

month. The runs were unearned because shortstop Chris Woodward dropped the ball for an error during a rundown after pinchrunner Brett Gardner got caught off third on a ball in the dirt.

Blue Jays 5, Mariners 4 (10) TORONTO (AP) — Adam Lind homered twice, including a game-ending solo drive in the 10th inning, to power the Blue Jays to a victory over the Mariners that included Seattle star Ichiro Suzuki’s first career ejection. Jose Bautista also went deep for the Blue Jays, who have homered in seven straight games and have 33 longballs in September, tops in the majors. Suzuki was thrown out by plate umpire Brian Runge for arguing a called third strike in the fifth, the first ejection of the season for the Mariners and the first of the All-Star outfielder’s career, including his years in Japan. Suzuki used his bat to draw a line on the outer edge of the plate, indicating he thought David Purcey’s strike three pitch was outside. That led to

Rangers 15, Rays 3 ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Marlon Byrd homered twice, including his sixth career grand slam in an 11-run fifth inning, and the Texas Rangers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 15-3 on Saturday night. Texas moved within six games of Boston for the AL wild card with eight to play. The Red Sox lost 3-0 to the New York Yankees earlier in the day.

Indians 9, Orioles 8 CLEVELAND (AP) — Jhonny Peralta hit a game-ending RBI single Saturday night to give the Cleveland Indians a wild 9-8 win over Baltimore, extending the Orioles’ losing streak to nine games. Luis Valbuena started the ninth with a single against Jim Johnson (46), Baltimore’s seventh pitcher, and moved up on Shin-Soo Choo’s groundout. Peralta then lined a 3-1 pitch to center to win it.

Twins 11, Royals 6 KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Denard Span had four hits and a careerhigh six RBIs, leading the Minnesota Twins to an 11-6 victory over the Kansas City Royals on Saturday night for their 11th victory in 12 games. The Twins remained two games behind firstplace Detroit, which beat the Chicago White Sox 12-5, in the AL Central. Minnesota was in third place and 5 1/2 games behind the Tigers after a Sept. 12 loss. The teams open a four-game series Monday at Detroit.

Tigers 12, White Sox 5 CHICAGO (AP) — Miguel Cabrera got four hits and drove in four runs, giving him at least 100 RBIs for the sixth consecutive season, and the Detroit Tigers rallied from a five-run deficit to beat the Chicago White Sox 12-5 on Saturday night. Curtis Granderson, Placido Polanco and Gerald Laird each had three of Detroit’s 20 hits, including singles in the decisive seventh inning, to help the Tigers win for the fifth time in six games.

interception ended North Carolina’s final drive with 1:34 remaining. Georgia Tech did not commit a turnover. It was a reversal from last year, when North Carolina won 28-7 in Chapel Hill as the Yellow Jackets were hurt by two lost fumbles, an interception, two missed field goals and two failed fourth-down conversions. “I was very surprised in

Tech’s execution, compared to last year,” Yates said. “They shut us down in every aspect of our offense.” Nesbitt was 7-for-17 for 89 yards. Roddy Jones had a 13-yard touchdown run to cap Georgia Tech’s opening drive. Georgia Tech extended its lead after a Tar Heels turnover. Yates lined up in the shotgun but wasn’t

the ejection.

AP Photo/Gerry Broome

North Carolina State’s Jamelle Eugene hurdles Pittsburgh's Jarred Holley during the second half of Saturday’s game in Raleigh.

PACK, from page 1B their eighth road victory in nine tries dating to their upset of then-No. 2 West Virginia in 2007 — especially after Stull hit Jonathan Baldwin with a 79-yard touchdown pass to make it 31-17 late in the third. That’s when Wilson took over. He started the comeback with a 33-yard touchdown pass to Jarvis Williams, then tied it at 31-all with a pretty 7-yard flip to George Bryan before leading the go-ahead drive. Earlier, he had scoring passes of 23 yards to Taylor Gentry and 38 yards to Baker, extended his NCAA-record streak of pass attempts without an interception to 364 and proved that the Wolfpack’s offense can pile up the points against college football’s big boys, too. “I’ll do whatever it takes, whether it’s running the ball or throwing it,” Wilson said. N.C. State came in with the highest-scoring

offense in the Atlantic Coast Conference, but that average of nearly 38 points seemed misleading because all but three of its 113 total points came in consecutive routs of Football Championship Subdivision teams Murray State and GardnerWebb. South Carolina, the only FBS team the Wolfpack played before Pitt, kept them out of the end zone in the opener. Instead, N.C. State — which outgained the Panthers 530-300 and ran 81 plays to 46 for Pitt — became the second team this season to rack up 500 total yards against Pitt. Both of those leaky performances have come on the road for a defense that was considered one of the team’s strengths and a reason Pitt was the preseason pick to win the Big East. “The offense played great today,” Wannstedt said, “but the defense didn’t.”

FISHING, from page 1B make the ultimate sacrifice in support of our gluttonous appetites, as shell shrapnel and crab juice flies. Hopefully there will be some time for fishing with all the eating I have planned. Last weekend turned into a working event. Susan and I, along with a little help from my dad, spent Saturday washing the vinyl siding on the house at the lake. There is nothing like the satisfaction you get from looking over a completed job like that. Sunday’s trip to fish for stripers didn’t work out because of a number of things, and I ended up heading back to Kernersville early to start preparing for my trip north. My cousin Jim sent a report from the coast, where the winds continue to be out of the eastnortheast and the fish just don’t want to bite. He took Jon Currin out last Saturday for a half day of fishing. They put three king mackerel in the boat and hooked up with three sharks as well. The largest king was close to 25 pounds and they would love to have him in the upcoming US Open tournament. Jim

reports that the trout and flounder are starting to bite well in shore and at the closer reefs near shore. If the temperatures will stay cool, the fish will continue to move closer to shore and things should be setting up for a heated fall bite. October and November should see the kings just past the breakers on shore and they should be hungry. Jeff Watson, Bryan Montgomery and Randy Owen reported catching seven nice stripers near Ivy Hill on Kerr Lake last Friday evening on top water lures. Next week’s article – Depending on the weather and several other factors, bass and striper fishing on Kerr Lake. Tip of the week – If you haven’t started using shaky head worms give them a try. When the bites are coming few and far between this often gets a few fish in the boat. Quarter-ounce shaky heads with a green pumpkin trick worm are usually effective most anywhere you go. Contact the writer at

UNC LOSS, from page 1B 7 yards against Miami. Nesbitt added a careerhigh 32 carries for 97 yards. Georgia Tech had 317 yards rushing in its spread-option offense while holding North Carolina to 17. North Carolina’s only touchdown came on Yates’ 40-yard pass to Erik Highsmith early in the fourth quarter. Georgia Tech then put the game away with a 17-

play, 76-yard touchdown drive, capped by Nesbitt’s 10-yard run. The drive lasted 8:15. “It was huge,” Johnson said. “We played really good on defense and they hit us with a really big play and we responded. We came back and converted some third downs and basically put the game out of reach with the clock.” Burnett’s second

looking for the snap when the ball shot past him. Georgia Tech defensive end Derrick Morgan recovered the fumble at the North Carolina 32, setting up Scott Blair’s 34-yard field goal for a 10-0 halftime lead. The kickers combined to miss three field goals of under 40 yards. North Carolina’s Casey Barth was wide right on a 32-yard at-

tempt. Blair missed tries of 37 yards in the first quarter and 27 yards in the third quarter. There was light rain in the second half. Fans were cautioned of lightning in the area at the start of the fourth quarter and told they could re-enter the stadium if they chose to leave. Most fans remained until the rain became heavy in the final minutes.

The Daily Dispatch


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tebow injured in Florida win; Hokies roll over Canes No. 1 Florida 41, Kentucky 7 LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — In one scary moment for Tim Tebow, another Florida laugher turned into the Gators’ worst fear. Tebow was knocked out of Florida’s 41-7 victory against Kentucky after taking a hard shot to the head in the third quarter. The Gators were leading 31-7 and driving deep in Kentucky territory when Tebow was sacked by Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham. As he fell back with Wyndham on top of him, Tebow’s head struck teammate Marcus Gilbert’s leg, violently bending his neck forward. Tebow lay motionless for several minutes while Commonwealth Stadium fell silent. He sat up with some help then slowly made his way off the field to a loud ovation. He was eventually carted off the field with concussion-like symptoms, vomiting several times as he was taken to an ambulance to a local hospital for tests. “I don’t know, I think it’s a concussion,” Florida coach Urban Meyer said. “I think he’ll be all right.” No. 2 Texas 64, UTEP 7 AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Colt McCoy and No. 2 Texas got the fast start they had been missing in recent weeks, rolling to a 40-point lead by halftime. McCoy passed for 286 yards and three touchdowns, two to Dan Buckner. The Longhorns (4-0) also harassed UTEP quarterback Trevor Vittatoe into five turnovers. Freshman D.J. Monroe’s first-quarter 91-yard kickoff return made him the first player in Texas history to return two kickoffs for touchdowns in a career. No. 3 Alabama 35, Arkansas 7 TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Greg McElroy passed for a career-high 291 yards and three touchdowns and Alabama opened Southeastern Conference play with an easy victory. The Crimson Tide (4-0, 1-0) picked on the Razorbacks’ beleaguered defense with three huge plays and blocked a punt to win its 18th consecutive league opener dating to its 1992 national championship. Iowa 21, No . 5 Penn State 10 STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — Adrian Clayborn returned a block punt for a touchdown and Iowa left soggy Happy Valley with an 21-10 win over No. 5 Penn State, the Hawkeyes second straight upset of the Nittany Lions. A year after Iowa’s stunning 24-23 win knocked the Nittany Lions out of the national title race, the Hawkeyes (4-0, 1-0 Big Ten) beat Penn State (3-1, 0-1) again in drenching rainstorm. After falling behind 10-0 early, Iowa’s defense shut down quarterback Daryll Clark and the Penn State offense. Broderick Binns’ sack led to a safety in the second quarter. A defensive end, Clayborn rumbled 51 yards after blocking the punt to give Iowa an 11-10 lead with 12:21 left. Oregon 42, No. 6 California 3 EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Jeremiah Masoli answered his doubters by throwing for 253 yards and three touchdowns for Oregon. Masoli went into the game without a scoring pass this season, prompting many Ducks fans to call for his benching. But he responded by completing 21 of 25 passes for the Ducks (3-1, 1-0 Pac-10), who had 524 yards in total offense to Cal’s 206 yards.

them. Florida State (2-2) lost four fumbles, including a critical one by quarterback Christian Ponder that allowed USF to ice the game. South Florida (4-0) stuffed Florida State’s running game, sacked Ponder five times.

AP Photo/Don Ryan

California running back Jahvid Best is tackled by Oregon defenders Josh Kaddu (56) and Lavasier Tuinei during the second half of their game in Eugene, Ore., Saturday. The Oregon defense held Best to only 55 yards rushing to beat No. 6 California 42-3. Jahvid Best ran for 55 yards for the Golden Bears (3-1, 0-1). Widely considered a top Heisman contender, Best went into the game ranked third in the nation with an average of 137.33 yards on the ground per game.

No. 7 LSU 30, Mississippi State 26 STARKVILLE, Miss. (AP) — No. 7 LSU stuffed Mississippi State at the goal line in the final two minutes to preserve its 10th straight victory against the Bulldogs. Brandon LaFell had 101 yards and two touchdown catches and Chad Jones scored on a 93-yard punt return for the Tigers (4-0, 2-0 SEC). Anthony Dixon couldn’t score on two attempts from inside the 3 for Mississippi State (2-2, 1-2) on its final drive. Jones broke up a pass on third down and LSU stuffed quarterback Tyson Lee on fourth and inches. No. 8 Boise State 49, Bowling Green 14 BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (AP) — Kellen Moore was nearly flawless, throwing for 247 yards and two touchdowns. Boise State’s big play offense needed four plays or less on its first six scoring drives. The Broncos (4-0) didn’t score until a minute into the second quarter when receiver Titus Young took a pitch from Moore and ran 18 yards for a touchdown. Moore threw for 195 yards in the second quarter alone, completing eight straight passes at one point. He finished 17 of 21, spreading the ball around to six different receivers. Tyler Shoemaker had 105 yards on four catches. No. 11 Virginia Tech 31, No. 9 Miami 7 BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) — Virginia Tech harassed Jacory Harris and dominated Miami in a downpour on Saturday. Miami, ranked in the top 10 for the first since 2005, had a chance to take a commanding lead in the ACC’s Coastal Division. Instead, Virginia Tech (3-1, 1-0 Atlantic Coast Conference), Miami’s third consecutive ranked opponent, cooled of the Hurricanes. Miami (2-1, 2-1) had given Harris all kinds of time in beating Florida State and Georgia Tech to start 2-0. The Hurricanes had a lot more trouble keeping the Hokies’ pass rush off their star. Ryan Williams’ 2-yard run 5:14 into the game capped an 11-yard drive for Virginia Tech. Williams ran for 150 yards, and quarterback Tyrod Taylor finished with 75. No. 14 Cincinnati 28, Fresno State 20 CINCINNATI (AP) — Tony Pike threw three touchdown passes in a quick-strike offense that was hardly on the field, and the Bearcats held on against a Fresno State team that ran all over them for most of the game.

One big gamble made the Bulldogs (1-3) come up empty. Facing fourth-and-2 at the Cincinnati 6-yard line to open the fourth quarter, Fresno State chose to throw. Ryan Colburn’s pass was picked off, and Pike put the Bearcats (4-0) in control with a 23-yard touchdown pass to Mardy Gilyard.

No. 13 Ohio State 30, Illinois 0 COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Dan Herron slogged through a downpour for two touchdowns and Ohio State collected a second straight shutout for the first time in 13 years. The Buckeyes (3-1, 1-0 Big Ten) and Terrelle Pryor had 0 passing yards in the first half and finished with just 82. He did throw a touchdown with 1:18 left. But Brandon Saine rushed for 81 yards on 13 carries and Herron had 75 on 14 attempts — scoring on runs of 4 and 2 yards — and the defense did the rest. No. 15 TCU 14, Clemson 10 CLEMSON, S.C. (AP) — No. 15 TCU showed off its stellar defense and bolstered its BCS buster credentials. Andy Dalton threw two touchdown passes and the Horned Frogs (3-0) held Clemson to 125 yards in the second half to take control. TCU trailed 10-7 entering the fourth quarter as it had its own problems against a Tiger defense which held Boston College to 54 yards a week earlier. No. 16 Oklahoma State 56, Grambling State 6 STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) — Keith Toston ran for 84 yards and three first-half touchdowns, and Oklahoma State overpowered without its star running back and wide receiver. All-America receiver Dez Bryant and all-Big 12 tailback Kendall Hunter watched from the sidelines as the Cowboys (3-1) piled up 587 yards of total offense, including 321 on the ground, against their only Football Championship Subdivision opponent this season. It was the most lopsided win for Oklahoma State since a 59-7 victory over SMU in 2004, the year before Mike Gundy took over as coach. South Florida 17, No. 18 Florida State 7 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Redshirt freshman B.J. Daniels ran for 126 yards and threw two touchdown passes in his first start in the first meeting between the schools. Daniels was filling in for senior Matt Grothe, out for the season with a knee injury. A Tallahassee kid not heavily recruited by the Seminoles, the 6-1, 210-pound Daniels totaled 341 yards of offense. It was the first time since Nebraska’s Steve Taylor ran for 139 yards against the Seminoles in 1986 that an opposing quarterback rushed for over 100 yards against

No. 19 BYU 42, Colorado State 23 PROVO, Utah (AP) — Harvey Unga ran for 113 yards and three touchdowns and No. 19 BYU converted two interceptions and a blocked punt into scores. Max Hall passed for two touchdowns and ran for another as the Cougars (3-1) won the Mountain West Conference opener one week after getting blown out at home by Florida State. Hall was 18-for-29 for 241 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. No. 20 Kansas 35, Southern Mississippi 28 LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Todd Reesing threw for 331 yards and three touchdowns, and Kansas shook off the effects of a midweek fight with the basketball team. Kansas (4-0) had no trouble moving the ball as usual in rolling up 433 total yards. The Jayhawks weren’t so good on defense, allowing Southern Miss quarterback Austin Davis to throw for 331 yards and three touchdowns. Southern Miss (3-1) knocked off one BCS school last week, upsetting Virginia 37-34 at home to extend the nation’s second-longest winning streak to eight games. The Golden Eagles marched through Kansas’ defense (395 total yards), but couldn’t stop Reesing when they needed to. No. 21 Georgia 20, Arizona State 17 ATHENS, Ga. (AP) — Blair Walsh kicked a 37-yard field goal on the final play and No. 21 Georgia escaped an upset, beating Arizona State 20-17 Saturday on another big night for A.J. Green. Green caught eight passes for 153 yards, including a 56-yard touchdown. He also appeared to get his hand on Bobby Wenzig’s 38-yard field goal attempt that could have put the Sun Devils ahead with 4:21 remaining. Green, who had a careerbest 159 yards receiving against Arizona State a year ago, came up with a 36-yard grab for his final reception of the night, which set up Walsh’s winning field goal. No. 23 Michigan 36, Indiana 33 ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Tate Forcier’s 26-yard pass to Martavious Odoms with 2:29 left lifted Michigan to another comeback victory. Donovan Warren’s interception on Indiana’s next snap sealed the tougherthan-expected victory for the Wolverines (4-0, 1-0 Big Ten), who were outgained by the Hoosiers (3-1, 0-1) despite being favored to win by about three touchdowns. Forcier, whose TD pass in the closing seconds two weeks ago beat then-No. 18 Notre Dame, missed some plays on the game-winning drive after taking a hit and tapping his helmet as he looked to the sideline. No. 25 Nebraska 55, La-Lafayette 0 LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Zac Lee passed for 238 yards and a touchdown, Roy Helu Jr. scored twice and Nebraska celebrated its 300th consecutive sellout. The Cornhuskers (3-1), coming off a devastating 16-15 loss at Virginia Tech last week, beat up on an opponent from the Sun Belt Conference for the third time this season. Nebraska outscored Florida Atlantic, Arkansas State and Lafayette by a combined 142-12.

AP Photo/Winslow Townson

Boston College wide receiver Justin Jarvis is upended by Wake Forest safety Cyhl Quarles and linebacker Hunter Haynes during the second half of Boston's 27-24 overtime win Saturday.

