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Empower clients with IT solutions suited to their business development

Applicability of technologies for business

About Us

We exist to serve the customer, not only in pure business relationship, but on the search for synergies, where knowledge of the business of each company is analyzed from the standpoint of profitability of their processes by implementing best practices within the Information Systems.

High investment in providing services more responsive to customer needs, through closer collaboration with the client.

The helponbiz team, with vast experience in IT areas, with special focus on Microsoft tools, is diverse and multi-disciplinar.

Seeking new business channels, through the implementation of solutions based on Mobile Services and WebServices for promotion of products and technologies.

Our developers and consultants are all certified, and they have years of experience on development areas, systems administration, databases administration, ERP and CRM tools implementation, etc..

We invest in companies to take e-business, not only in its components of B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), B2E in (business to employee), but also in implementing mobile business solutions and automation internal business processes.

Develop products wich can easily configure business processes of organization.

Our main focus are in understanding on clients needs and design the best IT solutions to them.

helponbiz The Helponbiz is located in the Technopolis of Lisbo since 2003. LISPÓLIS - POLO TECNOLOGICO DE LISBOA Estrada Paço do Lumiar, CID Lote 1 Salas 2.13B / 2.13C — 1600-546 Lisboa Telef. (+351) 21 710 25 67

Fax: (+351) 21 710 11 03

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