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A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF FASHION HAS ARRIVED AT BAYSIDE For all the latest information on the new Bayside visit 28 Beach Street, Frankston VIC 3199 03 9771 1700



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( 4 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

fact, we are booked out for our next phase of boot camp and now taking bookings for the end of April. Also, I wondered if you had a couple of spare copies that you might be able to send out way? Thanks again. Yours in health, vitality and strength Nicky Edwards, Rapid Results Boot Camp Hi Lisa & All the Folk at Mornington Life! I’ve just received notification Bagamoyo (book featured in the Autumn edition of your magazine) has just won gold in the Category: First book over 80000 words, in America’s prestigious ‘Next Generation Independent Book Awards’. Full announcements will be made public late May. Please pass on my thanks to Mel Marcello for her faith in the novel as it seeks to win wide acclaim! Best regards to all, Dennis Nelson.

jacket and waxed stretch charcoal jean - more fashion from page 58.

Spring Issue out SEPT 7 Deadline AUGUST 5 Please book early.

Mornington LIFE the peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine.

Ph: 5906 5771 or 9708 8222 P.O. Box 3554, Mornington 3931 (revamped website up mid June) fresh every season



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Inside this season you will find a plethora of fabulous articles, all with a distinct peninsula flavour. Vibrant new sections have been introduced as well. ‘Our Offspring’ celebrates our children from newborn to teens offering new products and services, especially for new Mum’s. Amber Gardener of Naturallight Photography will be taking amazing photographs of peninsula’s tots which will be a feature of this section every season. Other brilliant sections are local ‘Women of Worth’ who, this season, have contributed through business, community projects, arts and music to enrich our community. Coffee anyone ? Read, sample then cast your vote in ‘ Beyond the Buzz’, exposing the best cafés around Mornington and offering spot prizes to voters. Fashion Life pictorial is a celebration of local fashion, beautifully photographed by Julian Walker and the team at Mornington’s Studio Diva. The garments, jewellery and accessories are direct from your local stores, modelled and presented in way to entice you into this season’s adventures of fashion. Red Hill’s Winter Wine Weekend has meant a bigger section focussing on wine and gourmet delights this season brings, including the Queens Birthday Winter Wine Weekend. Keep informed mid season by joining our Facebook community and watch for the launch of our revamped website! Hard work and a commitment to our product has established Mornington Life, the peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine, as a vibrant part of community and culture in and around Mornington. We thought you may like to read some of the many messages of thanks we have received from the exposure and voice our magazine has given to business, community and individuals who form the fabric of life that is our peninsula. Enjoy the season, Lisa Walton, Publisher Creative Director Yandell Walton Dear Lisa, Just a quick note to let you know of the amazing Publisher Lisa Walton response we had to our first advertisement in Mornington Life. Publisher’s Assistant Shae Holmes We have been astounded by the number of people both local and Sales Miriam Doe 0421 085 974 from a distance that have responded to the ad. Being Frankston Sales Di Hamilton 0432 763 414 South based having patrons coming from as far as Dromana, Design Tamara Coles, Yandell Walton Rosebud and even towards the city Mordialloc and Parkdale. Accounts Belinda Scott The presentation of our page was first class. Journalists Kate Selth, Mel Marcello We had people call and book tables on the Thursday the Photographers Clare Hassett, magazine was printed and delivered and have had a constant Yandell Walton stream of bookings solely based on the ad. Feature writers Grattan Anderson, Jennifer Webber, Paul Eastman, Having a background in real estate I look for value when Peter Wrench, Scott Grimster, choosing publications for advertising and I truly believe the Drew Cooper, Peter Jupp, investment we have made in Mornington Life Magazine paid for Jessica Taylor and Evan Rose-Jenkins itself 10 fold in the first two weeks. It is with out hesitation that I recommend local business use your magazine and feel free to pass on my number to any potential Pier 10 - see page 93 for more, client for a further recommendation. DOC of Mornington celebrate their Jason Absolom, The Pizzeria on Norman 1st birthday pages 24&97. Euro Collections Mornington and Hi Yandell, Just wanted to touch base and say thanks. The ad in Mt Eliza, NTS crop military black the mag looks great and we’ve already been receiving calls. In

mornington life

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A Dynamic Duo Bob Phillips and Judy Banks have been in showbiz for a combined 100 years. The Mornington Peninsula couple have seen it all and shared a lifetime of fabulous memories in the glamorous worlds of stage and television. While Judy has acted in many productions since starting in theatre in 1957, Bob, a TV producer, has worked with numerous television legends, including Graham Kennedy who for a time lived at the foot of Olivers Hill in Frankston. It was Bob’s interest in entertainment that saw him work at carnivals before becoming a spool boy with Hoyts and eventually joining Channel 9. Judy, meanwhile, was carving out a successful theatre career for herself and around 1969 was invited to sing on


31ST JULY 2011 8km & 3.7km Fun Run 3.7km Walk 8am start

Start: Mornington Park, Mornington. Vic


All profits are donated to Peter MacCallum Cancer Research Entry Forms available from: Mornington Chamber of Commerce Main Street, Mornington. Ph: (03) 5975 4522  Email:

( 6 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

‘In Melbourne Tonight’, where Bob was the floor manager. However, the sparks really flew when Channel O (now Channel 10) decided to produce a morning show called ‘Fredd Bear’s Breakfast a Go Go’. Judy was asked to co-host with a silent bear and Bob was installed as the show’s producer. Judy recalls, “I thought he had lovely hands and of course I loved his gorgeous voice. And he was a very kind sweet man.” “Of course he fell madly in love with me,” Judy laughs. When the pair decided to elope, they ran off to Man Friday Island off the coast of Fiji, but their plans to keep their relationship a secret came unstuck after they ran into Philip Brady (broadcaster) at Nadi airport. Graham Kennedy, who Bob was producing by this stage, also hinted at the pair’s relationship on 3UZ radio when he teased, “who is the well known producer going out with an actor, who happens to be in ‘Salad Days’?” Bob says it didn’t take people too long to work it all out and the couple’s relationship was exposed. They made their union official in 1976 tying the knot at Sages Cottage in Baxter. Daryl Somers was there and Fredd Bear flew in by helicopter. A year earlier, Judy had established the Judy Banks School of Television in Richmond (she later moved it to the Mornington Peninsula). Judy coached those who were to appear on television, from newsreaders to politicians and even priests. She equipped them with the skills of presentation and public speaking and has only recently scaled back her business preferring to offer private classes. Bob went onto to work with most of television’s big names – Bert Newton, Don Lane, Steve Vizard, Mike Walsh, Daryl Somers and Ernie Sigley. However, he concedes that Graham Kennedy was the true master of television. “He was just a real genius,” Bob says. Throughout the years, Bob collected memorabilia from television’s early days and in 1988 established the Australian Museum of Modern Media, later known at TV World. About six years ago he gave away much of his collection to ACMI in Federation Square. These days, Bob and Judy both admit to being more comfortable in front of the microphone than the television cameras. Both had dabbled in radio in the early days and were actively involved in the beginnings of Mornington Peninsula community radio station, 3RPP FM. Bob recalls working at 3RPP in 1988 in a shed behind Coles in Mornington. These days, Bob and Judy can still be heard on 3RPP every Tuesday between 1-3pm with their program, ‘Sugar & Spice’.

The day Mornington Life dropped by, Bob & Judy were having an animated conversation with songster, Leo Sayer, who was speaking to the pair on air from 3RPP’s Sydney studio. Bob says having worked in the showbiz industry so long, he is able to pull a few favours and generally gets the talent he wants. Praising the benefits of radio Bob says, “you’re less dependent on other people working in radio,” but Judy quips, “I do miss the applause.” Both are looking forward to 3RPP moving to its news premises in Mornington, which are expected to be the best community radio studios in Australia. Station manager, Brendon Telfer, says Bob and Judy have been instrumental in spreading the word of 3RPP and is “delighted to have them as broadcasters.” Of all the triumphs Judy and Bob have had in their long and happy lives, perhaps their proudest moment was at the book launch of their only child, Andrew, held at the ANU in Canberra. An academic, Dr Andrew Phillips, 34, dedicated his book on international relations to his parents saying they had “always given him unconditional love and support.” Judy says, “I’m very proud of him but I’m concerned his head is buried in academia all the time. I’ve told him to read a book on Keith Richards to get a bit of balance.” - Mel Marcello fresh every season

mornington life

Mornington’s New Team Meet Melanie Sayers and Bronwyn Byrne - the newest team members at Mornington’s Chamber of Commerce. Stepping into the recently created role of Marketing and Promotions Manager, Melanie is thrilled to have the opportunity to inject her signature energy and passion into her local community. “Several Mornington Peninsula towns already have a Marketing and Promotions Levy in place and they have certainly benefited from being able to promote their towns and events,” said Melanie. “Now Mornington is able to do the same. We are currently working on a clear vision and marketing plan that includes online marketing strategies, refreshing local events and markets, and building a clear brand for Mornington that reflects how unique and special the town is.” “We are putting Mornington back on the map as the heart of the Peninsula. As a seaside village with a casual elegance, our restaurants, cafes, shops and historical buildings offer a unique diversity that make Mornington a

prominent destination.” Also excited to be a part of the move to revive the area, Bronwyn is looking forward to “evoking Mornington’s unique ambience into the hearts and minds of both locals and tourists.” As the Mornington Chamber of Commerce’s Office and Market Co-Ordinator, Bronwyn now acts as the initial point of contact for all local traders. She also manages over 100 stalls at Mornington’s popular Wednesday Market. The dynamic duo bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge to their positions and are already focusing on some major draw card events for 2011. In July Mornington will host the Bay Run, a charity fun run for Peter MacCallum Cancer Research. Then October sees the anticipated return of Mornington’s Food and Wine Festival. For more information on upcoming events and the Mornington Chamber of Commerce visit

Our own eco warrior taking on the Tassie Devil

Persia Anderton has appeared as the Mornington Peninsula’s very own eco warrior. The nine year old has been on a recent mission to raise funds to save the endangered Tassie Devil. It was following a recent trip to Taronga Zoo that Persia first fell in love with the animal. Upon learning that a form of facial cancer was putting the species at a high risk of extinction, she felt compelled to help. WINTER 2011

Facial cancer is contracted at an alarming rate by Tassie Devils through feeding and biting, which is natural behaviour for them upon meeting other Devils. Zoo breeding programs work to counteract the population decline by building strong populations with genetic variations. The result is a population that is more likely to survive once they are released back into the wild. On Sunday May 1, Persia held a charity auction to help raise funds for Taronga Zoo’s breeding program. Hosted by Boyz at Manyung (right), the event attracted approximately 90 people who helped to raise an impressive $4,000. The event was generously supported by local businesses with prizes including a rally car drive, a boot camp pass, a dolphin swim and a painting by local author / illustrator Mark Wilson who also conducted children’s drawing workshops on the day. For those that could not attend, Persia’s fight for the Tassie Devil continues and donations are still welcome. All proceeds Persia raises go to the Taronga Zoo’s breeding program.

You can donate online – taronga, Or send your cheque to – Persia Anderton, PO Box 501, Mornington, Vic, 3931 *Please make cheques payable to the Taronga Foundation.

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Be a Victorian Tourism Hero Tourism operators on the Mornington Peninsula currently have the opportunity to be a part of the 2011 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards. With 27 business and three individual award categories, the awards have been established to acknowledge outstanding achievements and success within tourism. Award winners go on to represent Victoria at the national Qantas Australian Tourism Awards. According to Neil James, RACV’s General Manager for Tourism and Travel, there are significant advantages for both entrants and the tourism industry. “Winners receive year round marketing benefits including the opportunity to tap into RACV’s 1.4 million circulation monthly members magazine Royal Auto and on our website”, said Neil. Entrants have a further opportunity to maximize existing achievements and develop a competitive and marketable edge through workshops and mentorships.

Local stargazers reach new heights If you ever gaze up into the sky and wonder what’s going on in that vast open space, the Mornington Peninsula Astrological Society (MPAS) could provide you with some interesting insights. Founded in 1969, the group provides locals with the opportunity to engage with the activities of a statewide group aiming to foster the study of astronomy by amateurs and promote the activity as a hobby to the general public. The MPAS has a long history of introducing schools and community groups to the wonders of the night sky, and in recent years the public has also had the opportunity to enjoy some stargazing at monthly public viewing nights. Held on the first Friday of each month at the Briars Visitors Centre, these popular events are a great chance to view the moon, stars, clusters, satellite and space Max’s at Red Hill Estate is one local business that has station passes and planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter and experienced success at the awards. “Involvement in the Saturn. With a wide range of telescopes being supplied by Victorian and Australian Tourism Awards has increased awareness and exposure of Max’s brand on both a state and members, it is an accessible and hassle free experience for visitors. national level,” said owner / chef Max Paganoni (above). Submissions for business categories close on August 12. According to MPAS President, Peter Lowe, winter provides a great opportunity to view some unique systems. Submissions for individual categories close on Sept 23. “As the earth travels around the sun our sky constantly For entry details and additional information on support changes and provides us with the chance to see different for entrants and program / workshop dates, visit: parts of the sky,” he said. “During winter we can view

( 8 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

the Scorpius constellation meaning we’re exposed to thousands of new star clusters to look at. The Milky Way is also at its highest and meaning you can see fainter galaxies which may not be visible during the summer months.” Held regardless of weather conditions, public viewing evenings start with an introductory presentation designed to inform and explain to visitors what they are about to experience. The group then moves to the specially created observing platforms to put their newfound knowledge to the test. Those looking to take their amateur interest to a deeper level will benefit from the society’s membership program. Bringing together likeminded individuals of all levels of experience and interest, the program provides access to monthly meetings featuring special guests speakers who discuss the latest astronomical and scientific information. Members are also provided with access to an extensive library of astronomical information, regular social events, newsletters and a wealth of other specialised benefits. MPAS will be holding an increased number of public events to support National Science Week from August 13 - 27. For more information on the MPAS and their next public viewing night visit or call 0419 253 252 fresh every season

mornington life

It’s a barrel, no, make that a ‘booth’ of laughs It’s hard to top this company’s own catch phrases of “Capture the intimate, hilarious and unexpected,” and “Add fun and laughter to your event with a photobooth from Little Black Booth.” Jessie Curtis-Griffiths found it impossible to find an affordable photobooth when planning her wedding, which she wanted to be as magical for her guests as for herself. Everything was in place, fantastic food and beverages, a stunning venue, but she wanted that extra ‘something’. She had fallen in love with photobooths after watching the movie ‘Amelie’ and knew it would be a great addition, especially as the night progressed and people let their hair down, but it was proving almost impossible to find one she could afford. Surprised there were no photobooths on the Peninsula, given the number of weddings and frustrated at the hefty prices with travel surcharges, she believed the area needed its own photobooth. Today, Little Black Booth is the peninsula’s first photobooth rental business. Jessie hopes to bring the same magic she experienced at her wedding to your happy event! Little Black Booth is not a unique concept but it is

Prop boxes can be a fabulous way to capture the hilarious and crazy side of your friends, you can even hire an attendant to produce a photo album for you. Take home your very own personalised album to remember the night for years to come! An attendant will fill it with strips taken during your event and ask your guests to write you a message. A fantastic, instant way of immortalising your event, your guests will be talking about it for months! Perfect for your wedding, birthday bash, corporate event, business promotion, engagement or party. And what a unique gift - the gift of photos and fun! Call Jessie at Little Black Booth on 0433 208 411 or click unique on the Mornington Peninsula. With her sense of adventure Jessie has added some very special extras which are additional to the basic booth cost. These include high quality adhesive magnets for each photo strip so you and your guests can put the photos straight on the fridge. Or perhaps a personalised message or company logo is what you want, these sit as the 4th photo on each strip. Everybody loves photos.

Quirky numbers for July this year Research into the workings of the human mind divide us into left or right brained categories; people who are left brained are supposed to excel with numbers and may be encouraged to pursue a career path in number crunching.


So go figure the following. There will five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in July this year which happens only once every 823 years – or so the email says, along with encouragement to forward this information to all friends and family members to bring everyone good luck with money… and bounteous good fortune to the sender, of course. More sceptical readers can truly believe these dates have or will occur this year; 1-1-11, 11-1-11, 1-11-11, 11-11-11. But that’s not all - take the last two digits of the year you were born then add the age you will be this year. The answer is 111 for everyone in the world (using the Christian calendar), and for kids born after 2000 the same formula applies except 100 needs to be added to come up with 111. Don’t read this bit if you are already email savvy. Just a word about ‘forwarding’ etiquette. To forward an email, delete the history of others who have received it and add your own personal message if required. There are companies who make billions by harvesting active email addresses from forwarded messages and on selling them to whoever! This puts the user at risk of receiving viruses, trojans and other nasties. Stay in touch - find us on Facebook


Kate McIntyre is a Master of Wine. As one of only nine people worldwide to have achieved Master of Wine status from a specialised London based institute in 2010, she now acts as an ambassador for the Mornington Peninsula’s high quality cool climate product.

( 10 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

“The study for the Master of Wine has been an ongoing project for me over the past 11 years, mostly studying here at home,” said Kate from the lounge room of Moorooduc Estate homestead. It is here she has toyed and toiled since she was the school-age daughter of respected peninsula vignerons Jill and Richard McIntyre. To be able to sit the exam, aspirants must attend numerous lectures from existing masters and experts in the field. Candidates also attend two summer schools which include practice tastings under the tutelage of vintage Masters of Wine. Once qualified, MW’s then become tutors for the next generation of students. “The tasting exam involves sampling three groups of 12 wines; red, white and mixed. You have just over two hours to taste each group and write the paper. A typical question would be: Samples 1-4 are the same, single variety of wine, sourced from 4 different countries (or regions). What is the grape variety, country and region, and why do you think so?” “It’s all about what the wine in the glass can tell you,” said Kate. “Four theory papers, covering viticulture, vinification, marketing and broad wine issues must also be completed. This helps the institute get to know a bit more about you and how you relate to wine in a global sense.” “Most years I also did a bit of travelling to different wine regions, to get a first-hand look at how various varieties

are grown and processed. I travelled to London more often when I was coming to the pointy end of things.” Once students have passed the exam, they must then submit a 10, 000 word dissertation on a previously unexplored facet of the wine industry. Kate analysed the market rise and fall that Chardonnay has experienced in recent decades. “The dissertation is really defined as being a mini-PhD. It has to be new research that is going to give something back to the wine industry,” said Kate. “I found that a lot of people weren’t drinking Chardonnay because they had too much of it in the 80s and 90s. People were not aware that the style has changed since then. Now we are picking the fruit a little bit earlier and making it lighter and leaner than it used to be.” “Having a Masters of Wine is shorthand for saying ‘this person knows what they’re talking about’ so when I travel, it helps open doors”. The good news is that it also helps to get Mornington Peninsula wines into all the right places. Kate and other peninsula vignerons will meet and greet wine enthusiasts at a Meet the Winemaker evening in the Hotel Sorrento’s new cellar bar during the Winter Wine Weekend. More on the Winter Wine Weekend including free tickets to win in our food and wine section from page 82. Contact: Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Association on 5989 2377 or - Grattan Anderson

fresh every season

mornington life

Nirvana for wine lovers Wine lovers can now find their nirvana at Fine Wine Merchant in Mornington. The new store stocks close to 600 wines, ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars per bottle. Around 100 Mornington Peninsula wines grace the store’s shelves, quite possibly the world’s best choice of the local drop. “We present the highest possible quality, we know everything intimately and we offer great value,” said proprietor and wine lover Stewart Plant. “You don’t need to spend $500 to get a good bottle of wine, although we sell a lot of bottles in that price range and we can supply wines priced far higher.” “We offer easy access to the world’s great wines, many of our stocked wines are very rare, highly collectable and near impossible to find in any wine store.” “Our wines are all fantastic quality, so rather than just offer the usual bunch of reds and whites, for the same price or less we can supply guaranteed, high quality wine.” Including niche drops, such as wines low in preservatives or sourced from organically or


biodynamically grown grapes. “We don’t stock the mass produced wines from the large wineries, some of them are good but many are rubbish. Our focus is on artisan wines made with love, passion and care – wine with a story,” said Stewart. Fine Wine Merchant offers a good choice in the $8-$20 range. “A big outlet might stock 20, $10 NZ Sauvignon Blancs - they all taste the same, in many cases they are the same, but with different labels. We only stock four but they are excellent, hand-picked, taste tested, good value choices,” stresses Stewart. “Someone with an expanding, established cellar will find wines to compliment and augment the styles they already own and some new styles based on what they are already enjoying. We will broaden their pleasure horizons and suggest wines that will age well.” Brilliant Adelaide Hills producer and one time chief winemaker at Wolfblass, Mike Press, won the Jimmy Watson Trophy with his ‘98 black label Shiraz. His wines can be hard to

find, but not at Fine Wine Merchant. “He is producing a stunning Chardonnay and a brilliant Merlot and Cabernet, all for less than $15 and as good as wines three times the price.” Recommending ideal wines for dinner parties and important dates is also the forté of Stewart and store manager Angelique. “At the moment we have some exciting imported wines, a lovely ripe, clean and fruity Spanish Tempranillo, for just $13 a bottle. It’s better than many wines twice its price. There’s also a $19 Shiraz & Grenaché blend Côtes du Rhône that is subtle savouring and fabulous drinking with a meal.” “We help match wine with food, and suggest food that will enhance wine as well.” To accompany a steak dinner Stewart advises that some of the peninsula’s richer styles of Shiraz or Pinot Noir can work brilliantly, as they are rich, complex wines with great fruit flavour. Wine lovers are welcome to browse And with seafood it’s even easier; the Fine Wine Merchant’s constantly peninsula boasts so many top-quality evolving range at 59 Main Street, Chardonnay producers with a range of Mornington. Contact: 5976 8267 or styles perfectly suited to all manner of maritime dishes.

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What is it about Italy that continues to fascinate us? Its enduring timeless appeal is firmly grounded in its art and history, its spectacular scenery, in its fashion and leading edge design, in its food and traditions, in the warmth of its people and the musicality of its language. Lorenza Campbell, an experienced and qualified Italian language teacher is now offering individual classes in Italian to all ages and levels. “My students come to learn Italian because they will be traveling to Italy, because they have an Italian background or just because…. because like me, they have a love of the Italian language.” says Lorenza. “My passion for the Italian language comes not just from my own Italian background but from a fascination with how language works and how we as humans acquire language from an early age. This fascination has taken me from learning Italian, to a degree in Italian and education, to teaching Italian.” Over the past 20 years Lorenza has taught adults, young adults and children from absolute beginners to VCE students. Her approach to language learning is a combination of an interactive model and a focus on language structures.