Wake falls to BC in OT By HOWARD ULMAN AP Sports Writer

BOSTON — Just when Wake Forest seemed to be headed for a stunning comeback win, Boston College pulled off its own shocker. Wes Davis recovered a fumble in overtime to foil the Demon Deacons’ drive for a winning touchdown as the Eagles held on for a 27-24 win behind Dave Shinskie’s three scoring passes on Saturday. “We were on the ropes,” BC coach Frank Spaziani said. The Demon Deacons had rallied behind Riley Skinner’s two touchdown passes in the last 3:44 of regulation before the Eagles (3-1, 1-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) went ahead on a 23-yard field goal by Steve Aponavicius on the first series of overtime. Wake Forest (2-2, 0-1) then got its chance to start at the 25-yard line and moved to a first down at the 4 on four running plays. “Especially after the way the offense was going and the way we came back, I pretty much felt it was going to go our way,” Wake Forest defensive tackle John Russell said. The Demon Deacons then called a handoff to Brandon Pendergrass, who already had scored on a 76yard run. But he ran to the wrong spot and Skinner kept the ball, running to his left without blockers. “I kind of froze when I saw this happening,” Skinner said. “It was just a sloppy play all the way around.” Isaac Johnson forced the fumble and Davis recovered, ending the game and sending BC’s players rushing onto the field. “The play at the end was just a case of 11 people running at the ball. We preach that here,” Davis said. “We had pretty good control of that game. It would have been a terrible game to lose” The Eagles led 24-10 before Skinner marched his team to a tie. He threw a 12-yard scoring pass to Chris Givens with 3:44 left in the fourth quarter and a 16-yarder to Marshall Williams with 11 seconds remaining. On that last possession, Skinner completed 7 of his last 8 passes, spiking the ball to stop the clock for his only incompletion. In overtime, BC couldn’t advance after getting a first

down at the 6 and settled for the field goal. Pendergrass then ran three times for 20 yards and Skinner picked up 1 against a defense that seemed vulnerable. Then Skinner fumbled and Pendergrass lay face down on the ground for about a minute before being consoled by teammates. “We were very undisciplined, had a lot of penalties,” Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe said. “The last play of the day was disappointing but very indicative of the way we played.” Shinskie, a 25-year-old former minor-league pitcher and college freshman, completed 18 of 29 passes for 228 yards and one interception in his first start. Skinner went 25-for-35 for 354 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. “I definitely felt like I grew,” Shinskie said. “It was a lot of firsts for me, first start, first overtime.” One week after the Eagles gained just 54 yards in a 25-7 loss at Clemson, they picked up 59 on their first nine plays. That drive ended with a 32-yard field goal by Aponavicius, and BC never trailed. Jordon McMichael made a one-handed catch and scored on a 50-yard pass play for a 10-0 lead. The Demon Deacons tied it on Pendergrass’ 76-yard run and Jimmy Newman’s 23yard field goal. Shinskie’s 4-yard touchdown pass to Chris Pantale made it 17-10 just 30 seconds before halftime and his 17-yarder to Colin Larmond Jr. with 9:32 left in regulation built the lead to 24-10. Shinskie spent seven seasons in the minors, the first six in the Minnesota Twins organization. He pitched in 2008 for New Hampshire in the Toronto organization but never rose above Double-A in those seven years. Justin Tuggle, a 19-year-old freshman, started the first three games, although Shinskie saw considerable playing time. The ACC win was the first for Spaziani, who took over for the fired Jeff Jagodzinski after 12 years as a BC assistant, the last 10 as defensive coordinator. His players followed what he stressed to them. “You work hard, you work hard, you work hard and you just never give up,” Spaziani said. “You play every play and today was a perfect example.”

Rutgers beats errorprone Maryland 34-13 By DAVID GINSBURG AP Sports Editor

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — George Johnson recovered a Maryland fumble in the end zone to give Rutgers the lead, and the Scarlet Knights also scored on an interception return Saturday in a 34-13 victory over the bumbling Terrapins. It was the third straight win for Rutgers (3-1), which took advantage of five Maryland

turnovers, including three interceptions and a fumble by senior quarterback Chris Turner. The Scarlet Knights outscored the Terrapins 24-0 in the second half. Touchdown runs by Joe Martinek of 29 and 61 yards in the final five minutes turned a close game into a blowout. The Terrapins have committed 13 turnovers in four games and are 1-3 for the first time since 1997.

The Daily Dispatch



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Martin defies age to lead Cup standings By DAN GELSTON AP Sports Writer

DOVER, Del. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The oldest driver in Sprint Cup happens to be the best one in the sport this season. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s won more races than Tony Stewart. Has more poles than Jimmie Johnson. He has earned more respect than any other driver in the garage and is the sentimental favorite to win his first Cup title. At 50 years old, Mark Martin defies his age on the track. Martin may be the elder statesmen, but that hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stopped the gray-haired veteran from chasing the championship. He leads the points standings heading into Week 2 of the Chase for the championship at Dover International Speedway, the concrete track where heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s won four times. Keep up this pace, and heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll finally have that elusive first championship. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m having the time of my life,â&#x20AC;? Martin said. When the green flag drops on Sunday, Martin will officially make his 750th Cup start, making him only the ninth driver in history to reach that mark. He was 40 wins, 253 top-five finishes and 411 top-10s in the first 749 starts. The one number that seems the most astounding of them all is his age: 50. At a time in life when most athletes have long settled into cozy retirement, Martin is among the rare breed that not only actively participates, but thrives. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why is he still doing so good at that age? I think it has less to do with his age and more to do with the fact that heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really hungry,â&#x20AC;? first-time Chase driver Brian Vickers said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If he had won four championships, would he still be able to do it at 50? I think desire has more to do with it than age.â&#x20AC;? Martin is as physically fit and dedicated to healthy eating and clean

AP Photo/Russ Hamilton Sr.

Driver Mark Martin climbs into his car before practice for the Sprint Cup series AAA 400 Saturday at Dover International Speedway. living as any other driver in the garage. Two pieces of pizza are about as unappetizing to him as a pair of DNFs in the 10-race Chase. His lifestyle has played as much a critical part of extending a Cup career that dates to 1981 as his ride at powerhouse Hendrick Motorsports. He almost retired in 2005 and dubbed the season the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Salute To Youâ&#x20AC;? tour as a season-long thank you to his fans. Four years later, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still here. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have done it if I could have seen the future, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for sure,â&#x20AC;? Martin said. His next attempt at retirement will likely come with less fanfare. It also wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come any time soon. Martin signed an extension last week to stay with Hendrick and in the No. 5 car through the 2011 season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a little long range for my liking,â&#x20AC;? Martin said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For planning purposes, sponsorship deals and all those things, it

made sense to go ahead and make the commitment so they could plan longer term than just a year.â&#x20AC;? Four-time series champion Jeff Gordon knows Martinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s break, when he ran a partial schedule in 2007 and 2008, helped re-energize him. Gordon wonders if another season or two of the season grind will eventually affect Martinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s performance. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll see how and what all takes place two or three years from now when he has been back in the grind a little while,â&#x20AC;? Gordon said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But I know he is having a lot of fun this year and obviously that team is doing a great job.â&#x20AC;? Martin, who qualified 14th for Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s race, holds a 35-point lead over three-time defending Cup champion Johnson and Denny Hamlin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I admire him for what heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accomplished throughout his entire career, especially what heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s done this season,â&#x20AC;? Vickers said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a huge threat to win the championship. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t

think his age hurts him whatsoever.â&#x20AC;? Martin has two top-10s in his last two races at Dover. Johnson won the race here in May and starts from the pole as he tries for the season sweep of the Monster Mile. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everybody in the Chase right now are performing on a level that they could pull it off depending on how things work out for them,â&#x20AC;? Martin said. With nine races left to decide the champion, Martin has a favorable stretch of tracks ahead. He has four wins at Charlotte, two each at Martinsville, Talladega and Phoenix, and one win apiece at Kansas, California and Texas. Homestead-Miami Speedway, the last race of the season, is the only Chase track where he has failed to win a Cup race. Martin leads the series with five wins, including last weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chase opener at New Hampshire. The victory was the 40th of his career and made him one of three active drivers to reach that milestone, along with Hendrick teammates Johnson and Gordon. Johnson and Gordon lead a talented Chase field with a combined seven championships. Stewart has two and Kurt Busch won in 2004. While Martin appears to have the stars aligned for him to grab that title, former Roush teammate Greg Biffle cautioned that the other Chase drivers are just as able and hungry to win it all as NASCARâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top senior. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I want to win a championship just as bad as everybody else,â&#x20AC;? Biffle said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mark probably feels an urgency to win the title because heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 50 years old. I think heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 50, at least thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what I keep hearing.â&#x20AC;? The only number that really matters this year to Martin is that â&#x20AC;&#x153;1â&#x20AC;? he can put in his career bio under championships.

AP Photo/Russ Hamilton Jr.

Driver Clint Bowyer celebrates in victory lane after winning the Nationwide series Dover 200 Saturday at Dover International Speedway.

Bowyer takes first in Nationwide race at Dover By DAN GELSTON AP Sports Writer

DOVER, Del. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Clint Bowyer raced to his second Nationwide Series victory of the season on Saturday, taking the lead with 83 laps to go on the concrete at Dover International Speedway. His celebration was ignored as all attention turned to a brief, but heated, confrontation on pit road between Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski. They made contact late in the race, sending Hamlin to the garage. Keselowski finished third and was greeted when he got out of his car by an angry Hamlin. They exchanged words, and Hamlin shoved Keselowski. Keselowskiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s public relations rep shoved Hamlin. The crews for both drivers got between the drivers. Keselowski crew chief Tony Eury Jr. ended it after a brief chat with Hamlin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I wanted to talk to him,â&#x20AC;? Hamlin said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He

obviously needs some sort of guidance on what he needs to do to make it.â&#x20AC;? Keselowski blamed Hamlin for the accident. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He cuts me off like he always does,â&#x20AC;? Keselowski said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Denny Hamlin.â&#x20AC;? Mike Bliss was second. Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards rounded out the top five. Busch kept his overall lead in the points standings. He also became the second driver in the second-tier series to ever lead 2,000 laps in a season. Bowyer was driving in only his ninth Nationwide race of the season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dover is one of my best racetracks so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s probably fitting I was able to get in this car and race this race,â&#x20AC;? he said. Busch dominated the first 100 laps despite communication issues with his crew. He could hear instruction over the radio, but no one could hear what Busch was saying.

Kenny Perry races past Woods in Tour Championship By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer

ATLANTA â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Kenny Perry already has had a week to remember at the Tour Championship. He was honored with the Payne Stewart Award, which he called the greatest accomplishment of his career. He was so overcome by the stifling heat in the opening round at East Lake that he thought he might throw up after five holes and was lucky to shoot a 72. How about this to top it off? A two-shot lead going into Sunday, a final pairing with Tiger Woods, his entire family in town, and a chance to capture the Tour Championship, and maybe even the $10 million bonus for winning the FedEx Cup. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It might be magical,â&#x20AC;? Perry said Saturday. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll see.â&#x20AC;? His round Saturday was magical enough. Perry birdied the opening four holes â&#x20AC;&#x201D; all on putts inside 8 feet â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to quickly catch up to Woods, then kept bogeys off his card on the back nine for a 6-under 64. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Four birdies in a row puts you in a good mood is all I can say,â&#x20AC;? said Perry, who was at 8-under 202. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That set the tone for the day.â&#x20AC;? Woods had a 12-foot birdie putt on the first hole that slid by the cup, and that set the tone for his day. He missed a half-dozen chances from 15 feet or under, yet his only significant birdies came on putts of 20 and 55 feet. The other

AP Photo/Dave Martin

Kenny Perry hits from the sand on the 15th hole during the third round of the Tour Championship at the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta Saturday. was a two-putt on a par 5. He wound up with a 69, his eighth consecutive round in the 60s during the FedEx Cup playoffs, yet this one cost him the lead. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I got fooled a few times there,â&#x20AC;? Woods said, confused by the slope and grain on the greens. Perry has 14 career victories, yet only two of them has come with Woods in the field. Even with a two-shot lead, he is approaching Sunday as though he has nothing to lose. He even playfully challenged the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. 1 player. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Here I am at 49, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m still trying to beat him,â&#x20AC;? Perry said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have fun with it. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d better bring his â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; game is all Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got to say.â&#x20AC;? For Perry to win the FedEx Cup, he would need a victory Sunday and for Woods to finish in a threeway tie for third or worse. That remains a possibility, given the players stacked up behind them. Phil Mickelson continued

to ooze confidence with his putter and shot a 4-under 66, suddenly believing he can make any putt whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s from 4 feet or 40 feet. He was at 4-under 206 along with Sean Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Hair (70), who was tied with Woods until pulling a tee shot into the water on the 17th to make double bogey. Padraig Harrington, playing with Woods for the ninth time this year, stopping making birdies to offset his mistakes and shot a 71, leaving him at 207 with Steve Marino (67). Steve Stricker, the No. 2 seed in the FedEx Cup standings behind Woods, got back into the picture, no matter how blurry, with a 66 and was six shots out of the lead. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I needed to make a move today to have any sort of chance for tomorrow,â&#x20AC;? Stricker said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;At least I gave myself an opportunity. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to need another one of those rounds, or maybe even lower.â&#x20AC;?

All of them would like the kind of day Perry enjoyed. His start was flawless in the morning, under cloudy skies and the threat of rain that forced officials to move up the tee times. After pounding a driver, he hit sand wedge to 4 feet. Then came perhaps his best shot of the round, a 5-iron with that familiar draw that settled just outside 6 feet of the cup. Perry made birdie on the next two holes from short range, and quickly found himself tied for the lead. It was Woodsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; turn to

catch up, but he never did. He missed three birdie putts inside 12 feet on the front nine, and cost himself two other chances from the bunker â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a fairway bunker on No. 7 that led to bogey, and a greenside bunker on the par-5 ninth that led to par. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was amazing how I had about four or five putts today that the grain was going up the hill, and I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know which one to play. Do I play the grain or do I play the slope?â&#x20AC;? Woods said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Just one of those days where I happened to be in some interesting little

spots, even thought I had pretty makeable putts.â&#x20AC;? Perry didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have that problem, and even the one time he was threatened with a bogey, he holed his par putt from about 10 feet. Now, he is one more good round away from one the biggest wins of his career that couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come at a better time. His mother is dying of cancer â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Perry nearly missed the British Open when she took a turn for the worse â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and his fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health is fading. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one reason Perry put his son, Justin, on the bag over the last month.



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ADDS correct correct helmet helmet to to JacksonJacksonADDS ville at Houston matchup


The Daily Dispatch


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Diggs out vs. Cowboys; Panthers’ injury list long NFL WEEK 3

NFL Contenders or pretenders?

Contenders or pretenders?

The surprising Atlanta Falcons head to the road for the first time with hopes of improving to 3-0 over the New England England Patriots, who are off off to a rocky rocky start start this this season. season. New Patriots, who are a ADDS correct helmet to to JacksonCHARLOTTE (AP) — Diggs was declared Brad ville at Houston matchup

Preview Capsules

Hoover and defenThe Carolina Panthers out for the Monday night sive end Everette Brown will be without starting game after missing his also missed practice and linebacker Na’il Diggs straightSan practice Satare listed as doubtful. Francisco at Minnesota Cleveland at Baltimore Washington at Detroit Jacksonvillethird at Houston (2-0)ribs. (2-0) Landon Johnson or (0-2) (2-0) (1-1) (0-2) (0-2) (1-1) and likely three other key urday with bruised NFL WEEK 3 Browns don't seem any If the Lions lose again, it will Texans turned it around and A 49ers victory would stamp players for their game at Starting strong safety James Anderson will fill more competitive under be 20 straight over three them as a potential playoff won at Tennessee as the Dallas. Harris, team. top fullback in for Diggs at strongside Eric Mangini than they did seasons, including all 16 in Brett Favre is 11-2 offense got onChris track. Jags

ders or pretenders?

playing for to Romeo Crennel. have always struggled Atlanta Falcons head the road for the2008. first Redskins time withoffense hopeshas of improving to 3-0 over the in league. stagnant. against Houston. Patriots, whoRavens’ are off O to third a rocky start thisbeen season.

Baltimore (2-0)

em any e under n they did eo Crennel. in league.

Atlanta at New England Washington at Detroit (2-0) (1-1) (1-1) (0-2)

Following dominant dominant wins wins IfFollowing the Lions lose again, it will over Miami and Carolina, be 20 straight over three the Falcons face a Patriots’ seasons, including all 16 in team that looks vulnerable 2008. Redskins offense has on offense and defense. been stagnant.

against the Niners, including the playoffs.

The Titans’ Titans’ defense defense was was Michael Vick Vick is isfumbles, eligible to to play play St. Louis Louis has has scored scored a awe total The eligible St. total are, things will turn out six interceptions). AP Sports WriterMichael A 49ers victory would stamp Texans turned it around and mediocre in a home loss to after serving his suspension. of seven points in two them as a potential playoff won at Tennessee as the fine. We’re working at it,” The Panthers have also Houston in Week 2. Jets D Chiefs’ Larry Johnson has a games. Green Bay has team. Brett Favre is 11-2 offense got on track. Jags under new coach Rex Ryan Texas mere — 98 yards,given with a up 2.8- six sacks, significant OL issues and Phillips said. “The most a total ARLINGTON, against the Niners, including have always struggled has not allowed a TD. yard average per carry. has allowed 10 sacks. the playoffs. against Houston.

ADDS correct helmetZip to Jacksonsacks and no turnovers ville at Houston matchup are a big and unprecedent-

ders or pretenders?

ders or pretenders?

