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hilary ellen martin fashion design research project 2011


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project background illustration specification drawing print trading cards- first edition blog lookbook trading cards- second edition

project background

Since the establishment of their partnership in 1998, Adidas and the New Zealand Rugby Union have re-created the All Blacks as a marketable brand. The elevation of a rugby jersey to a recognizable patriotic symbol shows the influence marketing can have on a piece of clothing– or perhaps an entire collection of clothing. In a recent interview with, Alexander Wang states, “I’ve always liked to take something very dressy and bring it down, [take] something very, very casual and elevate it.” Taking cues from Wang’s design aesthetic, I will produce a contemporary, wearable, trans-seasonal womenswear collection that communicates a distinctive rugby theme. I will create my own brand, appropriate and re-design All Blacks imagery and employ marketing techniques to generate a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign that encapsulates the same sense of excess, spectacle, obsession and celebrity as New Zealand rugby. While I am not the biggest fan of the sport, I am intrigued by its impact on New Zealand society. Exploring the commodification of rugby and turning it into a body of work is my contradictory way of joining the fandom that surrounds rugby in the lead up to the world cup this September.

“I’ve always liked to take something very dressy and bring it down, [take] something very, very casual and elevate it.”

- Alexander Wang



final line-up

specification drawing


trading cards

first edition

These ‘HEM collectable trading cards’ have been mass-produced and distributed around Wellington during key Rugby World Cup events. Reminiscent of the All Blacks trading cards you find in your Weetbix, the cards are designed to grab people’s attention and direct them to my blog,


w ww . h em d e s i g n. c o. nz extensively documents the research and design processes undertaken throughout this project. Blog marketing has become a key focus of my research, and is something I intend to continue exploring beyond the completion of this collection.

“Blogging is a communication tool, a marketing technique, a listening device and a way to interact directly with customers one-to-one on a global scale.”

– Jeremy Wright, Blog Marketing.


the struggle 2012 trans-seasonal collection

trading cards

second edition

Hilary Ellen Martin- Fashion Design Research Project  

My honours year Massey University major project. A collection inspired by New Zealand rugby.