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The Right Car Tune-Up Will Have You Singing a Happy Song – Improve gas mileage and extend your vehicle’s life with a car tune up Did you know that a simple car or truck tune-up could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and gas each year? A well-tuned engine is similar to a healthy body. A person who mixes the right balance of healthy food with plenty of exercise is more productive, happier and experiences less down time from being sick. The same holds true for your vehicle. The wear and tear on auto parts from regular use makes your vehicle “tired” and unproductive. While the vehicle may still drive the same, your sluggish engine puts more stress on other parts, wearing them down and even requiring additional fuel. A professional auto-tune up specialist in the Madison-Mount Horeb, Dane CountyWisconsin area can help you determine when it’s time for a car tune up:

• Spark plug replacement: Based on the spark plug type, the replacement interval • • • •

can range from 30,000 to 100,000 miles Ignition system and/or emissions system: Replace system parts as needed or recommended by your auto tune up professional Fuel and Air Filters: Filters have a certain shelf life and when clogged can compromise your vehicle’s parts and your gas mileage. A good and timely car or truck tune-up will help improve and increase mpg. Ignition Timing and Idle Speeds: Regular vehicle use can knock the original timing and idle speeds off balance which may result in inefficient fuel usage Onboard Computer Control System: Like your home computer or Smart Phone, your vehicle computer control system needs a check-up and typically some small adjustments to ensure your car is working efficiently

What to Look for in Your Auto Tune Up Mechanic Plenty of mechanics offer an auto tune up. Some mechanics run special deals or tout special services, but how do you know you are going to receive the best service for your vehicle? Because a car or truck tune-up is important to maintaining a high performing vehicle, it may be difficult to ascertain which mechanic is best. Instead of selecting a random South Central, Madison or Mount Horeb mechanic from the phone book, consumers can use these tips to find the best auto tune up mechanic:

• Personal recommendations: ask a friend or family member with a similar vehicle •

if they’ve had a good experience using a local mechanic for a car tune up Locally owned independent repair shops: a locally owned auto repair shop will typically deliver the best service and should be priced lower than if you took your vehicle to the dealership. Investigate the shop using online review services such as Yelp

• Professional affiliations: those affiliated with specific trade associations such as • •

the Automotive Service Association (ASA) or American Automobile Association (AAA) may have a better track record than other local shops Automotive certifications: like professional affiliations, going to a shop where the mechanics are ASE Certified (Automotive Service Excellence) may show areas of proficiency Convenience and price: determine if the shop is conveniently located from your home/office; then conduct auto tune-up price comparisons with other local or nationally owned shops. Ask for an itemized car tune up list from each shop to ensure you are comparing apples to apples

Also, once you’ve identified the right shop for you, ask the mechanic to perform a simple oil change so you can fully evaluate his or her work. This initial encounter should give you an idea of what it’s like to work with that shop and what kind of service they typically deliver. Additionally, inquire about types of auto tune-ups and frequency. Some vehicles require a more intensive tune up than others based on their make model and age. One of the best ways to initiate a relationship with a car tune up mechanic is to join the Wisconsin shop’s mailing list. By doing so, you may also receive ongoing news, special offers or coupons.

For more details contact: Helwig Auto Clinic 3137 State Hwy 78 Mount Horeb, WI. 53572

The Right Car Tune-Up Will Have You Singing a Happy Song  

Get Right Auto-tune up with Spark plug replacement, Ignition system, Fuel , Air Filters . Also get aware by some factors like automotive ce...

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