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PET CT Scan Reporting Services PETCT Online Reporting Difficulties PETCT is one of the commonly used cancer imaging modalities nowadays. PETCT reporting demands dedicated Nuclear physician expertise and patience . In addition most cases have follow up scans for comparison. Online PETCT reporting has its unique Technical difficulties, like software , bandwidth, internet speed, compatible workstation, SUV value mismatch and reporting expertise. Why for Future teleradiology Online reporting? At Future teleradiology we have been able to streamline online PETCT reporting for all global diagnostic centres and hospitals. Desired TATs for all our clients are excellently managed. We are proud to have long maintained client list for online pet teleporting. A dedicated manager and coordinator will be assigned to each client to take care of to and for communications and other queries. Staff will be reachable for 24 hours. Our excellent team of expert nuclear physician takes care of online reporting 24 hours.

How to start online PET reporting? Drop us an email or even whatsapp message, we will get in touch with you. Once the requirement are known, we will go ahead with few trail reportings. In trial reporting we customise clients requirement about reporting style and TAT. Post trail, diagnostic centres/hospitals can select their desired doctors from the team or do it later as we go ahead with reporting. After your final decision it is possible to start reporting next day. Hoping to hear from you.

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PET CT Scan Reporting Services  

PET CT Scan Reporting Services