( 14 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

Language is learnt through speaking and listening as well as developing language awareness so that communication is accurate, rich and authentic. Earlier this year, Lorenza spent time at a world class language school in stunning Taormina in Sicily and found her own teaching style and methodology were closely aligned. “I have adopted the European model A1 – C2 of language course levels.” said Lorenza. “With this in mind I offer small group tuition in an optimum group size of no more than 6 students and a focus on personalized learning. Appropriately, I teach from the warm environment of my home around a large rustic wooden dining able overlooking beautiful Mt.Eliza.” In 2012, Lorenza will be offering language, art and culture tours of Sicily in collaboration with fellow Sicilian and local identity Rosa Malignaggi, who will be running food and culture tours of Sicily. Together they will be able to offer a range of unique Italian and Sicilian experiences. For further Information and bookings for the Language Classes or 2012 Sicily tours please contact Lorenza Campbell 9787 3523 or 0409 806 391.

Celebrating and making history - a message from your Ward Councillor: Mornington is currently celebrating its 150th year as a township and it is shaping up to be a busy time for the Shire. The peninsula is one of Victoria’s most beautiful regions, boasting 40 unique townships each with its own cultural and historic diversity. Mornington in particular offers a wonderful history mixed with a contemporary feel. Our special selection of shops, eating places and businesses offer good service and warm friendly environments. It’s a great pleasure for me to be working with so many others to preserve what we have and to build Mornington’s future. One of my main roles is to enhance our public places so that our community can remain connected. Currently work is underway to renovate and improve Mornington Park’s historic hall. Home to Mornington Youth & Citizens band. Both are icons in our community. Mornington will celebrate its 150th birthday through October. A dedicated volunteer team will be working on the festivities that will culminate in a main event on October 23 – a family fun day at the park. To mark the occasion, the Shire is also currently developing an arts project beginning with a piece that represents a moment in our own history. To hear and see more of our past, a visit to the Mornington and District Historical Society is a must, as is a stroll through Memorial Park. Primary schools are also central to the celebrations. This is very important because our children will be creating their own history one day. From visiting schools, clubs and talking to young people I believe there are many positive things to come. Hopefully we can continue to give them the tools they need and equip them for what lies ahead. Seeing the work in sustainability they are doing within their schools is heartening. With so many people coming to Mornington and enjoying all it has to offer, we are experiencing increased challenges relating to rubbish and graffiti. It’s time to get together and work out how we are going to address these issues. Anyone interested in being involved in “project tidy town” please contact me. It will be a main topic at the next ward meeting. I’m sure you will enjoy all the winter experiences Mornington has to offer and don’t forget our wonderful library for a good book to curl up with. Cheers for now, Cr Bev Colomb, Mornington Ward Ph: 5977 0612 Email: fresh every season

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Good Mornington! The new hockingstuart Mornington Office is open and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a local at the helm. Nicole Roberts and her team are experts in the needs of bayside buyers and sellers. They have a track record of exceptional service and outstanding results. We can attract the local market and draw on a strong support network of Melbourne offices with buyers, sellers, tenants and investors all considering a peninsula purchase. hockingstuart Mornington is our 46th office â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and another link in the bayside chain. We began in Albert Park and now service every suburb between Port Melbourne and Portsea.


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Mornington Office 204 Main Street Mornington VIC 3931 T

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Better get on down to flinders, the funky town Offering a cornucopia of stylish, funky and practical home-wares, along with a stash of personal treasures, 4M has infused the Prahran store’s urban style into the lush hamlet of Flinders. “We are excited to have secured respected brands Missoni Home and Aesop for our Flinders store. A big coup given that these tightly held brands are not commonly found in many, or any, stand- alone retail stores . . . what a win for the peninsula!” said manager Mark Patterson. The 4M treasure trove includes: Missoni Home: This exclusive Italian brand is now at the

Flinders store. The expanding design range includes gym towels, bath and hand towels, robes and bath sheets. Aesop: This iconic Australian owned and made brand features their Body Care range, Jet Set Kits for travellers and new Aesop Animal for our furry friends. O’Clock Watches: These are hot new water-resistant watches from Italy... just landed in Flinders. Available in many colours with removable faces, they come in a great little ‘tuna can’. Lizzie Allen – London: When Mark discovered these lifesize English telephone boxes he asked Lizzie to print a couple. They look simply amazing framed and can also be effective as a wallpaper panel.

Sorrento Ghost Tours invite you to ‘meet’ the spirits of the Honorable George Coppin, the lady in white, and other mysterious souls during regular tours of Sorrento’s spookiest spots. Entrepreneur, philanthropist and parliamentarian, George Coppin was a legend in his own lifetime. He built the Continental Hotel in 1875 and established the town as a popular seaside resort. Some people, at least those who believe in ghosts, say that he has never really left. According to long-time peninsula resident Jenny Tomkins of Sorrento Ghost Tours, some locals say that Coppin’s ghost still resides in the imposing hotel.


Paul Smith – London: A new delivery of men’s cotton Italian socks, superb towels, Belgian bathrobes and chichi cufflinks has just arrived. The range includes pink socks... great fun and worth a look. Kids Knit Hats: Colourful and full of fun, these cute kid’s hats are hand knitted in Nepal. David Trubridge – NZ: A fabulous assemblage of timber pendant lights, the Floral and Coral natural pendants now come in 40, 60, 80 and 100cm diameters. They are very effective sitting on the floor in the corner of a room. Black and colours coming soon. 4M is at 2/48 Cook Street, Flinders. Ph: 5989 0292. Web:

When Jenny decided to combine her love of history, teaching and walking by starting Sorrento Ghost Tours, she spent six months researching the topic by speaking with local residents, shop owners, psychics and the Historical Society. She also bought an EMF (electro-magnetic field) meter, a device used by paranormal enthusiasts to detect the presence of ghosts. At the Koonya Hotel, legend says that a man died when he fell from a staircase, which has been long-removed. Jenny was also told of ‘cold spots’ in the corridors where the temperature might be 10 degrees lower than the surrounding air, a possible indicator of ghosts. On a Sorrento Ghost Tour, participants visit a dozen historic sites, at least eight of which are believed to have ghostly occupants. One is the Three Palms Restaurant, which was once a family home from where a young girl was abducted and never found. Another tour highlight is the Athenaeum theatre, built by Coppin c1870. The cinema is said to be watched over by a lady in white. A number of people have said that they have seen her. Sorrento Ghost Tours run on the first Saturday of each month and more often during the holiday season, regardless of weather. The 90 minute excursion departs from the foreshore rotunda at 8pm. Phone 0409 844 768 or email Pictured: Jenny Tomkins right. Other photograph is not of ghosts, but a volunteer from Nepean Historical Society dressed in theme at Watts Pioneer Cottage. Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

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Darwin, DNA and Dogma

assaults on the existing electromagnetic HARMONIC. For a few thousand years this may remain relatively static. Then an invading electromagnetic pulse in the shape of a comet, coronal mass ejection (CME), exploding super-nova or planet in disturbed motion, reduces the environment to chaos. Synchrotron radiation infiltrates the DNA structure. An electromagnetic variant locks in. A new harmonic Lamor frequency is established. The DNA sees, reads and immediately creates new species under this defining electromagnetic spectrum. The old is wiped out and the genetically modified survivors reappear with their optimized DNA embracing an entirely new animal or plant species. The DNA has evolved, not by natural selection but by genetic adaptive mega leaps.

By Peter Mungo Jupp Charles Darwin was a genius of his time, pushing boundaries and challenging commonly accepted theories of creation. Having spent his formative years on a cramped bed on the H.M.S Beagle observing mysterious jungles and misty Brazilian mountain ranges, Darwin and his theories returned to London in 1836 to a hero’s welcome. Up to now, many theories of creation had been confined to a five thousand year history of the world. Together with Hutton and Lyle, Darwin revolutionized concepts on the age of the world and established Uniformitarianism. To this clique, slow inexorable time, with its miniscule snail like progress, explained all change in geology and biology. Suddenly the world was millions of years old.

But Darwin got it wrong. His admirable and once unique concepts have since been proven dubious. But hang on... Everyone knows the Theory of Evolution is proven science. I have heard that said somewhere before…. If you collect a group of peer reviewed papers, which hold the same viewpoint, of course they will all agree. But let’s examine this. What did Darwin postulate that was unique? The theory of evolution by Natural Selection (survival of the fittest) was his distinguishing brainchild. Under this theory, living organisms adapt to circumstance and slowly but surely work their way up the evolutionary ladder via a competitive process. Not only organisms but nowadays organizations grandly

Without exception there has never been a new species without a preceding mass extinction. Harvard paleontologist S.J. Gould says “fossil records demonstrate that a species remains unchanged for millions of years before abruptly disappearing. Gradualism is not a fact of nature. Most new species appear with a bang.” aspire towards this evolutionary excellence.

There are no intermediate species. Berkeley nuclear scientist, Rick Firestone, talks of the black matt that separates the demise of the mammoths from the next generation of species. The skulls of extinct mammoths and numerous other life forms are pitted with radioactive iridium and carbon spherules. Theirs was a catastrophic So what about actual species changes? These do not demise. occur through slow methodical evolution. According to New York University Geologist, Michael Rampino “Charles Changes can be momentous as in from Darwin’s theory of gradual evolution is not supported by lizard to dinosaur. geological history.” Sometimes they are New theories suggest that DNA will change dramatically mild as in mammoth under extreme provocation. The science of polyploidy, with to elephant. But its same sex division, allows this. Animal species such as always they are Salmon and some plants and insects form new species extraordinary genetic when subjected to radical chemicals (e.g. colchinine) and leaps. DNA is an radiation (X rays, UV, alpha and beta rays). incredible, intelligent DNA will also adapt to extinction. This occurs as DNA has and mysterious adaptive life force. an intuitive and intelligent brain that reacts to sudden We thus have bacteria seeking to become superbugs, humans aiming for higher athletic records and corporations relentlessly seeking perfection in human relationships.

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by Scott Grimster Sometimes when you are standing on your local pier you’ll notice a large black mass moving through the water. Most people think it is a large piece of seaweed or a diver, when in fact it is the world’s largest stingray. A master of camouflage, the Smooth Stingray has adapted the effective technique of countershading. The top of the stingray is dark grey or black and when viewed from above it blends in with the dark sea floor. This gives the Smooth Stingray the handy ability to appear ‘invisible’ to its predators and prey. A distinctive feature of any stingray is its long, serrated stinging barb or spine. The Smooth Stingray’s barb is found on the top of its short tail and is used as a defensive weapon. It has a habit of resting with the barb facing upwards as a warning to predators and divers if they venture too close. Smooth stingrays are actually very docile creatures that are rarely aggressive unless they feel threatened. The mouth of the Smooth Stingray is strategically positioned on the underside of its body, ideal for sifting through the sandy ocean floor. To prevent getting a mouthful of sand, they have large holes behind their eyes that expel sand and food scraps while they eat. Favourite snacks include crabs, molluscs and fish such as pilchards and silver whiting found around piers. Smooth Stingrays have a series of small, flat crushing teeth arranged in a ‘pavement pattern’ that line their jaw allowing them to grind up their food. Teeth are shed and regrown throughout their whole lives. They also frequently shed their stinging barb and grow a new one. It is not uncommon to see a Smooth Stingray with multiple barbs as one is grown in preparation for shedding the old one. Smooth stingrays are like vacuum cleaners, scouring the sea floors and hunting down prey that could not be detected using conventional senses like sight or smell. They use electromagnetic sensors similar to those found on sharks. Scattered pores on the stingray’s head lead to what is known as ampullae, which are connected to the nerves. These detect the weak electrical currents emitted by hiding fish, giving the rays a ‘sixthsense’. Stingrays are thought to be so sensitive to electric fields that they can detect the earth’s magnetic field and use it to navigate over long distances. The species is live-bearing and litters have been known to be between six and 14 pups. The gestation period is approximately 12 months. Smooth Stingrays can be found around most piers around Port Phillip and Westernport bays and are also seen along the Peninsula back beaches. They grow to 4.3m in length and can weight up to a whopping 350 kilograms with a life span of up to 50 years. For more information on diving on the Mornington Peninsula or to check out the latest photos, logon to - WINTER 2011

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Audi A1 Inclusive – The next big Audi A1 finance offer. The Audi A1 from $117* a week. The optional Audi Inclusive package from $9 a week includes: • Flat rate on 12 months Audi Comprehensive Motor Insurance** • Flat rate on 3 years Audi Tyre and Rim Insurance • Flat rate on 3 years or 45,000 km (whichever comes first) Scheduled Servicing To arrange a test drive, visit Audi Mornington today.

Audi Mornington 117 Mornington - Tyabb Road, Mornington | Ph. 03 5975 5455 | *Order subject to minimum 3 months delivery time. Based on the maximum driveway price of $34,250 for the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Attraction manual (with no options), to approved Business Applicants of Audi Finance** on a Hire Purchase over a 60 month term with no deposit and a balloon of $15,412.50. Total amount payable without the optional package is $46,075.97 and with the optional package is $49,504.38 and is based on a fixed interest rate of 9% p.a. Offer ends 30 May 2011. Audi Finance reserves the right to extend this offer. Standard fees and charges apply. Not available to fleet, government or rental buyers. Full conditions are available on application. **Audi Finance is a trading name of Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd.** The optional $9 price is inclusive of scheduled servicing costs for 3 years or 45,000 kms, whichever is earlier, 12 months comprehensive motor insurance and 3 years tyre and rim service. Customer must arrange comprehensive motor insurance at their own cost after the first 12 months with no reduction in the weekly payment. Audi Insurance products are underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited AFSL 234708, ABN 15 000 122 850 (Allianz) and administered by Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty Limited, ABN 20 097 071 as an agent of Allianz. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available from the participating authorised dealer. Please consider the PDS and other policy documents before making a decision about this insurance. Overseas model shown. LMCT 10395.

Main Street Mornington | where the shops meet the sea Mornington offers a unique and special experience and lifestyle, combining the energy and style of a cosmopolitan town with the casual elegance, relaxed pace and ease of seaside living. Close enough to Melbourne for a day trip yet far enough to stay, arriving at Main Street Mornington a breath of fresh winter sea air greets you and you quickly realize how special and unique this seaside town is. Main Street Mornington is the Mornington Peninsula’s largest seaside shopping precinct. A kilometre-long shopping strip with over 350 specialty and boutique shops, it is sought after by those who appreciate a shopping experience by the sea combining the old and the new, style and sophistication for a truly memorable experience. There is so much to see and do, follow historical plaques and discover architecture and local history dating back to the mid 1800’s. Indulge in one of the many vibrant cafes or restaurants, be pampered at a day spa, lose yourself in a movie, relax in a warm and cosy nook in front of a crackling open fire place or simply stroll down Main Street and be immersed in the atmosphere. Enjoy the many surprises and unique delights of Main Street Mornington and the smaller side streets with their special offerings - Art galleries, fashion, antiques, fresh and local food and produce, cut flowers, beauty & home wares, gift shops, and so much more. Main Street Mornington, where the shops meet the sea…

a word from our traders Counting House is the

Mornington Peninsula’s newest restaurant. Located on the Esplanade within walking distance of parks & the beach this charming Mornington cottage is by the sea and is a heritage listed 98 year old bank building from the federation period. It has been fully restored to its former glory replete with coastal colours adorning its facade & bespoke furniture by an artisan cabinet maker. It has opened to acclaim for its design & its French inspired menu created & prepared by Chef Gavin Ong, who


is a protege of Curtis Stone while at Marco Pierre White’s London restaurant - Quo Vadis. The venue has something for everyone. 2 dining rooms in the brasserie, a wine bar with an open fireplace, a heated outdoor deck & Parisian footpath dining - perfect for watching the world go by. Mumm Champagne & Kronenberg beer are our relationship sponsors. All kitchen produce is locally supplied and our Chef’s courtyard is resplendant with a matured fig tree shading our winter herb garden. The wine list proudly showcases the Peninsula’s finest boutique wineries along with classic Antipodean & French labels. Counting House has a manifesto unashamedly geared towards becoming a long standing iconic destination for decades to come. It is a journey that is a dream for any restaurateur. Counting House, 787 Esplanade, Mornington Ph: 5975 2055

Secret Garden This store has been trading for over 20 years and has a loyal local following. Current owner Rebecca offers exceptional friendly service with fresh flowers, sourced locally wherever possible, plus a range of gifts, vases and chocolates. Open 7 days, deliveries avaoilable. 81 Main St, Mornington Ph 5975 0977

Sapphire Blue Fashion Owned and operated by husband and wife team Deb & Rob James, who are happy to have recently celebrated their 5th successful year of business. Deb & Lynne are always ready with expert advice to help you co-ordinate your look each season. Labels available are Pink Phoenix, Cordelia Street, U First, Privilege, Black Apple, Arcadia & more. Come in to experience the friendly personal service. 27 Main St, Mornington Ph 5976 3707

Alive with colour and variety The Main Street Market is on every Wednesday.

Leisure Pets has been

established in Mornington for over 35 years the past 20 with the present owner.We are committed to old fashioned friendly and helpful service at competitive prices.As there are not many animals we havent had experience with we are able to offer expert advice on most matters.Stocking a huge range of pet beds,dog coats and accessories catering to dogs,cats,birds and fish. We support and stock Australian made products including the Vets All Natural range.We look forward to be able to help you with all your pets needs.Your pets are most welcome to come into the shop with you. 195 Main Street Mornington Ph: 5975 2559 Mornington Chamber of Commerce Moorhead House 327-331 Main Street

Phone: 5975-4522

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ns u i n


First birthday buzz at DOC

Now known as the sexy European corner of Main Street and Ross, it bustles with activity and chatter showcasing first class Italian and local produce. This concept store and place to feed that little bit of Italian that lives in us all, is of course, DOC. A mozzarella bar, delicatessen, and a produce store, DOC is currently celebrating their first birthday. The name DOC actually comes from an Italian food and wine quality assurance label. Unashamedly Italian, it’s a sensory overload of food and fine aroma’s. Wheels of cheese, proscuitto and salami are all displayed with amazing cured meats in the glass fronted Salumi room. Produce here is always fresh and well sourced, locally wherever possible. By day you can shop for grocery items and by night continue the dream by savouring the ambience of a true Italian pizzeria.

What’s New at DOC

On Tuesday nights you can learn Italian. Barbara, who is Italian and a registered teacher, covers basic Italian in a round table class. It includes a light dinner selection of antipasto, pizza and salad for $38 starts at approx. 6.30pm and finishes around 9pm. This is a perfect introduction to the Italian language and great for people who want to chat Italian with a friend or may be looking to go on an Italian holiday. You can learn how to order a cup of coffee and other basics to get

( 24 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

you through your trip. New people can start at anytime and due to demand they are considering a Wednesday evening as well, perhaps offering intermediate rather than beginner classes. Best to book as this is becoming increasingly popular.

DOC is ‘popping up’ everywhere

Pop Up DOC catering has evolved naturally through the popularity of DOC. As Robert De Santis says “We just seem to be popping up everywhere these days”. DOC brings a dash of debonair with their chefs, slicers, cured meats and hams, antipasto, mini risotto and all things Italian. They slice and present a range of fabulous foods to delight guests. Rob continues, “Last month we were at the launch of the new BMW X3, we bought along chefs, our Burkel slicer, cured meats, antipasto, we fully catered, the boys had fun and it was a hit. If someone wants a party we can pop up there, it’s Pop-up DOC.” Pop up DOC is off site catering, showcasing DOC produce, where a slice of Italy is brought to you. Food is the show at DOC, they support local growers, everything Italian and are large supporters of the Slow Food Movement which encourages you to slow down, enjoy your food and your life. Happy Birthday DOC (Tony Nicolini & Robert De Santis) DOC is open 7 days 22 Main St Mornington 5977 0988 fresh every season

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Need help getting around Melbourne’s CBD? The Medical Companion Project is currently helping Mornington Peninsula residents reach their medical appointments in Melbourne. Each year an estimated 50,000 people from rural and regional Victoria travel to Melbourne for specialised medical treatment. Often they feel anxious about using transport services in central Melbourne alone. The new initiative aims to counteract this and assist the frail, aged and those living with a disability to comfortably and confidently reach their appointments. Trained volunteers and medical companions will meet travelers at Southern Cross Station or Flinders Street Station, and then accompany them to and from their appointment in central Melbourne. The service will run until December 2011 and is free. Bookings are essential and 24 hours notice is required. For more information phone: 1300 700 399

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Witnessing the gift of sight in Nepall Mt Eliza resident, Melinda Ogden, is privileged to be working in Nepal for the next six months having been sent there by the Fred Hollows Foundation in Australia. Melinda will be based in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, where the Foundation has worked since 1994. A journalist and photographer, Melinda will assist the Foundation’s partner in Nepal, the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmolgy, to boost its communications unit. She will also collect stories and photographs about the Foundation’s work restoring sight to those blinded by cataracts in the Himalayan country. Around 170,000 people in Nepal are blind, with cataract accounting for 70% of cases. Each year an additional 30,000 become cataract blind. Since the wife of the late Fred Hollows, Gabi Hollows, helped open the Tilganga eye centre in April 1994, more than 1.2 million outpatients have walked through the doors and 70,000 have undergone surgery. Fred Hollows Foundation also provides funding to facilitate makeshift operating theatres in remote areas of Nepal. During her 2nd week in Nepal, Melinda travelled with a team of medicos to an outreach eye clinic in Rasuwa (near the Chinese border) where a makeshift surgery was set up in the

fresh every season

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local community centre in the little village of Kalika. Over the course of three days more than 260 patients, who had travelled from largely inaccessible and mountainous areas of the region, had their eyes checked. 53 required cataract removal, while a further 2 had surgery for entropion, a condition where the eyelids grow inwards. Melinda told Mornington Life that, “there were some remarkable cases. One man who had been blinded by cataract in both eyes and had lost his vision four years ago was piggybacked in by his son. Following eye surgery to remove the cataracts he was able to walk out of the camp with his son 24 hours later,” Melinda said. “Another case involved a 75-year-old woman who was carried in by stretcher; she too was blinded by cataract in both eyes. She lived alone in a little mountainous village and her loss of sight had also robbed her of the confidence to walk for the past 12 months. Following surgery she walked home through the rocky countryside with her daughter-in-law.” Melinda trekked into the woman’s village the following day to photograph her with her four grandchildren. “Nepal is a really beautiful place and I feel very lucky to be living here for six months,” Melinda said. Restoring someone’s sight costs just $25. To donate log onto to:


