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Sliding Shelves Offer You A Lot Of Advantages The principal advantage of sliding shelves is that they bring the contents from the back of your cabinets to the front. Having to remove things from the front to get to things in the back is no longer an issue. This problem, which might sound easy, is one of the biggest annoyances of the kitchen; a fact that a lot of kitchen dwellers know all too well. It is worse for cabinets located at floor level. Many kitchen owners wind up on their hands and knees to get things out of the back of their cabinets. This is not enjoyable. Shelves that smoothly slide from kitchen cabinets can resolve a number of the access problems of kitchen items. Here are a few of the specific benefits to well-designed shelves and things to look for as you pick your sliding shelf system. Muscle Most agree that the most essential property of a sliding shelf is its strength. Its ability to hold heavy objects, when the shelf is completely inside the cabinet, is uncomplicated. For support in a balanced fashion, the load of heavy items such as dishes and cooking pots is distributed to the four corners of the shelf. However, when the homeowner withdraws the shelf, the full load becomes completely distributed at just two points toward the back of the shelf. In addition, the weight at the front of the shelf forms a lever that puts a massive pressure on these two points. Improperly designed shelves might easily come crashing down in this situation. Many homeowners avoid filling the shelves with heavy items to compensate for this problem. However, this defeats the intention of the shelves in the first place. You need the heavy items to be the ones that are the handiest. Holding the front of the shelves is another way that others compensate for this problem, but then they are left with only one hand to use which may be unwieldy or uncomfortable. It is a wise decision to choose shelves that can stand the weight of anything you want to store for these particular reasons. Let the shelves do the work they were meant to do. Do You Want Lip? Many shelves are designed as completely flat surfaces. Although this type does not take up valuable vertical area, a small lip can enhance their function. A barrier that stops items from slipping off the shelf during movement is formed with a small lip and you can use the lip to pull the shelf out. Preventing items from falling into the back of the cabinet is, needless to say, the most important part. Shelf Appearance A traditional shelf design is white rubber over steel mesh. This is functional, but not really attractive. It's often a good idea to choose shelves that match the appearance of the surrounding cabinets. The aesthetics of your kitchen will be preserved. Custom Design The Cabinet Guy/

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Sliding Shelves Offer You A Lot Of Advantages

The most cost-effective alternatives are standard shelf sizes; however, if you have cabinets that are not a standard size, a considerable amount of storage area can be lost with incorrectly fitted shelves. Because of this, purchasing shelve which are customized to fit the area of each cabinet will be worth the added expense. Reliability Sliding shelves are mechanical devices that must operate often, commonly with heavy loads. They have to be built to last a long time. Be certain to choose a shelf designer with a track record of high quality so that you can benefit from their use for the lifetime of your residence. Anything in your cabinets is within reach if you install slide out cabinet drawers. For much more particulars on The Cabinet Guy, view them at their site,

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Sliding Shelves Offer You A Lot Of Advantages