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Things to Focus on to Get Into The Right Engineering College Engineering or B. Tech is undoubtedly the most sought after study and career field in India. The majority of students want to make career in this field which offers immense opportunities, and a rewarding and promising career. Though there are 40-50 different branches of engineering on offer in India, there are only about ten branches which are opted by the majority of B. Tech students. The most popular branches of engineering in India include Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Civil, Biotech, and Chemical, among others. Whatever may be the branch, it’s a fact that students line before the B Tech Colleges in Mumbai , Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, and various other cities for admission. When we talk about the IITs and NITs, which are the top-notch engineering institutions of the country, there is no need for any further enquiry with regards to their credibility and quality of education, because that’s unquestionable. But, only a handful of students from the country manage to obtain admission into them. The majority of students pursue B. Tech from private engineering colleges. So here we are mentioning some things that you should focus on for getting admission into the right private engineering college: Quality of Faculty The quality of faculty in an educational institution largely determines the quality of education over there. You must ensure that the faculty is competent and learned. They should have a Ph.D. in their respective subjects. They should preferably have some relevant publications in their name, be it books or journals. You should also make sure that there is adequate number of fulltime faculty in a college to maintain the student-teacher ratio. Infrastructure & Facilities Best infrastructure and facilities not only attract the best faculty to campus, but they also build a favorable and supportive environment for learning. Thus, see that the infrastructure of the university or college in which you are seeking admission must be state of the art. There should be spacious classrooms, auditoriums, seminar halls, activity rooms, laboratories, libraries, sports complex, cafeteria, accommodation, parking space, medical facilities, etc., present inside the campus. The facilities should also be modern. Placement Record The placement record of an educational institution speaks volumes about the quality and level of education over there. If the quantity and quality of placements is high, it clearly indicates that the quality of education is also high and vice-versa. There should be a dedicated placement office inside campus to assist students through the placement process. College Rankings There are several rankings for engineering colleges that tells about the overall quality of the institution. They are a good way of judging the credibility and level of an institution as they take certain factors into consideration like college recognition & accreditation; quality of education; enrollment rate in various courses; graduation rate; industry-wise placements; finances; safety & security; and, many others. But, these rankings should come from a credible source. The rankings by MHRD, Government of India and India Today Group, are trustworthy.

So, whether you want to pursue B. Tech Courses in Mumbai or Delhi, don’t forget to focus on the above mentioned things to get into the right engineering college. Best of luck!

Things to focus on to get into the right engineering college  

Engineering or B. Tech is undoubtedly the most sought after study and career field in India. The majority of students want to make career in...

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