ADDS correct helmet to Houston. Jacksonbeen stagnant. against

the playoffs. (Mon.)

ville at Houston matchup


x-clinched division

NL Wild Card Standings Carolina atSt. Dallas Green Bay at Louis (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) (0-2) W L Pct GB Colorado 87 68 .561 — nant take early Dolphins head west after A matchup ofistwo exceedcouldn’t pull offaatotal wins The Titans’ defense was a Michael Vick eligible to Results play ’Boys St. Louis has scored Dover 84 70 .545 2.5 C West by tough lossintoathe Colts. With ingly durable QBs in200 Peyton victory in points theAtlanta opener Carolina, mediocre home loss to after serving his suspension. of seven in twoof Jerry Saturday, at Dover International Speedway, nearly LaDainian Tomlinson Manning and Johnson Kurt Warner. Jones’ billion Florida 4 a Patriots’ RB Houston in Week 2. Jets D Chiefs’ Larry has a games.$1.5 Green Baypalace. has 83 72 .535 Dover, Del. aiders have hobbled, expect of Ryan O had ball for than Panthers’ stars targeted San Francisco 82 73 .529 5 vulnerable underhead new coach Rex mere yards, with aless 2.8significant OL issues andfor Atlanta Falcons to thelots road for theIndy’s first 98 time with hopes of improving to 3-0 over the Lap length: 1per miles ially on O. passing by PhilipaRivers. minutes against Miami. team’s slow Chicago start. efense. has TD.start this 15 yard average carry. has allowed 10 sacks. 81 73 .526 5.5 Patriots, arenot off to a rocky season. S correctwho helmet to allowed JacksonAP (Start position in parentheses) S correct helmet to JacksonS correct helmet to Jacksonville at Houston matchup 1. (16) C. Bowyer, Chevrolet, 200 laps, 139.8 rating, 190 points, $42,070. ville Sunday’s Games ville at at Houston Houston matchup matchup 2. (3) Mike Bliss, Toyota, 200, 117.9, 170, $43,518. N.Y. Mets (Misch 1-4) at Florida (Jo.Johnson 3. (12) FIX Brad Keselowski, Chevrolet, 200, 109.7, 170, $30,093. 15-5), p.m. <AP> NFL WK 3 CAPSULES 092409: ADDS correct helmet to1:10 Jacksonville 4. (1) Kyle Busch, 200, 137.2, 170, $27,400. Tampa Bay New atmatchup; Buffalo ADVANCE Chicago atToyota, Seattle Pittsburgh at3at Cincinnati (D.Lowe 15-9)3c at Washington (Li. San Francisco Minnesota Baltimore Washington at Detroit Jacksonville at Houston atOrleans Houston FOR SEPT. 26-27; NFL WeekAtlanta matchups; x (2) Carl Edwards, 200, 116.5, 160, $19,875. (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) 8-12), 1:35 p.m. (2-0) (2-0) (2-0) (1-1) (0-2) (1-1) 6(2-0) 1/2 inches; 146 mm x 1655.(0-2) mm; with Ford, related stories; ED; ETA Hernandez 4 p.m. </AP> Nrps F Lof W E ESaints’ K 3 Drew Brees has been Injury6. bug (15) Jason Leffler, Toyota, the 200, 99.3, 150, $27,243. L.A.won Dodgers (Kershaw 8-8) at Pittsburgh Steelers have eight in is ravaging N F 3 em any A 49ers victory would stamp Texans turned it around and N FL L W WE EE EIfK Kthe 3Lions lose again, it will 7. (10) Reed Sorenson, Toyota, 200, or 93.3,editing 146,a$17,885. andatory to include all sources that accompany graphic when repurposing it forinpublication easily have unstoppable; ranks this Seahawks yet again. QB row (D.McCutchen 0-2), 1:35 p.m. e under be 20 straightoffense over three them as Cincinnati.The a potential playoff won at Tennessee asIfthe 8.Hasselbeck (5) Scott Toyota, 108.4, 142, $17,645. first with 936 yards.all Buffalo Matt can’t200, go, this loser might aislong Cincinnati (Cueto nstruggling they did seasons, including 16 in team. Brett have Favre 11-2 10-10) at Houston offense got Speed, on track. Jags (13) David Toyota, 200, 96.2, 138,against $17,300.tothe been chase catch the Ravens has played well in both has goes a Reutimann, winnable home (W.Rodriguez 13-11), 2:05 p.m. eo Crennel. 2008. Redskins offense Niners, including have9.from always struggled road for the first time with hopes of improving to 3-0 over the first to 3-0 over the on D.for game aJason difficult chore. atopplayoffs. the division race.(Blanton 11-7) at Milwaukee (Bush (18) Keller, Ford, 200, road for the thematches. first time time with with hopes hopes of of improving improving to 3-0 over the87.5, 134, $24,168. Philadelphia nroad league. been stagnant. the against Houston. ky start this this season. season. 11. (11) Matt Kenseth, Ford, 200, 92.3, 130, $16,675. ky start 5-8), 2:05 p.m. ky start this season. (Mon.) 12. (7) Steve Wallace, Chevrolet, 200, 88, 127, $23,018. St. Louis (Lohse 6-8) at Colorado (De La Rosa 13. (42) Michael Annett, Toyota, 200, 77.5, 124, $24,318. 15-9), 3:10 p.m. 14. (32) Scott Wimmer, Chevrolet, 199, 70.6, 121, $22,793. Chicago Cubs (R.Wells 11-9) at San Francisco England Tennessee at N.Y. Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia Green Bay at Louis akland Miami at San Diego Indianapolis Arizona Carolina(Cain atSt. Dallas 15. (29) Tony Raines,atChevrolet, 199, 77.1, 118, $23,768. 13-7), 4:05 p.m. San Francisco at Minnesota Detroit Jacksonville at(2-0) Houston San Francisco at Minnesota 1-1) (0-2) (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) (0-2) Detroit Jacksonville at Houston (1-1) (0-2) (1-1) (2-0) (1-1) 199, 74.2, 115, $16,175. (0-2) San Diego (1-1) 16. (24) Martin Truex Jr., Chevrolet, San Francisco at Minnesota t (0-2) Detroit Jacksonville at Houston (Mujica 3-4) at Arizona (Buckner (2-0) (2-0) (0-2) (1-1) (2-0) (2-0) (0-2) (0-2) nant take early The Dolphins west(1-1) after a A matchup exceed’Boys couldn’t pull 17. (17)Vick ErikofDarnell, Ford, 198, 112, $22,568. (2-0) (2-0) wins Titans’ defense was Michael istwo eligible to78.9, play St. Louis has scored aatotal (0-2) (0-2)head (1-1) 4:10off p.m. gain, it will A 49ers victory would stamp victory in the2-6), Texans turned it around and ingly C West by Texans tough loss Colts. With durable QBs in Ford, Peyton opener gain, it will AA49ers victory would stamp turned itit around and 18. (8) John Wes Townley, 198, 76.1, 109,of$22,518. Carolina, mediocre intoathe home loss to seven points in twoof Jerry after serving his suspension. again, 49ers victory would stamp Texans turned around and rnearly threeit will won them as a potential playoff at Tennessee as the RB Tomlinson Manning and Kurt Warner. Jones’ $1.5 billion rathree them as aa potential playoff at the Patriots’ won Houston in Week Jets Chiefs’ Larry Johnson has a Green Baypalace. has 19. (36) Brendan Gaughan, Chevrolet, 198, 67.4,games. 106, $22,468. er three them as potential playoff wonLaDainian at Tennessee Tennessee as theD Monday’s Games g all 16have in team. Brett Favre isless 11-2than Panthers’ stars offense got on track. Jags aiders hobbled, expect lots of Indy’s O had ball forChevrolet, targeted for g in team. Brett is 11-2 offense got on track. Jags vulnerable under new coach Rex Ryan mere OL yards, with 2.8-197, 55, 103,significant 20.98 (30) KennyFavre Wallace, $23,268. g all all 16 16has in team. Brett Favre isaincluding 11-2 offense got on track. Jags L.A.issues Dodgersand at Pittsburgh, 12:35 p.m. ffense against the Niners, have always struggled ially onhas O. passing by Philip 15 minutes against Miami. team’s slow start. fense against the Niners, including have always struggled efense. has not allowed aRivers. TD. yard average per carry. has allowed 10 sacks. 21. (20) Morgan Shepherd, Chevrolet, 196, 65.1, 100, $22,368. ffense has against the Niners, including have always struggled Houston at Philadelphia, the playoffs. against Houston. AP 7:05 p.m. the playoffs. against the22. playoffs. against Houston. Houston. (35) Mike Wallace, Chevrolet, 195, 51.2, 97, $22,268. N.Y. Mets at Washington, 7:05 p.m. 23. (33) Ken Butler, Chevrolet, 195, 54.8, 94, $22,593. Florida at Atlanta, 7:10 p.m. 24. (40) Eric McClure, Ford, 195, 41.4, 91, $22,143. 25. (26)FIX Justin 092409: Allgaier, Dodge, ADDS 192, 70, 88, $22,093. <AP> NFL WK 3 CAPSULES correct helmet to Jacksonville Tampa Bay Kansas New Orleans at Buffalo Chicago at Seattle Pittsburgh at League N.Y. Jets City at Philadelphia Green Bay atCarter, St. Louis 26. (38)Bay Matthew Ford, 191,26-27; 44.9, 85, $22,193. at Houston matchup; ADVANCE FOR SEPT. NFL WeekAmerican 3 Cincinnati matchups; 3c x Standings .Y. Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia Green at St. Louis N.Y. Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia Green Bay at St. Louis (0-2) (2-0) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) East Division 2-0) (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) (0-2) 27. (4) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, accident, 189, 90.5, 82, $15,525. 6 1/2 inches; 146 mm x 165 mm; with related stories; ED; ETA 4 p.m. </AP> 2-0) (0-2) (1-1) (0-2) (2-0) (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) (0-2) rps of Saints’ Drew Brees(1-1) has been Injury bug is ravaging won eight in W L Pct GB (37) Bobby Jr., the Dodge, 185, 46.5,Steelers 79, $21,943. have se was Michael Vick is eligible to play St. 28. Louis hasHamilton scored a total se was Michael Vick eligible to St. Louis has scored aaQB total easily have a row Cincinnati.The unstoppable; offense ranks Seahawks yet If andatory to include all sources that accompany graphic when repurposing or editing it forinpublication x-New York 99 56 .639 — se was Michael Vick is is eligible to play play this St. Louis hasagain. scored total 29. (23) Michael McDowell, Dodge, 150, 62.2, 76, $15,400. me loss to after serving his suspension. of seven points in two me loss after serving suspension. of points in struggling first 936his yards. Buffalo Matt Hasselbeck can’t go, this loser might have me loss to to afterwith serving his suspension. of seven seven points in two two 30. (6) Ryan Newman,Bay Chevrolet, accident, 144, 89.2, 73, $15,650. Boston a long 91 63 .591 7 1/2 2. Jets D Chiefs’ Larry Johnson has a games. Green has 2. D Chiefs’ Larrywell Johnson games. Bay has been has played in bothhas fromGreen a winnable home chase to catch theBay Ravens 2. Jets Jets D Chiefs’ Johnson has aa goes games. Green Bay has Tampa 78 76 .506 20 1/2 Rex Ryan mere 98Larry yards, with a 2.8significant OL issues and 31. (14) Tim Andrews, Chevrolet, engine, 100, 61.7, 70, $15,295. Rex Ryan 98 with aa 2.8significant OL issues and on D. matches. game to a difficult chore. atop the division race. 71 84 .458 28 Rex Ryan mere mereaverage 98 yards, yards, significant OL and51, 40.2, 67, Toronto TD. yard perwith carry.2.8has allowed 10issues sacks. 32. (28) Brad Teague, Ford, ignition, $15,235. TD. yard has TD. yard average average per per carry. carry. has allowed allowed 10 10 sacks. sacks. Baltimore 60 94 .390 38 1/2 33. (22) Jarit Johnson, Chevrolet, ignition, 35, 50.1, 64, $21,643. (Mon.)

akland England (1-1) 1-1)

Miami at San Diego Tennessee at N.Y. Jets (0-2) (1-1) (0-2) (2-0)

Indianapolis Arizona Kansas City at at Philadelphia (2-0) (1-1) (0-2) (1-1) Nationwide


ders or pretenders?

nders? nders?

akland t Buffalo tt(1-1) Buffalo Buffalo (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) n take early

s has been s has been C West by es has been nse ranks nse ranks nearly nse ranks s. Buffalo s. Buffalo aiders have ds. Buffalo both both nially bothon O.


Diego Diego Diego 1-1) 1-1) (1-1)

34. (41) Danny O’Quinn Jr., Dodge, transmission, 34, 40.2, 61, $21,608. Central Division 35. (27) Joe Nemechek, Chevrolet, ignition, 25, 48.1, 58, $21,578. W L Pct GB 36. (25) Casey Atwood, Chevrolet, vibration, 10, 40.4, 55, $21,553. Miami at San Diego Indianapolis Arizona CarolinaDetroit at Dallas 83 71 .539 — Chicago at Seattle Pittsburgh at at Cincinnati 37. (43) Andy Ponstein, Chevrolet, electrical, 6, 34.5, 52, $15,065. Chicago at Seattle Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Chicago at Seattle Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (0-2) (1-1) (2-0) (1-1) (0-2) Minnesota (1-1) 81 73 .526 2 (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) 38. (9) Dennis Setzer, Dodge, handling, 4, 35.6, 49, $15,000. (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) Dolphins west after ASteelers matchup of two exceedcouldn’t pull off a 74 81 .477 9 1/2 Chicago have won eight in 3, 36.1,’Boys Injury bughead is ravaging the a 39. (31) Chase Miller, Chevrolet, brakes, 46, $14,975. Steelers have won Injury the tough lossis toravaging the Colts. With ingly durable QBs in eight Peyton victory in theCleveland opener of Jerry have won eight in in Injury bug bug is ravaging 63 91 .409 20 Seahawks yet again. Ifthe QB aSteelers row inJohnny Cincinnati.The 40. (19) Chapman, Chevrolet, handling, 3, 35.8, 43, $14,920. Seahawks yet If QB aa row in Cincinnati.The RB LaDainian Tomlinson Kurt Warner. Jones’ $1.5 billion palace. Seahawks yet again. again. QBthis Manning rowmight inand Cincinnati.The Matt Hasselbeck can’tIfgo, loser have aToyota, long Kansas City 63 92 .406 20 1/2 41. (39) Coleman Pressley, suspension, 2, 34.4, 40, $21,363. Matt Hasselbeck can’t go, this loser might have a long hobbled, expect lots of Indy’s O had ball for less than Panthers’ stars targeted for Matt Hasselbeck can’t go, this loser might have a long goes from a winnable home chase to catch the Ravens 42. (34) Green,the Chevrolet, electrical, 2, 33,team’s 37, $21,328. goes aaPhilip winnable home chase to catch Ravens passing Rivers. minutes against Miami. slow start. goes from from winnable home 15 chase toMark catch the Ravens game to by a difficult chore. atop the division race. West game atop division race. 43.the (21) Kevin Hamlin, Chevrolet, AP Division game to to aa difficult difficult chore. chore. atop the division race. engine, 1, 31.4, 34, $14,804. W L Pct GB (Mon.) (Mon.) (Mon.) Los Angeles 90 63 .588 — Race Statistics Texas 85 69 .552 5 1/2 Average Speed of Race Winner: 122.034 mph. <AP> NFL WK 3 CAPSULES FIX 092409: ADDS correct helmet to Jacksonville Seattle 80 75 .516 11 Time of Race: 1 hour, 38 minutes, 20 seconds. Indianapolis at Arizona Carolina at Dallas at Houston matchup; ADVANCE FOR SEPT. 26-27; NFL WeekOakland 3 matchups; 74 3c 80 x .481 16 1/2 Indianapolis at Arizona Carolina Dallas Margin of Victory:at 1.319 seconds. Indianapolis at Arizona Carolina at Dallas 6 1/2 inches;(1-1) 146 mm x 165 mm; (2-0) (1-1) (0-2) with related (1-1) stories; ED; ETA 4 p.m. </AP> (2-0) (0-2) Caution Flags: 4 for 17(1-1) laps. (2-0) (1-1) (0-2) (1-1) A matchup of two exceed’Boys couldn’t pull off a x-clinched playoff berth A matchup of two exceed’Boys pull off a Leadcouldn’t Changes: 4 among 4 drivers.

st after a st after aato include est after A matchup ofQBs two ’Boys couldn’t pull offofaJerry andatory all sources thatexceedaccompany graphic repurposing or editing it for publication Colts. With ingly durable in Peyton thisvictory inwhen the opener Colts. With QBs victory in opener of Lap Leaders: K.Busch 1-80; C.Edwards 81; B.Keselowski Colts. With ingly ingly durable durable QBs in in Peyton Peyton victory in the the opener of Jerry Jerry mlinson Manning and Kurt Warner. Jones’ $1.5 billion palace. mlinson Manning and Kurt Warner. Jones’ $1.5 billion palace. 82-88; K.Busch 89-117; C.Bowyer 118-200. mlinson Manning and Kurt Warner. Jones’ $1.5 billion palace. ots of Indy’s O had ball for less than Panthers’ stars targeted for ots of Indy’s O ball for less stars targeted for ots of of Indy’s O had ball forMiami. less than than Panthers’ Panthers’ stars targeted for Leadersslow Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Led): K.Busch, opes ofimproving improving tohad 3-0 over the opes improving to 3-0 over the Rivers. 15 minutes against team’s start. opes of to 3-0 over the Rivers. 15 against team’s Rivers. 15 minutes minutes against Miami. team’s slow start. 2 timesslow for 109start. laps; C.Bowyer, 1 timeAP for 83 laps; opes of improving to 3-0 over Miami. the Boston

AL Wild Card Standings


AP 1 time for 1 lap. B.Keselowski, 1 time for 7 laps; C.Edwards, Top 10 in Points: 1. K.Busch, 4,549; 2. C.Edwards, 4,338; 3. Bra.Keselowski, 4,252; 4. J.Leffler, 3,749; 5. S.Wallace, WK 3 3 CAPSULES FIX FIX 092409: 092409: ADDS ADDS correct correct helmet to Jacksonville 3,259;helmet 6. J.Allgaier, to 3,240;Jacksonville 7. J.Keller, 3,125; 8. M.Bliss, WK WK 3 CAPSULES CAPSULES FIX 092409: ADDS correct helmet Jacksonville matchup; ADVANCE FOR SEPT. 26-27; NFL Week 3 to matchups; 3c 2,978. San Francisco Francisco atSEPT. Minnesota matchup; ADVANCE FOR 26-27; NFL Week 3 matchups; 3c xx 3,120; 9. B.Gaughan, 3,063; 10. M.McDowell, Houston San at Minnesota Houston matchup; ADVANCE FOR SEPT. 26-27; NFL Week 3 matchups; San Francisco at related Minnesota Houston s; 146 mm x 165 mm; with stories; ED; ETA 4 p.m. </AP> 3c x San Francisco at Minnesota Houston s; 146 mm x 165 mm; with related stories; ED; ETA 4 p.m. </AP> (2-0) (2-0) (1-1) (2-0) (2-0) stories; ED; ETA 4 p.m. </AP> (1-1) es; 146 mm x 165 mm; with related (2-0) (2-0) (1-1) (2-0) victory (2-0) Driver Rating Formula Agraphic 49ers victory would stamp round and this t (1-1) accompany when repurposing or editing itNASCAR for publication 49ers would stamp round and AAgraphic 49ers victory would stamp and tound accompany this when repurposing or tound accompany this graphic when repurposing orediting editingitAitfor forpublication publication maximum of 150 points can be attained in a race. them asvictory a potential potential playoff as the the A 49ers would stamp and them as playoff as them as aa potential playoff as the The formula combines the following categories: Wins, Brett Favre is isplayoff 11-2 ck. Jags them a potential as Jags the team. Brett Favre 11-2 ck. team. Brett Favre is 11-2 k. Jags against theFavre Niners, including gled team. Brett is including 11-2 k. Jags Finishes, Top-15 Finishes, Average Running Position While against the Niners, gled against the Niners, including gled the playoffs. playoffs. against the Niners, including gled on Lead Lap, Average Speed Under Green, Fastest Lap, Led the the playoffs. the playoffs. Most Laps, Lead-Lap Finish.

hiladelphia Green Green Bay Bay at at St. St. Louis Louis hiladelphia hiladelphia Green Bay at St. Louis hiladelphia Green Louis (1-1) (1-1)Bay at St.(0-2) (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (0-2) (1-1)to play St.(1-1) (0-2)a total gible Louis has scored

ible to play play ble to uspension. ible to play uspension. spension. son has aa spension. son has son has a h a has 2.8-a son 2.8hh aa 2.8carry. h a 2.8carry. arry. arry.

