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The Corridor Projects of Lincoln County

Corridor Projects of Lincoln County 1. Greater Yellowstone Eco Park & University Campus 2. Wild Horse Park & Visitor Center 3. Highway #89 - Scenic Byway Designation

Reality • 5,000 acres of farm & ranch land are developed each day in the United States. • Struggling local economy & job losses = a decline in student enrollment. • Tourism spending has grown in Lincoln County by $5.1 million in the last 4 years, a it now exceeds our counties ag receipts by $6 million annually.

State & Local Trends…………… • Star Valley has lost 34% of it’s dairy cows since 1994. • Wyoming has lost 51% of it’s farms and ranches since 1930. • Visitors to Wyoming spent $4.9 million per day in 2000. • Travel spending in Lincoln County has increased 3% per year since 1997.

SWISS WATCH MAKERS ! Swiss controlled 75% of the world market. ! They had factory trained watch repairmen worldwide. ! Huge inventories of parts readily available. ! Very content.

Concept Development Theme

“Don’t look for new land, look at what we have with new eyes.” Marcel Proust

What is Unique to Star Valley? What do we have to build on? • The Name: Star Valley • Elk Horn Arch, Intermittent Spring, Dark nights, Greys River, Salt River, Snake River, Palisades Reservoir • Centrally located to all Western States. • Proven track record in providing quality Education. • Location, Location, Location.

CURRENT CHANGES • With less than 7% of American adults termed scientifically literate there is a growing demand for science educational opportunities. Over the next 20 years, the rate of technological change in this country is expected to be 500 times what it has been over the past 20 years.

Based on present trends……….. • Futurists have identified 30 emerging occupations for the coming decades. • All 30 occupations have a science connection. • Many of these occupations will create new, unforeseen technological breakthroughs thus creating additional occupations.

Remember! “Don’t look for new land, look at what we have with new eyes, and you will see another “Quartz Watch” poised to be seized!

How do Education, Stars,Wildlife, Agriculture, and Tourism come together? Naturally and complementary under the roof of the proposed Greater Yellowstone Eco Park & University Campus

The Greater Yellowstone Eco Park & Campus To provide access to higher education for all by skillfully developing & sharing our own natural resources for the mutual benefit of all participants and the world around us.

“Star Valley where the Heavens meet the Earth� Star Valley will live up to its name as it becomes home to a new observatory, planetarium theater and exploratory.

A true playground for our imaginations.

The Elk Horn Arch is “Star Valley’s Gateway to Nature.” Come see nature at its beginnings at the Science Center’s “Wildlife Eco Park”.

High Standard of Education in Star Valley !Our district scored in the top Ten Districts on a three-year average for all three subjects, Reading, Writing, and Math. !Our students on almost every WYCAS Test, at every grade level scored above the state average. !The average ACT Score of our Star Valley students is higher than the national average. !75% of our Star Valley High School Graduates go on to college. !Parent –Teacher Conference Attendance K-6, 97% !Student Attendance 96% !State of Wyoming 17th in country for academic achievement.

Location, Location, Location • Star Valley is in a very envious position between two major U.S. attractions. • Documented Tourism Base: that continues to grow without any effort on our part. • We are part of the Greater Yellowstone System. • We have all the right ingredients: Beautiful scenery and great location and a unique concept.

66,639,250 pop.

Star Valley is centrally located to all Western States

Wildlife Eco Park will be the “Speed Bump”

Elk and Bison calving on site

Fish, Waterfowl & other species

Exceptional Viewing Specially designed wildlife bio-park will provide quality picture taking, viewing, and the study of wildlife in their natural habitat, providing a “living classroom.�

Education Center Nature, Conservation & Science related short courses for tourism. Traditional University Campus High School Concurrent Enrollment Programs Teacher In-service Programs Specialty Course Work

Experience: !Degrees in Natural Resources !Extension experience at Penn State, Texas A&M !Nominated to direct the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department, under George Bush, Sr. !In management of Duck’s Unlimited. !In management of American National Museum for Fish & Wildlife.