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Tornadoes, Opals and Earthquakes Clutching the wheel on the rugged road from Broken Hill to the Menindee Lakes, you can be suddenly awestruck by the appearance of ‘Willi Willies’ reaching up to a thousand meters into the sky. They are the Australian mini-equivalent of the devastating tornadoes that have tragically struck across the plains of North America. Explanations of what causes such phenomenon overwhelm classic meteorological theory. If we turn to the planet Mars, even more destructive ‘dust Devils’ have been discovered by NASA from the Spirit Rover satellite. These tornadoes rise thousands of meters above the scarred planet to the height of Everest - even the vicious tornadoes that devastated America are small in comparison. Research proves the birthplace of Mars’ tornadoes lies in the electromagnetic solar connectivity of the Earth and other planets. Classical

( 28 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

By Peter (Mungo) Jupp

meteorological explanations of mechanical sand grain collisions are not necessary, as charge separation already exists in the atmosphere. These electric discharges form giant whirlwinds that are part of an interplanetary electrical circuit. The same circuit drives weather systems on Earth. The Earth is an electrified body, moving in ionic plasma. We on its surface are seldom aware of its electrical properties because we live in balance with the Earth’s electric field. Similarly, a bird on an electric wire has no idea that high-energy currents of electricity are flowing beneath its feet. However, it might notice the crackles that are a side effect of that current. The most obvious crackling sparks around Earth are the auroras taken from the International Space Station. The complex patterns of electric currents and magnetic fields surrounding the Earth are how its electric charge adjusts to the Sun’s electric field. Simply put, meteorological phenomena are electrically driven. We’ve always thought of lightning as electrical and now we realise that tornadoes and hurricanes are electrical phenomena too. They are both slow electrical vortexes in which the strong electromagnetic forces in the plasma vortex lift and spin not only the few ions and charged dust grains but large volumes of air, dust, buildings, vegetation and cars. Even larger weather patterns, such as jet streams and El Niño also exhibit strong electric fields. The phenomena of water spouts, demonstrate the effects of electric discharges in the water below. Russian plasma physicist V. A. Rantsev-Kartinov showed these were the result of a long-lasting discharge current between the electrical plasma networks of the ocean and the atmosphere above. Earthquakes too are accompanied by or preceded by electrical glows. Volcanoes are usually bombarded by copious amounts of lightning. No one died from the lava flows during the decade- long eruptions of Paricutin in Mexico, but three people were killed by its lightning. From this we can only conclude that the massive telluric currents flowing within and beneath the earth are reacting to cosmological events. The Earth like all other cosmic bodies is an ELECTRET that seeks to maintain an electronic equilibrium. In the case of earthquakes and volcanoes, discharges from beneath the Earth reach out to neutralize the effects of cosmic voltage differentials. Thunder and lightning react beneath the Earth’s surface. Mythology in times past has recorded MEGA electrical discharge events that shaped the course of civilizations. Plasma physicist Anthony Peratt recognised ancient rock carvings (petro glyphs) as mankind’s etchings of electrical plasma discharge events in the sky. These he was able to simulate in the laboratory. Can we inspire our sons and daughters to continue verifying these ancient mysteries? fresh every season

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An all consuming passion for real estate

One year ago Leanne Porter brought the integrity, honesty and dedication of Hodges Real Estate to the Mornington Peninsula. In doing so, Mt Eliza became part of a business spanning over 150 years since Hodges was first established in 1856. As one of Melbourne’s leading real estate agencies Hodges offers multiple office networks with access to over 80 highly trained and experienced staff. They are also members of the real estate association, REIV. Property consultants Rachel Porter and Abby Lynne bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Mt Eliza branch and are on hand to expertly assist you with any sales enquiry. Leanne, Rachel and Abby’s goals are simple. They aim to provide you with faultless service and professionalism every time. Whether it’s finding the perfect property for you, managing your rental property the way you expect it should be managed or finding you a rental property that you’ll be happy to call your home, Hodges is dedicated to achieving a result that will delight you in the least stressful manner. If the girls have one thing in common, it is their all-consuming passion for real estate and their love of matching a house to a buyer and a tenant to a rental property. Hodges list and sell all properties in all price ranges on the Mornington Peninsula. When it comes to real estate, they’re the real deal. You will find Mt Eliza’s Hodges at level 1, 65 Mt Eliza Way, above Australia Post, Mt Eliza. For more information visit or call ph: 9787 2600

your key to real estate success


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On the 4th Sunday each month, Mt Eliza Village comes to life with its very own Farmers Market. Having recently celebrated its 1st birthday, the event continues to grow and diversify thanks to the driving force of Market Manager, Melanie Wigg. It was whilst living in Edinburgh that Mel first embraced the concept of Farmers Markets. Being able to purchase local produce was a great way to support and give back to the community in which she lived. What began simply as a weekly grocery shop, soon became an important way of life & career path for the ex pat. Upon returning to the Mornington Peninsula, Mel joined forces with the Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce to develop the region’s first authentic Farmers Market. As Market Manager, Mel ensures all produce sold at each of the market’s 52 stalls has a connection to the land and is grown as close to Mt Eliza as possible. This keystone requirement enables visitors to actively participate in sustaining local production by putting profits directly back into the hands of Victorian farmers. This is an important step to strengthen local industry in an increasingly marginalised sector dominated by a handful of large corporations. It is also a move that has tapped directly into the heart of the community. With an estimated 1,500 people attending the markets each month, Sundays in Mt Eliza have transformed. “We have created a space for families and community groups to come together, enjoy music, shop, and become educated about the source of their food”, said Mel. “It is incredible to see kids embracing the sustainable lifestyle – something which we are going to build upon by providing workshops throughout 2011.” Mel’s passion to create a generation of conscientious consumers

is something she merges into her role teaching media and drama at secondary level. It was during a recent contract at the Peninsula School that Mel worked with students to create performances using stimulus from everyday life. Using the idea of sustainable food sources, the groups were encouraged to look beyond advertising and lift the veil on food production. This successful collaborative approach extends to Mel’s involvement with local drama group, The Little Theatre Company. Guided by the company’s Artistic Director, Kaarin Fairfax (Bed of Roses, Rush, Young Einstein) the pair work to merge the arts, community and sustainability. Students of The Little Theatre Company can often be seen performing at the markets and adding to the event’s festive atmosphere. Through her work Mel has provided the local community of Mt Eliza with a platform for discussion around food sources. In doing so, she is also an integral part of a local team empowering individuals with the precious gift of knowledge and product choice. Mt Eliza Farmers Market,

The very first BLONDE GUY joke . . . . for a good belly laugh!! An Irishman, a Mexican and a Blonde Guy were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, ‘Corned beef and cabbage! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I’m going to jump off this building.’ The Mexican opened his lunch box and exclaimed, ‘Burritos again! If I get burritos one more time I’m going to jump off, too.’ The blonde opened his lunch and said, Stras & sauce again! If I get a Stras sandwich one more time, I’m jumping too. The next day, the Irishman opened his lunch box, saw corned beef and cabbage, and jumped to his death. The Mexican opened his lunch, saw a burrito and jumped too. The blonde guy opened his lunch, saw the bologna and jumped to his death as well. At the funeral, the Irishman’s wife was weeping. She said, ‘If I’d known how really tired he was of corned beef and cabbage, I never would have given it to him again!’ The Mexican’s wife also wept and said, ‘I could have given him tacos or enchiladas! I didn’t realize he hated burritos so much.’ Everyone turned and stared at the blonde’s wife. The blonde’s wife said, “Don’t look at me. He makes his own lunch.” WINTER 2011

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Dromana has much to celebrate Mayor Graham Pittock is honored to be at the helm of the changing face of Dromana. At a time when the popular destination is celebrating its 150th anniversary, the community minded Mayor is steadfastly focusing upon the area’s future. Graham entered the world of politics two and a half years ago, bringing with him 30 years experience as a local businessman. Such a wealth of knowledge meant Graham possessed a solid understanding of the issues that were important to Dromana’s residents, traders and visitors. On the top of his agenda was the need to address the decline of the Dromana precinct. The famous Arthurs Seat chairlift had closed, the Dromana Bay Life Saving Club was operating out of shipping containers, health and fitness amenities such as the squash courts were closing and there were minimal opportunities for local youths. “Having a long history in the town, I saw an opportunity and decided to go for it,” said Graham. “Things take a bit of time in politics but by tackling these issues we’re working towards the bigger picture to boost tourism in the area, beautify the town and create much prettier place for locals and visitors.” The Kangerong Ward Councillor is glad to see Mt Martha Cove starting to find its feet, and is currently working on plans for Dromana to manage the WINTER 2011

demands of its own growing residential area. A priority is to develop the bayside footpath so that it runs uninterrupted from Safety Beach to Portsea. Graham would also like to see Dromana Pier restored to its original length. The old pier was damaged by America during WW2 but the offer to rebuild the pier was declined by the Peninsula and the space was instead made into the promenade we see today. Adding an additional 120 metres to the existing pier will allow passenger ferries to dock. Whilst planning for the future, Dromana has also recently had occasion to stop and celebrate how far it has come. An approximated 3000 people turned out on Easter Saturday to enjoy the 150th birthday celebrations and pier precinct grand opening. With live music, children’s entertainment and fireworks it was a day of festivities, yet reflection and ceremony were also the order of the day. Revelers enjoyed the unveiling of the much anticipated squadron mast and flag by local heroes including Bob Moorehead, the CFA’s longest serving member. “The celebrations have been received remarkably well and given the town an increased sense of pride,” said Graham. “Suddenly we are once again the envy of others on the Peninsula.” To be kept up to date on developments in the Dromana precinct, watch for Graham’s regular column in Mornington Life next issue. Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

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Have the world at your feet Appearances can be deceiving, while Bayside Shoes may not be a boutique, it does have the largest range of bridal shoes south of Melbourne. Colours and styles are in the very latest fashion and the service is astounding. Apparently, many brides say choosing their gown is easier than finding the right pair of shoes, but at Bayside Shoe’s, “ The world is at your feet!” In fact, all members of the wedding party can be fitted for shoes here, including the groom and groomsman – not forgetting mothers of the bride and groom.

Prices are very affordable and you may find it difficult to leave with only one pair as we fit all sizes, large and small.. Discover this bridal shoe haven for yourself. While you are there join their email list for updates on the latest fashions and specials from their large range of bridal, formal, casual and work shoes and accessories. Bayside Shoe Warehouse, 103 Railway Parade, Seaford Telephone 9785 1887

The ultimate toys for kids of any age Ultimate Action Toys is everything that its name implies. It is a candy store for all things high performance and mechanical. It is where teens and adults can go to satisfy their inner children. Most of all, it is fun. Whether you are the ‘do it yourself’ type or an ‘off the shelf’ enthusiast, visitors to Ultimate Action Toys will be excited to find a wide range radio controlled boats, planes and helicopters to suit every budget. Prices start from $20 for a remote control car and range up to the $1000 helicopter for the big kid with a little more dough. If high performance remote controlled things aren’t really your style, you may find some joy in the classic train and slot car sets. Boasting an extensive range of spare parts and hobby products, Ultimate Action Toys is able to offer an incredible range in a welcoming and helpful environment. If you cannot find what you are after, the team is more than happy to source the product and order it for you. “We are able to service any request whether it be sourcing an unusual part from overseas or providing you with fake grass for your model village - nothing is too much trouble,” says owner Daniel. Customers unable to make it to the store will be delighted to find the full range available to browse or purchase online at Ultimate Action Toys, 2/27 Progress Street Mornington, ph: 5976 1607.

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• Great Science • Great Results • Great Taste

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Live the lifestyle you deserve Shearwater at The Mornington Shearwater at The Mornington offer all the very best services, facilities and activities to help you make the most out of your retirement. You’ve earned it, so now it’s time to enjoy health, happiness and security in our village on the Mornington Peninsula. The Mornington 150 privately owned units nestled among idyllic gardens, offering a sense of community and relaxed, sociable village life. Shearwater at The Mornington Luxury, affordable independent living for the over 55s; beautiful serviced apartments with lake and garden views, meals provided. Some of our many facilities & activites include: sON SITEDOCTOREMERGENcy call system sPODIATRIST, massage & hairdresser sDININGROOMWITHCHEFPREPAREDCUISINE sRELAXINTHESPACIOUSclub house, library or lounges sENJOYTHECINEMAANDCRAFTHOBBYROOM sJOININvarious activities from bowls to billiards sDAILYSHOPPINGTRIPSREGULAROUTINGS

150 Mornington – Tyabb Road. Mornington Mel Ref 145 J4

Ph 5970 5507

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All in a day’s work for Luis Gazzola Luis Gazzola has been growing vegetables all his life. Since leaving school in 1954, Mr Gazzola, has become accustomed to rising early and working seven days a week. We pick in rain, hail or shine, or we don’t go to market,” Mr Gazzola says. It’s part of his Italian heritage to work hard, as those of his generation, and the one before, do. Luis Gazzola’s work ethnic is typical of any Italian success story in Australia and it’s little wonder that the Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria has happily kept him as their President for seven consecutive years. Gazzola & Sons farm vegetables on their impressive 500 acre property at Somerville. The vegetables are picked from the field and processed on site (washed and packaged) before being transported to market. It’s a slick and effective operation. In the cool room, boxes of bok choy (with rubber band & bar code already attached) are neatly packed into polysterene boxes. Mr Gazzola and his three sons, Paul, Colin & Andrew, are involved in the business, which includes a further 300 acres in Boneo. It was Mr Gazzola’s father, Matteo, who started growing vegetables at Somerville in 1932 after migrating to Australia seven years earlier from northern Italy. “Dad came from Bassano del Grappa, about 75 kilometres, northwest of Venice”, Luis Gazzola tells me as I ride passenger in his truck. Mr Gazzola is concerned about the decline in sales of vegetables. “Fruit and vegetables went up in price and it’s slowed a bit”, he says. “The consumer isn’t spending like before”. He says the younger generation is also responsible for the decline in vegetable sales. “The younger generation hasn’t been trained. Once upon a time, a woman was the slave of the family. Now they are career people, they all go to university. They haven’t been taught how to cook. Very few people know how to cook”, Mr Gazzola says. “We have a perception that it’s better to go out and eat then it is to stay home and cook.” Mr Gazzola said the younger generation had no qualms about spending $40-$50 on dining out. “I could cook for 3-4 days with that money”, he said. While Mr Gazzola praised the cooking programs introduced in many primary schools across the state, he said “the next step is to go into universities and colleges and teach kids how to survive at home with fresh vegetables”. As President of the Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria, Mr Gazola says “the biggest bug bear we have at the moment is imports.” “Free trade will destroy our industry”, he says. “Their (overseas growers) cost of production is a tenth of what it costs us. It makes it very hard”, Mr Gazzola says. “The Asians can grow for one third of our costs.” Mr Gazzola says free trade “will ruin a lot of business in Australia”. “China, South America, South Africa has got the export market covered. Their imports are free of tariffs. The Government is going along with it. It’s totally wrong, we should be imposing tariffs on them,” he said. “The Government should be looking after our people (Australians) first. China looks after its own, we should do the same thing. It’s just burying our industry deeper and deeper each time”, a frustrated Mr Gazzola said. The cost of production in Australia has added to vegetable growers woes. continues opposite page fresh every season mornington life

“The biggest issue now is the cost of production. In the last 25 years the cost of production has doubled, yet our return per kilo is still the same”, Mr Gazzola said. He says it’s very difficult to pass it onto the consumer. Mr Gazzola says packaging is a big cost and he queried why all manufacturing has virtually stopped in Australia. “Australia used to be a big manufacturer, now all manufacturing has gone offshore. It’s disgraceful we don’t manufacture anything here and we wonder why China is going ahead in leaps and bounds.” - Mel Marcello


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Skin Cancer Awareness have you ...

Had a family history of Skin cancer? Previous melanoma? Led an outdoor life?

Two or more blistering Sunburns in your life? A large number of moles? Sun damaged skin?


Bulk Billed Skin Checks for aged pensioners Peninsula Skin Cancer Centre. Ph: (03) 5975 9544 93 Tanti Ave. Mornington

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The 1988 murders of Constable Steven Tynan and Constable Damian Eyre exposed Melbourne to unprecedented levels of violence. The public response was to rally behind the police force and the families of the murdered officers and The Tynan Eyre Memorial Foundation was created. 10 years later after the slaying of Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller several independent support bodies combined and the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation was born. Formed in 1998 to memorialise and acknowledge the sacrifice of officers who have died in the line of duty, the foundation works to provide resources to non-profit Victorian community projects and to foster positive interaction between the Victoria Police and the community. The community based volunteer organisation is comprised of serving and retired members of Victoria Police and business people who contribute their skill and experience. On April 8, 2011 a new branch of The Blue Ribbon Foundation was established on the Mornington Peninsula, adding to the extensive work currently carried out by the existing 14 regional offices across the state. Funds raised via the foundation support new and improved medical facilities in Victorian Public Hospitals that are then named in memory of our fallen officers. The type of facility chosen will depend on local community needs. The establishment of a local branch means all money raised on the Peninsula will be donated specifically to the development of the Frankston and Rosebud hospitals. On Monday November 27, the Victoria Police Show and Pipe Bands will be performing as part of the Blue Ribbon Harmony Concert

at the Frankston Arts Centre. A fundraising initiative by the local branch, 100% of proceeds will be donated to local hospitals. Since 1948 three members of Victoria Police have been killed in the line of duty on the Mornington Peninsula: Max Herbert Koop – Died on 2 January 1948, aged 27: Performing temporary duty at the Mornington Police Station Constable Koop was on motorcycle patrol off Pt Nepean Road, Mt Martha when his motorcycle ran off the road and he was fatally injured. The cause of the accident is unknown but it was thought at the time he may have been forced off the road by on-coming traffic. Edward Keith Simmons – Died on 24 December 1957, aged 33: First Constable Simmons was on motorcycle patrol in the Frankston area when he ran off Nepean Highway at Olivers Hill and struck a fence. Kevin John Laube – Died on 3 March 1976, aged 31: Senior Constable Laube was performing a motorcycle patrol along Coolart Road, Somerville when he collided with a car that had pulled out into his path from Eramosa Road. He received fatal injuries and died at the accident scene. The Peninsula Branch of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation requires sponsors and volunteers. If interested, please contact via email – At the recent launch of the Mornington Peninsula branch, Brendon Gardiner (CEO Frankston Hospital), Bill Noonan (Chairman of Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation), Rhon, Darryl and Simon Overland (Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police) fresh every season

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Pictured are, Top row: Baby born at Peninsula Private, creative shot in Dadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hands; Little Miss Taylah in home sitting, 6 day old Jayden born at Peninsula Private Hospital; 2nd row: Zeke on location; Little Miss Carmen of Mt Martha; MJ among the autumn leaves at Ballam Park. Bottom row: Madeline of Mt Eliza on left and far right; Little miss Leyla in her divine dress; Little Miss Taylah in home sitting from Frankston South


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our offspring celebrates our youngest peninsula residents in this brand new section of Mornington Life, the peninsula’s funky square magazine. Amber Gardener will present some amazing photography of ‘our offspring’ captured from the momentous time of their arrival, to their playful antics or more formal occasions. Our scouts will be on the lookout for the latest trends in everything from food, clothing, education, toys, health and so much more. Innovative and inspiring businesses who are aimed at this

market should contact Di Hamilton 0432 763 414 or Miriam Doe 0421 085 974. We are especially looking for interesting local businesses who we can feature. On our opening page are Amber’s first selection of photpographs. “At Peninsula Private I photograph newborns every week. I will be supplying a selection for each issue along with local children from in home sittings and on location family portraits.” Amber will also be doing specific shots for this special section in each issue of Mornington Life Magazine. If you are interested in an on location or in home sitting, Amber’s contact details are on the previous page.

An expert at creating kids parties with wow factor, Mornington’s Sue Broomfield from Party Hire for Kids is an artisan mum on a mission – to create great events for Generation Z. “Everyone is so busy and time poor. To be able to organise a children’s party without spending a ridiculous amount of money is so achievable and so much more fun,” said Sue. “I listen to what mum’s want, suggest a ‘package’ to suit any budget and we go from there. Every step involves attention to detail and planning, it’s all a part of my passion,” said Sue. “The best childhood memories come from having a party at home. Children don’t remember having their parties at take-away restaurants because there’s one on every weekend, they become nothing.” “I help create memories. Something different yet affordable - I’ve never done two parties the same. It’s a special occasion, it’s once a year. So that’s my job, to make it extra special with new ideas and new arrangements.” “Last weekend I did a party for 4 year old twins with an underwater theme. I created lots of decorations in greens and blues, with brightly coloured balloon fish contrasting the ‘sea table’. When I arrived and placed the centrepieces on the tables, the squeals from the little girls were a treat. They were so excited to see these images floating around.” “I’m always looking for something different. At the moment I’ve got some very special balloons from overseas. Huge – 1.8 metres tall.” Props that can be included at any event include a 3.5 metre, multi-coloured parachute that is good indoors and out. “The kids lift it up and run under it and play a string of games that I’ve already worked out, like swirling and catching a ball on top. It’s heaps of fun,” said Sue with a giggle.