St. Louis Louis has has scored scored aa total total St. of seven seven points in two two St. Louis has scored a total of points in of seven points in two games. Green Bay has of sevenGreen points Bay in two games. has games. Green Bay has significant OL issues issues and games. Green Bay has significant OL and significant OL issues and has allowed allowed 10 sacks. significant OL10 issues and has sacks. has allowed 10 sacks. has allowed 10 sacks.

eattle eattle attle attle (1-1) (1-1) 1-1) 1-1) ing the ng the

Pittsburgh at at Cincinnati Cincinnati Pittsburgh Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Pittsburgh (1-1) at Cincinnati (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) have (1-1) Steelers have won won eight in in Steelers eight

ng the in. QB ng the n. IfIfIf QB n. QB an’t go, this this n. If go, QB an’t an’t go, this ble home home an’t go, this ble ble home chore. ble home chore. chore. chore.

Steelers have won eight in a row row in in Cincinnati.The Cincinnati.The Steelers have won eight in aa row in Cincinnati.The loser might have aa long long aloser row might in Cincinnati.The have loser might have a long chasemight to catch catch the Ravens loser havethe a long chase to Ravens chase to catch the Ravens atop the the division race. chase to division catch therace. Ravens atop atop the division race. atop the division race. (Mon.) (Mon.) (Mon.) (Mon.)

Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) exceedexceed-

Carolina at at Dallas Dallas Carolina Carolina at Dallas Carolina (0-2) at Dallas (1-1) (0-2) (1-1) (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) ’Boys(0-2) couldn’t pull pull off aa ’Boys couldn’t off

xceedin Peyton Peyton exceedin n Peyton Warner. n Peyton Warner. Warner. or less less than than Warner. or or less than Miami. or less than ttMiami. Miami. Miami.

’Boys couldn’t pull off a victorycouldn’t in the the opener opener of Jerry ’Boys pull off of a Jerry victory in victory in the opener of Jerry Jones’in $1.5 billion palace. victory thebillion opener of Jerry Jones’ $1.5 palace. Jones’ $1.5 billion palace. Panthers’ stars targeted for Jones’ $1.5stars billion palace.for Panthers’ targeted Panthers’ stars targeted for team’s slow slow start. Panthers’ stars targeted for team’s start. team’s slow start. AP team’s slow start. AP AP AP

409: ADDScorrect correcthelmet helmetto toJacksonville Jacksonville 409: ADDS correct helmet to Jacksonville 09: ADDS 09: ADDS correct helmet Jacksonville SEPT. 26-27; NFLWeek Week333to matchups; 3cxxx SEPT. 26-27; NFL Week matchups; 3c SEPT. 26-27; NFL matchups; 3c SEPT. 26-27; matchups; elatedstories; stories;NFL ED;Week ETA4443p.m. p.m. </AP> 3c x elated stories; ED; ETA p.m. </AP> elated ED; ETA </AP> elated stories; ED; ETA 4 p.m. </AP>

urposing or or editing editing itit for for publication publication urposing urposing or editing it for publication urposing or editing it for publication

practiced since the Week 2 loss to Atlanta because of back spasms. Defensive tackle Nick Hayden did practice Saturday and is probable for the Dallas game.

Cowboys still looking for first sack, turnover

Tennessee at N.Y. Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia Green Bay at St. Louis San Francisco at Minnesota Jacksonville at Houston (0-2) By STEPHEN (2-0) HAWKINS(0-2) (1-1) (0-2) “If you’re aggressive, like nine(1-1) turnovers (three (2-0) (2-0) (0-2) (1-1)

important thing is winning surpassed by only four the game, whether you get other teams. 10 turnovers or none.” “It’ll be two teams who ed concern for the Dallas Especially for a team are licking their wounds N.Y. Giants at Tampa Bay New Orleans at Buffalo Chicago at Seattle Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Cowboys. England Tennessee at N.Y. Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia Green Bay at St. Louis (2-0) (0-2) (2-0) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (2-0) (0-2) (2-0) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) 1-1) (0-2) (2-0) (0-2) (1-1) (0-2) whose last playoff victory trying to get a way to get a (1-1) “We’ve got to reinvent(1-1) NFL K 3 Drew Brees has been Injury bug is ravaging the Giants’ young corps of W E ESaints’ have won eight in ant wins The Titans’ defense was Michael Vickstuff, is eligible to play St.bit Louis haswin,” scoredPanthers a total Steelers was in the 1996 NFC wildsome play receivers in could easily have unstoppable; ranksa little Seahawks again. If QB a quarterback row in Cincinnati.The Carolina, mediocre a home loss to after serving offense his suspension. of sevenyet points in two their way with the struggling first with 936 yards. Buffalo Matt Hasselbeck can’t go, this loser might have a long card game before losing Jake Delhomme said. better, get some pressure,” a Patriots’ Houston in Week 2. Jets D Chiefs’ Larry Johnson has a games. Green Bay has Bucs, new who coach have been has played well in both goes from a winnable home chase to catch the Ravens vulnerable under Rex Ryan mere 98 yards, with a 2.8significant OLover issues and to Carolina the following Never since sacks belinebacker Bradie James Atlanta Falcons head to the road for the first time with hopes of improving to 3-0 the particularly weak on D. atop the division race. matches. game to a difficult chore. particularly weaka on atop the division race. matches. game a difficult chore. defense. has not allowed TD.D. yard average per carry. has to allowed 10 sacks. Patriots, who are off to a rocky start this season. week, and a coach in the came an official NFL stat in said. “We’ve been on (quar(Mon.) (Mon.) 1982 had the Cowboys gone final season of his threeterbacks), we just haven’t year contract. consecutive games without been able to sack them.” Denver at Oakland Miami at San Diego Indianapolis at Arizona Carolina at Dallas To be fair, the Cowboys a sack or a turnover. The Not even Eli Manning of Tampa Bay New Orleans at Buffalo Chicago at Seattle Pittsburgh at Cincinnati San (2-0) Francisco at Minnesota Washington at(1-1) Detroit Jacksonville at(1-1) Houston Baltimore (2-0) (0-2) (0-2) (1-1) (0-2) (2-0) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1)Giants, who (1-1) last (1-1) (1-1) had an interception in the time they had been the New York (2-0) of two exceed(2-0) (1-1) (0-2)early Dolphins (0-2) (2-0) The Broncos can take west (1-1) after A matchup ’Boys couldn’t pull off a orps of Saints’ Drew Brees has been Injury bughead is ravaging thea Steelers have won eight in season opener that was blanked in both categories em any If the Lions lose again, it will A 49ers victory would stamp Texans turned it around and was sacked 12 times in two control of the AFC West by tough loss to the Colts. With ingly durable QBs in Peyton victory in the opener of Jerry easily have unstoppable; offense ranks Seahawks yet again. If QB a row in Cincinnati.The under be 20 straight over three them as a potential playoff won at Tennessee as the winning. Despite nearly LaDainian Tomlinson and Kurt Warner. Jones’ $1.5 billion palace. ee struggling first with 936 yards. Buffalo RB Matt Hasselbeck can’t go, this Manning loser might have a in long wiped out by an illegal even a single game was games against Dallas last nbeen they did seasons, all 16 in team. Favre 11-2 offense got track. being 2-0,including the have hobbled, expect lots ofJags O Brett had ball for less than Panthers’ stars targeted for has played wellRaiders in both goes from aon winnable home Indy’s chase to catch theis Ravens contact penalty against annearly five years ago, in season, but last weekend eo Crennel. 2008. Redskins offense has against the Niners, including have always struggled problems, especially on O. passing by Philip Rivers. 15 minutes against Miami. team’s slow start. k on D. atop the division race. matches. game to a difficult chore. AP defender away from n league. been stagnant. against ADDS correct helmet to Houston. Jacksonother November 2004. escaped pretty much the playoffs. (Mon.) ville at Houston matchup the ball. Making that even more unscathed in a last-play Mike Jenkins, who had confusing is that coach victory. <AP> NFL WK 3 CAPSULES FIX 092409: ADDS correct helmet to Jacksonville akland Miami at San Diego Indianapolis at Arizona Carolina at Dallas the pick Wade Phillips, whose at Houston matchup; ADVANCE FOR SEPT. 26-27; NFL Week 3 matchups; 3c xthat was taken The same defense that Tennessee at N.Y. Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia Green Bay at St. Louis England (1-1) (0-2) (1-1) (1-1) (0-2)with related (1-1) stories; ED; ETA 4 p.m. </AP> 6(2-0) 1/2the inches; 146 mm x sacks 165(1-1) mm; (0-2) (2-0) (0-2) (1-1) (0-2) 1-1) away in Tampa Bay, gets strength is defense, added led NFL with 59 N F after L W 3 n take early Dolphins head west a E EAKmatchup of two exceed’Boys couldn’t pull off a ant wins The Titans’ defense was to include St. Louis hasthe scored total Michael Vick isthat eligible to play mandatory sources this graphic when orcoordinator editing it for publication his turn as the starting roleaofof this last season still has C West by Editor’s tough Note: loss toIt is the Colts. With inglyall durable QBs accompany inand Peyton victory in the repurposing opener Jerry Carolina, mediocre in a home loss to after serving his suspension. of seven points in two nearly RB LaDainian Tomlinson Manning and Kurt leader Warner. DeMarJones’ $1.5 season. billion palace. cornerback Monday instead individual a Patriots’ Houston in Week 2. Jets D Chiefs’ Larry Johnson has a games. Green Bay hasThere were only aiders have hobbled, expect lots of Indy’s O had ball for less than Panthers’ stars targeted for vulnerable under new coach Rex Ryan mere 98 yards, with a 2.8significant OL issues and in the previous Atlanta Falcons head theRivers. road for the15 first timeWare with hopes of improving 3-0six over the of Orlando Scandrick, who games cus rushing from endtoslow ially on O. passing by to Philip minutes against Miami. team’s start. efense. whohas a TD.start this yard has allowed 10 sacks. average per carry. Patriots, arenot offallowed to a rocky season. had a poor performance 27 seasonsAP he was head is now the only team that and was repeatedly beaten coach or coordinator that heads into Week 3 without histoteam didn’t have a sack by the Giants. The Cowa sack a forced turnover. <AP> NFL WK 3 CAPSULES FIX or 092409: ADDS correct helmet Jacksonville boys plan to keep alteramatchups; takeaway, and 1994 Tampa Bay NewatOrleans at matchup; Buffalo ADVANCE Chicago at Seattle Pittsburgh at3at Cincinnati Houston FOR SEPT. 26-27; NFL Weekor Maybe finally San Francisco Minnesota 3c x Baltimore Washington at Detroit Jacksonville atthat Houston (0-2) (2-0) (1-1) (1-1) (1-1) stories; ED; (1-1) (1-1) 6 1/2 inches; 146 mm x 165changes mm; withwhen related ETA was 4 p.m. </AP> the last time one of his nating the second-year (2-0) (2-0) (2-0) (1-1) (0-2) (0-2) (1-1)the Cowboys rps of Steelers have won eight in Saints’ Drew Brees has been Injury bug is ravaging the em any to include If theallLions losethat again, it will Texans A 49ers victory wouldwent stampconsecutive turned itrepurposing around and editing mandatory sources accompany graphic when it forinpublication cornerbacks as starters so teams (1-1) play Monday easily have unstoppable; offense ranks this Seahawks yet again. If QB or night a row Cincinnati.The e under be 20 straight over three them as a potential playoff won at Tennessee as the struggling first with 936 yards. Buffalo Matt against Hasselbeck can’t go, this loser might have a long far opposite Terence Newgames without sacking a Carolina (0-2), n they did seasons, including all 16 in team. Brett Favre is 11-2 offense got on track. Jags been chase to catch the Ravens has played well in both goes from a winnable home eo Crennel. 2008. Redskins offense has against the Niners, including havewhich always has struggled man. quarterback. an NFL-high on D. matches. game to a difficult chore. atop the division race.

n league.

linebacker. Quinton Teal would start his third straight game with Harris slowed by a sore left knee. Rookie Tony Fiammetta will likely start for Hoover, who hasn’t

MLB National League Standings Philadelphia Atlanta Florida New York Washington

East Division W L Pct GB 89 65 .578 — 84 70 .545 5 83 72 .535 6 1/2 66 89 .426 23 1/2 52 102 .338 37

y-St. Louis Chicago Milwaukee Cincinnati Houston Pittsburgh

Central Division W L Pct GB 90 65 .581 — 81 73 .526 8 1/2 77 78 .497 13 74 81 .477 16 71 83 .461 18 1/2 57 96 .373 32

x-Los Angeles Colorado San Francisco San Diego Arizona

West Division W L Pct GB 93 62 .600 — 87 68 .561 6 82 73 .529 11 72 84 .462 21 1/2 67 88 .432 26

x-clinched playoff berth

Texas Minnesota

W 91 85 81

L Pct 63 .591 69 .552 73 .526

GB — 6 10

Sunday’s Games Baltimore (Tillman 2-4) at Cleveland (D.Huff 10-8), 1:05 p.m. Boston (P.Byrd 1-2) at N.Y. Yankees (Pettitte 13-7), 1:05 p.m. Seattle (Rowland-Smith 4-3) at Toronto (Tallet 7-9), 1:07 p.m. Detroit (E.Jackson 13-7) at Chicago White Sox (D.Hudson 0-1), 2:05 p.m. Minnesota (Liriano 5-12) at Kansas City (Greinke 15-8), 2:10 p.m. Tampa Bay (Price 9-7) at Texas (McCarthy 7-4), 3:05 p.m. Oakland (Ed.Gonzalez 0-3) at L.A. Angels (J.Saunders 14-7), 3:35 p.m. Monday’s Games Chicago White Sox at Cleveland, 7:05 p.m. Kansas City at N.Y. Yankees, 7:05 p.m. Minnesota at Detroit, 7:05 p.m. Baltimore at Tampa Bay, 7:08 p.m. Toronto at Boston, 7:10 p.m. Texas at L.A. Angels, 10:05 p.m.


SOUTH Alabama 35, Arkansas 7 Alabama A&M 28, Ark.-Pine Bluff 7 Appalachian St. 20, Samford 7 Auburn 54, Ball St. 30 Butler 28, Morehead St. 21, OT Campbellsville 16, WVU Tech 6 Carson-Newman 23, Newberry 20 Centre 34, Austin 27 Charleston Southern 34, North Greenville 0 Charleston, W.Va. 30, Shepherd 17 Chattanooga 38, Wofford 9

Coastal Carolina 28, N. Carolina A&T 7 Cumberlands 14, Cumberland, Tenn. 13 DePauw 3, Sewanee 0 Delaware St. 21, Hampton 6 Duke 49, N.C. Central 14 E. Illinois 30, Austin Peay 20 E. Kentucky 23, Murray St. 13 East Carolina 19, UCF 14 Elizabeth City St. 29, St. Augustine’s 27 Elon 28, Georgia Southern 14 Florida 41, Kentucky 7 Florida A&M 31, Tennessee St. 12 Furman 33, W. Carolina 14 Gallaudet 49, Castleton St. 18 Georgia 20, Arizona St. 17 Georgia Tech 24, North Carolina 7 Hampden-Sydney 31, Guilford 6 Jacksonville St. 60, Nicholls St. 10 James Madison 24, Liberty 10 Johns Hopkins 27, Moravian 0 LSU 30, Mississippi St. 26 Lambuth 60, Virginia-Wise 20 Louisiana-Monroe 27, Florida Atlantic 25 MVSU 10, Alabama St. 3 Marshall 27, Memphis 16 Miles 6, Clark Atlanta 0 Monmouth, N.J. 31, Old Dominion 28 Morgan St. 12, Towson 9 N.C. State 38, Pittsburgh 31 Norfolk St. 40, Bethune-Cookman 14 Pikeville 28, Kentucky Christian 14 Richmond 38, VMI 28 Rutgers 34, Maryland 13 S. Carolina St. 27, Winston-Salem 10 South Florida 17, Florida St. 7 Southern U. 48, Alcorn St. 42 TCU 14, Clemson 10 Tenn.-Martin 29, SE Missouri 22 Tennessee 34, Ohio 23 The Citadel 46, Presbyterian 21 Toledo 41, Fla. International 31 Tulane 42, McNeese St. 32 Tuskegee 35, Kentucky St. 28, OT Virginia St. 25, Fayetteville St. 20 Virginia Tech 31, Miami 7 Wesley 56, LaGrange 7 Wilkes 24, Christopher Newport 17 William & Mary 30, Delaware 20 EAST Albany, N.Y. 22, Sacred Heart 9 Albright 26, Pace 20 Alfred 49, Springfield 28 Amherst 21, Hamilton 12 Bloomsburg 28, C.W. Post 14 Boston College 27, Wake Forest 24, OT Bowdoin 50, Middlebury 35 Bridgewater, Mass. 40, Maine Maritime 14 Bryant 20, Robert Morris 13 Bucknell 17, Marist 16 Buffalo St. 37, W. Connecticut 26 Cent. Connecticut St. 22, Columbia 13 Colgate 20, Fordham 12 Connecticut 52, Rhode Island 10 Cornell 14, Yale 12 Curry 41, W. New England 0 Dickinson 35, McDaniel 7 East Stroudsburg 37, Cheyney 0 Framingham St. 40, Fitchburg St. 37 Geneva 37, Thiel 13 Gettysburg 20, Muhlenberg 3 Howard 14, Georgetown, D.C. 11 Ithaca 27, Utica 24 Kean 24, Cortland St. 10 Lafayette 20, Penn 17, OT Mass. Maritime 31, Worcester St. 14 Massachusetts 44, Stony Brook 17 Mercyhurst 19, Lock Haven 7 Merrimack 41, St. Anselm 31 Navy 38, W. Kentucky 22 New Hampshire 44, Dartmouth 14 Nichols 31, MIT 19 Princeton 17, Lehigh 14 RPI 42, WPI 33 Rowan 28, William Paterson 13 Susquehanna 20, Hobart 10 Syracuse 41, Maine 24 Temple 37, Buffalo 13 Trinity, Conn. 35, Bates 14 Union, N.Y. 28, Rochester 21 Villanova 56, Northeastern 7 Wagner 56, St. Francis, Pa. 48, OT Wesleyan, Conn. 7, Tufts 3 Widener 35, Frostburg St. 16 Williams 23, Colby 19 MIDWEST Adrian 27, Lake Erie 21, OT Arkansas Tech 59, Ark.-Monticello 14 Augustana, S.D. 30, Concordia, St.P. 23 Baldwin-Wallace 34, Marietta 13 Beloit 42, Knox 14 Bemidji St. 42, Northern St., S.D. 20 Bethel, Minn. 29, Concordia, Moor. 10 Black Hills St. 44, Dakota St. 7 Boise St. 49, Bowling Green 14 Carleton 38, Macalester 0 Carthage 34, Valparaiso 24 Cent. Michigan 48, Akron 21 Central 24, Coe 6 Cincinnati 28, Fresno St. 20 Dayton 24, Duquesne 17 Dickinson St. 27, Valley City St. 3 Dubuque 42, Cornell, Iowa 19

