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Original Furniture Designs

So Cheesy I & II The concept for this chair is to look like melting cheese. The almost transparent plastic legs give the illusion that the cheese is floating in the air. The materials used for the main body is polyethylene and the legs for the chair are made from transparent or batch -dyed polycarbonate.

Squiggle This lounge chair is designed to provide a comfortable and stylish way to relax. The design is a perfect blend of contemporary and art nouveau styles. The main frame of this chair is made out of steel with reinforced molded plastic. The seating and backrest of the cushion is made from a combination of foam, gel and air which makes for a very comfortable and cozy cushion.

Beside the left armrest there is a cup/glass holder and a small table for objects. Above the backrest there is a reading lamp with the controls for adjusting the intensity of the light and the on and off button on the right arm rest.

Femina The concept of this chair is to portray the significance of women in our society by materializing the popular quote “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.� This piece of furniture works on that theme to signify the characteristics and importance of women. In this design, the back of the chair represents women and the legs and the seat represent men. The back translucent part of the chair is a polycarbonate curvaceous block without which this chair would not be able to be upright or function as a chair. The material used for the front legs and the seat is brushed aluminum which itself is strong but without the back would not make a chair.


Blo om

Seabo o

Wo ody


Ring table I & II

The Springy Collection

The Pe ePo op Series

The Bent Collection Croc

Concept Headphones

Ez-hp A major problem with wireless headphones is that the music control buttons on the headphones are usually very small and placed in such a way that one can find it troublesome to navigate through one’s music. The proposed headphones are designed in a way to help its users effortlessly navigate through their music by being able to easily feel the button and recognize its function. The buttons are also placed in a way that makes it easy for the user to memorize where the needed button or dial is. To activate a function the user just has to lightly push the button towards his or her ear in a tapping motion.

Volume Dial Play/Pause


Seek Dial Next



Lighting and Materials

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All things 3D  

Contains most of my original 3D designs and work where I did the lighting and materials.

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