( 40 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

The chute costs $10 to hire and will entertain a group for at least half an hour or more. All the children get involved, and there’s an instruction sheet with details of how to play lots of games. Party Hire for Kids can deliver; or you can collect your items and save on delivery. Contact: 5975 6173 or fresh every season

mornington life

Centrepiece gifts for the newborn with everything! Pink and Blue offers unique baby gifts for mums that already have everything. These are gifts that we would love to receive ourselves, presented in a beautiful and fun way. Special gifts to wow guests at the baby shower or surprise new parents after their little bundle has arrives. Top of their range is the Nappy Cake. So what is a nappy cake you ask? Traditionally a nappy cake is several round layers of nappies, each layer being a different size. Think of a three tiered wedding cake. The fun bit is pulling it apart to see what’s inside. These nappy cakes, have socks, blankets, towels, facewashers, singlets, muslin and flannelette wraps and a teddy on top! All cakes arrive on a silver cake board, with beautiful ribbons, they’re the perfect baby shower centrepiece, or newborn gift. Pink and Blue also have non-cake gifts bearing similar ingredients to their cakes - nappies, blankets, wraps and singlets and towels! Believing passionately in our children inheriting a clean and healthy world from our generation. For this reason, we use only eco-friendly Bamboo Nature disposable nappies in our baby gifts, or for the ultimate green gift we also make our creations with Rumparooz one-size modern cloth nappies. All products contained in our baby gifts are only those that

we consider safe enough to use with our own children. Therefore, wherever possible, all our ingredients are BPA, PVC and nickel free. Pink and Blue was “born” in 2008 following the the birth of a friend’s newborn son.  We wanted to give something personal, creative and unique, and so created a gift as well as a business!  Now we create not only nappy cakes, but other nappy creations such as tricycles, cupcakes, trains and our most popular item - the nappy pram.  All our products are completely usable - full of nappies, wraps, blankets, facewashers and other baby essentials, with delivery Australia wide! Browse their website, and if you have any questions regarding products, please contact Shelley on 0433 772 695

Enter Schools First program The National Australia Bank (NAB) has put out a call to action, encouraging all schools and community organisations to join them in the 2011 Schools First program. Launched in 2008, the national initiative aims to bring together students, teachers, parents and community members to help share the responsibility of raising young people who are resilient, enquiring, adaptable and well adjusted. NAB Schools First offers financial support and recognition of effective school-community relationships, which demonstrate this ideal of shared responsibility. Proven results of the program include greater student engagement, improved attendance and retention, and better academic performance. Partnering organisations are able to help schools address their particular WINTER 2011

needs in a variety of ways. This includes activities such as mentoring, grant writing, health and fitness promotion or environmental projects. Regardless of the method, the act of giving positively impacts both groups. In its first two years, 195 schoolcommunity partnerships have benefitted from NAB Schools First with over $10 million in funding provided to enhance and develop these relationships. Last year, three local schools: Mornington Secondary

College (above), Elizabeth Murdoch College and Flinders Christian Community College received awards. This year 60 Impact Awards of $50,000 and 50 Seed Funding Awards of $25,000 will be granted. Impact Award Winners will then be in the running for the National Award valued at a further $400,000. Entries close on Friday, 29 July 2011. More information is available at Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

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Luke’s wish came true

Luke Melling was just 16 years old when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was an unexpected and life changing result to a routine biopsy on a lump in the Seaford youngster’s neck. So as his friends were gearing up for the first year of their VCE studies, Luke was suddenly getting ready to take on the fight of his life. Whilst Luke was in hospital undergoing vigorous rounds of chemotherapy, nursing staff recognised that he would be the perfect candidate to receive a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation. A branch of the worldwide charity was established on the Mornington Peninsula 19 months ago to grant the wishes of local children suffering from life threatening medical conditions. In its short history, the local foundation has already enriched the lives of 18 children providing them with hope, strength and joy. Through the help of its 30 volunteers, the local branch has raised an estimated $27,000. As the recipient of a wish, Luke chose to attend a premier soccer match and see his team, Liverpool, play on home turf in the UK. Make A Wish organised every aspect of the trip to ensure the entire family had a stress free and enjoyable holiday. From VIP match seating to spending time with his extended family, it was eight days in which they were all able to truly relax for the first time since Luke’s diagnosis. “You go through the experience of illness thinking ‘why me’ and that we must be the most unlucky people alive,” says Luke’s mother, Susan. “Then something like this happens. We are just overwhelmed by the compassion and kindness of the community and the foundation.” The diagnosis of an illness can place a massive strain upon any family and Susan’s response clearly demonstrates that it is not just the wish recipient who benefits. To see a loved one receive so much joy can lift morale and provide priceless memories in testing times. “The aim is to do as much as we can on the Peninsula for as many children as possible,” says local representative

Tara Eames. “We are always looking for new volunteers and working to raise awareness about the foundation.” Luke is now in the clear and back to living life as a healthy 17 year old. “We all received so much from the experience,” says Luke. “It will be remembered for the rest of our lives.” For information on how you can become involved with the Make A Wish Foundation, visit their website at

Kids need to know and understand nature for good health Many of today’s kids in Australia spend too much of their childhood in a virtual world gained mainly from television, DVD’s and computer games. Children are well versed with space, exotic animals and dinosaurs. They have concepts of times long ago and faraway places, but how intimately do they know nature in their own local environment? With the colder weather families are encouraged to continue playing outdoors with their children. Natured Kids is an outdoor playgroup with over 100 participants across Melbourne’s suburbs. Parents, grandparents and children aged 0-5 years meet at various

( 42 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

natural places Tuesday or Wednesdays to picnic and play together. They are exposed to fresh air and sunshine all weather, all seasons to ensure children are healthier, happier and develop stronger immune systems. Locations include flora and fauna reserves, beaches, community parks, wetlands, bird hides, galleries, sculpture parks & farms. Parents participate with their child in songs, activities, stories and craft. For further information call Narelle on 0431 791 379 or go to fresh every season

mornington life

Mt Eliza’s iconic children’s store Hickory Dickory has had a major revamp, creating a new look, with new stock and a new owner. This former educational toy store is now an all-round Children’s Boutique packed full of Sudo clothing and shoes, gifts, books and unique toys - specialising in babies and children aged up to 12. There is something for every child, which every mum will love, at Hickory Dickory children’s boutique. Established more than two decades in Mt Eliza, Hickory Dickory is now owned and run by life-long resident Kristy Taylor. The mother of two beautiful girls, Lily Rose (7) and Tyra Lee (5), Kristy grew up in the village and has fulfilled her dream of owning a children’s store with a difference. “Being a Mt Eliza local, I really wanted to offer residents the convenience of shopping locally for fantastic children’s products” said Kristy. This beautiful children’s boutique stocks labels such as Sudo, Chook Leaf, Emu, Beau and Arrow children’s underwear, Bluebelle, GingerLily PJs, Seedling, Djeco, Melissa and Doug, Plan Toys, House of Orange and Dobbin & Drum. Hickory Dickory also has the largest range of clothing and shoes from hip Melbourne children’s label Sudo. The new summer collection, for boys and girls aged


two to 12, comes direct from the catwalk. The range embraces all the key trends; celebrity bohemian, punk rock tie dye, a dash of 50’s greaser and pop inspirations, blended to create the Sudo look. Hickory Dickory’s pure baby range, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh, is for ages 0-3 months. An Organic Baby line has also been introduced, for the mothers preferring to clothe their baby in organic and natural fibres. With fantastic labels, a beautiful shopping environment and Kristy’s experienced style ideas, Hickory Dickory is set to be the new children’s destination for ‘in the know’ mums and dads. So make sure you dock at Hickory Dickory, for something special for your little someone special. Hickory Dickory, 2/86 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza, 10am-5pm Mon to Fri. Ph Kristy Taylor 9787 8333 or 0410 691 102

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This season Mornington Life Magazine celebrates local business women who have achieved success in each of their chosen industries. If you know local business people worthy of exposure please contact us for our Spring issue out September 7th. Phone Big Bang Media 9708 8222 or 5906 5771.

Honor Baxter Real Estate a local story of success When Honor started out in the business of real estate back in the 90’s there was no such thing as the Internet, mobile phones were rare, the market was going backwards and so was the confidence of buyers. Agents struggled to make ends meet and the only real winners were the people who were buying confidently. Honor quickly learnt how to survive, taking the skills she gained through these tough times to build the foundations of Honor Baxter Real Estate (HBRE). Established in Mt Martha in 1998, the company was built upon the principles of good service, passion and honest communication. In 2005 the team moved into a small office on Main Street, Mornington. Its open door policy proved to be a great hit with locals who loved to drop in to talk about market trends and local real estate matters. In this way many new friends and inspirational deals were made. Rapid expansion saw another move to their current Mornington office in 2007 and HBRE became a member of the Leading Property Managers of Australia. Members form an elite group of specialist property management businesses, providing the highest level of service and professionalism to investment property owners and tenants. HBRE’s rental department now has a reputation as one of the best managed

( 44 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

residential rent rolls in the area. Keeping a low ratio of properties to property managers ensures an optimum level of care and diligence. HBRE once again can call Mt Martha home, having opened a second office. The new Mt Martha office offers a relaxed environment where people are welcome to come by and view local properties for sale. The move into the welcoming space shows Honor’s establishing principles still hold strong. As the only local agent with two high exposure offices, Honor Baxter Real Estate can offer you double the service. Contact: or call 5976 6688 (Mornington). fresh every season

mornington life

A cut above regular tailoring, Off the Kuff is a local cottage-industry that designs and creates high-end suits and shirts. Proprietor Melanie Robinson graduated in Business Management at Latrobe University before working as Divisional ManagerFabrics for Solomon Lew’s fashion group Voyager. The role allowed her to travel to fabric fairs in Paris and throughout Asia sourcing cloth and her client list included Myer, David Jones, Witchery and Sussan. After 12 years at the leading edge of fashion Melanie resigned, to raise a family in Mt Martha with husband Craig. This is where she now works. Melanie’s drive and experience have led to her accomplished, peninsula-based enterprise. “We offer a choice of 5,000 Italian fabrics, all natural-fibre, largely fine cotton with some linen. Correctly fitting a men’s shirt requires 16 measurements. A demo or dummy shirt is created to ensure a perfect fit, prior to being used as a pattern for composing the final garment,” said Melanie. Real estate principals, men and women all number among Off the Kuff’s happiest clients. Others sit comfortably in Director’s chairs, toward the Paris end of Collins Street. “Once we have fine-tuned fabrics, we then compliment these with ideas for trim detail, including subtle piping, braids and buttons.” Unique creations include men’s shirts with a three-quarter sleeve. “A wedding party wanted a slightly casual shirt that may be rolled up, but we needed to match the vests, so I suggested a French cuff with a short sleeve. Everyone thought that was really cool, so we did all the boys like that and they loved it.”

Mornington L ibrary

The perfect shirt for everybody, every time

Resident Café Poet

Performance poet Andrea Louise Thomas has taken up residency at Mornington Library as part of The Café Poet program. In partnership with Australian Poetry, the library has provided Andrea a supportive environment in which she will develop a collection of poetry, publish a chapbook and collaborate on a special local event. Established in 2009, the program aims to promote poetry while strengthening community relationships. To date, this nationwide initiative has provided more than 30 poets with this valuable opportunity. Andrea has extensive experience in the arts and language, having studied poetry and Shakespeare at a tertiary level in addition to obtaining primary and secondary teaching degrees. She also performs poetry competitively having participated in the state finals of the Australian Poetry Slam, the International Poetry Slam, the Overload Poetry Slam and Poetry Idol at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Andrea will be in residence at Mornington Library until August 2011.

“We’ve done some magnificent weddings, including celebrity grooms.” “Our bespoke garments are created from each person’s own individual pattern. Hire-shirts don’t fit properly and don’t offer the choice of anything you want, and that’s not to mention that three other blokes might have already worn it,” said Melanie with a chuckle. Whether it’s business, formal, casual, beach or boat wear, Off the Kuff can create it. The perfect shirt for everybody, every time. Phone Melanie on 0418 883 162 or click on WINTER 2011

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Vicki has made her mark in business Vicki Morrison, who has five children and a background in Graphic design, started in the business 14 years ago with a small Mornington store called Stampalot. She began to design her own stamps and have them made, the range was called Victoriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Secret Rubber Stamps and they were available exclusively through Stampalot. A casual conversation lead her to start the huge business that we see today, Paper². Vicky understood that scrapbooking was becoming huge in Australia and customers wanted a â&#x20AC;&#x153;superstoreâ&#x20AC;? that met all of their scrapbooking needs and stocked all the products that they saw in the national magazines. Paper² is the biggest scrapbooking store

in Australia with a classroom that will seat over 40 in comfort. Classes are held regularly and crop nights are extremely popular on Tuesday and Saturday nights. Paper² has the most comprehensive range of scrapbooking papers, embellishments, stickers, albums and tools in Australia, with customers travelling from all over the country to visit this amazing store. Card-makers will find everything they require in the store. If you need to make invitations you will be stunned by the range of beautiful A4 papers, envelopes and seals in store. Vicki and her staff will happily pass on fabulous ideas for invitations, cards and scrapbooking layouts. These cover the walls, so inspiration surrounds you when you visit this beautiful place.




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Singer lyricist, and lady about town


Jaci Denman is an accomplished songwriter and acoustic solo performance artist. Since the tender age of 14, she has been writing and performing a diverse range of songs that combine her home grown sound of sweet authenticity with her signature Australian style. Recently Jaci wrote a jingle for a newly launched all Australian beer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Broo. It was the opportunity to lend her unique sound to an Aussie product that led Jaci to approach the beerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creators. â&#x20AC;&#x153;By gaining insight into Brooâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expectations and ideas, I was able to write the appropriate style of song to accommodate the expectations of the audience and the beerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creators,â&#x20AC;? said Jaci. The result is an all-Australian sound, recorded with local band Stolen Moon and supporting vocals by local singer James Hately. Broo Beer is the brainchild of Sorrento identity Kent Grogan who commented on the jingle, â&#x20AC;&#x153;We love what Jaci created for us. A portion of the jingle was used on the Australia Day national launch of Broo. Right now it is with our marketing people so watch this space and listen to Triple M for our upcoming campaign.â&#x20AC;? In addition to her work as a performing artist, Jaci is an accredited member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association and runs her own business - Assertive Transformational Therapies. It is here that she works helping people transform their habitual and addictive patterns of behaviour and specialises in womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s issues, including Hormonal and ADHD concerns. Additional information on Assertive Transformational Therapies can be found at or by calling : 0404 830 244. fresh every season

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Fashionista sisters

A natural looking more youthful appearance Treatments at Impress Cosmetic Medicine aim to achieve a natural looking more youthful appearance. The clinic specializes in non surgical treatments, including the Natural Lift™ and Natural Lip™, as well as providing a comprehensive range of injectable wrinkle treatments, doctor only skincare products and skin treatments and infusions. Many people will think of Hollywood stars with frozen faces, odd shaped eyes and trout pout lips when you mention cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments. The staff at Impress Cosmetic Medicine, have a philosophy that aims to subtly restore or enhance an individuals features whilst maintaining the natural harmony and balance of their faces. The key to being able to achieve these results is in taking the time to properly assess each person and individualize their treatment program. Most people do not want to look like they have had any cosmetic treatment, and in fact a large proportion of clients like to keep it a secret. We are able to offer treatments to improve the appearance

of the hands, neck and décolletage as well as the usual facial treatments. It is also possible to treat excessive underarm sweating and bruxism (tooth grinding). To maximize the results of any cosmetic treatment, it is vital to couple this with a skin analysis followed by the prescription of an effective skincare regime. This will help the look, feel and luminescence of your skin and we are able to tailor a program to suit everyone. For more information call us on 0458 394022 or make an appointment for an assessment. - Impress Cosmetic Medicine

Ruby Finch was a dream venture for twin sisters Mandy and Melissa back in August 2009. It is a gorgeous boutique in the quaint seaside suburb of Balnarring, on the Westernport Peninsula, specialising in unique women’s and men’s fashions and accessories for every occasion. The girls pride themselves on the ability to offer fashion for all shapes and sizes and the accessories to complete an entire outfit, and have gained a reputation as personal stylists to every customer that enters their store. They have sourced labels from all over the world including France, Italy, Spain, Fiji, Asia and Australia. They are also constantly updating the labels in store to reflect the ever changing fashion industry. They also carry a range of Australian made pants that can be ordered in a number of different colours and styles as required They have a large range of footwear sourced from across the globe including six different styles of boots from Italy and Spain and a unique range of wedges, pumps and ballet flats to compliment any outfit. Private evenings are available for groups of 5 or more and include a glass of champagne and cheese plate and can be arranged by calling the shop on 59313843.

Achieving a natural looking more youthful appearance. Wrinkle treatments Injectable fillers Peels Doctor only skincare products Dr. David Kosenko Impress Cosmetic Medicine 126 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza (Dental Care @ Mt Eliza) T: 0458 394 022 Facebook: Impress Skin WINTER 2011

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The team at Shells Beauty Salon in Dromana are experts at professional pampering and skin care. Salon proprietor Sally Gains, 24, is a goal-oriented professional who has worked hard to establish her own salon and now has a dedicated clientele. Co-therapist Vanessa Brien also has vast experience. Sally graduated from The Helene Abicair Beauty Therapy College following intensive studies in cosmetic chemistry, skin biology, facials and advanced facials, electrolysis, waxing, manicures, pedicures and make-up - essentially every aspect of the modern beauty industry. Prior to opening her own salon last November, Sally spent 5 years ‘on the job’ as a resident day-spa beauty therapist. “Everyone loves to be pampered, especially expertly pampered. We focus on relaxation, skin health and helping clients enjoy time to themselves,” said Sally. No two people are the same, so every client’s skin requires a distinct, individually designed treatment regime customised according to their individual skin type, conditions and concerns. Sally prefers to use Australian made ASAP and Dermalogica products for all her treatments. Shells Beauty Salon offers a wide range of beauty treatments including facials, micro-dermabrasion, waxing, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and relaxation massage. A take-home face-mapping prescription is an essential part of each client’s skin-care assessment - a free 15

( 48 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

minute consultation is a part of all initial facial treatment. Typical questions such as: What’s my skin like? How can I best reduce dehydration and what can I do about this breakout? Are readily answered by the girls at Shells. Clues often come from the answers to simple questions: How much water do you drink? How much coffee? What is your regular (or irregular) skincare routine at home? Are you taking any medication? A consultation backed up by the experienced expertise at Shells is the ideal. Teens and tweens parties are also expertly prepared and executed, teaching younger girls the fundamentals of skin care, often treating them to their first facial experience and providing them with advanced knowledge on caring for their skin. Shells Beauty Salon is at 5/143 Pt Nepean Road, Dromana, phone 5981 8818 or click on

fresh every season

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Fighting the Signs of Ageing As cosmetic injectables become increasingly common, many people find themselves wondering if they would ever take the plunge. It is a big step, and one that many women aren’t quite ready to take. The results are fantastic, but if you’re not quite ready to give in to the world of cosmetic injections there are still plenty of amazing options to help you turn back the clock. Anti ageing is still within your reach. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation and Vitamin A could provide the answers for you. Here’s why... Ageing is more than just wrinkles and lines. When you look at a baby’s skin often the first thing that you notice is its flawlessness. Of course there are no lines, but more obvious is the fact that there are no mottled brown patches, no damaged blood vessels and no dull dead skin covering the surface. Now look at your own skin. On top of natural ageing, UV exposure wreaks havoc with our skin as we age. Lines and wrinkles can often be passed off as ‘expression’ or ‘laugh’ lines and can tell a story of a life well lived. As for the pigmentation and capillary damage, well that can often show a lifetime of skin neglect. The fight against ageing never ends no matter how old you are. As we grow older the production and turnover of skin cells slows down dramatically, yet the daily application of skin stimulating vitamins such as Vitamin A can trick your skin into working like it used to. Vitamin A stimulates growth of the base layer of the skin cells and increases the rate at which these cells turnover and reach the surface of our skin. Within four weeks you have fresher, healthier skin cells visible for the world to see. Vitamin A’s benefits aren’t just cosmetic. According to a study published in Clinical Cancer Research - “too much sun not only damages your skin but increases your chances for skin cancer. Vitamin A was shown to prevent and reverse cancerous changes in skin cells.” So now that we’ve established that every single one of you concerned with ageing, MUST get onto Vitamin A serum, what about those of you that have decided to start your war against ageing and want to see results NOW? Well for you, we can slow down that clock even faster and begin turning back those hands rapidly with IPL Skin Rejuvenation. IPL applies light to the skin to break down the areas of pigmentation, bringing them to the surface of the skin where they will then flake off within 5-10 days. And it gets better… The heat produced within the skin during IPL WINTER 2011

Rejuvenation stimulates fibroblasts (the cells responsible for producing collagen) resulting in a long lasting effect on skin texture. This includes a reduction in fine lines and strengthening of those pesky damaged capillaries that often take residency on our cheeks. To achieve the most amazing anti-ageing benefits a combination of both IPL treatments and Vitamin A peels and homecare simply can’t be beaten. So come in for an IPL consultation or a full skin analysis and diagnosis, where we can sit down and make a plan of attack for your skin today. Briony Johnston, BA H.Sc Clinical Dermal Therapies Owner, Allyou Skin and Beauty Clinic 1st Floor, 17 Main St, Mornington Ph: 5975 5877 Website:

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Stephanie Johnson is an experienced Astrologer and regular contributor to Mornington Life Magazine. For information on her services go to or phone: 0411 2555 77

Aries The coming months may

pleasure of it.

see some people hibernating at home in the warmth, but you are more likely to be out and about despite the winter chill. You are still riding the crest of a wave that began months ago.

Aquarius Home comforts are your focus this

Seeds planted now will germinate and produce tangible rewards later in the year. The next few months are ideal for building projects, or working towards any practical goal. Just make sure you are sowing seeds in fertile ground.

Pisces Now is the time to surround your self

Taurus Gemini

winter period. You are likely to formulate plans for improving your home environment. This could involve maintenance, renovating, re-decorating, or perhaps even planning a move.

with positive and like-minded family and friends. You are receptive enough at the best of times. Now your sensitivity is heightened and your life can be enhanced by communicating with upbeat folk.

The start of winter sees you working behind the scenes, readying yourself for a very active phase. As winter season unfolds you are ready to launch into new and exciting projects and let everyone know all about your ideas, plans and business.

Cancer The next few months are an ideal time for you to keep the home fires burning. Home maintenance and renovation projects are on the agenda.  At the same time you can focus on private matters and personal projects.


Whether the sun is shining or not, this is your moment to shine. The eyes of important people in society are focused on you, noticing your achievements & efforts. Make the most of the professional rewards that come your way.


You may long to escape your everyday life this winter. It is not like the ever-practical Virgo to dream of greener pastures, but you are keen to transcend the minutiae of life and gain a broader perspective, perhaps through travel or study.


You are extra sensitive to seasonal changes during the next few months. This is because you are sensing the changes that are occurring in your own life. It is time to reassess how you invest your time and money.

Scorpio You are in charge of your own life – correct?

The answer is of course, “yes” but the next few months see your partner, or the pursuit of a significant relationship, take centre stage. It is time to focus on your relationship goals.

Sagittarius Work and finances play a prominent

role this winter. You may feel the need to withdraw from general society and focus on daily life.  By the end of winter your personal finances significantly improve, or falter, depending on your own efforts.

