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10 Storage tank protection Amsterdam unites in the name of safety; the challenges of fire-water mains replacement; facility considers pump-less fixed foam system.


26 Foam Lastfire and Dallas/Fort Worth Airport partner up; legal ruling dismisses public-office immunity claim; how to stop a contaminated plume.


33 PPE Minimising the risk of dermal adsorption of toxic chemicals. 36 Training and exercising Project aims to improve CBRNe response.

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16 Offshore Why visual flame detectors are proving a hit with FPSOs. 18 Pumps The different types and latest developments – plus tips.

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38 Vehicles Super Pumper breaks records; off-road fire truck launched; firm overcomes challenging specification requirements. 43 Tall buildings Autonomous fire suppression for combustible cladding; trends and tech for safety in mixed-use buildings. 46 Detection The internet of smokedetecting things.


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48 Suppression New clean-agent suppression system – Q&A; groovy sprinkler design finds success. 52 Passive fire protection Fire-barrier duct wrap in focus.

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53 Event review NFPA Conference & Expo. 57 Products and apps NEW REGULAR SECTION

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