Dr. Jack Payne VP of Extension, USU

Potential Target Markets " Educators " Corporate Retreats " Universities " Youth Groups " School Classes " Government " Bus Tours/Tourists " Agriculture Tourism

Tourism ! Star Valley is located between Utah’s #1 Tourist Attraction - Temple Square (16 million visitors to SLC annually) and Wyoming’s #1 Tourist Attraction - Yellowstone Park who currently receive 2.8 million visitors annually. ! Star Valley is the half way point between these two locations. ! “Today’s Tourists are Tomorrows Students”.

Features "Year round display of wildlife found in our regional area "Educational Facilities with University Partnership "Planetarium Theater, Exploratory, & Observatory "Spacious Restrooms and plenty of our Spring Water "Nature and Picnic Areas. "Visitor Center with: Tourist Information Directory- Local Businesses Sportsman Information Campus Marketing Shuttle bus to other points of interest

PURPOSE " To enhance agriculture by supplementing income through Ag Tourism and to further diversify Star Valley’s economic base. " To expose us to new emerging science careers, and to challenge its students to become leaders in pioneering new fields and industries. " To assist in making education the cornerstone of a long term economic development strategy.

Benefits • Exposes participants to the sciences, through higher education. • Investment in our valley & children’s future. • Makes Star Valley a destination point. • Provides long term economic growth for the valley and will supplement ag incomes. • Continues building the strong tradition of excellence in Education.

With the changes in U.S. occupations moving towards the sciences and low ag commodity prices drastically changing Star Valley, the Greater Yellowstone Eco Park & University concept has extraordinary opportunity to improve our economic outlook by drawing business and quality resources into our area. Making it a win-win opportunity for all sectors. Let us be not like the Swiss Watch Makers, but let us have the vision and fortitude to see these paradigm shifts and then position ourselves strategically for the benefit of Star Valley and its residents.

With proper site analysis, selection, and with a master plan in place, the Science Center concept will become reality.

“It is the power of the idea that makes the difference.�

Benefits: "Financial Resource "Provide road improvements "Create Pride "Provides recognition through state road maps & tourism channels.

Wild Horse Park & Visitor Center

Purpose • To help educate the public to the plight of the wild horse & burro and to the needed management required in complying to the Congressional mandate to care for these wild horses. • Through education; our goal will be to bring all groups together; Cattlemen, Sheep men, Game & Fish, Special Interest groups, and public in regards to their management. • Provide a tourist attraction that will contribute to our local and state economy.

Visitor Center Features ! Educational & Entertaining Interpretative displays showing their history, present and future. Management tools. ! Resident herd of wild horses for viewing. ! Auditorium to view a video on the Wild Horse & Burros. ! Conference Room ! Gift Shop

Wild Horse & Burro Education on Wheels •Traveling Program to Elementary Schools throughout the U.S. presenting “Wild Horse & Burro Educational Assemblies” •Program will use the latest in “Edutainment” using animation & animatronics to educate and involve students across the United States. •Essay & Coloring Contest (Scholastic materials) •Public Appearances

Current Status: • Bureau of Land Management is 100% behind this project. • Signed Contract: National School Assemblies • The funding for this project will come from multiple sources; grants, donations, line itemBLM Budget, congressional appropriations, corporate sponsors. • We have created a nonprofit organization and are currently filling board positions to oversee the Visitor center and traveling educational program.

Summary “After looking at our land with new eyes, the Greater Yellowstone Eco Park & Campus & Wild Horse Park concepts emerge as logical & exciting choices�.

Questions? Regarding Corridor Projects of Lincoln County 1. Greater Yellowstone Eco Park & University Campus 2. Highway 89 Scenic Byway 3. Wild Horse Park & Visitor Center

Prepared by: Mark Hunter P.O. Box 938 Afton, WY 83110 307-887-9999 MhunterŠ2002

Strategy Planning 1 Identify objectives 2 Property-characteristics -contiguous uses -land value -opportunities -constraints 3 Site reconnaissance 4 Statement on marketplace -Residents/Tourists 5 Statement on area attractions

Definition of the elements 7 Discussion & preliminary analysis of the elements. 8 Attendance outlook estimates 9 Physical planning guidelines !"# Financial performance outlook 6

Projects for the Lincoln County Corridor.  

The Lincoln County Corridor has great potential for revenue creating projects.

Projects for the Lincoln County Corridor.  

The Lincoln County Corridor has great potential for revenue creating projects.