“I remember 32 (Scandrick) because they’ve been playing him on ESPN pretty frequently,” Panthers receiver Steve Smith said, followed by a laugh. “By the scouting report we got, he probably won’t be in because he’s been playing continually on the rotation on ESPN.” The Giants’ Steve Smith had 10 catches for 134 yards against the Cowboys last week, while Mario Manningham also had 10 catches for 150 yards. New York had gone 13 games with a 100-yard receiver, then had two against the Cowboys. When Carolina’s Smith last played against the Cowboys in 2007, he had nine catches for 137 yards and a touchdown. Most of the time, no matter which side he lines up on, Smith will be going against Newman, who is coming off an admittedly poor performance of his own. “He’s a competitor like the rest of our team and I think his attitude was great,” Phillips said. “He’s Elmhurst 31, Chicago 6 Findlay 14, Northwood, Mich. 0 Franklin 30, Trine 29 Grand Valley St. 55, Michigan Tech 17 Grinnell 42, Lawrence 0 Hastings 36, Dakota Wesleyan 14 Hillsdale 38, Ashland 19 Idaho 34, N. Illinois 31 Iowa St. 31, Army 10 Kalamazoo 47, Bluffton 27 Kansas 35, Southern Miss. 28 Kansas St. 49, Tennessee Tech 7 Kent St. 29, Miami (Ohio) 19 Martin Luther 54, Trinity Bible 14 McKendree 17, St. Ambrose 12 Michigan 36, Indiana 33 Minn. Duluth 35, Mary 7 Minn. St., Mankato 34, Winona St. 13 Minn. St., Moorhead 24, Minn.-Crookston 13 Minnesota 35, Northwestern 24 Minot St. 33, Jamestown 7 Monmouth, Ill. 41, Carroll, Wis. 3 Mount St. Joseph 35, Rose-Hulman 28 Mount Union 45, Muskingum 14 N. Iowa 35, Missouri St. 7 N. Michigan 34, Ferris St. 0 Nebraska 55, Louisiana-Lafayette 0 Nebraska-Kearney 18, Chadron St. 13 Nebraska-Omaha 44, Missouri Southern 36 North Central 69, Olivet 18 Northwestern, Minn. 42, Crown, Minn. 20 Ohio Dominican 31, Wis.-Oshkosh 29 Ohio St. 30, Illinois 0 Olivet Nazarene 56, S. Nazarene 35 Otterbein 38, Ohio Northern 36 Ripon 14, Illinois College 0 S. Dakota St. 38, Illinois St. 17 S. Dakota Tech 48, Mayville St. 28 S. Illinois 24, N. Dakota St. 14 Saginaw Valley St. 34, Indianapolis 13 Simpson, Iowa 30, Buena Vista 28 South Dakota 44, SE Louisiana 13 St. Cloud St. 57, Upper Iowa 10 St. Francis, Ind. 28, Marian, Ind. 7 St. John’s, Minn. 38, Gustavus 10 St. Norbert 35, Lake Forest 14 St. Olaf 24, Augsburg 14 St. Scholastica 22, Minn.-Morris 16 St. Thomas, Minn. 63, Hamline 10 St. Xavier 51, Quincy 0 W. Michigan 24, Hofstra 10 Wabash 62, Kenyon 24 Walsh 59, Urbana 21 Wartburg 28, Loras 9 Wayne, Mich. 38, Tiffin 8 Wayne, Neb. 42, SW Minnesota St. 39 Wheaton, Ill. 32, Hope 20 Wis.-River Falls 40, Alma 27 Wis.-Stout 40, Eureka 6 Wis.-Whitewater 42, Puget Sound 7 Wisconsin 38, Michigan St. 30 Wooster 26, Denison 7 Youngstown St. 28, Indiana St. 0 SOUTHWEST Baylor 68, Northwestern St. 13 Cent. Arkansas 24, Glenville St. 10 E. Texas Baptist 32, Texas Lutheran 21 Huntingdon 34, Louisiana College 21 Mary Hardin-Baylor 41, McMurry 8 Middle Tennessee 37, North Texas 21 Mississippi College 39, Hardin-Simmons 34 Northeastern St. 17, East Central 7 Oklahoma St. 56, Grambling St. 6 SE Oklahoma 29, NW Oklahoma 9 Stephen F.Austin 65, North Dakota 31 Sul Ross St. 31, Howard Payne 14 Texas 64, UTEP 7 Texas A&M 56, UAB 19 Texas A&M Commerce 27, Cent. Oklahoma 23 Texas St. 52, Texas Southern 18 Troy 30, Arkansas St. 27 Tulsa 56, Sam Houston St. 3 FAR WEST Air Force 26, San Diego St. 14 Arizona 37, Oregon St. 32 BYU 42, Colorado St. 23 Cent. Washington 33, Idaho St. 22 Montana 41, N. Arizona 34, OT Montana St. 25, N. Colorado 7 Oregon 42, California 3 San Jose St. 19, Cal Poly 9 Utah 30, Louisville 14 Weber St. 36, Portland St. 29 Wyoming 30, UNLV 27

GOLF PGA Tour Championship Par Scores

Saturday, at East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta Purse: $7.5 million Yardage: 7,304; Par: 70 Third Round Kenny Perry 72-66-64 — 202 -8 Tiger Woods 67-68-69 — 204 -6 Phil Mickelson 73-67-66 — 206 -4

challenged like everybody else is.” The 877 yards allowed by the Cowboys rank 30th in the NFL. That is also a yard more than they gave up in their first three games a year ago. Linebacker Keith Brooking spent the last 11 seasons in Atlanta, where he was part of a Super Bowl team as a rookie in 1998, and played under Phillips in 2002 and 2003. He came to Dallas during the offseason to be with Phillips again, replacing Zach Thomas in the middle with James. “I am very confident that this can be an elite defense,” Brooking said. “We are not very consistent right now. ... (The Giants) had a couple of explosive runs where they got on the edge of our defense. Great defenses don’t allow that to take place once in a game. Great defenses don’t allow the ball to be thrown over your heard. We have to put a stop to that immediately.” And get a sack or a turnover while they’re at it. Sean O’Hair Steve Marino Padraig Harrington Steve Stricker Ernie Els John Senden Stewart Cink Angel Cabrera Jerry Kelly David Toms Nick Watney Jim Furyk Lucas Glover Y.E. Yang Geoff Ogilvy Heath Slocum Jason Dufner Retief Goosen Marc Leishman Mike Weir Zach Johnson Scott Verplank Hunter Mahan Dustin Johnson Kevin Na Luke Donald Brian Gay

66-70-70 — 69-71-67 — 67-69-71 — 70-72-66 — 71-66-71 — 70-70-69 — 67-72-70 — 72-67-70 — 71-67-71 — 74-66-70 — 70-69-71 — 72-68-71 — 68-71-72 — 71-75-66 — 75-73-64 — 73-68-71 — 71-68-73 — 69-72-72 — 70-74-70 — 72-72-70 — 70-72-73 — 70-71-74 — 71-73-72 — 69-74-73 — 73-70-75 — 70-71-78 — 72-72-76 —

206 207 207 208 208 209 209 209 209 210 210 211 211 212 212 212 212 213 214 214 215 215 216 216 218 219 220

-4 -3 -3 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 E E +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +8 +9 +10

WNBA Playoff Glance

(x-if necessary) CONFERENCE FINALS (Best-of-3) EASTERN CONFERENCE Indiana 2, Detroit 1 Wednesday, Sept. 23: Detroit 72, Indiana 56 Friday, Sept. 25: Indiana 79, Detroit 75 Saturday, Sept. 26: Indiana 72, Detroit 67 WESTERN CONFERENCE Phoenix 1, Los Angeles 1 Wednesday, Sept. 23: Phoenix 103, Los Angeles 94 Friday, Sept. 25: Los Angeles 87, Phoenix 76 Saturday, Sept. 26: Los Angeles at Phoenix, 10 p.m.

TRANSACTIONS Saturday’s Sports Transactions By The Associated Press BASKETBALL n National Basketball Association DENVER NUGGETS—Signed F Joey Graham. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES—Promoted Fred Hoiberg to vice president of basketball operations. Demoted assistant general manager Jim Stack to a scout. Named Jerry Sichting director of pro player personnel and Rob Babcock will be the director of scouting/ administration. PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS—Signed F Ime Udoka. FOOTBALL n National Football League TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS—Signed WR Mario Urrutia from the practice squad. Released LB Matt McCoy. HOCKEY n National Hockey League ANAHEIM DUCKS—Released LW Kyle Calder and D Jassen Cullimore. Assigned LW Ryan Donally and G Justin Pogge to San Antonio (AHL). ATLANTA THRASHERS—Assigned F Joey Crabb, F Jason Krog, F Spencer Machacek, F Tim Stapleton, D Arturs Kulda, D Grant Lewis, D Paul Postma, D Mike Vernace and G Drew McIntyre to Chicago (AHL). LOS ANGELES KINGS—Assigned D Joe Piskula to Manchester (AHL). TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING—Reassigned G Riku Helenius, G Jaroslav Janus, C Blair Jones, RW Martins Karsums, D Vladimir Mihalik, LW Juraj Simek, C Paul Szczechura, G Dustin Tokarski, C Dana Tyrell and D Ty Wishart to Norfolk (AHL) and RW Carter Ashton to Lethbridge (WHL). Signed F James Wright to a three-year contract. n American Hockey League SYRACUSE CRUNCH—Released LW Justin Lutz and G Dan Tormey. WORCESTER SHARKS—Released F Carter Lee, F Devon LeBlanc, F Steve McClellan, F Sean O’Connor, F Evgeni Saidachev and G Adam Russo. COLLEGE WESTERN ILLINOIS—Announced the resignation of football coach Don Patterson. Named Mark Hendrickson interim football coach.



Toyota Scion of Henderson 800-800-8696











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  $ %##1

Plus tax, tag, Dealer Doc. Fee




Section C Sunday, September 27, 2009


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Above, Nik Spayne of Elgin, Ill., leans against the mirror in a dance studio at the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

… and the 1,670 struggling schools where students seek it

At left, students at the Chicago Academy for the Arts glide down the floor in a modern dance class.

By CARYN ROUSSEAU Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO — Nik Spayne wakes just before 6 a.m. on school days at his suburban Elgin home, in time to take an hourlong train ride and a bus to the Chicago Academy for the Arts. It’s regular classroom work in the morning for the 17-year-old senior before three hours of dance and vocal training. By the time he’s finished with another few hours of rehearsal and has commuted home, it’s 8 p.m. — more than 14 hours since he woke up. “Then I still need to do my homework and learn my lines and not have a social life and go to bed and do it all again,” Spayne said, sitting in a science lab after finishing his modern dance class. “But it’s worth it.” Spayne, an aspiring musical theater performer, is one of nearly 1.5 million students around the country who attend one of about 1,670 performing arts high schools, colleges or other instructional programs, according to the nonprofit group Arts School Network. After seeing the 1980 movie “Fame,” which follows New York City performing arts students, Spayne thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to go to a school like that?” Nearly 30 years later, an updated remake of “Fame” is to debut Friday. The movie’s trailer has one student asking: “Somebody’s gotta make it out there. Why can’t it be me?”


Nik Spayne of Elgin, Ill., studies in the hallway at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Spayne, 17, is one of nearly 1.5 million aspiring student actors, dancers and vocalists nationally, attending 1,670 performing arts schools seeking that spotlight of “Fame.” The competitive drive and quest for success is still present at performing arts schools, which are private, public and charter, but officials say the recession has left them with less money and more to do. They educate students in the classical arts, but also have modern offerings, such as hip-hop dance and pop vocals. In addition, the schools have started teaching business courses to help budding artists learn to make a living. Enrollment has fallen at some private performing arts schools and endowments have lost value, said Roger Shoemaker, associate head for the arts at the boarding school Walnut Hill in Natick, Mass. He said families under financial pressure can no longer afford the tuition,

which at private schools can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year. Some students can receive scholarships or other financial assistance. The school’s endowments have lost 25 percent, said Shoemaker. Other schools say they’ve had to cut arts teachers and budgets. “Across the board it makes it much more difficult,” he said. “The environment for fundraising is pretty difficult. We made our fundraising goal last year, but not everybody can say that.” School officials said they’ve had to become more creative in how they raise money, with some institutions putting on benefit shows featuring famous alumni or current students.

The schools also have responded with new courses that include digital filmmaking, music engineering and electric and acoustic guitar. The classes help find common ground with students who may not be as interested in the classical arts, like ballet or opera, said Ralph Opacic, executive director of Orange County High School for the Arts in Santa Ana, Calif. “We’re trying to use those more current art forms to get them to explore and expand and then hopefully fall in love with classical arts,” Opacic said. Schools have begun exposing students to the business side of arts and entertainment as well, offering courses that equip them with the skills needed to become entrepreneurs.

“It’s important for them to realize today you’ve got to be incredibly versatile,” said Isidore Rudnick, artistic director at The School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, home of the recent MTV reality show “Taking the Stage.” “You’ve got to have a savvy business sense. It’s not good enough to be a good actor or a good musician,” Rudnick said. Coursework aside, there’s a stronger reason students are attracted to a performing arts school. “They’re all looking for a place where they can be really passionate as well as becoming a well-rounded person,” said Lauren Williams, a 17-year-old senior and oboe major at Chicago Academy for the Arts. “The classes are so incredibly

structured and formulated. They’re so engaging and so interesting because they connect to your art.” The school’s alumni include actress Lara Flynn Boyle, dancer Tom Gold of the New York City Ballet and film composer Alex Wurman. While “Fame” may be the movie version of what happens in the halls and rehearsal rooms, it does show the true spirit of a performing arts high school, said Rory Pullens, head of school at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington. “’Fame’ captures that beautifully and we see that manifest in the students every single day,” Pullens said. “They look at the celebrity and the flash and the glory and all of that.” But he said when they enter the halls with “the sweat and the work ethic they need to possess, they come out appreciating the work they’ve put into this and the skill they develop.” For Spayne, the 25 hours a week of rehearsals will go on. He’s applying to colleges to study musical theater and says even if he has to wait tables it will all be worth it if he can have the chance to perform. “It’s almost sacred, in a way, that feeling that you get when you’re on stage,” Spayne said. “Once you’ve gotten it, then you keep striving for that feeling again and so you just immerse yourself in the arts.” On the Net: • “Fame” movie: http://www.


Page 2C Sunday, September 27, 2009

Henderson High Class of ’43 gathers for reunion Seventeen members of the 1943 graduating class of Henderson High School gathered on Sept. 19 for their 66th class reunion. A class photo was taken on the steps of the former school and members then proceeded to the City Road United Methodist Church for a social hour. On display for the occasion were pictures of past reunions and a burning candle in memory of deceased members. Handmade gifts by W.T. Adams were awarded in a special drawing. Two handmade ballpoint pens were won by Pete Parham and Helen Lowry Moore. Note bowls were won by Majorie VanDyke Turner and Ann Haithcook

Trescott. Each member in attendance was presented a gift card from Burger King for a meal. Following the meal, members gathered around the piano to listen and join in music by The Entertainers, accompanied on the piano by Myrtle Waite. A special word of appreciation was expressed to the ladies of City Road Methodist Church for creating the enjoyable atmosphere and good food for the class reunion. To continue the reunion, members gathered in the ladies parlor to see a special TV presentation of class member, Pete Parham, with the “Glitzie Chicks,” as Pete played his trumpet.

Pictured above , left to right, are (first row) Evelyne Hughes Hester, Margie Falkner, Ann Haithcock Trescott and Jean C. Wilson; (second row) Helen Lowry Moore, Carrie Adams McFall, Blanche Adams Forsythe, Marjorie VanDyke Turner and Jessie Hamlet McFarland; (third row) Pete Parham, Charles Trescott, Calvin Falkner, Billy Daniel and Arthur Vernon; and (fourth row) Joseph Wiggins and W.T. Adams. Pictured separately at right is Class President Josephine Freeman Nichols.

Birth Announcements Kylil Ke’Shaun Durham Alicia Durham of Manson announces the birth of her son, Kylil Ke’Shaun Durham, on Sept. 18, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson. The infant weighed six pounds, one ounce. The baby’s grandparents are Silvester and Lue Ethel Durham of Manson.

Matthew Kole Laster Sharon Johnson of Henderson announces the birth of her son, Matthew Kole Laster, on Sept. 21, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson. The infant weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces. The baby’s grandparents are Eugene Johnson and Vera Johnson of Henderson.

Ken’niq Nazir Macon Shekena Macon of Henderson announces the birth of her son, Ken’niq Nazir Macon, on Sept. 18, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center

in Henderson. The infant weighed seven pounds, 13 ounces. The baby’s grandparents are Sonia Young and Kenneth Macon of Henderson.

Robert Lewis Newton III Robert and Laurie Newton of Bullock announce the birth of their son, Robert Lewis Newton III, on Sept. 18, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson. The infant weighed eight pounds, one ounce. The baby’s grandparents are Norris Williams of Graham, Patricia Williams of Haw River, Robert and Sandra Newton of Henderson, and Penny and Randy Cromer of Oxford.

Christopher Michael Puckett Lori Harris Puckett and Charles Christopher Puckett of Oxford announce the birth of their son, Christopher Michael Puckett, on Sept. 16, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson. The infant weighed seven pounds, 14 ounces. The baby’s grandparents are Sol

Harris Jr., Jackie and Kenny Baird, and Charles and Nancy Puckett, all of Oxford.

Carson Grace Rowan Jeff and Keesha Rowan of Henderson announce the birth of their daughter, Carson Grace Rowan, on Sept. 9, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson. The infant weighed seven pounds, five ounces. The baby’s grandparents are Tuan and Tina Phan of Henderson and Robert and Sylvia Rowan of Herkimer, N.Y.