Capricorn Playfulness is not usually a quality

assigned to the sturdy Goats of the Zodiac, but this is something highlighted in your stars this winter. So take some time to have fun or create something for the sheer


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Get the right advice for that fabulous look

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( 52 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

Many skin concerns can be a thing of the past, with the right advice. At Mt Eliza Beauty, Sue Verheyen and her professional team have been advising and treating clients with honest, up-to-date, skin, hair and body services for more than 30 years. “Today we are healthier and live longer than ever before. Many of us look in the mirror and the person looking back seems older than we actually feel. With today’s innovative cosmetic procedures we can help meet your goal - a more youthful appearance” said Sue. “There are two types of aging, Intrinsic is internal and can come from medication or genetics. Extrinsic aging often comes from the sun, smoking and lifestyle. Our rejuvenation treatments improve colour, tone and texture while reducing creases, lines and sagging. We work on the surface and structural tissue.” Treatments include: IPL: Intense Pulsed Light: Addresses: brown marks, sun damage and tiny, visible blood vessels. Rosacea and acne scarring can be effectively reduced, depending on age and depth. A cold gel is applied to a target area and then radiated with pulses of light. Feels like a hot, stinging sensation and a ‘sunburnt’ feeling. Many surface vascular lesions disappear instantly, giving an overall look of healthy, younger skin. Dark facial hair can also be treated. Health conditions, medications and hormones must be discussed. Skin Needling: Addresses: texture, scarring, large pores and collagen production. A small roller with 200 pins, similar to acupuncture needles, is rolled over the skin in a precise way. A topical anaesthetic blocks pain. Skin can feel ‘sunburnt’ but soon improves, light makeup is recommended the next day. Light Emitting Diode: promotes calmer looking skin. Addresses: texture, sensitivity,

collagen production, rosacea and acne promoting overall improvement. A coloured LED is applied to the treatment area, colours vary depending on skin type and procedure time. No sensation is felt. ALA plus IPL: Addresses excessive oil, large pores, rosacea, surface keratosis and advanced sun damage. An Aminolevulinic acid lotion is applied and left on the skin for 1-3 hours depending of treatment type. IPL is then applied to activate the solution. Care must then be taken to avoid sunlight for up to 48 hours. Expect red, possibly scaly skin for 24 hours or perhaps a couple of days. Gives fantastic results for uneven sun damaged skins, especially advanced rosacea and acne. Chemical/Herbal/Acid Peels: Address skin refinement, some pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne, sun-damage and dull pallor. An acid/enzyme/herb solution is used to disrupt dead skin cells, creating small to large exfoliation. Depth is product determined. Preparation and procedure time varies with condition. Post-treatment experience can range from mild tingling to strong sunburn. Expect flaking, sometimes extreme peeling and colouration. Mt Eliza Beauty is located at 32 Mt Eliza Way. Phone: 9787 7475. fresh every season

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Add a little bling to your bod and glamourise ‘down there’ at Sunsmooth A former Padua College student, ‘peninsula local’ and graduate from the University of Ballarat, new Sun Smooth proprietor Sarah Bailey has graduated from caring for children to also caring for women. “Sun Smooth offers the best in beauty services and treatments in a friendly, funky, cosy, relaxed and inviting salon” said Sarah “I have also expanded our services.” Sun smooth now boasts one of the peninsula’s few solariums. The solarium can create a pre-tan for summer, prepare for holidays or achieve a radiant all-over glow, all year round - easily and in privacy. “Our new eight-minute-bed means that time is no longer an issue and casual or discount-pack bookings are available.” “Feeling glamorous is now a part of most women’s routine, we offer the latest and greatest treatments in a comfortable, fun environment. A lot of women love the new trend of body decoration and we are the peninsula’s vajazzling specialists.”

“Adding bling to the bod is popular with celebrities, it’s the next step on from a Brazilian wax and it’s dazzling. As a free offer to Mornington Life readers we are giving away a complimentary vajazzle with every Brazilian – just ask” said Sarah. “We’re here to glamourise down there.” Sun Smooth specialises in waxing, tinting, spray tans, piercing and eyelash extensions. Gift cards are also available. The salon is open from Tuesday to Saturday and late on Thursday and Friday nights. Sun Smooth is located at Shop 3, rear 134 Main Street, Mornington, with ample free parking in the Centro car park. Phone: 5976 8322

( 54 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

fresh every season

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Celebrate (and look great) with Miss Eyelash Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s celebration time at Miss Eyelash! Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve just turned one! Q: You must be delighted with the success of your eyelash extension business, Miss Eyelash, over the last 12 months? ME: Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a wonderful year and I have been overwhelmed with support and encouragement from my loyal clients. They love how natural their eyelash extensions look, how they make their eyes appear wider and their face more youthful. My clients also love that they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to bother with mascara anymore. I have received so many

at the fore. I am extremely passionate about my work and my clients. I have met some amazing women over the past year who leave my studio feeling fantastic and with a big smile on their faces. Q: What can we expect from Miss Eyelash over the next 12 months? ME: I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to give too much away, but I will be delivering more great value to my loyal clients in the form of VIP opportunities and events, and of course the consistent quality and style that Miss Eyelash is now recognized for.

3     3  +!#(# ,.#.%&-#0#*. ++' $/((-#.+$&--2#(-%#1.#*-&+*- $+,+*(2$99*+,)((2  #((2+/,$,&#*"-.+"2

testimonials of appreciation. Q: As a specialist in your field, what makes Miss Eyelash different from a full-service salon? ME: My service is solely dedicated to eyelash extensions, so skill, application speed and quality of product is always

Prevent the Winter Coat! Does winter get you down and encourage you to eat comfort foods as well as wear big baggy clothes to hide in? Well its time you learnt how to avoid gaining the winter coat this year by selecting less calorie-dense winter foods and ensuring you are burning those extra calories off. Did you realize that to gain 6kg over Winter you would only need to consume an extra 250 calories per day â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the calorie difference between one serve of Lasagna for dinner compared to a Minestrone soup????

So how can you avoid thisâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś Start to be aware of your winter food choices and ensure to choose the lower-calorie options at main meals more regularly and only snack on fruit, diet yoghurt, healthy homemade soups and air-popped corn. Finally, be active everyday and if you are going to have a bucket of hot chips, or a meat pie, ensure to compensate with exercise and burn it off!! Written by Kate Save (Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist) from Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition. For Dietetics, Diabetes Management, Weight Loss Advice, Personal Training, Pilates, Boot-camps and more, call (03) 59 741 011 WINTER 2011

To celebrate this milestone, book a full set of Miss Eyelash extensions for only $99 (normally $150). A perfect offer for a fabulous gift or if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve let your lash extensions lapse! Gift vouchers are available at the Miss Eyelash studio in Mt Eliza or online at www.misseyelash. com T: 0438 163 419 Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a simple way how to make lower calorie choices:

High calorie Winter option

Bucket Hot Chips (369 cal) Hot Chocolate Takeaway â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Full-cream milk (247 cal) 2 x Slices Aussie Pizza (322 cal) Noodle-Box Laksa Soup (1127 cal) Take-away Lasagna (427 cal) Meat Pie (401 cal) Quiche â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Vegetarian (452 cal) ½ serve of Thai Beef Curry and Rice (652 cal) Nachos (1210 cal)

Lower calorie Winter alternative

2x Steamed Dim Sims (190 cal) Jarrah Instant Chocolate (49 cal) Subway Roast Chicken Salad Box (126 cal) La Zuppa Pumpkin Soup (130 cal) Chunky Minestrone Soup (168 cal) 2 x Chicken Rice Paper Rolls (220 cal) Vegetable Burger (159 cal) Thai Beef Salad (260 cal) ½ jar Chunky Salsa, 15 Sakatas (165 cal) Now use the theory of compensation and learn what it takes to burn it off; Exercise (60 min duration) vs Calories Burnt Walking (6km/hr)  302 cal Golf carrying clubs 370 cal Jogging (10km/hr)  739 cal   Basketball  538 cal Swimming (general)  403 cal Gardening  302 cal House-cleaning 235 cal Bicycling (25km/hr)  672 cal Tennis 470 cal

       " %!'#$! (   ! ""  !'!"## !&        '"&#" !#"#          MT ELIZA & ELWOOD the end of July 2011 * Offer*Offer valid valid until until the end of May 2011.

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Is PAIN affecting your daily activities? Have you seen countless practitioners for little results?

then MYOTHERAPY might be for you!

Providing Relief From: t#BDL1BJO t)FBEBDIFT t4QPSUJOHPDDVQBUJPOBM*OKVSJFT t0WFSVTFJOKVSJFT 34* t"DIFT1BJOT t3FIBC t"SUISJUJT t4IPVMEFS1BJOGSP[FOTIPVMEFS Mention this advert and all new clients will receive

50% off

your Initial Consultation!

1307 Nepean Hwy, Mt Eliza Ph: 9787 2859 ( 56 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

Relief for aches and pains Myotherapist Joshua Fita took up residence in Mt Eliza last November, following four successful years at a private practice in Beaumaris. Now he relieves the aches and pains of Mornington Peninsula residents. Myotherapy is the assessment and treatment of muscle pain, injury and dysfunction. The treatment is used in the preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of therapy to restore and correct damage to your body’s soft tissue structures such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Common conditions a Myotherapist can treat include headaches, lower back pain, chronic overuse injuries (RSI, tennis elbow), jaw dysfunction, tendonitis, arthritis, shoulder pain, strains and sprains. Joshua graduated from RMIT University with an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and is an accredited member of governing body, The Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia. As head Myotherapist for the Victorian Junior Volleyball team, he cares for more than 40 rising, elite athletes. He was also a key member of the medical team appointed to assist TAC Cup Footballers. An Essendon supporter and active golfer, Joshua has a keen interest in sport and sporting injuries. He takes a holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation. Treatment methods include: soft tissue therapy, dry needling, vacuum cupping, active release therapy, corrective exercise, joint mobilisation, hot and cold therapy, stretching and other detailed techniques. Joshua is based at the Nepean Health Group, opposite Manyung Gallery, on the Nepean Highway in Mt Eliza and is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. “I believe that people of all ages should receive some form of Myotherapy care, at least once a month, to compliment their current health regime. We service our cars, shouldn’t we service our bodies?” said Josh. Myotherapy is claimable under the ‘extras’ component of most major health funds. The Hicaps system at the Mt Eliza clinic makes this quick and easy.

For appointments with Josh please call the clinic 9787 2859 Mention Mornington Life Magazine to receive a half price Initial Consultation. fresh every season

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Do You Suffer From Heel Pain?

Also: Rest, the injury needs time to heal. Reduce your weight, if a factor. Roll a golf ball along the bottom of your heel and foot to massage tissue. Don’t go barefoot – wear runners all day. To have your feet assessed or treat pain call Foot & Leg Pain Clinics, one of Australia’s most experienced Sports Podiatry companies with 16 clinics across Melbourne, for an appointment and 50% OFF initial consultation. The Mt Eliza clinic is located at 135 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza. Call 1300328300 or 9708-8866. WINTER 2011

foot leg pain clinic tation

Heel pain is very common but is often ignored until it starts affecting an individuals’ everyday life. When it does, it can restrict social and recreational activities, and even mean time off work. Intervening before this happens is definitely the best approach to keeping active and pain free. Most heel pain, often referred to as plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome, occurs when the plantar fascia (connective tissues running along the bottom of the foot), becomes overloaded with excess traction and strain, resulting in inflammation or degeneration of the tissues. When the foot is rested the fascia tightens due to inflammation, when the foot resumes weight bearing the band is stretched and produces a stabbing or bruising pain that normally eases after a few minutes. This repeated pulling on the heel bone often leads to the formation of a heel spur, a deposition or calcification of a pointy piece of bone. The bony spur itself rarely causes pain but the inflammation and degeneration of the surrounding plantar fascia certainly can. Most heel pain is a result of faulty biomechanics of the foot and ankle; however other factors can contribute: Sudden increases in physical activity. Excessive/sudden weight gain e.g. obesity or pregnancy. Postural issues affecting other parts of the body e.g. lower back, hip or knee Heel pain should always be addressed early. Consult a Sports Podiatrist ASAP. Addressing abnormal foot and ankle mechanics that contribute to overloading the plantar fascia, is key to resolution of symptoms.

ĞdžƉĞƌƚŵĞĚŝĐĂůƐŽůƵƟŽŶƐ for a longer, more active life

end heel·arch·foot pain cure shin·knee·hip pain slow bunions·arthritis heal sports injuries 50% Off Initial Consultation



athletes seniors

135 Mt Eliza Way Mt Eliza


9708 8866

ĂůůϭϯϬϬϯϮϴϯϬϬĨŽƌŽƚŚĞƌůŽĐĂƟŽŶƐĂĐƌŽƐƐŵĞůďŽƵƌŶĞ Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

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The 70’s are back baby! Whether it’s floral prints, bellbottom pants, maxi skirts, hats or jumpsuits, everything boho is set to reappear. Neutral colours act as a central feature of this season’s fashion, making styles easy to embrace for even the most classical or conservative dresser. In fact, camel has been heralded as the new black. Team this colour with any outfit to freshen up your look, be it a scarf, a cape, trench coat, dress, top or trousers. Camel is so versatile you can wear it day or night and give life to your winter wardrobe. The more adventurous dresser will be pleased to

find bold printed pieces are also set to become a staple item. Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2011 fashion launch in Paris featured trench coats in every colour of the rainbow. Our conservative friends may like to try the look with some more subtle neon coloured accessories, such as a bag or some shoes. The pairing of hardline leather and feminine lace has been another popular feature on the catwalks of Fashion Week. So from 70’s boho to feminine rock chick, neutral to bold, there is sure to be something to suit your wild side this winter.

MODEL SEARCH : Do you think you have next season’s look?

Mornington Life, the peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine, is on the lookout for interested amateur models. If you think you have next season’s look and you are serious about getting a portfolio together, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Applicants must currently be studying VCE at a Mornington Peninsula school and be looking to help establish their career and add to their portfolio with an appearance in the fashion shoot for our upcoming Spring edition - which will be published in September 2011.

The wow factor

( 58 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

Models may be required to be chaperoned by a parent or guardian on the day of the shoot. Interested males and females should send their name, address, resume, a full-length photograph and contact details to: by August 1, 2011. Please no phone enquiries. Further details will shortly be on our website which is being revamped or ‘Like’ us on facebook ‘Mornington Life Magazine’ and keep up with our search.

LeyBel Boutique provides you with a shopping experience to take pleasure in, they aim to make you feel sexy, desirable and all woman no matter what size you are. LeyBel have a range of lingerie, corsets, swimwear and costumes that are glamorous, seductive and very intimate.  Women come in all shapes and sizes and so do their garments, ranging from Extra Small to Plus Sizes. No matter what your size or shape at Leybel Boutique they can make your fantasy come true. Only 24 years old, Mornington based owner Renee started this business as something to keep her busy when her little one was sleeping. “I wanted to earn some extra money so we could try for another after baby when Harley turned 1.” “The name LeyBel comes from my daughters name harLEY who is 6 months old and my partners daughter isaBEL who is 6 years old.” states Renee. “We are constantly looking at adding to our range so if we don’t sell it right now we will endeavour to acquire it. Where ever we can assist your inspiration is our inspiration.” Renee welcomes questions or can assist if you are after something in particular. Watch for their new website See the range on facebook or email: fresh every season

mornington life

Shot exclusively for Mornington Life Magazine Art Director | Julian Walker from StudioDiva more details including stockists page 69

Sabrina Moda: Christiana wears â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Tiger Lilyâ&#x20AC;? full length dress, with a slightly swept train. Champagne satin, with ruched bodice, empire line with crystal beading. The skirt overlay is embroidered with foil thread.

Minzenmays: Christiana wears 18 ct white gold Snowflake pendant and chain. 1.69ct. 18ct white gold huggie earrings. Diamond weight 0.98ct

Sabrina Moda: Vanessa wears two toned silver full length dress, sweetheart ruched bodice with crystal beading and chiffon overlay. Available in many colours. Minzenmays: Vanessa wears Summertimes Blues Collection. Butterfly white gold pendant, set with sapphire, topaz, diamond and detachable Aquamarine drop & Summertime Blues Drop Earrings

Fionas of Mornington: Jessica wears Manning Cartell Venetian dukes pant. Stella & Minx lace top. Harry Who fur belted jacket.


FREE JEWELLERY CLEAN VALUED AT $20!! As a gesture of goodwill on our 100th birthday, simply visit our Frankston or Mornington store with this voucher and a single jewellery item you would like cleaned and we’ll clean it for you FREE OF CHARGE! Valid until 31/8/2011



Fionas of Mornington: Vanessa wears Camilla & Marc metric frock. Earrings by Susie M © IVORY DESIGN 2011 CODE: MLW11

Fionas of Mornington: Jessica wears Moss & Spy lace scallop evening dress, finished with rosette neckline and ribbon waistband. Earrings by Susie M


152 Main Street Mornington P 5975 2439

9 Thompson Street Frankston P 9781 4516

Diamond Coco: Jessica wears 5 stone anniversary 14ct white gold diamond ring, 1.00ct ct tw

Euro Collections: Jessca wears NTS crop military black jacket, NTS waxed stretch charcoal jean, DR knit cap, silver, Progetto Glam Boot.

Euro Collections: Vanessa wears DP jacquard jersey fushia cardigan, DP print panelled pink / black tunic, DP print side black leggings, Progetto Glam Boot. Diamond Coco: Christiana wears Royal Tribute 14kt white gold ring, set with 1.40ct of diamonds with a blue sapphire.

Euro Collections: Stephanie wears NTS embellished black tank top, NTS embellished shoulder grey knit, NTS print grey legging, Progetto Glam Boot. Yoko: Christiana wears Pink Ruby pewter, purple and black evening dress with feature sleeve. Pink Ruby plum bolero. Rose Garden purple heel. Michael Ree pewter clutch. Xie Xie necklace.

Man To Man: Luke wears Stone black cotton knit jumper, Jack Black skinny leg jean, white Luca Shoe.


fashions shoes accessories





Gerry Shaw

Mornington 93 Main St, 5976 1633

Mt Eliza 72-74 Mt Eliza Way, 9775 4022

Bendigo 75 Mitchell St, 5442 1569

Armadale 1180 High St, 9509 0633

Sketa: Stephanie wears Sketa twist front red dress

Luke wears Dirty Clothing: Icon beanie, Flux singlet, Nana Judy shirt, Nobody jeans. Bayside Shoes: Boston Bros Black Marlo shoe

Jessica wears Dirty Clothing: Nique t-shirt, Piper Lane coat, Nobody Jeans. Miss Velvet: Open toe and up the ankle shoe, ‘Pascal’ Divolina by Robert Robert.

Miss Velvet: Open toe shoe with chain across the top, ‘Quest’ Divolina by Robert Robert.

Miss Velvet: Open toe and up the ankle shoe, ‘Pascal’ Divolina by Robert Robert.

Miss Velvet: Red Marc shoe, exclusive to Miss Velvet on the Peninsula

Yoko: Jessica wears Martini black pants, Amorette dress jacket, Her Ego handbag, Rose Garden ballet flats.

UK Jack: Luke wears Lab of Denim jeans, Mosquito red check shirt, Mosquito button up wool jacket, white casual shoe.

Yoko: Vanessa wears Pink Ruby magenta coat with ruffle and black button. Amorette black ponti dress with capped sleeve. Voodoo stay ups. Rose Garden black boots. Firucci black pleated clutch. Trestina earrings.

STOCKISTS WINTER 2011 Bayside Shoe Warehouse 103 Railway Parade Seaford

Fionaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of Mornington 46 Main Street Mornington

Bayside Shopping Centre Various outlets, Frankston

Minzenmay 152 Main Street Mornington

Diamond Coco Suite 8, 20-22 Ranelagh Dve Mt Eliza

Minzenmay Moda 9 Thompson Street Frankston

Dirty Clothing 170 Main Street Mornington

Miss Velvet 28 Wells Street Frankston

Euro Collections 93 Main Street Mornington 72-74 Mt Eliza Way Mt Eliza 75 Mitchell Street Bendigo 1180 High Street Armadale

Ruby Finch Shop 22 Balnarring Village Balnarring Sabrina Moda Shop 4, 139 Main Street Mornington 600 Main Street Mordialloc

Sketa Australia 71 Main Street Mornington 42 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Smooch Shop 1/13 Eramosa Rd West Somerville Temptation Shoes 2/95 Main Street Mornington Tesori Shop 1/139 Main Street Mornington UK Jack Shop 5 Eliza Sq 85 Mt Eliza Way Mt Eliza Yoko Original 12 Blake Street Mornington

Ruby Finch: Christiana wears Boo Radley ‘venetian breeze’ cotton shirt dress, Boo Radley ‘elegant edge cotton top, Maddy Petrulis leggings, Xie Xie jewellery necklace, Nu by Neo ‘Nice’ leather wedge.

Ruby Finch: Vanessa wears Mesop light wool twist dress in cinder, Vigorella wool tights, Zoda Necklace, Nu by Neo ‘Sam’ leather boot, Khoben brown animal print bag. Ruby Finch: Luke wears Rock Revival shirt, Zanerobe tee, Zanerobe black leather jacket, Rock Revival denim jeans.

Shot exclusively for Mornington Life Magazine Art Director | Julian Walker from StudioDiva Photography | Tina Kay from StudioDiva Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist | Ashlee Newman from StudioDiva Design and Layout | StudioDiva Location | StudioDiva/StudioMax Studios in Mornington Talent | Jessica Scott, Stephanie Jeffery, Christiana Silvagni, Vanessa FitzPatrick, Luke Bibby Co-ordination | Shae Holmes and Miriam Doe | Mornington Life Magazine Catering | Forty 9 Catering Mt Eliza

Ruby Finch: Jessica wears Friends of Couture unicorn angora blend jumper. Queen cotton breakfast shirt. Friends of Coulture trumpets & drums skirt. Jose Saenz Spanish red leather boot.

Smooch: Jessica wears Millie Loves Min Tricks On baby blue slim fit jeans, Sumakhi Sun stripe cape frill bodysuit, Cooper St Tan Bobo hat, Lipstik Clara taupe suedette lace up ankle boot. Smooch: Luke wears Vanguard Rollin N Scratchin Oatmeal wool sweater, Nique Out of the fog bamboo cotton optical white t-shirt, Vanguard Crisp N Crushed denim jean

Smooch: Luke wears Nique black / red Blur check shirt, Nique Todays bamboo cotton faded black t-shirt, Vanguard Grip & Rop denim jeans. Smooch: Stephanie wears Millie Loves Min Tricks On baby blue slim fit jeans, Cooper St Hallucination purple & tie-dye frock, Nique oatmeal Liberty Jacket.

