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CHOOSING A CBD BRAND YOU CAN TRUST! Medical, Lifestyle, Sports.

CiiTECH has strategically chosen Israel, the land of Cannabis, for researching and developing cannabis formulations. Together with leading scientists including; Professor Raphael Mechoulam and Dr Yossi Tam, CiiTECH is expanding it’s knowledge in key areas of cannabis, cannabidiol and specifically CBD development. Throughout these latest developments and growth of CBD awareness, CiiTECH has found a growing need for various CBD products in key areas and a need for consumer branding that is not confusing or misleading to consumers. Launching this summer we are expanding on our flagship brand Provacan, introducing two new brands that enjoy the same scientific expertise and R&D whilst designing unique products targeting the very different needs of two key niche markets.



realized the need for a loyal CiiTECH says “This is an exciting brand that can bring these time for the business, consumers people together and encourage have become more aware and the growth of a community,” says more educated on the benefits of Sara Adelman, Cannabis advocate, mother of 4 and Head of Brand non-psychoactive cannabinoid Development at CiiTECH. With these products, the industry is powerful women, a new kind of CBD beginning to show signs of brand was born, introducing to you The normalisation. We constantly HuGG Co, not just a CBD brand but a strive to match our reputation of lifestyle in which women and creating the most effective millennials can feel OK to just be science backed products. It was themselves and have a little help along with this in mind that we began the way. The HuGG Co launched in July with a complete range of CBD infused working on understanding products split over 2 categories, Self specific market segments and Care and Daily care. their health needs.” Clifton Flack, Founder and CEO of

“While researching and growing in the cannabis industry, talking with a magnitude of healthcare practitioners, nurses, estheticians and even yoga instructors and young female entrepreneurs, CiiTECH quickly

CiiTECH’s recent venture into consumer focused brand development don’t stop there.

Meet IMPACT sports, a CBD sports brand powered by CiiTECH in partnership with professional sportsmen James Haskell and Ben Franks.

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