Aaden Makhi Trowbridge Victoria Trowbridge of Henderson announces the birth of her son, Aaden Makhi Trowbridge, on Sept. 16, 2009, at Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson. The infant weighed six pounds, 10 ounces. The baby’s grandparents are Teresa Trowbridge and Elijah Ragland of Henderson.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Marsalone

Brooke Nicole Arrington weds Paul Thomas Marsalone

Brooke Nicole Arrington and Paul Thomas Marsalone, both of Henderson, were married at 6 p.m. on Aug. 15, 2009, at Ashland Plantation in Henderson. The Rev. L.T. Harris officiated the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Phil and Diane Arrington of Henderson. She is the granddaughter of Shirley McDaniel of Henderson, the late Billy McDaniel, and Marion and Paulette Arrington of Henderson. The bride is a graduate of Northern Vance High School and is attending Vance-Granville Community College. The groom is the son of Larry and Sandra West of Henderson and the late Mike Marsalone. He is Pastor Eddie Wayne Lawrence addresses graduates at the Kittrell Job Corps’ fall commencement ceremony on Sept. 18. the grandson of the late Charles T. and Ethel Finch and the late Paul and Mildred Marsalone. On Sept. 18, Kittrell Job in local community colleges Barack Obama who, earlier The speaker challenged the The bride was escorted Corps celebrated its fall and universities. students to “stay hot!” this year, was sworn in as by her father and given in commencement ceremony Tewonia Pringle, In conclusion, Lawrence the 44th president. marriage by her parents. in the center’s gym. The Kittrell Job Corps queen, Lawrence connected turned the word “hot” into an She wore a white, straptheme was “A Fresh Start performed the National with the young audience by acronym that roused the audi- less dress with a laced-up to a New Beginning.” Anthem as the flags were referencing a song written ence. “ ‘H’ means that you’re back and silver beading On hand to witness the presented by the U.S. by the rap singer MIMS. In headed somewhere. This is down the front and back. conferring of diplomas were Army. She also performed the song, MIMS explains to why, this is why, this is why The dress flowed into a members of the graduan inspirational song for listeners why he is hot. The you’re hot! ‘O’ means that long train. She wore a long, ates’ families, friends, and the graduates. Pastor speaker outlined reasons obstacles are opportunities. sheer white veil adorned representatives from local Eddie Wayne Lawrence why the graduates are hot. Never give up! Oysters cover with matching silver beadbusinesses in Kittrell, served as the keynote “You’re hot because now their pain and create a pearl. ing, and carried a cascade Henderson, Franklinton, speaker. Lawrence spoke that you’ve got your learnin’, Each one of you graduates bouquet of white lilies and Raleigh and other neighof the difficult times now you’ve got your burnin’,” has taken all your adversity green ivy. boring cities. being experienced, includsaid Lawrence. “There’s a and heartache and turned Maid of honor was The graduates earned ing the current economic small difference between it into a pearl! Oak trees are Melissa Arrington, sister degrees in speciality areas situation and the H1N1 flu extremely warm and hot little acorns that never gave of the bride. Bridesmaids including brick masonry, that’s turned into a global water. The difference is only up! This is why, this is why, were Jessica Short and business office administrapandemic. one degree. Remember that this is why you’re hot! ‘T’ Krystal Schronce, friends of tion, facility maintenance, He gave honor to small changes can make a means that you take charge. the bride and groom. Kylie health occupations and notable individuals who big difference.” Lawrence The law of dreams states that Marsalone, daughter of the welding. Some graduates have recently passed away noted that Bill Cosby, Dave nothing happens until you couple, was the miniature have already obtained emincluding Sen. Edward Thomas and Chris Rock start dreaming! This is why, bridesmaid. ployment, some are seeking Kennedy, Farrah Fawcett, all came to appreciate the this is why, this is why you’re Michael Marsalone II, full-time employment, and importance of an education. hot! Remember, extraordinary brother of the groom, served Michael Jackson and Patothers aspire to further people are ordinary people rick Swayze. Lawrence also Each earned a GED after as best man. Groomsmen their educational pursuits dropping out of high school. who refused to give up!” paid homage to President were Brian Choplin, friend

Kittrell Job Corps Center holds fall commencement

of the bride and groom, and Nate Arrington, brother of the bride. Gary Finch, uncle of the groom, served as the usher. Jaci Carpenter, niece of the bride, was flower girl. Pianist and vocalist Laurie Walker provided a program of wedding music. Wedding directors were Elaine Slaughter and Lynn Veldkamp. Register attendant was Kelsey Maddox and program attendant was Brittany Orr. Following the wedding, a reception was hosted by the families of the bride and groom at the Henderson Family Moose Center. After a wedding trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., the couple now resides in Henderson.

Wedding showers/events • The rehearsal dinner was hosted by Sandra West and Diane Arrington on Aug. 8, 2009, at West’s home. • The bride and groom hosted a wedding party cookout on July 31, 2009, at their home.


The Daily Dispatch


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Henderson Shrinettes club formed to assist charities for children The Henderson Shrinettes held their first installation banquet on Aug. 22 at the Henderson Masonic Lodge. Potentate W. Ray Allen of Durham performed the installation of the new president, Frances Fields, and her board of directors. The Henderson Shrinettes is a newly formed club with the purpose of supporting the Shriners Hospital for Children and other charities related to helping children in need. Pictured (front row, left to right) are Marie Earp (chaplain), Sandy Coghill, Frances Field (president), Kay Ayscue (vice president) and Ellen Bennett (treasurer). Potentate W. Ray Allen is on the back row. Not pictured is Betsy Seifert (secretary).

‘The Best Of Lakeland’ to open at Lakeland Theatre Oct. 16 Lakeland Theatre Company will present “The Best Of Lakeland” Oct. 16 through Nov. 1. “The Best Of Lakeland” will feature some favorite moments on stage by some of Lakeland’s favorite

performers, such as Larry Williams, Brady Martin, Tia Bedwell, Cassandra Nida, Patsy Smith and others. Directed by Maria Hurst and assisted by Kelsey Smith, these mo-

ments, performed in the great tradition of Lakeland, will delight and entertain the audience. Performances begin on Oct. 16 and continue on Friday and Saturday nights, Oct. 17, 23-24, and

30-31. Evening performances begin at 8 p.m. Sunday matinees are scheduled for Oct. 25 and Nov. 1 with show time at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for students

and children. Discounts are available for members of Lakeland and groups of 15 or more adults. Dinner will be served on opening night, Oct. 16. Reservations are suggested for the show and

are required 48 hours in advance for opening night dinner. Call Lakeland at (252) 586-3124 or toll free at 1-877-330-0574 for reservations and more information.

Bicycle tour, trail run set for Oct. 10 at Mayo Park Fall Festival The Kiwanis Club of Person County and the Person County Recreation Arts and Parks Department are sponsoring the 2009 Mayo Park Fall Festival and Mayo Lake Cyclysm Bicycle Tour on Oct. 10. The bicycle tour begins at 9 a.m. and a 5K “Race in the Park” trail run begins at 10 a.m. Other ac-

tivities will include canoe/ kayak tours of Mayo Lake, a horseshoe tournament and a bluegrass concert. The Mayo Lake Cyclysm will take cyclists on a scenic journey through rural North Carolina and Virginia. The tour will begin and end at the Mayo Park Amphitheater. Cyclists will pass through gently rolling farmlands

and beautiful autumn views of Mayo Lake and Kerr Lake. Participants can choose from three distances — 25K, 50K or a more challenging 75K route for experienced cyclists (15.5, 31 or 47.5 miles). Registration will open at 8 a.m. The first 150 cyclists or runners to register for either the Mayo Lake

Sans Souci Literary Club holds its first meeting of the new club year The first meeting of the new club year for the Sans Souci Literary Club was held on Sept. 8 at the home of Mrs. Wayne Adcock. After dessert and coffee, Mrs. Nelson Falkner, president, called the

meeting to order. Mrs. Joe Callahan was in charge of the program. She had as the guest speaker Swanson Dodd. Dodd spoke on “Two Clans of Youngs and Mistletoe Villa.” After the program, a

short business session was conducted. There were 14 members present and a visitor, Chick Young. The meeting was adjourned by the president. The October meeting will be hosted by Mrs. Fred Wilson.

Cyclysm or the 5K “Race in the Park” will receive valuable coupons courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods. The free bluegrass concert featuring Lawson Creek Grass and Earl Link and Friends will be held in the Mayo Park Amphitheater. Those attending are asked to bring a lawn chair. The concert begins at 11 a.m.

All proceeds from the events will benefit the Person County United Way. The 2008 Lake Mayo Cyclysm raised $8,588 for the United Way. For more information, go on-line to www. or http://mayo.personcounty. net. Early registration ends September 30. Participants can also register

on site the day of the event. For more information, contact James C. Overton, treasurer of the Kiwanis Club, at (336) 599-3116, ext. 230 or by email at or John Hill, Mayo Park ranger, at (336) 597-7806. Mayo Park is located at 599 Neal’s Store Road off N.C. 49 North in Roxboro.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

VGCC South Campus marks 40th anniversary of college Vance-Granville Community College brought the celebration of its 40th anniversary to the college’s South Campus, located between Butner and Creedmoor, on Sept. 16. At a special re-dedication ceremony, South Campus Dean Cecilia Wheeler called the occasion “an exciting day for VGCC, for South Campus, and for Granville County.” In remarks to the assembled students, trustees, administrators, instructors and guests, VGCC President Randy Parker summarized the college’s history. The original charter for the college, then known as Vance County Technical Institute, was issued on Sept. 4, 1969. Parker recalled how Granville County leaders joined counterparts in Vance County to build the main campus in the 1970s, leading to the school’s name change.

VGCC President Randy Parker (left) and Board of Trustees Secretary Henrietta H. Clark of Henderson prepare to cut the cake at a Sept. 16 reception at the college’s South Campus during a celebration of the 40th anniversary. South Campus Dean Cecilia Wheeler (right) looks on. In 1982, with the help of state Rep. Billy Watkins, South Campus — the first permanent VanceGranville campus outside

of Vance County — was established in a former Department of Agriculture warehouse. The current facility was

built and dedicated in 1988. Since then, Parker said, “opportunities and programs have expanded, and countless students

and businesses have benefited from having VGCC close at hand. The success of South Campus was a model that paved the way for the establishment of two more campuses, in Franklin County and in Warren County.”The president expressed appreciation to Granville County leaders for supporting both the college’s main campus and South Campus over the years. Granville County commissioners were represented by Commissioner Hubert Gooch, Jr., who is also a former VGCC trustee. VGCC Board of Trustees Chairman Donald Seifert Sr. of Henderson noted that South Campus played a role in economic development for Granville County and made education and training more accessible. “As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are reminded of how impor-

tant this college is to the thousands of people who are returning to education to adapt to economic challenges,” Seifert said. “At the same time, VGCC is partnering with others to build a better tomorrow — the new Granville Early College High School is just one example.” Chris Ham, principal of the new high school which will be located near South Campus, was among the guests. The celebration continued with a Student Appreciation Day reception, including a special 40th anniversary cake. The activities were part of a series of anniversary events held at all VGCC campuses during September. The celebration continues in October when the college will host a 40th Anniversary Ball on Oct. 3, followed by a “Festival for the 40th” on Oct. 10. Both events will be held on the main campus.

Celebration of the Constitution held by local DAR chapter


Wedding Planner

The Old Bute Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) observed the 222nd anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17 in the home of Mary Katherine Teague, with Suzanne D. Duncan as hostess. Regent Sara DavisStancil commented on various changes in committee obligations. She led members in selecting special interest projects, including essay contests and Good Citizenship recognitions open to all schools, armed forces support and the ROTC medal in high schools, and DAR and American Indian schools, all in keeping with DAR objectives of patriotism, history and education. A program for Constitution Week (Sept. 17-23),was presented by Ruby J. Lassiter, who commented that for over a half century the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution has tried to get the signing date declared a national holiday. Their greatest supporter had been the late Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Reviewing the history of the signing, Lassiter noted that while Benjamin Franklin was hopeful about the 1787 meeting in Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation, which governed the colo-

nies, then “a sort of league of 13 small, independent nations,” George Washington had doubts. Determined to retire to private life after the war, he was persuaded to attend the meeting when Franklin said, “Your presence will give the patriots faith in the results.” Washington remembered the dismal lack of unity in getting the 13 states to equally provide men, weapons, food, and clothing for his army. To get them to act and think as one would be a problem, he thought. Instead of adapting the articles to fit the times, a new document of rules and regulations was the answer. After many compromises, divisions between the Northern and Southern states were overcome and the Constitution was signed. The ratification by nine states would mean the birth of the United States of America. When George Washington was inaugurated the first president on April 30, 1789, ten states had ratified — but North Carolina and Rhode Island were not members of the Union, Lassiter said. North Carolina’s delay stemmed from the division between its Eastern plantation owners with many slaves and the scattered western communities of small farms and frontiersmen who owned

few slaves, Lassister said. “If those in the West didn’t trust the state government controlled by the East, how could they trust a national government so far away? Antifederalists led the rejection of the Constitution at the first North Carolina convention in Hillsborough in 1788. When the national

government began to treat them as a foreign nation, public sentiment changed and the ratification was adopted in Fayetteville in 1789. Rhode Island ratified the following year after Congress passed a bill severing all commercial relations with them,” she said. A American Indian

proverb on conservation was shared by Mary Anne C. Davis: “Treat the earth well. It was not given to your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” In addition to the regent, other officers for the coming year are Janice J.

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Satterwhite, vice regent; Virginia F. Grissom, chaplain; Mary Anne C. Davis, recording secretary; Suzanne D. Duncan, corresponding secretary; Lynnell L. Flowe, treasurer; Mary Katherine Teague, registrar; and Ruby J. Lassiter, librarian. For further information, visit www.

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H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library You Services Coming this week: Check out the upcoming October edition of our newsletter “The KidsShelf,” available at the Library. You’ll find a calendar of all our Children’s and Young Adult programming, as well as important info and book reviews. Game On! (all ages), Mondays at 4 p.m.: Next week Game On! Moves to Fridays at 4 p.m. Bring a board game, a video game or gaming system, or just show up to have fun. Bedtime Stories (ages 2-8), Mondays at 6:30 p.m.: Everyone is encouraged to wear their pajamas for this evening storytime, where we’ll have stories, songs and fun! Teens and Tweens Club (for middle and highschoolers), Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.: Join Programming Specialist Ms. Barbara and other teens and tweens to hang out and chat, discuss books and listen to interesting guest speakers. Anime/Manga Madness (ages 13-17, or ages 10-12 with parent’s permission), Wednesdays at 3 p.m.: Are you crazy about graphic novels? Join Youth Services staff to discuss all things animated and to watch a new featured selection each week! Mother Goose Time (for infants and

toddlers, ages birth-3), Thursdays at 11 a.m.: Songs, rhymes, books, clapping, laughing, fun!

Adult Services Banned Book Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read! Since 1982, the last week of September has been designated Banned Books Week (BBW): Celebrating the Freedom to Read. It is sponsored by the American Libraries and American Booksellers Associations (among others) and endorsed by the Center of the Book in the Library of Congress. The First Amendment of the Constitution of United States guarantees all Americans the absolute right of choice to read any item they wish. no matter how unconventional, untraditional, unusual or unpopular and ensures the availability of all viewpoints. American libraries provide access to a broad range of materials be in in-house or through interlibrary loan. The list of books below represents only a few of those that have been targets of banning at one time or another over the last forty years. Thanks to the efforts of librarians to keep these works in their collections, fortunately most have escaped this fate. While each individual


Banned books at Perry Library “1984,” by George Orwell; “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” by Mark Twain; “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” by Mark Twain; “All the Kings Men,” by Robert Penn Warren; “Beloved,” by Toni Morrison; “The Bible; “Bridge to Teribithia,” by Katherine Paterson; “Call of the Wild,” by Jack London; “A Farewell to Arms,” by Ernest Hemmingway; “Gone With the Wind,” by Margaret Mitchell; “The Grapes of Wrath,” by John Steinbeck; “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald; “James and the Giant Peach,” by Roald Dahl; “A Light in the Attic,” by Shel Silverstein; “The Pillars of the Earth,” by Ken Follet; “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” by Nora Zeale Huston; “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee; “Where the Wild Things Are,” by Maurice Sendak; and “A Wrinkle in Time,” by Madeline L’Engle.





— Otto von Bismarck will not be stopped by eloquence.

SUNDAY CRYPTOQUOTE — A conquering army on the border

ARIES (March 21-April 19). There’s a big requirement to fulfill. You don’t have to do it alone. Ask around for what you need. Most people won’t be able to help, but more than a few will. With a handful of supporters, you’ll meet the challenge. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Clear up any relationship issues, return calls and generally get right with your “people.” When you feel good about your social standing, you’ll be comfortable in your own skin once again. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You’ve been turning in stellar work. Maybe you still don’t have the money to prove it, but that can be negotiated. For now, decide to keep improving the quality and value of your contribution. You’ll cash in soon enough. CANCER (June 22-July 22). It feels like you’re repeating yourself, and maybe you are. You have something important to say, and the others don’t seem to be listening. Time to change your tune and keep changing it until you get their attention. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You’ll have some financial luck. This comes in the nick of time -- you can now afford to get some help with a project and greatly reduce your stress. The assistance you pay for will be well worth the cost. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). There’s a ticker tape of useless information that’s rattling away in your brain. Turn it off, perhaps through meditation or exercise. When you don’t think too much, you wind up accomplishing amazing feats. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). It’s not too early to assess whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year. In fact, this is the perfect time to clear up any bad marks on your “record” and commit to doing some philanthropy. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You may not consider yourself to be a big networker; however, you do know quite a few people. You’ll enjoy sharing information and learn from your group, too. A new endeavor emerges from the social contacts you make now. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You can be mighty innovative when it comes to stretching a dollar. Make sure you’re penny pinching in an area where it won’t make a big difference, though. Some things really are worth paying for. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You don’t have to work very hard to inspire trust in others. However, keeping that trust is more of an effort. To do so, you’ll have to make good on all that you promise. It’s better to promise very little and then over-deliver. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You have beginner’s luck now. Don’t wait for others to approach you. Be the initiator of conversation, business and especially love. He (or she) who has the first word will make the biggest impression. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Clean up and get organized. Those projects that you think you don’t have time for are actually exactly what is holding you back from accomplishing something important to you. So get down to work and be done with them!

has the right to make choices about reading materials for themselves and their children, no individual or group has the right to restrict reading choices for others. Banned Book Week draws attention to the danger of imposing restraints on the availability of information in a free society.


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BY (Answers tomorrow) PATIO KILLER POSTAL Jumbles: CABIN Answer: What the students brought to school for their mean teacher — “CRAB” APPLES


Sunday, September 27, 2009

‘Halo 3: ODST’: Lots of firepower, nothing fresh By LOU KESTEN Associated Press Writer

The “Star Wars” movies should have taught all science-fiction writers a lesson: One trilogy is enough. Bungie, developer of Microsoft’s blockbuster “Halo” trilogy, wrapped up the story in 2007. The war between humanity and the alien Covenant over, supersoldier Master Chief drifted off into cryogenic sleep. But while Master Chief’s role may be finished, there are probably many more side stories to be told about the interstellar war. “Halo 3: ODST” (Microsoft, for the Xbox 360, $59.99) is one of those — and your enjoyment will depend on how devoted a “Halo” fan you are. “ODST” follows a squad of grunts dealing with events touched upon in “Halo 2.” These Orbital Drop Shock Troopers come to Earth during an alien invasion of the African metropolis New Mombasa — but their mission quickly goes awry and they’re scattered. One trooper, “the Rookie,” wakes up six hours later and sets out to find his five squadmates in the city’s abandoned nighttime streets. Each time he finds a device connected to another soldier, the action switches to a flashback covering that soldier’s role in the battle. It’s a clever device, letting you experience different types of combat in a short time, with Bungie’s usual expertise at making things go boom on a massive scale. Still, none of these experiences feels fresh. And while it’s fun to try on the combat boots of someone other than Master Chief, none of the new characters is more than a battlefield cliche. You can whip through the solo campaign in about six hours, and its conclusion is a letdown. Two stars out of four.