Stephanie wears Tesori: Scrunch tunic black & grey dress, short sleeve, made with Bamboo, with red print detail. By ‘Jonao’; Temptation Shoes: Large red bag Miss Velvet: exclusive red Marc shoe Tesori: Jessica wears Cream ‘Jonano’ Angel dress made from bamboo, 100% eco friendly, fluted sleeve, V neck with feature piping; Temptation Shoes: Large Taupe bag; Lovisa: Limited Edition gold bangle with large latte stone. Miss Velvet: open toe shoe with chain Quest Diavolina by Robert Robert

Christiana wears Tesori: Midnight Pure Pod Ruby dress, made of 100% merino wool with thermal control; Temptation Shoes: Ankle black boot Vanessa wears Tesori: Jade Pure Pod awaken dress, 100% merino wool with thermal control; Temptation Shoes: Long black boot; Lovisa: Chunky 3 bangle set

Temptation Shoes: Jessica wear long taupe boots, lace up at the back

UK Jack: Luke wears Lab of Denim blue jeans, Mosquito grey jacket, Mosquito black shirt

Crazy low prices on all Diamond Rings! Cheapest Diamonds in Australia Guaranteed! Expect to pay around half the price!


1300 230 430

SUITE 8 UPPER LEVEL 2 0 - 2 2 R A N E L AG H D R I V E , M T E L I Z A

www.diamondc oc o.c om.a u

Stephanie wears Dirty Clothing: Nique Dress, Wish denim jacket, LowLuv locket necklace; Bayside Shoes: Beira Rio Bota taupe ankle boot, gold buckle trim, made in Brazil

Dirty Clothing: Luke wears Sushi Radio t-shirt, Nique jacket, Kiss Chacey jeans.

Sketa: Christiana wears Sketa embroidered wool jacket, Sketa red long shirt t-shirt, Sketa wool blend grey pants. Sketa: Stephanie wears Sketa twist front red dress; Lovisa: Gold Knotted snake chain, chunky 3 bangle set

Sketa: Vanessa wears Sketa navy microfiber suit, Sketa white frilled neck blouse.

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Whether you are conducting a one-on-one interview, motivating a team or delivering a Mobile: 0407by 846 809 Wrench, ActionCOACH Sponsored Peter keynote address, your success as a leader is defined by your ability to persuade with Main: 5976 8119 clarity and passion. In fact, you might say that leadership is synonymous with effective communication. According to Harvey MacKay, author of the book Swim with the Sharks, “The No. 1 skill most lacking in business today is public speaking - the ability to present oneself.” If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a following you need to polish your communication and persuasion skills. Communication Strategies Throughout history, our most admired leaders are remembered primarily for their ability to Psychologists tell us that we are born into one of four primary temperament styles; instil courage and inspire confidence. Just think how different this world might be without aggressive, expressive, passive or analytical (DISC). Each of these four styles requires a the calming reassurance of FDR’s fireside chats or Churchill’s defiant eloquence. President different approach and communication strategy. For example, words that would appeal Kennedy once remarked that Winston Churchill had the ability to take the English language to a person with the aggressive style may alienate and actually destroy rapport with the to war. Churchill clearly understood the power of words and said that he had the English passive style and vice versa. If a leader is to influence colleagues and customers, he or language deep in his bones. He would spend hours at a time rewriting and rehearsing his she must be able to quickly and accurately recognize each of these distinct behavioural speeches and as a result, Churchill galvanized a nation with his words. styles and adapt accordingly. During your next presentation, make an effort to identify the temperament style you are presenting to and use as many of these emotionally charged When We Communicate Effectively We Succeed Your revenue and business advancement are directly linked to your ability to communicate words as possible. and persuade. The better the client you attract, the more you will be called upon to The aggressive, bottom line Worker style is results oriented (D). They ask “what” questions. speak. If you want to focus attention and gain consensus, paint word pictures. In her Workers value achievement and fear loss of control. When presenting to this buying style book, Knockout Presentations, communications coach Diane DiResta suggests using vivid use these words: language, “Metaphors transport the listener to a different dimension. They grab hold of the Control, Flexibility, Work, Bottom line, Power, Challenge, Speed, Money Functional, Results, mind and stimulate the imagination. The brain thinks in pictures, not words.” Analogies, Goals, Options, Hands on, Quickly, Freedom, Immediately. metaphors, stories and anecdotes all work together to help you create vivid word pictures The expressive, emotional Talker style is people oriented (I). They ask “who” questions. to keep your listeners emotionally involved. Talker’s value recognition and fear loss of prestige. When presenting to this buying style use these words: Fun, Entertaining, Creative, Friendly, Simple, Incredible, Exclusive, Improved Prestige, New, Ultimate, Spontaneous, Exciting, Enjoyable, Cash, and Adventure. The passive, harmonious Watcher style is service oriented (S). They ask “how” questions. Watchers value appreciation and fear conflict. When presenting to this buying style use these words: Support, Service, Family, Harmony, Dependable, Caring, Cooperation, Helpful Easy, Sincere, Love, Kindness, Concern, Considerate, Gentle, and Relationship. 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While it might be true that some are born with a silver tongue, most people, like Churchill, have to work at developing their communication skills. A good way to improve your public speaking or as I would call it “persuasive Communication” is practice. To be good at anything we all know that practice makes perfect. So go on.....Start to practice. For more information simply drop me a line at ( 78 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine fresh every season mornington life

Celice’s challenge

“My name is Cecile, I am a French student and I will be staying with the family of Hickinbotham of Dromana Winery till the end of June. I am in Australia to cover my Diploma in French International Trade in which I must explore the business aspects of the company and write it up as a project. As part of this project I am working on communication and marketing opportunities for the exciting Big Winter Wine Weekend over June 11-13th. As background to this work, I have explored the history of the family and of the wine and beer production at their Dromana vineyard. From 1988, Hickinbotham of Dromana has had the pleasure to offer you the best tastes that Dromana could produce. Diplomes au Latrobe Uni’s School of Biological, Andrew et Terryn Hickinbotham issue de la troisieme generation familiale de producteurs de vin, pourront vous faire part de leur savoir-faire et de leur excellente maitrise dans l’art de produire ces produits raffines. 6.5h de vignes of the varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, the Australian variety Taminga and a little known French variety – Aligoté. Over the past three years the Hickinbotham’s have been brewing their own boutique beers which have been a resounding success with their customers. Winter Wine Weekend (June 11th -13th). Saturday, Sunday and Monday, open from 11am to 5pm. Come spend some fun time, sit in front of an open fire, relax and enjoy our good wine and our excellent beer. It will be for you a great festive weekend to preview, particularly for your taste buds but also for your ears with the sounds of great bands such as, the Whiskey Gypsies, Mama’s Mountain Jug Band and The Stetson Family. I will be there to enjoy the festivities, and perhaps a glass of wine with you.” - Cecile

Winter Mid-Week Lunch Special for $25

We invite you to try our special local food during mid week, a glass of wine or beer with an accompanying winter main course next to the fire from midday Monday to Friday for $25 at Hickinbotham cellar door.

Loyalty program

Get a free pint of HIX beer with every 5th main meal ordered Monday to Friday in the cellar door. So, come to spend a good time in front of the open fire or admire the winery from the bay, the terrace and the landscapes it can offer to you. Ideal for families, friends or working relationships. Hickinbotham of Dromana, 194 Nepean Highway, Dromana. Ph: 5981 0355 Open 11am to 5 pm, 7 days

( 82 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

Cecile Le Galic pictured with master brewer Cameron Turner

Marty’s wins gov’t commendation Well known singer-songwriter, raconteur and live music proponent Marty Nelson-Williams has been awarded a certificate of commendation from the state government funded Music in Communities organisation. MiC’s aim and charter has a focus on injecting more live music into schools and regional venues. Marty is the lead singer for world-music styled local trio Cousin Leonard and has worked to establish fortnightly gigs for the Peninsula Songriders Club at Balnarring Hall and Baha in Rye. Mornington Peninsula Shire Arts & Culture Officer Andrea Ebsworth presented the award at the April meeting of the Mornington Peninsula Music Network which he is also a strong supporter and founding member of. fresh every season

mornington life

The Winter Wine Weekend is synonymous with the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June and is eagerly awaited by Mornington Peninsula wine lovers. The three day event has been held every year since its inception in 1988. From humble beginnings at The Atrium in Safety Beach, the Winter Wine Weekend has grown each year and attracted more and more winemakers from across the Peninsula. For a while the event was held at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery before moving to the Frankston Cultural Centre, but for the past decade the Red Hill Reserve (Showgrounds) has been its home. Cheryl Lee, the Executive Officer of the Mornington Peninsula Vignerons, says this year the biggest number of wineries to date are participating. Many ‘big name’ wineries will throw open their cellar doors and pull the bungs on barrels to showcase the diversity the Peninsula wine region has to offer. The first day of the Winter Wine Weekend on Saturday June 11 is set to see plenty of action. More than 50 wineries will be at the Red Hill Reserve offering their wines for tastings and purchase. In all there will be about 200 premium wines on show. Cheryl Lee says it is a special event, “because winemakers come together on the one day in the one place. I’m not sure that happens anywhere else.” She says the day provides an opportunity for people, “to learn about the Peninsula’s wines, growing techniques and their impact on flavour and wine styles.” Seminars on key varieties grown in the region will be hosted by key winemakers in the football club rooms at the Reserve. Top winemakers including the President of Mornington Peninsula Vignerons, Sandro Mosele, and Kate McIntyre from Moorooduc Estate will host seminars. Kate recently became a Master of Wine, becoming the first on the Peninsula to do so. A Master of Wine is generally regarded in the wine industry as one of the highest standards of professional knowledge. There are only about 280 Masters of Wine in the world. The kick-off to the Winter Wine Weekend allows wine connoisseurs to sample new releases and revisit old favourites. The wines are matched with fine cuisine from Mornington Peninsula gourmet food producers. Emu snags, saucy mussels and exquisite pizzas are just some of the tasty fare available during the Saturday event WINTER 2011

which runs from 11am-4pm. There will be plenty of music and song on the day too. On the Sunday and Monday, locals and visitors to the Peninsula will be able to visit the many wineries and vineyards scattered all over the region, many of whom will be holding various activities to celebrate the Winter Wine Weekend. History: The Mornington Peninsula has grown relatively quickly as a wine region. While there was some growth in the 1890’s, it wasn’t until 1972 that the first vineyard on the Peninsula was planted by Baillieu Myer. Main Ridge Estate was the first commercial winery to open in 1975 and remains open today. Since then, wineries and vineyards have sprung up all over the Peninsula much to the delight of wine lovers. The Mornington Peninsula produces high quality, cool climate wines similar to those of the great wine producing regions of France. In fact the Mornington Peninsula is one of Australia’s true maritime wine regions. The principle varieties and most successful styles are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which flourish in the Peninsula conditions. Recently, Pinot Gris has built a reputation for quality and regional distinction.


Mornington Life is giving away two double passes to the opening of the Winter Wine Weekend at the Red Hill Reserve on Saturday June 11. To enter, visit Mornington Life on Facebook and let us know your three favourite local wines. Mornington Peninsula Vignerons advises those wishing to attend winemakers seminars that numbers are limit to 50 per session. Bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis on the day. Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

83 )

On top with galloping gourmands

( 84 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

A salubrious salute to the great McCarthys, Salix Restaurant in Merricks North and Bistro Maison in Mt Eliza are a pair of prime restaurants, owned and run by a prime pair of peninsula restaurateurs. Since establishing Salix at Willow Creek Vineyard, in the mid noughties, Bernard and Rachael McCarthy have implanted the eatery as a ‘winning post’ for galloping gourmands. Salix is now perched on a pinnacle, since taking out four awards, making it the overall winner at the 2010 Mornington Peninsula Regional Awards for Excellence, presented by Mornington Peninsula Gourmet and Restaurant & Catering Victoria. “Salix’ success and consistency is greatly attributable to the team, not the 2. We really believe in our head chef, David Walford, managers Stephane Solares & Cathy Gledhill, we are the sum of all parts.” said Rachael.

At around the same time that they were hauling home their awards for Salix, Bernard and Rachael opened Bistro Maison in Mt Eliza; all the while caring for their growing family. The two restaurants share a handful of menu items, predominately classic French. “Our pate and our French lentil salad are two items that people constantly request recipes for” said Rachael with a smile. The pate compliments a dish comprised of rabbit terrine, salade lyonnaise and maraschino preserved cherries. “I think it’s lovely when people ask for a recipe, it means they’ve really enjoyed their meal and it helps them appreciate how many hours have gone into that dish. Even if it’s just our Café de Paris butter; there’s about 12 ingredients and a lengthy process, with all the herbs and spices, just to make the butter”. “It’s all part of the charm of eating in the countryside – it’s a memory you take with you forever”.

fresh every season

mornington life

People often choose Salix for gamey flavours and seafood. Eye fillet and lamb are sourced directly from exporting rooms. The jus that is spooned onto red meat dishes takes three days to prepare. Pan seared leader prawns (huge) share the plate with an avocado and hazelnut vinaigrette and Yarra Valley caviar. “People often don’t have the time at home to execute finer desserts, so it is such a treat to try our handcrafted sweets. We hand-churn all our own ice creams, everything is made from scratch and there’s never bought-in products, whether it’s a biscuit or a cake that is just part of a dish”. A Belgian chocolate creation, such as mousse with strawberry balsamic salad and blackberry coulis, is always on the menu. Functions, whether a casual family affair or a supremely stylish wedding, are de rigueur. Salix is open 7 days, year round, for lunch and on Friday and Saturday evenings. Bistro Maison is open at night and has more of a cosmopolitan feel, making the best of the view to Melbourne’s cityscape and catching the sunsets across the bay. Salix is at 166 Balnarring Road, Merricks North, phone 5989 7640. Bistro Maison is at 45 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza, ph 9787 6111. - Grattan Anderson

Making world class wines Lee Fisicaro has taken hold of the reins at The Cups Estate Vineyard & Restaurant since his father, Joe, passed away in October. Joe worked closely with his father at the property in Browns Road, Fingal, and his death has left a huge void. “I miss chatting about the different things we’re doing in the restaurant, about plans for the future,” says Joe. “And having someone to bounce off when things go wrong.” The Cups Estate was Joe Fisicaro’s pride and joy. “He felt like a king when he was here,” reflects Lee. Situated close to the ocean and Port Phillip Bay, the land is on the famous sandbelt that is home to many of the Peninsula’s popular golf courses. The stunning Cups Estate restaurant has vistas of undulating dunes & acres of vines. Lee now runs the Estate on behalf of his mother & two siblings. The transition, Lee says, has been smooth, “because dad had given me so much responsibility early on.” Lee says The Cups Estate is his father’s “little legacy” and rather than being daunted by what lies ahead of him, he is keen to lift the standards even higher. He has already turned his attention to the winemaking process. While The Cups Estate produces grapes of a distinctive character and the close proximity to the sea allows grape varieties such as Shiraz and Merlot to ripen, Lee was keen to introduce WINTER 2011

a new wine to the list – Pinot Gris. Two acres of vines were planted and The Cups Estate has now produced its first vintage Pinot Gris (2010). “Everybody likes it,” beams Lee who pushed for it because it is his wine of choice. The Cups Estate 2009 Pinot Noir is highly regarded and Lee says a recently produced Sparkling Shiraz is also doing well. Winemaker, Dr Richard McIntyre, was responsible for overseeing the 2008 Sparkling Blanc de Noir and the 2009 Peninsula Rose which are equally enjoyable. While there is a cellar door from which you can purchase the wine, the best alternative is to lunch in the vineyard’s cafe and sample them over lunch. The cafe menu has a perfect choice of dishes for wine sampling and includes such gems as Morton Bay Bugs, Lamb Cutlets, King Prawns, Italian Meatballs and Pork & Fennel Sausages. If you prefer you can order platters of cheese, antipasto & chunky slices of bread. The Cups Estate is located at 269 Browns Road, Fingal. or phone 1300 131 741 - Mel Marcello Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

85 )

an evening not to be missed, oysters & louis at the rocks, mornington

All pics can be purchased details at

( 86 The peninsulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s funky SQUARE magazine

fresh every season

mornington life

Everything you need to know about Oysters Award winning Clamms Seafood is well respected for its integrity, consistency of product and for providing the freshest seafood in the industry. This is echoed in their catch phrase, “The finest and freshest each and every time”. Seafood is their life, so it was no surprise that on a recent ‘Oyster and Louis Roederer Champagne’ evening at The Rocks in Mornington Josh Roydhouse, of Clamms Seafood as guest speaker provided a wonderful insight into the varieties of oysters being showcased. He started with “Due to high rainfall, unfortunately there are limited oyster leases being harvested.” but then came the good news “Winter is a particularly good time to savour these tasty bivalve molluscs.” And savour we did. Those fortunate enough to know about this evening sampled six stunning champagnes and six different types of oyster, finished with a selection of paella. Oysters were cheerfully shucked by the chefs to replenish patron’s chosen ones. Everyone in the room was in oyster and champagne heaven. There is no doubt about it, Robert De Santis knows exactly how to put on a spread. Whilst it was booked out, overcrowding was not an issue. Josh from Clamms has now provided Mornington Life readers with information about the oysters we sampled that evening. Blackman Bay • Dunalley Tasmania • Pacific Oyster Surrounded by some of Tasmanian’s pristine white beaches and situated on the East Coast with direct access to the crystal clear, most pure oceanic waters of the Pacific Ocean. The product from this bay has a white flesh, clean shells and a subtle combination flavour of sweetness and saltiness which leaves a clean, crisp taste on the pallet.Shell Characteristics Opaque thick white shell is consistent with this area. Growth rate in this region is 18 24 months to maturity. St Helens • Moulting Bay Tasmania • Pacific Oyster Meat is plump white to creamy in colour reflecting seasonal variation which is influenced by nutrient rich south east current during winter and spring. A sweet less salty taste influenced by nutrient rich south east and east coast currents. Light to dark colour seasonally variable. Pale green to rich emerald. Growth rate in this region is 18 - 24 months to maturity. Coffin Bay • South Australia • Pacific Oysters Winner of the vogue 2009 entertaining awards the pristine oyster farm near port Douglas in coffin bay prides itself in the harvesting oysters at there premium condition. It is situated in an area of coffin bay that has strong tidal movements that helps it to produce a strong robust oyster with a great salty flavour. 18 – 24 months growth rate to reach maturity.

( 88 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

Smokey Bay • South Australia • Pacific Oyster Smoky Bay is a beautiful coastal village on the Western Eyre Peninsula, located within the Great Australian Bight. Incredibly pristine, the waters of Smoky Bay are fed by the cool nutrient rich waters of the Southern Ocean, giving freshly harvested oysters that wonderful flavour and presentation. 18-24 months growth rate to reach maturity. Crookhaven • NSW • Sydney Rock Oyster A different species to the Pacific Oyster, with a different taste to the palate. Sydney Rock Oysters are are cultured in brackish waters in estuarine areas and rivers right on the NSW coastline. Medium salty chacteristics with soft creamy, earthy flavours. 3 years growth rate to reach maturity .

OTHER OYSTER LEASES South Australia – Pacific Oysters Yorke Peninsula Kangaroo Island Cowell Ceduna Streaky Bay Denial Bay Tasmania – Pacific Oysters Pittwater Barilla Bay Cloudy Bay Duck Bay Bruny Island New South Wales – Rock Oysters Eden Pambula Lake Port Stephens Wallis Lake Clamms supply the following restaurants on the Peninsula Rocks Mornington Peringa Estate Port Phillip Dining Salix Veraison Sorrento Baths Sorrento Seafood Tavern Rose GPO Ten Minutes By Tractor Crittendens Stillwater Loquat Rye Pier Clamms support Mornington Peninsula Gourmet and sponsor the award for Best Restaurant in a Winery. For more information go to - Lisa Walton fresh every season mornington life

spoon it’s the real thing As Spoon prepares to celebrate their first birthday in August they have proven to be an absolute favourite for those looking for the ultimate dining experience in Mt Eliza. Anna and Ashley Shergold, are a couple with local cred and international experience who have transformed both the interior and the menu of the now stunning Spoon, the restaurant formerly known as Licciardo’s. The menu is ever evolving and changing. Coming into the winter months you will find plenty to warm and replenish. New items mixed with some old favourites. With their local produce driven menu, you may find delicious dishes like Flinders aged Angus rib eye, red wine butter and hand cut chips, again all locally sourced ingredients; or Roasted Blue eye, creamed potatoes and clams with garlic and parsley. Desserts are amazing, you must try the Soft centred chocolate pudding with orange sorbet. This is to be a dish to be remembered! Anna says “We have had a lot of feedback already, everyone loves our chocolate pud”. If it happens to be missing from the menu when next you dine, aske for it when you order, it is well worth begging for! Spoon has a specials board which not only focuses on Midweek lunchtime specials but also plenty of changing items for the evening which usually include both entree’s, mains and dessert. (If you’re lucky, you might even be there on a mid week night when there’s a soufflé special). WINTER 2011

With an emphasis on local produce and international influences, Spoon also offers a divine cheese selection with fruit bread and water biscuits. “All cheeses come from Calander cheese and Main Ridge dairy, so you know you are getting a quality product”, says Anna. Making sure they cater for everyone’s needs, Gluten free, vegetarian and children’s options are always available. Early opening in the evening allows for both young and old to enjoy a meal before heading home for an early night. With great coffee and a good wine list, feel free to drop in any time, or after work. Wines are available by the glass or bottle and their is a smattering of tasy beers and other warming beverages. Spoon can cater for larger groups and private functions. Just call Anna and Ashley, they would love to assist you with your event. 84 Mt Eliza Way Mt Eliza P: 9787 7710. Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

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2 x course + wine only


3 x course + wine only


Monday to Thursday for dinner before 6.30pm. Also 7 days for lunch. See website for details.

