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The fleet management department from the Vale of Glamorgan was also nominated for a Future Fleet Award.

L-R: Mick Friend, Dennis Eagle; Julian Glasspole, VWS; and Sid Sadique, NRG Fleet Services.


L-R: Urbaser's Jose Ramon Sanchez and Jon Siviter from NRG Fleet Services.

Keynote speakers Mike Britt, MG. Britt Consulting, and NYC's Keith Kerman.

Eric Richardson, City of New York, Ann-Marie Knegt, LAPV, and Arend Mouton, City of London Police, were all judges for the Future Fleet Awards.

L-R: Monica Guise, University of Birmingham, Phil Clifford, freelance consultant, and Nicola Kane, Johnston Sweepers.

L-R: Kevin Murton, Epic Media; Nathan Carr, Hills Waste; Paul Brown and Kirsty Hillsden, RVS.

March 2018 LAPV 23

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LAPV March 2018