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ADVOCACY In short, the US Congress concluded that “The War on Cannabis” {or as it should more rightly be known as “The War on the CannaCommunity”} is nothing less than fraud, conspiracy and terrorism. Perpetrated by significant American political and corporate interests, namely Harry J. Anslinger, William Randolph Hearst and Dupont, who are the founding fathers of the most socially destructive, divisive and devastating political policy of Prohibition. Making all cannabis related charges unlawful, as with no evidence there should be no charge! Which is resulting in countless expungements and reparations for cannabis related crimes being issued in many states of America. However, consecutive UK governments have dogmatically refused to recognise or acknowledge the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, despite the science, recommendations and the fact that an estimated 5,000,000 of British people are recognising and utilising cannabis for its many benefits, regardless of the misinformation promoted by the government. Given the direct conflict of interest of significant parliamentarians in the medical cannabis industry, the vast profits involved, cannabis prescriptions now available for the wealthy yet denied to the poor, combined with the prosecution of small businesses and non-prescription cannabis consumers, it seems nothing less than a protection racket for the wealthy and a Cartel by definition. Cannabis prohibition would have ceased, if profits, ideology and control were not the fundamental aim of those who have manipulated their position in power for their own end!

Democracy denied? The countless ignored petitions, protests, campaign groups, recommendations from scientists, experts and fellow parliamentarians that the “War on Drugs” was a failed political policy, followed by Theresa May’s reassertion for her commitment to the “War on Cannabis”, demonstrates the obstruction of democratic process endemic of Westminster. In light of their evident conflict of interests through GW Pharmaceuticals, it seemed the only way to achieve true, objective reform would be through the courts. It is time to sue for peace because the CannaCommunity is made up of unwilling, non-combatant civilians, in a war not of our choosing; trapped in a war dictated by government to oppress and punish ir us for our preferred way of life, seemingly to protect their invested interests.


WTU believe all British people should also have the same human right to cannabis as Mexicans, where the cultivation and consumption of cannabis has been ruled a human right, under the right to self-determination and development of personality. Human rights know no boundaries, borders nor territories, regardless of whichever genocidal government regime may happen to be in service.

Human Rights denied? According to the Human Rights Act, UN, EU and UK, all have the fundamental human rights to freedom of consciousness, freedom of expression, freedom of association and the right to private beliefs and practices, free from the arbitrary interference of the State. The practices of home growing cannabis for home consumption, in a variety of preparations and methods of consumption, with friends or private member social clubs, such as the UKCSC and others have formed, is no more harmful or dangerous to society, than the practice of homebrewing, sharing alcohol with friends or going to the pub. Under the current political regime, the law dictates that the only means to alter one’s state of consciousness, to mourn, celebrate or relieve the exigencies of daily life is with the recreational drug alcohol, which is 114 times more harmful to health than cannabis. Government are literally dictating a poisonous recreational drug, whilst denying access to a nutritious, homeostasis regulating herbal health remedy that has been recognised and utilised by humanity for millennia; until greedy corrupted politicians came along and created the false paradigm of the “War on Cannabis”. For many of the CannaCommunity, herbal cannabis has become a replacement for government’s preferred, promoted and protected highly poisonous recreational drug alcohol and also a replacement for side effect ridden prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Our fundamental health choice should not see us branded criminals to be discriminated against by law and society. We the oppressed CannaCommunity seek the right to a private life, freedom of consciousness, freedom of association, free from the extreme prejudice of the State for our beliefs and practises. It is time for CannaConsumer and businesses to unite in the fight for our freedom to pursue our preferred way of life. Please come and join WTU in our struggle for freedom and equality for all the CannaCommunity. Links to all information can be found on our website below.

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