Warm up with Verde Verde has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and has been an ongoing success story for many years. It remains a firm favourite among locals and weekenders alike. As owner Cameron Taylor says “Visitors to the restaurant will find a space which is friendly, vibrant and ever changing. We use fresh, local produce to create a seasonally inspired menu, meaning Verde consistently delivers unique signature dishes to delight the palette.” As the Autumn months give way to Winter, the menu at Verde is transforming. The variety of daily specials revolve around the Peninsula’s famous culinary delicacies on the extensive a la carte menu. A popular choice to start is the Scallop Selection with five different ways - a classic dish with a contemporary twist. Verde often offers up to 10 different seafood dishes on any given day, so if scallops aren’t for you, try the tuna Carpaccio. Three of these are main fish dishes such as Mornington Peninsula beer battered flatty tails, oven roasted ocean trout or sesame seared marlin on Asian greens. If you are after something heartier for your main course, Verde’s winter menu offers an array of Chargrilled steaks including certified Angus Porterhouse, Prime Eye Fillet Steak, Fillet Mignon, the timeless favourite “The Reef and Beef” or the 400g rib eye off the specials board. The popular Wine and Lounge Bar provides patrons with a relaxed, yet sophisticated space to unwind. Accommodating up to 30 people, customers can choose from the grazing menu and drink from a Peninsula dominated, specialized wine list. There is great local beer on tap and the bar area can be booked out for small functions. Early diners can take advantage of Verde’s great Winter Warmer specials - see advt or visit for details. Open seven days a week, for lunch and dinner, the choice is easy. Verde Restaurant + Bar. 34 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza Ph: 9787 0200 WINTER 2011

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aaah the Rose The Rose GPO Hotel in Rosebud was established in 2008 with a view to bringing a reputable food culture to Rosebud. Its not your regular peninsula pub. In fact its probably best not described as a pub at all. It presents as a modern restaurant with fine imported wallpapers, multiple comfortable areas of tables, couches and casual high bars. There is not a pokie machine in sight, and the word bain marie is considered a swear word by Head Chef Brad Sampson. Brad joined the GPO as their head chef in November and in May begun to oversee the food at The Capel in West Rosebud as well (the second venture by GPO owners Sam and Breanne.) “Whilst you can still get a parma our focus is on fine casual food and offerings in Winter including Slow Cooked Otway Pork Belly, Cape Grim Beef Ragout tossed through fresh pappardelle and our famous Paella and Seafood Chowder.” said Sam. If you haven’t tried Cape Grim Beef then you best try a Porterhouse, Scotch fillet or Rib Eye when next in the area. RoseGPO is one of only a small number of venues accredited to sell this prime cut, others include Grossi Florentino, Rockpool by Neil Perry and Maize by Gordon Ramsay. The

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Tasmanian grass fed beef comes from the purest air area in the world. The marbling is equisite, it’s a true taste senasation and the chef’s at the Rose get it right everytime. Thursday nights have become a hit with the locals and tourists, diners can enjoy a bottle of wine, two porterhouse steaks with usual sides and sauces a for just $50. Friday’s see regular duo Keyboard player Rob Amato and sublime vocalist Lorenzo from the band “Something to talk about” ease you into the weekend with easy listening dinner music before stepping up a gear as the night gets later. The GPO is well known for live music and other artists to frequent regularly include Lisa Edwards (John Farnham band), Simon Dodd and the President Roots, James Vincent and local lad Josh Roydhouse. The Express lunch menu is all about quicker faster and cheaper and is run in conjunction with the regular menu. Here you can find a burger, Calamari salad, open steak sandwich etc. “We look forward to seeing your family and friends at the GPO soon,” said Sam. RoseGPO at 1003 Point Nepean Rd, open 7 days from 8am for breakfast lunch & dinner. fresh every season

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Pier 10, take your sweetheart A foodie’s darling and a popular spot with local diners, Pier 10 Vineyard and Restaurant has grown from a converted weekender to a sophisticated Shoreham destination. The leisurely country retreat morphed from a holiday home to a premium vineyard with the planting of a little over 3 hectares of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay in 1996. The addition in 2004 of a sizeable barn-like building, with vaulted ceilings and sweeping verandas, extended the property’s assets with a vibrant, informal restaurant. A shot of style and youthful feel has been added by oldest son Stuart, who now operates the restaurant. The family owned and run vineyard, restaurant and cellar door also boasts a well-tended herb garden and an impressive organic vegie patch, reflecting the fresh experience within. Head chef Steve Davidson has been awarded chef’s hats for three consecutive years and has worked with culinary icon Herman Schneider. Innovative and sophisticated, Pier 10’s menu is regularly updated and sources many ingredients from the region. Popular starters include sugar cured salmon with cauliflower and tahini tofu, pickled mushrooms and seaweed salad. Duck linguine is complimented with an egg yolk confit, peas, mascarpone and zucchini. The leek and goat’s cheese tart, drizzled with estate Shiraz dressing and sprinkled with freshly picked herbs, is a vegetarian favourite. WINTER 2011

Main courses are designed to satisfy both adventurous palates and discerning tastebuds. The traditional paella adds a lashing of coriander, chilli and lime to the panned prawns, barramundi, chorizo, chicken, calamari, and mussels. Meat lovers trend toward the lamb braise or the char-grilled beef porterhouse. Roast barramundi is partnered with Moreton Bay bug raviolo, chickpeas, rocket and crushed kipfler potato. Desserts include chocolate bread and butter pudding with a strawberry and basil compote and honey ice cream. The saffron poached pear is partnered with vanilla panna cotta ladled with spicy syrup. All of Pier 10’s wine comes from estate grown, handpicked grapes; bottled, labelled, sold and enjoyed by the family on the property. Flavours include the ‘crown jewel’ Ruby Pinot Noir – a sparkling sensation. The Crystal White and the Barelli Pinot Grigio are discerningly desired. The estate produces around 2,000 cases each season. A $30 two-course special is available from Thursday to Saturday. Various performers treat diners to meal-music on Sunday afternoons. Pier 10 is located at 10 Shoreham Road, Shoreham. Lunch is served from Thursday to Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday. Contact: • Phone 5989 8848 - Grattan Anderson Stay in touch - find us on Facebook

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Enter Miss Velvet

by Grattan Anderson

Veraison: food, setting, hospitality, as good as it gets

Miss Velvet, the Peninsula’s newest and hippest shoe store opened with a fanfare recently. Beckie White’s new business offers exclusive choices for the stylishly glamorous. Find Miss Velvet at 28 Wells St Frankston, Phone 9783 8358

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One of the Mornington Peninsula’s hidden pearls, Veraison Restaurant is well worth the trip from Melbourne to Merricks. The winery restaurant was one of only a handful of peninsula canteens to score a gong in the 2010 and 2011 Australian Good Food and Travel Guide’s coveted Chef’s Hat Awards, which are based on the Michelin Award’s culinary parameters. The contemporary French-styled restaurant has gained a dedicated gourmet following since opening in 2008, when proprietor-chef Mark Poulter came to his family-owned Bluestone Lane vineyard. His vision and wherewithal established what now certainly numbers among the peninsula’s finest eateries. Recently updated decor includes antique French pots, mossy urns and a glorious teak dining table that seats 12. Comfortably padded captain’s chairs and high-backs upholstered in French cloth partner tables set with alabaster linen and fine German porcelain. In pride of place stands an impressive, Austrian built, baby grand piano that Mark’s partner Cherie plays with poise and emotion each Sunday afternoon, and

at other times when the mood beckons. Veraison offers very fine dining in grand contemporary ambiance – and the warmth of a blazing fire. The sin is that most peninsula people just don’t know this restaurant and how good it is. “A lot of our regulars are baby boomers who just love to relax and be pampered. So many of our customers come back our restaurant is strongly recommended by word of mouth,” said the five star chef. “We’re a massage for the soul and the senses.” Front of house manager-pianist Cherie promises attentive service; personal, friendly and professional. Pure wagyu beef, not Angus-wagyu cross, is sourced from Balnarring and the lamb comes from within shouting distance of the vineyard’s front fence. “When people taste this meat they say ‘my god what’s that flavour’.” “We make our own smallgoods including pastrami, pancetta and salami - all from the Balnarring wagyu and smoked on site - it’s as good as it gets.”

The Charcuterie Plate is a Veraison hallmark dish boasting a selection of house-cured meats, Red Hill Sensation cheese, Manzanilla olives, and pickled vegetables picked from the restaurant’s own organic vegetable garden. A vegie garden that is four house blocks in size. The signature dessert at Veraison is an amazing Aerated Parfait Coupe, which wows diners from far and wide. Combining strawberries, house-made honeycomb, honeycomb ice cream, violet ice cream, Belgian chocolate crumble and a supreme Persian fairy floss atop, this truly mouth-watering dessert needs to be seen and devoured to be believed. “Our specialties include exotic mushrooms, wild game birds and terrines and my pistachio paste is the best in the world and imported from Italy. When you come here you feel like you’ve driven to the country - but we’re just 15 minutes from Mornington and even closer to Hastings,” Mark added. Veraison is located at 269 Myers Road, Merricks. Phone 5989 7081 or click on fresh every season

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Tantalising, expanded menu, shows new chef has flair Moments from Mornington’s Main Street metropolis, Harba Oyster Bar & Grill offers exciting dining with views to the bay across Mornington Park’s greenery. Diners can choose to sit close to the weather on the screened front deck or well within on comfy woven-cane high back chairs that fit well with the deep-toned walls and trendy vibe. Models of sailing ships and steamers are decoratively dotted about, while a large aquarium adds to the ambiance. “This is a place where people can come along and have a little bit of fun, with quality food, plenty on the plate, and be greeted with a traditional welcome,” says owner and local identity John Crossin. “A lot of thanks must also to go to Liam, Lisa, Nikki and Adam and all the staff,” adds John who is re-living his dream, steering the style of a prominent restaurant and social venue. The new and expanded Harba menu illustrates more than the usual dash of flair from head chef Adam Falls. A choice of four styles of oyster, salt and pepper calamari and a trio of tasty house-made dips are popular entreés. The linguini marinara is a long-time Harba staple, prepared with fresh basil and a rich Napoli sauce. Flathead tails are battered in crisp filigree and served with chips, salad and house-made tartare. Steaks include a 300g aged porterhouse and a 350g rib eye, served with a choice of sauces. The 300g eye fillet

( 96 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

stands tall on a bed of creamy garlic mash, tasty grilled field-mushrooms and a twirl of seasonal greens. Chicken-mushroom risotto, spicy cream gnocchi, Thai fish cakes, Moreton Bay bugs and juicy roast pork belly, topped with crackling, are also favourites. Pastry chef Holly creates magnificent desserts. On any night you can hear the ooh’s and aarh’s as desserts arrive, try the tasting platter if you can’t make a decision. The upstairs Sunset Lounge boasts an enviable view over the treetops to Port Phillip Bay and makes for a fine function venue. This first floor room also hosts a muso’s open-mic night each Monday, and monthly cabaret evenings. The She-Laa’s 60s tribute show on Friday, July 8 will feature a three-girl Supremes style floorshow and includes hit favourites such as It’s My Party, My Boyfriend’s Back, Going to the Chapel and many more. The three-course dinner and show includes canapés on arrival and is priced at $60, bookings are essential. A $19 steak special is available on Tuesday and a ‘rib and bib’ night is planned for winter. Express lunches are a forte. A free main course meal is part of Harba’s VIP Club membership package, along with exclusive invitations, giveaways and discounts - to join visit Harba is located at 786 the Esplanade in Mornington, open 7 days, phone 5975 1183. - Grattan Anderson fresh every season

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there is always something on at harba in mornington, the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s greatest shave, variety club awards night or general eating, drinking & merriment

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fresh every season

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this page beaches of mornington, the best little cheers bar in the state. Friendly faces couple up over great music nearly every night of the week


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Great meals always at mates rates As Mornington’s very own Cheers style bar and bistro, Beaches is a favourite port of call for a good value dinner and a rocking night out. A fundraiser was held at Beaches of Mornington recently to support the group of 14 cyclists from the Mornington Peninsula who completed a 1,780 kilometre charity ride from Melbourne to the Gold Coast to raise awareness and over $80,000 in research funds for Cystic Fibrosis and support the Queensland Flood Relief. Cystic Fibrosis is a life shortening, genetic disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system and affects a newborn baby every four days within Australia. Approximatelly 1 in 25 Australians unknowingly carry this recessive gene. Troy Pullar of Harcourts Carrum created this “Riding for Life” charity challenge to honour the memory of a close friend who had died from Cystic Fibrosis. Dr David Armstrong. Monash Children’s head of paediatric respiratory medicine also came on this marathon ride when told about it by the father of one of his patients. Mnay welwisher along tthe way had relatives or friends who had suffered Cystic Fibrosis.

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Widely regarded as the peninsula’s best music venue for grown-ups, Beaches has live music four nights a week and karaoke on Wednesdays. After five years at the helm, proprietor chef Evan Rose-Jenkins has tuned the style and service at Beaches to customer’s satisfaction. The space is a favourite spot for birthdays, events and family occasions. The upstairs mezzanine has a seating capacity of 30-40 and free live music is provided as part of the experience. Smaller groups also like to book the 10 seat alcove. “If you book a band and a hall it will cost around $1500. At Beaches both of those things are effectively free. We take away a lot of the pressure. And our food and drinks are reasonably priced. We can serve a delicious two course meal to people for less than $32pp – and people don’t have to face a mess in the morning,” said Evan. The musical leaning is 80s-90s rock and pop delivered by classy covers bands including Two Phase, Dirty Boogie, Shazam and Single Income. A popular entree at Beaches is the fresh Lakes Entrance scallops with a hot and spicy nahm jim style sauce. “We just pan sear the scallops and drizzle the sauce on top – it’s so clean and fresh.” The scallops are garnished with leafy greens. Lemon-butter sauce is also an option.

“Steaks are our most popular main because they represent such value and we take great pride in cooking and resting them correctly. Our popular parmas are crusted in-house with cheese and herbs and topped with avocado salsa.” The Thai burger is also much loved. On a bun goes iceberg lettuce, sliced avocado and a patty with no binder – no breadcrumbs, no flour, no egg. Made with fresh ground chicken tenderloins, coriander, a pinch of palm sugar, lime zest and juice, fish sauce and chilli – all topped with a house-made Thai style salsa. “It’s a nice blend of spices but in your mouth you can still taste every bit – the chicken, the lime and a bit of a bite,” said Evan. “My salad dressing is a version of Neil Perry’s green goddess dressing. Combining mint, parsley, tarragon, oregano, cream cheese, yoghurt, virgin oil, mustard and a tiny bit of sugar. It’s a dressing that sets the leaves off with just a light sprinkle.” Novelty dishes such as devilled kidneys sometimes appear in the blackboard menu. Briefly tossed in a short pan with Worcestershire, cream and mustard then tipped onto half a muffin with a sprinkling of green. Specials priced at $12-$15 are a Sunday regular while Monday’s menu always includes a couple of $10 hot-pots such as a tasty laksa, fish and chips or shepherd’s pie. Beaches is at 55 Barkly Street, Mornington, phone 5975 0966. fresh every season

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Frederick @ Mantons Creek Vineyard Just off the beaten track of Mornington Peninsula’s popular wine trail and nestled in its very own secluded and tranquil haven, you will find Manton’s Creek Vineyard. It was a mere 18 months ago that passionate winemakers Owen and Rhiannon Goodwin took lease of the property and began implementing their vision. “We have created a space which can be enjoyed equally by couples looking to get away for a quiet romantic weekend and, those who are looking to explore all the gems of the Mornington Peninsula,” said Rhiannon. “We provide a stylish yet unpretentious atmosphere for everyone to relax and enjoy.” Between them the Goodwins boast degrees in Microbiology, Wine Science & Environment Science, in addition to a long history in the hospitality and wine industries Frederick @ MCV is a result of this excellent pedigree and presents visitors with cellar door, restaurant and accommodation options. The property itself offers variety, a facet that is successfully capitalised upon by the duo. “The vines here are 20 years old and designed for our cool climate,” said Rhiannon. “They are protected from the wind and we’ve been incredibly fortunate with the fruit they have produced.” So fortunate in fact that in 2010, they launched their inaugural label ‘Frederick’, beautifully named after their firstborn son who also made his debut into the world in the same year. This year Frederick @ MCV will be presenting a range of eight varietals which will be available to taste and buy through the cellar door. An occasion not to be missed is the peninsula’s annual Winter Wine Weekend. Frederick @ MCV will be hosting


‘perfect pairings’ tastings throughout the entire event in which three small plates of food will be perfectly matched with accompanying estate wines. There will also be a ‘sneak peak’ release of a new Pinot Meumier. Chef Andrew Ledson, works as an integral part of the Frederick team at, creating beautifully presented delicious dishes for the restaurant. The seasonally inspired menu revolves around the inclusion of local ingredients sourced from the peninsula, grown on site, or sourced from neighbours. “You always feel good having eaten here,” said Rhiannon, “Andrew uses fresh ingredients and takes the utmost care to prepare our meals with passion, something we can then share with the customer.” “We are currently running a winter special on Fridays and Mondays – Andrew offers two courses which we match with the perfect glass of wine, all for $35 per person.”

See their website for further details. Visitors looking to stay awhile longer can take advantage of the exclusive accommodation available at Frederick @ MCV. Set against the backdrop of its working vineyard and sitting atop of their small cellar door and restaurant, four comfortable rooms offer uninterrupted sweeping views. All rooms offer king size beds, ensuites and private balconies in addition to an inclusive cooked breakfast which can be enjoyed in the confines of your room, on your private balcony, or in the dining room. All guests have access to the large open fire that is great to snuggle up in front of whilst spending some time in the guest lounge on those chilly winter evenings. A great stop for those blazing the Mornington Peninsula’s wine trail and a holiday oasis for those searching for a weekend retreat, Frederick @ MCV is also a perfect option for weddings or functions. Open 7 days, Frederick @ Manton’s Creek Vineyard is located on Tucks Road, Main Ridge. Ph: 5989 6264 Additional information on opening times, menu and accommodation options is available at

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morning star rocked anzac day with a huge turnout for james reyne, nick barker, chris & pete doe and others, watch this space for more

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Unique flavours of Argentina here in our neighbourhood! Since opening in March, Los Argentinos Argentinean Grill Restaurant has shown the style and the substance to shake up Frankston’s dining choices. The South American themed renovation to the former KFC in Beach Street has added an attractive option for diners seeking to explore some snazzy new flavours. “Our concept is charcoal grilled steak, lamb and ribs, real charcoal, combined with live music four nights a week” said proprietor Hany Fahmy. Fernando’s three-piece band performs from Thursday to Sunday. Combining South American pan flute, Bolivian drum and guitar; the traditional trio sing and encourage dancing, as the evening matures. “Our calamares a la parilla is a special dish you will never taste anywhere else, the calamari is marinated and then grilled, just for a couple of seconds. People are amazed with the taste” said Hany. The calamari is infused with Hany’s ‘secret’ blend of South American herbs and spices, specifically for seafood. Pork ribs are a specialty, house-marinated, with a choice of hot or spicy “I think we are the only restaurant in Melbourne that charcoal grills ribs” Hany added. The 200 item menu features six cuts of lamb including cutlets and a full rack. Steaks include rump, porterhouse,


T bone, eye fillet and lean beef skewers. The mixed grill combines five meats. “About 15 years ago we started to mix Argentinean and Mexican styles of food, we knew that people want a change from one type, so we often combine the two very different styles - this also makes us unique”. Argentinean meals often include a number of entrees followed by grilled meat. Mexican meals feature fewer starters but many more oven-baked dishes. “We have taken the best of Mexican food and the best from Argentina and created Los Argentinos” said Hany with pride “all the most famous; burritos, nachos, enchiladas and more”. Seafood choices include grilled prawns with garlic sauce, grilled salmon, baked trout, and swordfish with mustard sauce. Kids and vegetarians are also well catered for. A big choice of Mexican, Chilean and Argentinean wines and beers, including Quilmas, have proved popular, as have Margaritas. Desserts include chocolate ice-cream ladled with kahlua and topped with whipped cream. Liquer coffees embrace Argentinean, Brazilian, Mexican and Irish nations. Los Argentinos is at 14 Beach Street, Frankston. Contact: 9783 7882 or

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Nepean Flood Relief Concert Sorrento

seen about

The Nepean Flood Relief Benefit Concert on Labour Day Weekend was successful despite the rain. Photos from the event are top 3 rows. Below left see patrons of Flourish licensed Café in Frankston South where you can enjoy dinner and great music, 1st Friday every month. For all things Italian its DOC Mornington below right. Flourish Café Norman Avenue

DOC Mornington

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seen about

top: god’s kitchen mornington; above: roseGPO rosebud; miss mornington peninsula cosmopolitan model search conti sorrento

It’s crazy, but it must be God’s!

A funky tapas and gourmet pizza bar with a distinct gastropub vibe resides in this gorgeous heritage-listed church conversion on the corner of Barkly and Waterloo streets in Mornington. Locals continue to worship here, flocking to the place, especially on Sundays. These days though it’s to enjoy some of Australia’s leading independent music artists or DJ’s perform a mix of funk, soul and jazz. To cap it all off the food is simply divine. The place has four distinct area’s to dine or linger, the former church is now the main hall, a bar and restaurant cum playroom, depending on the night of the week. Wednesdays locals play Trivia for a winner take all cash prize and Thursdays its social darts. Then there is the Atrium, which is purely for diners and overlooks the pretty front courtyard, which is always a hive of activity. The shade sails keep most of the nasty weather at bay and long wooden tables accommodate loads of social interaction. WINTER 2011

If it’s a little wet, then the congregation gathers in the renovated beer garden, which has been dubbed the ‘Devil’s Playground’. This has both a bar and it’s very own wood fired pizza oven, although these are not always manned during quieter times. Now famous for their functions, God’s Kitchen brings a unique experience to any event whether it be dining with family and friends or celebrating a special moment in life. The interesting layout of the venue allows for small gatherings where you won’t upset or bother other patrons and a 2nd or 3rd area or even the whole venue can hold a huge number for a huge celebration or function. They have successfully bought city café culture to Mornington with exceptional tapas, a la carte and gourmet pizza all in the one venue. They even do late night food on weekends. Gods Kitchen, 53 Barkly St, Mornington Ph: 5976 8666

53 Barkly Street Mornington p} 5976 8666

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Popular Platters is a local ‘fave’ As much a destination as it is an eatery, Platters in Mornington has embraced and sometimes lead the busy main street’s tasty style. Now five years into proving its worth, as one of the thoroughfare’s premier eateries, Platters easy eating style of mix-and-match tapas blends the trend, fusing tried and true dishes with innovative combinations. Owners Clare Kinnaird and Chef Darren Otto established this subtly funky eatery following decades of experience serving fine food. Platters deck is a supreme spot for grazing with friends, especially weekend afternoons, as the passing parade entertains. The trendy interior is a fave with ‘lunching’ groups of girls. The tapas style of eating originated in Spain, embracing the idea of a choice of appetizers served on small plates or dishes, designed to nibble on with drinks. Being of Mediterranean origin, many of the current offerings include olives, cheese, preserved meats and southern European tastes. Into that mix, Japanese, Indian, Moroccan and numerous international influences have been added. It’s the ideal invention to suit variations of palate and degrees of hunger.