DEAR ABBY: I live with a wonderful woman with whom I am completely in love. I know she feels the same. My problem is she won’t tell me what year she was born. I know she’s older than I am, but by how much I don’t know. She told me that in her previous relationships her husband and boyfriend left her for younger women. I’ve told her age has nothing to do with how I feel about her, but she’s afraid that if I know her exact age I will leave. I have done all I can to reassure her, but she still won’t tell me. What can I do to make her understand that her age is unimportant to me so far as how I feel about her? Or should I just forget about ever knowing her true age? — IN LOVE IN SAN ANTONIO DEAR IN LOVE: You’ve done all you can. Your lady friend has been “snake bit” twice. So if you really love her and don’t care about her age, drop the subject, since you know it’s a painful one for her. Got it? TO MY JEWISH READERS: At sundown, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement and the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, begins — a time for reflection, prayer and repentance. To all of you, may your fast be an easy one.






DEAR LESS THAN ZERO: Please trust me and consult a doctor immediately. Your symptoms are probably stress-related. You may also be depressed from the unrelenting abuse. You are not crazy, but your husband may be. Once you have spoken to your doctor, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline. They can help you and the boys escape. Their toll-free number is (800) 799-7233. Whether your husband is sick or just an abusive bully remains to be seen. But for your sake and your children’s, do not tolerate this situation. If you stay, he will not only destroy you emotionally, but also your boys.


DEAR ABBY: My husband berates and belittles me constantly. He calls me “worthless, stupid, lazy, nogood and crazy.” He controls my every move and follows me around the kitchen when I’m trying to cook. I got so nervous last week that I dropped a kettle of soup and burned myself. He followed me into the laundry room, watched me load the washer before putting in the detergent, then yelled at me that I was doing it “backward.” He removes the dishes from the Dear dishAbby washer and rearranges Universal Press them so Syndicate they’re the way he thinks they should be. He says I can’t do anything right, and I’m starting to believe him. I leave the house only to buy groceries because I’m afraid people are laughing and staring at me. I sleep half the day. I used to go out and have fun; now I sit at home with the drapes drawn. I don’t have the energy to clean the house. I cry every day. Our two boys are 8 and 11. He controls their every move, too. There’s so much stress in this house they are starting to turn against him. The emotional abuse started a couple of years ago. When I try to discuss it, he calls me crazy and a liar and denies it. I used to be healthy as a horse, but now I have headaches and stomach pains. Friends say I should leave, but I can’t just pick up and walk out with two sons to raise. He threatens to get custody because I am “insane.” I stay because I don’t want to lose my boys. I’m afraid to see a doctor. He may say I’m crazy, too. Please help me. — LESS THAN ZERO IN ILLINOIS

9/27/09 2 WRPX 3 WRDC 4 WUNC 5 WRAL 8 WNCN 9 WLFL 11 WTVD 13 WRAZ 31 21 50 65 57 43 29 58 27 46 52 72 30 28 59 71 73 56 33 70 40 49 6 34 26 44 54 25 23 38 47 67

client will fill

Today’s Birthdays: Cosimo de Medici, Italian founder of the Medici dynasty (1389-1464); King Louis XIII of France (1601-1643); Samuel Adams, U.S. revolutionary leader (1722-1803); Louis Botha, first prime minister of South Africa (1862-1919); Arthur Penn, U.S. film director (1922-2002); Dick Schaap, U.S. sportscaster (1934-2001); Meatloaf, U.S. rock singer (1951--); Gwyneth Paltrow, actress (1972--). Thought For Today: Sanity is a madness put to good uses — George Santayana, Spanish-American philosopher (1863-1952).


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Paid Paid Paid Health Paid Rosetta Paid Sum- M*A*S*H ›› “Magnum Force” (1973, Crime Drama) ›› “Tango & Program Program Program Master Program Stone Program merfield Å Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, David Soul. ’ Cash” (1989) ’ ››› “One True Thing” (1998) Meryl Law & Order: Know Your Heritage: Hispanic Col- ReGenesis Cold Case Legend of the SVU lege Quiz Hispanic-American. Å “Spare Parts” ’ “Knuckle Up” ’ Å Seeker ’ Å Streep, Renée Zellweger. Å Test Food Jacques Lidia’s Mexico: Black Book- N.C. The National Parks: America’s Best The National Parks: America’s Best Kitchen Pepin Italy ’ Plate Issues watch People Idea ’ Å (DVS) Idea ’ Å (DVS) (1:00) NFL Football Kansas City NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals. 60 Minutes (Sea- The Amazing Race 15 Twelve teams Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles. Å From Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. (Live) Å son Premiere) (N) begin the race. ’ Å (1:30) PGA Tour Golf The Tour Championship -- Final Round. From East News NBC Football Night in (:15) NFL Football Indianapolis Colts Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. ’ (Live) Å News America Å at Arizona Cardinals. ’ (Live) Å Friends Ray’70s ››› “Ransom” (1996, Suspense) Mel Gibson, Comedy.TV (Se- Smash Smash ›› “Legally Blonde” (2001) Reese Å mond Show Rene Russo, Gary Sinise. Å ries Premiere) (N) Cuts Cuts (N) Witherspoon, Luke Wilson. Å NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup -- AAA 400. From Dover International Speed- News ABC Extreme Make- Extreme Make- Desperate way in Dover, Del. (Live) News over: Home over: Home Housewives ’ (1:00) NFL Football Atlanta Falcons NFL Big Shots: Titans Coach Cosby Two Brothers ’ Å Simp- Cleve- Family Ameriat New England Patriots. Å at the Tee (N) ’ Å Show Men sons land Sh Guy can Dad MLB Baseball: Red Sox at Yankees Baseball Tonight Table Tennis 2009 Hardbat Classic. 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America’s News HQ News Sunday FOX Report Huckabee Special Prog. “Silence-Lambs” The First 48 Å CSI: Miami Å CSI: Miami Å CSI: Miami Å Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Animal Cops Hero Phoenix Animal Cops Lost Lost Lost Tapes ’ Wild Kingdom ’ Monsters, Me Untamed-Uncut Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Game › “The Cookout” (2004) Ja Rule. ›› “Beauty Shop” (2005) Å (1:30) ››› “Grease” (1978) Å ›› “Grease 2” (1982) Å Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Killer Ants Å Animals Strike MythBusters ’ MythBusters MythBusters ’ MythBusters ’ Raging Planet ’ Raging Planet (N) “Bridge to Tera.” ››› “Holes” (2003) Sigourney Weaver. ››› “The Mask” (1994) Jim Carrey. Å “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” Paula’s Party Diners Diners Food Food Cakes Cakes Unwrapped Challenge Challenge (N) Iron Chef Am. ››› “Changing Lanes” (2002) ››› “The Sum of All Fears” (2002) ›› “S.W.A.T.” (2003) Samuel L. Jackson. ›› “Next” “Back to You” “Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith” “Love Is a Four Letter Word” (2007) “Back to You and Me” (2005) Å “Washington” Secrets-Fathers Marked Å Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn “7 Things to Do” “Acceptance” (2009) Joan Cusack. “Homecoming” (2009, Horror) Å “To Be Fat Like Me” (2007) Å Drop Dead Diva Race to Bury Tut Egypt Unwrapped Lockdown Chinatown Mafia Locked Up San Quentin L.A. Gang Wars American Nazis CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn (1:30) › “Ultraviolet” Å ››› “Total Recall” (1990) Rachel Ticotin ›› “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” Conley From King Is Franklin John Hagee Rod P. 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Å “Taken in Broad Daylight” (2009) ››› “Strangers When We Meet” ›› “Green Fire” (1954) Å ››› “Key Largo” (1948) ›› “The Green Promise” (1949)

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Today’s highlights: 1540 — Pope Paul approves Ignatius of Loyola’s proposal to create the Society of Jesus, or Jesuit Order. 1779 — John Adams is named to negotiate the Revolutionary War’s peace terms with Britain. 1825 — George Stephenson drives the steam locomotive he designed on the opening run of the first passenger railway, from Stockton to Darlington, England. 1923 — Martial law is declared in Germany. 1928 — The United States agrees to recognize the Nationalist Chinese government. 1939 — Warsaw surrenders to Germans after 19 days of resistance in World War II. 1940 — Germany, Italy and Japan sign 10-year military and economic pacts, setting up Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis. 1951 — The West German Bundestag pledges restitution to Jews for crimes perpetrated by the Nazis. No exact amount was decided, but West Germany will repay about $600 million in goods. 1968 — France bars Britain’s entry into European Common Market. 1970 — Jordan’s King Hussein and Al Fatah guerrilla leader Yasser Arafat meet in Cairo with 10 Arab chiefs of state and sign agreement ending civil war in Jordan. 1975 — Spanish authorities execute five convicted terrorists, members of the Revolutionary Anti-Fascist and Patriotic Front and Basque separatist movement, provoking angry protests in the Basque Provinces. 1990 — Britain and Iran restore diplomatic relations. Ties had been broken off in March 1989 after the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a death sentence against writer Salman Rushdie.


Today is Sunday, September 27, the 270th day of 2009. There are 95 days left in the year.

1995 — The three rivals for control of Bosnia-Herzegovina--Bosnian Serbs, Croats and the Moslem-dominated Bosnian government--reach an agreement to establish a collective presidency and parliament in Bosnia. 1996 — Islamic Taliban rebels seize control of Kabul and quickly hang former president Najibullah. 1999 — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak wins his fourth six-year term, taking nearly 94 percent of the vote in a referendum on his presidency. 2005 — Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Ahmad Ali Jalali resigns after expressing frustration over the involvement of senior officials in the country’s booming drug trade. 2006 — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs into law a sweeping global warming initiative that imposes the first cap on greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. 2007 — Soldiers fire into fleeing crowds in the bloodiest day in the monthlong protest against Myanmar’s junta, and at least nine people are killed. Tens of thousands demonstrate for the 10th straight day in Yangon and security forces also raided several monasteries overnight. 2008 — Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang completes China’s first spacewalk.

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Å ››› “The Fugitive” (1993) Harrison Ford. “General’s Dtr” 26 TNT ››› “Charlie’s Angels” (2000) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Ab Se Meals Jeans Paid Paid Black Gold Black Gold 44 TRUTV Paid Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady 54 TVL Rose Rose Rose Rose ›› “Airplane II: The Sequel” Slim Creflo Paid Paid Monk Å Psych Å ›› “Ali G Indahouse” (2002) Å “Borat: Cultural” 25 USA Law Order: CI Paid Facts David Rosetta Jimmy Swaggart Children Paid Series of Golf WWE Superstars “One True Thng” 23 WGN World Feed Mad Men Å Mad Men Å Mad Men Å Mad Men Å 38 AMC ›››› “Dances With Wolves” (1990, Western) Kevin Costner. Å “My Neighbor’s Secret” (2009) Å 47 LMN ›› “Deadly Intentions... Again?” “Personal Indiscretions” (2007) Å “Demons From Her Past” (2007) (:15) ›› “Dangerous When Wet” ››› “Brigadoon” (1954) Å ››› “Beach Party” (1963) Å 67 TCM ››› “Random Harvest” (1942)

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Å The Outer Limits “Android Apocalypse” (2006) Å Twilight Twilight 49 SYFY “Lost World” “Noah’s Ark” Secrets Clement › “Left Behind” (2000) Cross First Naza Israel: Time 6 TBN ›› “Saul and David” (1968) Married Married 34 TBS (:15) ›› “The Goonies” (1985) Sean Astin. (:20) ›› “Without a Paddle” (2004) (:20) ››› “Remember the Titans” (2000) ››› “G.I. Jane” (1997) Demi Moore. Å Law & Order ’ LAPD 26 TNT “Independence” ››› “Independence Day” (1996) Will Smith. Å Paid Paid Paid 44 TRUTV Inside Inside Foren Foren Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Foren Foren Paid Little House 54 TVL MASH MASH MASH MASH Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Little House NCIS ’ Å “Borat: Cultural Learnings” ›› “Ali G Indahouse” (2002) Å Law/Ord SVU Money Paid 25 USA NCIS ’ Å 23 WGN News Replay Cheers Cheers Bewitch Bewitch Jeannie Jeannie Nash Bridges ’ S. Park S. Park Smash Smash RENO Paid (:02) Mad Men Breaking Bad Mad Men Å (:02) ››› “The Firm” (1993, Drama) Tom Cruise. Å Shoo 38 AMC Mad Men (N) “Taken in Broad Daylight” (2009) “Lady Killer” (1995) Judith Light. (3:50) “Simple Revenge” (2004) Å 47 LMN “Eight Days to Live” (2006) Å Bad Isn’t Uneasy Mama “Flowers of St.” ›››› “Goodbye Again” (1961) Å 67 TCM ››› “Our Very Own” (1950)

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Leonard Cohen performs in Israel, defies boycott By IAN DEITCH Associated Press Writer

RAMAT GAN, Israel (AP) — Leonard Cohen wowed an adoring audience Thursday night, crooning his iconic ballads at his first show in Israel in 30 years and ignoring a political storm over his appearance. The 75-year-old singer entertained fans at Ramat Gan stadium near Tel Aviv. Some in the audience wore black fedora hats, a tribute to one of Cohen’s trademarks. The concert sparked a protest long before it took place on a warm night near the Israeli seashore. Some Palestinian activists called for a boycott because of Israel’s punishing invasion of Gaza, aimed at stopping daily rocket attacks. More than 1,150 Palestinians, including hundreds of civilians, were killed in the three-week offensive that ended in mid-January. Cohen responded by offering to perform in the West Bank city of Ramallah as well. He said all proceeds from the shows would go to Israeli-Palestinian peace organizations. But a pro-Palestinian group called “Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel” urged the singer to cancel the shows and launched a protest campaign. “There are a lot of people who don’t want us here, and anything done here invites controversy,” Cohen’s manager, Robert Kory, told The Associated Press. “But we believe freedom of speech is very, very important.” Kory said the singer established a foundation, “The Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace,” to distribute proceeds from the concert. At an event launching the foundation before the concert, Israeli novelist David Grossman, whose son was killed in Israel’s 2006 war in Lebanon,

said he hoped for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. “We are here today to show that with a joint effort, we can redeem each other from this hate,” he said. “Cohen wants the money to go toward changing hearts and to bring peace,” Kory said. He said most of the money will go to the Parents Circle, a joint Israeli-Palestinian group of bereaved parents that helps families from both sides who lost loved ones in the conflict. Top international musicians are slowly returning to perform in Israel after years of staying away due to violence and political tensions. Madonna, Depeche Mode, Faith No More, and others have appeared this year. The 47,000 tickets for Cohen’s concert were snatched up within hours when they went on sale earlier this month. Prices ranged from $90 to $315. Cohen performed Thursday night meticulously dressed in a tailored suit and hat, clutching the microphone as he sang but showing no apparent affects from an incident last week, when he fainted during a concert in Spain. The Canadian songwriter, best known for his dark poetic lyrics, has been making music since the late 60’s. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. He has been on a worldwide tour since May 2008, and earlier this year played in Australia and Europe. After Israel, he goes on to perform at U.S. venues. Cohen had to come out of retirement five years ago when he discovered that most of his retirement fund had disappeared in a disputed case of mismanagement while he spent time at a Buddhist monastery. He last performed in Israel in 1975. Before that, Cohen entertained Israeli troops during the Mideast war in 1973.

’Lion King’ costumes headed to Smithsonian By BRETT ZONGKER Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Producers of “The Lion King” musical are donating two of the Broadway show’s elaborate costume pieces to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. On Thursday, museum officials are accepting Simba’s mask and the costume for tribal shaman and show narrator Rafiki to be placed in the entertainment history collection. They’ll be in rare company among about 50 objects from Broadway, including costumes from “Hello, Dolly!,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Rent” and “Cats.” “We’ll have Rafiki next to Dolly Levi. That’s a big thing,” said a giddy Thomas Schumacher, the show’s producer. “The Rafiki costume really speaks to the design and soul of the show,” he said. “This is a completely original creation that doesn’t look like anything else. That’s kind of thrilling.” Designer Julie Taymor created the costumes, puppetry and scenic design

that brought the 1994 animated Disney movie to life on stage in 1997. The hit show has now been seen by 50 million people worldwide — the first American musical to hit that milestone and only the fourth in theater history. The show, featuring the music of Elton John and Tim Rice, including the Academy Awardwinning “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” has been presented in 13 different countries. Museum curator Dwight Blocker Bowers said the show represents an evolution in Broadway design, one reason why he sought out the “Lion King” pieces. It also has an intergenerational appeal, which he said is rare because musical tastes tend to vary by age group. “The musical is an indigenous American art form in terms of how we know it,” Blocker Bowers said. “The Lion King,” he said, “took the musical to areas it had never embraced before,” bringing animals to life with live puppetry and groundbreaking costumes. The museum hopes to display the objects in 2010.


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Section D Sunday, September 27, 2009

Real Estate AP photo/ DONNA McWILLIAM

At left, homes in Adriatrica, a development in McKinney, Texas, are designed to look like a Croatian Village. Below is the view from the second level of a home in the development.

‘Adriatica,’ Texas

Developer builds subdivision inspired by Croatian village By JAMIE STENGLE Associated Press Writer

MCKINNEY, Texas — From a chapel sitting serenely on a sliver of land jutting out on a lake, to stone homes with red tile roofs clustered on winding lanes, developer Jeff Blackard is working to bring European village life to a Texas suburb. “What we’re really doing is creating a real, functioning village,” Blackard said. Inspired by Supetar, a port city on the Croatian island of Brac, Blackard began work on the “Adriatica” development about 30 miles north of Dallas a few years ago. So far, it contains about a dozen single-family homes and a row of businesses and shops, including a day spa, an Italian restaurant, a Realtor’s office, a wine bistro and a Starbucks. By the end of next year, expect a replica of Supetar’s port lining the lake. Eventually, plans for the 45-acre development call for 70 or so houses, about 280 condominium units, 100 retail establishments, 100 offices and an 80-room hotel. A replica of Venice’s St. Mark’s Square is planned to serve as a community meeting place. For Anne Petrasek, who has lived at Adriatica since January with her family, it already feels like the ideal European village. “It’s like going on vacation every weekend,” she said. Petrasek, 52, used to live about five minutes away in a more typical suburban development, with a big yard on a golf course. Since moving into her new 3,000-squarefoot, three-bedroom home, she said she’s found the village-type life she wanted, from chatting with people from the balcony to frequenting the development’s shops. “People are more apt to just stop and say hello,” she said. Many of the homes incorporate antique architectural items from Europe, such as gates from Italy. Flowers


The Adriatica subdivision in McKinney, Texas, near Dallas, is inspired by the Croatian village of Supetar on the island of Brac, right down to a town chapel surrounded by water (above), a European-style belltower (right) and homes with rustic stone, wrought iron and wood interiors.

cascade from window boxes. Colorful lights are strung above sidewalks in the retail area. There are even plans to anchor a ship in the harbor and serve as a coffee shop. Blackard, a developer of about 15,000 homes during his almost 30-year career, said that after investing in a hotel in Supetar, it occurred to him that American housing developments should be

more like European villages. “Developers think they put in a fountain and a gazebo and think it’s a community, but it’s not,” he said. “One time I wanted to do it right at all costs,” he said, adding that zoning will allow for features such as zero setbacks from houses to the road, so that, as in a European village, the homes are right off the lanes.