( 108 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

“We are always on the lookout for new dishes; our new lunch menu combines small, tasty grazing bowls that can easily combo up to a full meal” said Clare. Platters’ tapas menu offers more than 20 vegetarian, meat and seafood choices that can be ordered singly, as an entrée or more popularly with two or more sharing a platter-load of flavours – all begging to be intermingled. Five tapas for $28 is a favourite combo special. Popular choices include chorizo sausage smothered in melted saganaki cheese, marinated lamb souvlaki with tzatziki and béarnaise sauce and smoked salmon roulade with mescaline lettuce and horseradish cream. Other favourites include oysters, breads, antipasto and game – ‘roo, emu and crocodile. Platters’ a la carte menu is bolstered with daily blackboard specials, such as mushroom and blue cheese soup with toasted Turkish bread or Trevally fillet resting on a bed of baby spinach and topped with lemon, caper and dill butter. The chocolate platter is the most popular dessert. Platters’ regular seafood feast will return on Thursday, August 18, bookings are essential. Platters is located at 39 Main Street, Mornington. Phone: 5976 1471.

fresh every season

mornington life

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Norman Ave Pizzeria above and below everyone is loving norman avenue pizzeria, in frankston south, and the star attraction - the sensational pizzas!

1st for australia right on our doorstep the new los argentinos in frankston

Los Argentinos brand new in Frankston a favourite local spot, perfect anytime!

Platters Main St Mornington


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Mt Eliza’s genuine Farmer’s Markets, 4th Sunday every month The Mt Eliza Farmers’ Market, which is run by the Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Mt Eliza Lions and Rotary clubs, celebrated its first birthday in March. Proceeds from the market have been going to some wonderful organisations and services, such as flood appeals, Peninsula Palliative Care, Children of Courage and Mt Eliza Primary School’s Kitchen Garden Program to name but a few. The market management would like to thank the Mornington Peninsula community for making the market such a success. “This market is one of the most genuine farmers’ markets you’ll find in Victoria. The committee of management are very strict about who attends. All the food and beverage sold has a connection to the land and is sourced as close to Mt Eliza as possible. You are putting money directly into farmers’ pockets by shopping at this market” says Market Manager, Melanie Wigg.

( 110 The peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine

On the 4th Sunday every month the village bursts into life with the monthly Mt Eliza Farmers’ Market. With Winter here, the weather that warrants staying home and cooking up feasts! Mt Eliza’s Farmers’ Market is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your locally farmed and produced goodies to ensure the times ahead are filled with home made culinary delights! The market rich with energy, music and yummy smells with stallholders displaying their fresh local produce and homemade goodies. Markets are held 4th Sunday of the month, Rain, hail or shine. 9am-1pm, cnr Mt Eliza Way & Canadian Bay Rd. (Mel ref 105 F1). BYO shopping bags or trolleys – the market is plastic free!, Enquiries – 0429 398 684 fresh every season

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Divinely delicious

“I Do” Wedding & Specialty Cakes began as a hobby but soon developed into a flowering business for Mt Martha based pastry chef and ‘can-do’ cake decorator Scott Edwards. Inspired by Paris Cutler’s deft creations, Scott mastered his vision and skills through a cake decorating course before launching into the world of specialty cakes. He now creates cakes that can be described as more than skin deep in scope. “My cakes are finished with fondant, atop a layer of melted chocolate and cream-ganache that adds an extra fling of flavour to the base cake,” said Scott from his commercially crafted home kitchen. “It’s a three-day process; firstly you bake the cake, the next day you apply a thick layer of ganache and on the third day you ice it. And I don’t use that pique tasting almond icing – my icing tastes divine,” said Scott with a grin. Icing can be laced with flavours such as strawberry, coconut and orange. Tia Maria, Galliano and Drambuie are also popular additives. “My last five cakes have been chocolate, that’s the most popular by far; a rich, moist mud-cake coated with a secret-recipe veneer of ginger-toffee, beneath the ganache. Whatever type of cake people want, I can make. Most are two or three tier but I’ve done a four.” Styles and themes range from formal to floral to funny. A dinosaur-shaped creation is currently on order. A world of finishes, flavours and fillings are de rigueur. Tiered stands display vibrantly decorated cup-cakes, rich chocolate ingots and lashings of style. “I did one wedding cake with 80 individual chocolate hearts covered in chocolate ganache and served to each guest as dessert - it’s exciting. I’ve got the flavours, the textures


and the presentation that anyone wants. From the moment guests walk through the door I want them to think ‘my god – look at that wedding cake’.” Scott’s artistic icing-capades are as flexible as they are creative. Cakes are delivered and set up in situ, ready for any party, wedding reception or event. “Gene and I can’t thank you enough for putting so much time and effort into our cake. You did such a great job for us, setting it up and making sure everything was perfect, including the Eiffel Tower! We had so many people comment not only on the presentation but the taste too!!” said a thank you note from Gene and Lauren in Mt Eliza. Contact “I Do” Wedding and Specialty Cakes on 0409 586 878 or

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Grandma’s cooking can evoke sweet memories in all of us. A woman who could do no wrong, this was one lady whose secret ingredient of love could guarantee satisfaction with every bite. It is this essence that Grandma’s Puddings has successfully captured through its traditional plum puddings. From humble beginnings, Grandma’s Puddings were lovingly created in the homes of a local duo looking for a hobby. Upon deciding to share their delicious treats with the world, the friends set up a stall at Red Hill Market where their plum puddings quickly gained popularity. That was 15 years ago. Grandma’s Puddings has since been entrusted to a trio of women who have continued to grow the company into the success it is today. The new generation of Grandmas is made up of mother / daughter team, Elaine and Shannon, along with close family friend Jenny. These days, Elaine and Jenny carry out all the cooking in a purpose built kitchen in Main Ridge. The women strictly adhere to traditional, labour intensive methods to ensure a high quality of production is maintained. All of Grandma’s Puddings are hermetically sealed to preserve and enhance taste thus avoid the use of artificial

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colours, flavours and preservatives. Each handmade pudding is created using only Australian products. It is this commitment to supporting local trade that gives Grandma’s Puddings a point of difference in the market whilst allowing them to closely monitor the origins of the ingredients used. In fact, it would not be unusual to find the ladies using eggs, laid by their very own chickens. “Our own grandmas use to make puddings,” said Shannon. “We absolutely loved them and felt it was as shame that people only enjoyed them once a year.” It has thus been Shannon’s aim to make their puddings widely available all year. Grandma’s Puddings can now also be purchased at selected shops and online. A popular corporate gift or fundraising item, each order can be personalised with a choice of wrapping and company branded ribbon. Customers will soon have the option of ordering gift boxes. A combined pudding and brandy sauce pack is a sure fire way to make an impact. Now what’s not to love about that? For gift that people would love to receive, check out the Grandma’s Pudding wesbite – fresh every season

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Lucy Strohhecker is a cupcake queen who wears the crown at Cupcake Haven. At work in her dream profession, Lucy oversees every aspect of cupcake creation in between caring for her five children - Chantelle, Jereme, Luke, Liana and Alexis, along with the world’s most playful dog, Zeke. “I loved creating cakes but often found it difficult to get supplies. I was thinking about a cake for Alexis, and realised that the peninsula did not have much to offer,” said Lucy from her Mornington home that now also serves as the base for her online cake-supply store. “I decided to not only make cakes to order but to also stock and supply everything a cake maker and decorator might need - everything from flour to fondant forms.” ‘Hardware’ for cake makers includes cupcake stands, tins, books, boards, cookie cutters, cases and boxes, patterned and coloured patty pans, edible decorations, silicon moulds, lustrous colours and sprays, candles and all the tools of the trade. “We are constantly sourcing new and exciting products to complement the already extensive range.” Lucy makes cakes and also passes on tricks of the trade she has learnt through many courses. “Make sure your eggs are at room temperature, be organised, and remember that it’s all in the mixing.” (The Mornington Life office team would like to attest to the deliciously tasty result, as per the dreamy pink cupcakes in the picture.) Lucy welcomes all enquiries about cake making. Contact: 0422 313 871 or


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Not just for ex-pat Kiwis Nestled at the top of Mornington’s Barkly Street, 10 steps from Main Street, is the ideal store for lovers of all things iconically New Zealand. Opened 9 months ago, Kiwi House stocks a wide range of giftware, skin care and specialty snacks. “We are about having something different,” says owner Debbie Burkitt. “Not just for ex-pats, we offer everyone a chance to experience the amazing things New Zealand has to offer.” The product available at Kiwi House is eclectic, meaning there truly is something for everyone at the store. The rugby mad, and what Kiwi isn’t, will be able to pick themselves up an obligatory New Zealand Super Rugby and Rugby World Cup jersey. The kids will fall in love with the

range of popular Buzzy Bee soft toys and books. For the home sick traveler, or those keen to try some delicacies from across the pond, Kiwi House stocks a wide range of uniquely New Zealand food including Chocolate Fish, K Bars and specialty ice cream. Then there is the wide range of popular Manuka Honey skincare designed for wellbeing and with additional medicinal benefits. In addition to the above, visitors to Kiwi House will find a delightful selection of traditional sculptures and metal work to decorate any home or garden. With a shipment arriving every three months, there is always something new to experience at Kiwi House. Kiwi House is situated at 7/ 68 Barkly St, Mornington. Enquiries please call 5973 4233.

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See the South Africian Ndebele Doll at Ideas by the Bay

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Get some new Ideas by the Bay Nine months ago, visitors to Mornington’s Main Street were treated to a redesigned and revamped Ideas By the Bay. The store continues to focus primarily upon supplying specialty kitchen and giftware to the Mornington Peninsula. Stocking classy and classical international brand names guaranteed to impress the most astute shopper, the shop’s focus rests primarily upon functional items. According to new owner Francine Chadwick, the store responds to current market trends and people’s needs. “With the economy the way it is, people want to make purchases which have a use,” says Francine. “Our aim is to help people find what they need and we are happy to assist sourcing any product.” From cookbooks to cookware, Ideas By the Bay, has it all covered in their winter cookware sale. If you fancy yourself as a kitchen superstar, you might like to take advantage of the recently arrived Master Chef range. Or if you are more of a weekend warrior, the eco friendly Neoflam range may be more your style. Its ceramic coating is 100% free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals and they also come in a fabulous range of colours. A reduction of 25% is being


offered on the Neoflam range throughout winter, and all fry pan purchases come with a free lid. As we enter the cooler months, a great gift idea for the red wine lover is the Vinturi wine aerator. Available as a deluxe unit on a stylish stand or as a compact travel pack, this innovative and highly awarded product allows your wine to breathe in the time it takes to pour a glass. For the conscientious consumer, Ideas By the Bay is proud to carry a range of Fair Trade products. The Ndebele Doll is beautifully handcrafted by women in KwaNdebele, South Africa, the sale of each doll empowers women with an independent income, the ability to care for their children and allows them to retain their traditional lifestyles. Then for the collectors amongst us, Ideas by the Bay has the largest range of Willow Tree collectable sculptures on the peninsula and also continues to carry the iconic Portmeirion Botanic Garden range. With new stock arriving every week, there are plenty of quality products to choose from. Ideas By The Bay can be found at 34 Main Street, Mornington. For enquiries please call ph: 5977 0708.

Upholstery, Custom Sofas, Modulars, Banquette Seating, Dining Chairs,Ottomans.

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1 0 B e n n e t t s R d, M o r n i n g t o n

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Enjoy a better night’s sleep Sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing. Your body needs sleep to regenerate, while lack of sleep can affect both immune response and vital functions such as learning and memory. So why not give yourself the best sleep possible by visiting Bedshed Mornington to view the Tempur product range?. The friendly staff at Bedshed Mornington will show you that when you lie down on a TEMPUR mattress it conforms to the shape of your body, soft where you want it and firm where you need it. A TEMPUR mattress will let your body find it’s most comfortable position and support it there for your best night’s sleep. In a recent Mattress Survey conducted by leading consumer advocacy group, CHOICE, which ranks the major brands based on genuine user-experiences,  TEMPUR® Mattresses have come out on top, rated as the most comfortable in the Australian market.

Experience Tempur by enjoying these key benefits: • The material is Temperature sensitive, becoming softer in warmer areas, where your body is exerting more pressure, and remains firm in cooler areas, so you can sleep in your most comfortable position. • Offers full body support whereby the TEMPUR material gently moulds to the shape of your body, giving your neck, back, shoulders and legs amazing comfort and support. • Less Tossing and turning as your body weight is perfectly absorbed and redistributed to relieve pressure points. This can help decrease the need to toss and turn during the night. • And ultimately a better sleep as the TEMPUR material absorbs motion energy so that partners are less distributed by each other’s movements and can therefore enjoy a better night’s sleep. (continues opposite)

TEMPUR Sensation at Bedshed Mornington

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with TEMPUR at Bedshed The Sensation 21 mattress combines the best of two mattresses, the response of a spring mattress with the unique pressure relief and comfort support of TEMPUR. Benefits • TEMPUR Material for improved comfort. • Supports your body in its natural position and reduces tossing and turning during your sleep. • Dynamic response system base for the traditional spring mattress feeling. • The elegant cover is antimicrobial treated, hypoallergenic and easy to remove for washing at 60° C. • Can be used on an adjustable bed base. Deluxe 27 mattress combines the unique pressure relieving qualities of TEMPUR with extra TEMPUR soft touch quilted into the cover - enhanced comfort & a luxurious feel. Benefits • TEMPUR Pressure relieving properties benefitting neck, back and joints due to better blood circulation.


• S upports your body in its natural position and reduces tossing and turning during your sleep. • A deep mattress, with an extra comfort layer for a truly soft and luxurious feel. • Softer formula for enhanced responsiveness and comfort. • Quilted cover for a more beautiful look and softer feel. • TEMPUR-Tex™ humidity transferring fabric for dryer, cooler comfort. • The cover is antimicrobial treated, hypoallergenic and can easily be removed for airing. • Can be used on an adjustable bed base. There’s no-one better in the bedroom than Bedshed Mornington. To view the TEMPUR range, call in to their Mornington Superstore at the Peninsula Homemaker Centre, corner Nepean Highway & Bungower Roads Mornington. Open 7 days. Ph 5973 6333

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Free in home Bushfire Advice Service Mornington Peninsula Shire, VicRoads and the Country Fire Authority (CFA) are working together to produce a fire management plan for the freeway reserve through the southern Mornington Peninsula. CFA Manager Community Safety Chris Wyborn said the project presents a great opportunity for the agencies to work together on a fire management strategy at a landscape scale in an area identified as a high priority for managing fire risk. “A highly regarded fire management consultancy will undertake detailed studies of all the parameters that contribute to fire risk along the freeway alignment from Truemans Road to Canterbury Jetty Road,” he said. “These parameters include fuel levels, vegetation types contributing to fuel, changes in slope and aspect, proximity of assets such as houses and opportunities for risk reduction. Opportunities to protect ecological values such as endangered coastal alkaline scrub, bird habitat and individual species such as Coast Helmet Orchid and Leafy Greenhood will also be assessed.” Once the plan is completed each agency will then plan complementary fuel management/weed reduction works according to the requirements of the adopted plan. In addition, residents will be informed of the most effective works they can undertake to reduce risk to their own properties – these may relate to simple inexpensive modifications to houses (or more elaborate modifications) and effective vegetation management to reduce fire risk. CFA will provide this advice through the Free Home Bushfire Advice Service, which involves a free one-on-one visit from a qualified fire safety officer. Other residents interested in this free service, not covered by the freeway reserve fire management plan, can register through the CFA website or by calling the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667. Opportunity for public input and comment on the freeway reserve fire management plan will occur at Rye Civic Hall, Saturday 16th July 12:30PM to 4:30PM. Residents are invited to drop in at their leisure and discuss the plan with staff from all agencies involved.

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The Master Builders Building & Home Improvement Expo Australia’s most popular building and home renovation expo is back with more experts, more money saving ideas and more interactive activities than ever before. Now in its 5th year, the Master Builders Building & Home Improvement Expo has become the number 1 destination for homeowners, renovators, and tradespeople looking for the latest products, ideas, services, and information to get started on a new build or home improvement project. The Master Builders Building & Home Improvement Expo will present over 300 professional companies, each offering up-to-the minute products and information across all areas of renovating and building. Showcasing the latest products and solutions for the residential building market, the Expo will feature the best in sustainable building, energy efficiency, solar products, kitchens, bathrooms, building materials, flooring, landscaping and gardens, outdoor living, heating/cooling products, fencing and gates, doors and windows, internal/external lighting, pools & spas, roofing, security, just let your imagination go.

In 2010, over 25,000 visitors made the Building & Home Improvement Expo their show of choice. This year visitors can expect to see and experience even more with the spot light on cost saving products for the home, free interactive seminars, the chance to meet a variety of experts in their field plus much more! Friday 15 July – Sunday 17 July, 10am-9pm, 5pm close on Sunday. phone 03 9654 7773 Adults - $18; Pensioner/student - $13; Children (under 14 years) Free Tickets at the door or online


Mornington Life, the peninsula’s funky SQUARE magazine has 10 double passes to give away. Simply ‘like’ us on Facebook – Mornington Life Magazine – go to the Events tab and tell us why you are interested in winning these tickets. Best 10 entries will win a double pass valued at $36 each.

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BAY WINDOWS is an aluminium window and door manufacturer based in the Rosebud Industrial estate. A new company proudly and locally owned by Stepen Stepic and Peter Konndouras, Bay Windows is committed to efficient and prompt service and a high quality product. BAY WINDOWS is the ideal place to window shop on the mornington peninsula, catering for the architect, builder or the home owner who only wants the best between them and their view. BAY WINDOWS caters for the new 6 star ****** energy rating by providing thermally broken and timber/aluminium composite frames. Appointments can be made for a


representative of BAY WINDOWS to come out and see you, or in-turn feel free to drop in and see us. With plans in the very near future to have a showroom at the customers disposal BAY WINDOWS welcomes all to drop in or make an appointment on a Saturday morning to go over your window needs. BAY WINDOWS can organise the delivery and fitting of flyscreens and refer the customer for supply and install of windows and doors. Bay Windows is firmly committed to the area and to local builders. We would welcome the opportunity to assist with new projects and to provide more than competitive quotes and efficient service.

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Nicholas Design has branched out into property styling which when selling your property can significantly increase your sale price. The figure is around 10% increase. 75% of Real Estate Agents agree that property styling and decluttering will add to the impact and desirability of your property over others with potential purchasers during inspections. This service can also speed up your sales campaign. A stunningly presented home sells easily. Julie Bible, a qualified designer, has local knowledge of market expectations and can provide service within 24 hours. Nicholas Design will also give you 10% off any purchase of their goods used in your styling. On top of that the package is free if Nicholas Design goods are sold with your home. Property Makeover goods include: • Lounge suites / Ottomans • Dining & Coffee Tables / Chairs • Beds suites / Bed Linen • Bathroom Accessories • Lamps / Vases / Cushions • Artwork / Flowers • Floor Rugs / Throw Rugs • Homewares etc. All Nicholas Design Makeover Packages include: • Customised options • Installation and removal of Nicholas Design goods • Decluttering advice • Rental for duration of your sales campaign (max 8 weeks) Three levels are offered Platinum, Gold and Silver. Nicholas Design can work with your own pieces and introduce just a few items to enhance your home’s presentation or give your home, both inside and out, a complete makeover in furnishings and other enhancements. Their service can be as comprehensive as furniture, décor items, an internal house clean, garden, guttering & window clean and external walls washed. The choice is yours. Call Julie Bible at Nicholas Design for further information on this fabulous new service. Nicholas Design, 30 Watt Road Mornington. Contact Julie: 0409 587 478 fresh every season mornington life

The Organic Gardener With a mild start to the cool season, our winter vegies should be growing strongly and it is a good time to add a few more deciduous fruit trees to the fold. We can grow a wide range of fruit trees on the Peninsula to provide us with fresh, clean produce for much of the year. You may have to adjust the condition of your soil a little depending on where you are, but generally if your soils drain adequately you will be able to grow much of what you want. Apples, pears, quince, nashi do really well, as do all stonefruit, persimmon, figs and mulberries. All of these fruit trees can be grown as standards (or stand-alone trees) but you will need to dedicate a fair bit of space to fit them all in. There are other ways though to be just as productive in your yard while taking up much less space. Two common methods are to grow dwarfing varieties of fruit trees as standards or in large pots, or semi-dwarfing varieties as espaliers. The advantages of both being the number and variety of fruit trees you can fit into the same space, although you won’t get the same yields as you would if you grew a standard fruit tree to full capacity. Espaliering fruit trees along fence-lines or against walls can make use of otherwise under-utilised space and can add interest in your garden while of course providing you with an abundance of fresh produce. You can also grow your climbing and cane

fruits in a similar fashion. Trellises erected on fences, walls, sheds and water-tanks make great use of vertical spaces for grapevines, kiwifruit, raspberries and a range of blackberries. These can all be purchased and planted bare-rooted at this time of year. As you plan where and how to grow more fruiting plants take time to consider how the various spaces you choose will look during the cooler months when the trees lose their foliage. It’s often a good idea to combine perennials with your deciduous plantings to maintain some colour and structure during winter, which may be in the form of evergreen fruiting plants, perennial herbs and flowers or companion plants. You can also use local and native plants species to compliment your fruit trees. While growing deciduous fruit trees and climbers can provide a lot of fruit over the warmer months, let’s not forget about the other fruit trees you can grow. Avocados, tamarillos, and a range of citrus fruits could all occupy some room in your garden and can be highly productive if cared for. And if you have a family there are few things more nourishing for young souls and bodies than to forage in a garden full of goodness. And for the grownups? Well to be able to walk out your door and grab a basketful of fresh, juicy fruit is one of the great pleasures of edible gardening.

So replace that old camellia with something that is going to be more productive for you and have a think about other spaces in your yard that can be used to grow more fruiting varieties. Drew Cooper (Permaculture Designer, Viticulturist)


0432 476 398

All property services catered for. Very reasonable rates. Small jobs or large jobs.

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