Lots for the homes, or “villas,” begin at $40,000, and most homes are $300,000 and up, but Blackard said someone could build there for less if they wanted. “It’s OK to have an 800-square-foot house. Build something that you want,” he said. Stephen Melman, economic services director at the National Association of Homebuilders in Wash-

ington, D.C., said his group doesn’t keep data on themes in housing developments, but he doesn’t know of anything similar to Adriatica. “In this market, it’s challenging. So if you can make your product stand out, you’ve got a winner,” Melman said. Edward John, a Christian pop singer from Oslo, Norway, said that when he relocated to McKinney to be near his record label, he wasn’t pleased with the town. Then one day while jogging he stopped by an open house at Adriatica. It made him feel like he was back in Europe, he said, and he now plans to build a home there. “I love this area. Coming from Europe, I’m used to the buzz and the people. When I first came here (to Texas) I thought, ‘How am I going to

make it?’” said John, whose record label has now moved its office to Adriatica as well. Adriatica reminded Amparo Abeyta of her native Mexico, so she decided to open a flower shop there. “I love the style,” she said. Eventually, Blackard says, he expects somewhere between 1,000 to 1,500 people to live at Adriatica. Bill Hight, a Dallas restaurant owner moved there with his wife in June 2008. Their 4,400-square-foot home with a patio facing the lake has European elements like arches, balconies, textured walls and a landscaped courtyard. “I think it’s just a slower, more relaxing pace,” said Hight, 69. On the Net: •

Real Estate Class 9.27

9/25/09 3:03 PM

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monument, which said existing concrete monument is situate in the southern margin of the right of way of Beckford Drive, and which said existing concrete monument is also situate South 54 degrees 37â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 08â&#x20AC;? West 62.59 feet from a point at the intersection of the centerline of Beckford Drive with the centerline of Whitten Street, if extended; thence proceed along the southern margin of the right of way of Beckford Drive South 48 degrees 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 13â&#x20AC;? East 33.15 feet to an existing concrete monument, which said existing concrete monument is situate in the western margin of the right of way of Whitten Street; thence along the western margin of the right of way of Whitten Street South 06 degrees 52â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 03â&#x20AC;? West 59.14 feet to an existing iron pipe; thence leaving the western margin of the right of way of Whitten Street and proceeding along the common bundary of the property herein described with the property of Leroy Marrow, et ux (Book 538, Page 349, Plat Book â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tâ&#x20AC;?, Page 786) North 83 degrees 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 57â&#x20AC;? West 67.78 feet to an existing iron pipe; thence along the common boundary of the property herein described with the property of Emma Marrow (Book 487, Page 363) North 05 degrees 33â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 04â&#x20AC;? East 77.23 feet to an existing iron pipe, which said existing iron pipe is situate in the southern margin of the right of way of Beckford Drive; thence along the southern margin of the right of way of Beckford Drive South 85 degrees 06â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 58â&#x20AC;? East 42.34 feet to the point and place of beginning containing 0.12 acres according to survey and plat entitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Survey for Eva G. Donaldsonâ&#x20AC;? as prepared by C. Eugene Bobbitt, III, RLS, dated June 11, 1985. Save and except any

releases, deeds of release or prior conveyances of record. Said property is commonly known as 579 North Beckford Drive, Henderson, NC 27536. Third party purchasers must pay the excise tax, and the court costs of Forty-Five Cents (45¢) per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) pursuant to NCGS 7A-308(a)(1). A cash deposit (no personal checks) of five percent (5%) of the purchase price, or Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750.00), whichever is greater, will be required at the time of the sale. Following the expiration of the statutory upset bid period, all the remaining amounts are immediately due and owing. Said property to be offered pursuant to this Notice of Sale is being offered for sale, transfer and conveyance â&#x20AC;&#x153;AS IS WHERE IS.â&#x20AC;? There are no representations of warranty relating to the title or any physical, environmental, health or safety conditions existing in, on, at, or relating to the property being offered for sale. This sale is made subject to all prior liens, unpaid taxes, any unpaid land transfer taxes, special assessments, easements, rights of way, deeds of release, and any other encumbrances or exceptions of record. To the best of the knowledge and belief of the undersigned, the current owner(s) of the property is/are Kenneth Brooks and wife, Patricia Brooks. An Order for

possession of the property may be issued pursuant to G.S. 4521.29 in favor of the purchaser and against the party or parties in possession by the clerk of superior court of the county in which the property is sold. Any person who occupies the property pursuant to a rental agreement entered into or renewed on or after October 1, 2007, may, after receiving the notice of sale, terminate the rental agreement upon 10 daysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; written notice to the landlord. The notice shall also state that upon termination of a rental agreement, the tenant is liable for rent due under the rental agreement prorated to the effective date of the termination. If the trustee is unable to convey title to this property for any reason, the sole remedy of the purchaser is the return of the deposit. Reasons of such inability to convey include, but are not limited to, the filing of a bankruptcy petition prior to the confirmation of the sale and reinstatement of the loan without the knowledge of the trustee. If the validity of the sale is challenged by any party, the trustee, in their sole discretion, if they believe the challenge to have merit, may request the court to declare the sale to be void and return the deposit. The purchaser will have no further remedy. This is a communication from a debt collector. The purpose of this communication is to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that

purpose, except in the instance of bankruptcy protection. If you are under the protection of the bankruptcy court or have been discharged as a result of a bankruptcy proceeding, this notice is given to you pursuant to statutory requirement and for informational purposes and is not intended as an attempt to collect a debt or as an act to collect, assess, or recover all or any portion of the debt from you personally. Substitute Trustee Brock & Scott, PLLC Jeremy B. Wilkins, NCSB No. 32346 5431 Oleander Drive Suite 200 Wilmington, NC 28403 Phone: (910) 392-4988 Fax: (910) 392-8587

Henderson, NC 27536

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Under and by virtue of a Power of Sale contained in that certain Deed of Trust executed by Kenneth Brooks and wife, Patricia Brooks, by their attorney-in-fact Tonya E. Hester to Lori A. Renn, Trustee(s), which was dated May 22, 2006 and recorded on May 24, 2006 in Book 1121 at Page 386, Vance County Registry, North Carolina. Default having been made in the payment of the note thereby secured by the said Deed of Trust and the undersigned, Brock & Scott, PLLC, having been substituted as Trustee in said Deed of Trust by an instrument duly recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Vance County, North Carolina, and the holder of the note evidencing said indebtedness having directed that the Deed of Trust be foreclosed, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at the courthouse door of the county courthouse where the property is located, or the usual and customary location at the county courthouse for conducting the sale on October 6, 2009 at 2:00 pm, and will sell to the highest bidder for cash the following described property situated in Vance County, North Carolina, to wit: All that certain lot or parcel of land situate in the City of Henderson, Henderson Township, Vance County, North Carolina and more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at an existing conrete

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APPLY ONLINE! Granville Health System is committed to qualityâ&#x20AC;Śquality physicians and staff. Visit us online at and discover the exciting career opportunities available within our community health system.

RN Clinical Manager, PT CertiďŹ ed Coder, FT Employment Coordinator, FT Clinical Coor. Emergency Dept., FT Licensed Physical Therapist Asst., FT Physical Therapist, FT & PT Physical Therapist Aide, PRN Speech Therapist, PRN LPN, FT & PRN Occupational Therapist, PRN Occupational Therapy Assistant, PRN Peri Operative Nurse, FT Registered Radiology Tech. CT, PRN Registered Radiology Tech. Ultrasound, PRN RN: Obstetrical, ED, ICU, Med/Surg, FT & PRN RN Operating Room Circulator, PRN Management Assistant ED, FT COMPETITIVE SALARIES & BENEFITS PACKAGE (EOE)


1010 College Street, Oxford, NC 27565


Sept 27, Oct 4, 2009

NOTICE TO CREDITORS The undersigned, having qualified before the resident judge of the Superior Court for the Ninth Judicial District as Co-Executrixes of the estate of Dorothy E. Mitchell, and this is to notify all persons to whom said estate may be indebted to present their claims to the undersigned on or before the 20th day of December, 2009 or this Notice will be pleaded in bar thereof. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. This 20th day of September, 2009.

â&#x20AC;˘ 3D

Deborah W. Finch, Co-Executrix 254 Yowland Road Henderson, NC 27536 Sept 20,27, Oct 4,11, 2009

Lost & Found LOST: Black Lab/Pit Bull mix. White chest. Green collar. S. Lake Lodge Rd. area. REWARD. 252-4330126

Schools & Instructions Dental Assistant training in 10 weeks. Coronal Polishing/ Radiology Certif. for the DAII. Campus in Wake Forest. Seats are limited. Call 919-5324444 for more information. Financing available.

Business & Services Southern Lawn Service Mowing, trimming, fertilizing, seeding, leaf clean-up, gutter cleaning. 252-226-2173. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll help cool things off. Call A.B Robinson Heat & A/C, LLC, 257-6579405 for Complete Home Make-Over. Contact our

CLASSIFIED DEPT. about placing

Happy Ads for that special someone.


Help Wanted IMMEDIATE needs for Associate Team Members who have manufacturing, assembly and/or machine operation experience. These positions are with one of Durham Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s preferred employers.


Help Wanted

Patricia W. Pulley, Co-Executrix 309 Yowland Road


NEW DEADLINES: Happy Ads or In Memory Ads 2 Days Prior to Publication at 10AM Examples: Tuesday run - Deadline Friday 10 AM Wednesday run - Deadline Monday 10 AM Thursday run - Deadline Tuesday 10 AM Friday run - Deadline Wednesday 10 AM Saturday/Sunday run - Deadline Thursday 10 AM



Help Wanted Vision Vitality Variety The County of Vance has the following immediate opening: KVcXZ8djcinIVmD[Ă&#x192;XZ

IVm6Yb^c^higVidg Currently seeking a self-motivated individual to ďŹ ll the position of Tax Administrator. This individual would be responsible for listing, appraising, assessing all real & personal, maintenance of all property maps, property ownership changes, the collection of all current & delinquent taxes, Hotel/Motel Occupancy taxes, privilege license fees, as well as Beer & Wine licenses. Education/Experience: Four year degree in business, economics, public administration, or related ďŹ eld preferred. Considerable experience in property appraisal, real estate or related ďŹ eld including some supervisory experience required. Applicant also subject to a criminal history background check and a drug/alcohol screen.

Salary: DOQ

Close Date: Open Until ďŹ lled Submit college transcript and a Vance County application to Vance County Human Resources as directed on application. A county application is available at Vance County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

DUTIES: Position will be responsible for planning, directing and administering the veterans services functions in the County. Assists veterans, widows and their dependents with pension, compensation, medical services, education, housing, loans, death beneďŹ ts, disability applications and other beneďŹ ts. Prepares and administers departmental budget and supervises administrative/clerical employee. This position reports to the County Manager. EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school and considerable experience in veteransâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; service work or military service. Applicant must possess a valid North Carolina Driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s License and proof of an acceptable driving record. Applicant must possess or have ability to acquire accreditation through American Legion and North Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs. SALARY: $30,474 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; $48,902 annually Warren County applications will be accepted UNTIL FILLED at the Warren County Employment Security Commission, 309 N. Main St., Warrenton, North Carolina 27589. Applications are available at www.warrencountync. com. Warren County is a drug free workplace. Positions designated (*) as Safety Sensitive require pre-employment drug testing. In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Warren County will employ only those individuals who are U.S. citizens or legal aliens authorized to maintain employment in the United States. Warren County is an Equal Opportunity Employer TDD 1-800-735-2962

Sun Class 9.27

9/25/09 4:20 PM

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Business & Services Woodruff Moving, Inc. Full Service Movers. Local or Nationwide. 35 years experience.


Help Wanted ADD YOUR LOGO HERE Company Logo Now you can add your company logo to your one column ads/no border ads and get noticed quicker! Call your sales representative or 252-436-2810


needed for local small engine repair business. Please call 252-4369000 for more info. Movie Extras to stand in Background for a Major Flim Production. No Experence required. All Looks Needed. Earn Up to $150 a Day. 888-664-4620 New agency in search of RNs & CNAs for home health care services. Fax resume to 252-572-4981 or email to healinghands

Help Wanted * Make a Difference! * Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent with Your Choice Health Services Call 919-957-0700

Merchandise For Sale

Merchandise For Sale

Wanted To Buy

Wanted To Buy

Motorcycles For Sale

Autos For Sale

Brand new sofa, recliner (dark beige), cherry oak armoire & 32â&#x20AC;? HDTV. $800 neg. for all. 252767-5067.

Church furniture. Pulpit, 3 minister chairs, communion table, 2 flower tables. 28 pews w/book racks, communion cup holders & card holders: (22 15ft long) (2 10ft.) (2 8ft) (2 7ft.) All solid oak w/red cushions. Very good condition. $5000 OBO. Henry Andrews 252492-8705.

Aluminum, Copper, Scrap Metal&Junk Cars Paying $75-$175 Across Scales Mikes Auto Salvage, 252-438-9000.


2000 250 Kawasaki Bayou 5 spd auto-w Reverse, Hunter Ready Less then 50 hrs 1st $1350 Call & Leave Mes. 252-492-4137

1997 Honda CRV. All extras. Automatic. A/C. 4cyl. 4WD. 157K mi. Very clean. $4500. 252-438-6511.

New Career? Sage/ PCC truck driver training. Now enrolling. No obligation. Call for more info. 336-5991818.

Brown w/gold trim living room suite. Sofa bed & love seat. Good condition. $150 OBO. 919-496-4792.

Merchandise For Sale

Love Seat Tan/Green in Color Gently Used. Asking â&#x20AC;&#x153;$50â&#x20AC;? 252-432-8224




Ab Lounge Sport. Fully assembled. Great condition. $50. 252-7388963 anytime.

Oldies But Goodies is having a sale on Thurs., Fri., & Sat. ENTIRE inventory 15% to 40% off! Bring Your Truck & SAVE! Call 252-438-8828 or 252-432-2230 anytime Textbooks for Sale! Experiences in Movement - Birth to Age Eight 3rd ed. $20. Home, School & Community Relations 6th Ed. $35. Understanding Child Development 7th ed. $65. Ten Steps to Building College Reading Skills 4th ed. $15. English Skills with Reading 7th ed. $50. Walking Across Egypt $7. The Color of Water $15. New & used books. 252-430-7785. Ask for Ginger.

Good Food To Eat Cured

Sweet Potatoes

Jimmy Gill 2675 Warrenton Rd. 252-492-3234

Pets & Supplies FREE to good homes. Mixed puppies. Black & black & white. 7 wks. old. 919-690-8620. Pit pups. Solid white. Male & female. No papers. Parents on site. $100 each. 252-915-0129. Puppies. Chihuahuas $200. Peek-a-Poohs $150. Chihuahua/Poodle $100. Beagle/Chihuahua $50. Parents on site. 252-257-4989.

Buying coins & currency. Private buyer pays more! Large collections OK! 252-654-0694.

Silver & Platium, Jewelry, Coins, Sterling, etc... Raleigh Road Flea Market, Wednesday & Thursday Call John 919-636-4150

Farm Equipment

Timâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Scrap Hauling Buying Cars Paying up to $125 Same Day Pick-up 919-482-0169

Wanted to Buy

Used Farm Equipment & Tractors 919-603-7211

Get The Daily Dispatch delivered to your home for only $2.88 per week Call 436-2800

Autos For Sale $500! Police Impounds! Hondas, Toyotas and more! For listings, 800749-8104, Ext. K276.

2000 Toyota Camry $1500. *Buy Police Impounds*. For listings, 800-749-8104 Ext 4148 Honda Accord 1997. Only $700. Priced to Sell! For Listings 800749-8104, Ext. 7042.

Help Wanted

We, the Family of the late


Carl â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Pigâ&#x20AC;? Jerome Hart


Card Of Thanks

extend our sincere appreciation to our many family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and church brethren for their prayers, expressions of sympathy, cards, gifts, kind words, telephone calls, hugs, kisses and thoughts of love shown during our time of bereavement. May God bless and keep you all in His loving care.

Full-time We are looking for an energetic, dependable person to join our team. QualiďŹ ed applicant should have experience in long term care, record keeping, and providing a planned activity program.

Please apply in person to

BRITTHAVEN OF HENDERSON ÂŁĂ&#x201C;{xĂ&#x160;*>Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x203A;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x2022;iĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Henderson, NC 27536 AA/EOE

The Family

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Carpet, Windows, Doors, Floors, Vinyl, Plumbing, Etc.

Over 20 Years Experience â&#x20AC;&#x153;You need it done... we can do it!â&#x20AC;?

Call 252-436-2810 for info.

Larry Richardson





We pump wash to save water and your roof. We also provide gutter cleaning and pressure washing for sidewalks, patios, and driveways.



(919) 702-1812

(919) 482-9409




CALL ANYTIME - 252-432-2279 252 - 430 -7438

Tree Service Greenwayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Professional Tree Service

Bucket Service or Tree Climbing, Emergency Service, Free Estimates, 30 yrs. exp., Work Guaranteed.

252-492-5543 Fully Insured

Sun Class 9.27

9/25/09 4:21 PM

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JesusYesMade A Way You can call



Riggan Appliance Repair & Lawn Care

Equipped with VCR/DVD Combo

252-492-9227 OR 252-492-4054 Fax: 252-738-0101 Email:

Potomac Mills Shopping Trip September 19

Cowtown Flea Market and Delaware Park Place Oct. 31 - Nov. 1

Delaware Park Place Casino

Atlantic City October 2-4 October 17-18

October 17

New York Shopping



Atlantic City

December 4-6 Claridge Casino December 11-13 Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

Disney World


Credit Repair Personal Credit Solutions of NC, LLC Licensed, Bonded & CertiďŹ ed Bankrutpcy/Collections/Repos Tax Liens/Charge-Offs/Lates Foreclosures/Student Loans

You Can Have Good Credit!

Start with only

$99 (Appt. Only) 314 S. Garnett Street, Suite 204 Henderson, NC 27536 252-738-0282


Charter Service

T & T Charter Service â&#x20AC;&#x153;God Will Provideâ&#x20AC;?

September 19, November 14, November 21, December 12

Atlantic City Redeye October 10

Specializing in Commercial & Residential Landscape Maintenance (252) 425-5941


New York Shopping



(2 nights)

Orlando, FL November 26-28 (2-Overnights)

â&#x20AC;˘ 5D

Charles Town November 29

DEBT RELIEF Donald D. Pergerson Brandi L. Richardson Attorneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at Law







October 3, November 7, December 5

Daleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Handyman Service

235 Dabney Drive â&#x20AC;˘ Henderson, NC

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Lawn Service

Inexpensive advertising for your business! Only $135 per month. Appears every day in The Daily Dispatch & every Wednesday in the Tri County Shopper. Ask how you can double your exposure for an additional $15 a month.

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The Daily Dispatch - Sunday, September 27, 2009  

Newspaper covering Vance, Granville and Warren counties in North Carolina

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