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Through the implementation of best practices and methodologies, with all the experience, we collaborate with our clients in implementing solutions to each business, in Microsoft platforms and Open Source

Consultoria de Processos Inovadores orientados ao Negócio dos nossos clientes. Através da aplicabilidade das tecnologias de comunicação móvel e implementação de webservices

Through the use of IT Outsourcing, companies can concentrate more on its core business, leaving the computer issues to our attention. Helponbiz provides a complete set of services that may suit your needs, from total outsourcing

Customer Service in identifying needs for process automation:

Strategy E-Business (electronic business)

Provision of specialized technical resources to customers and partners

• Design and Analysis of Business Processes • Design of IT Solutions to support business processes • Assist in the preparation of tender documents Assist in the drafting of specifications for the future implementation of IT solutions: • Support the analysis of proposals received for selection of suppliers. • Analysis and Process Design Preparation of Reports in Analysis and Design Process: • Analysis Document • Design Document • Design of Data Model support systems for process automation business support

Professional consultancy service that ensures our customers with the implementation of competitive business strategies, allowing an adaptation to new technologies. We are dedicated to the identification and optimization of business processes, designed according to the strategic needs of each client. We strive in order to build long term relationships with the customer based on trust and mutual respect. We propose to create added value through:

Design of system architectures and computer networks: • Network Design • Identification of equipment to support network

• Installation and Customization Packages Computer • Home made solutions • Support and Maintenance of Productive Systems

• System Administration • Application Development • Teams Help Desk

• Monitoring the implementation process

• Monitoring systems

• Continuous improvement - "Excellence ", by monitoring and auditing procedures.

• Organization's Backup and Housekeeping Tasks • Administration and Operation Systems

M-Business Strategy (Business Mobile)

• Design and Implementation of Disaster Recovery procedures • Data Center Management

The concept of M-Business is seen on the point of view of e-business strategy, however there is also a specific work-oriented business concepts and business process: • evaluation of gains from the implementation of such solutions on the viewpoint of business processes

Implementation of Computer Applications

• Systems Development

Provision of specialized technical teams to Customers and Partners

Definition and implementation of service levels Management Systems:

• Developing an action plan, which allows the orientation of the steps for implementing the processes and solutions

• Process Design and Systems Architecture

• Help Desk Teams

• Preparation of action plan, which allows the orientation of the steps required for the proper implementation of procedures and solutions

• Defining the processes related to management systems

• Systems Analysis

• Application Development

• Management of Productive Systems

• assessing the adaptability of these new technologies on terms of opening new channels for the implementation of the business.

• Project Management

• System Administration

• Identification of critical areas in current processes, suggesting their evolution to e-business concept

• Implementation of Prototype • Design and Implementation of Infrastructure of Information Systems

outsourcing IT

• Monitoring the implementation process • Continuous improvement - "Excellence ", by monitoring and auditing procedures. Be considered as all those mobile technologies to enable the holding of any inter-relationship between the company and various stakeholders - suppliers, customers, employees, partners, and equipment, on the mobility's point of view .

Identification of infrastructure and systems • Identification of changes • Definition of service levels • System Administration, Networking and Databases • 2nd Line Support HelpDesk contracted to Systems and Applications • Teams 1st Line Support to users Identification of infrastructure and applications to support • Definition of procedures for assembling the HelpDesk • Process Design and Systems Architecture • Installation of support teams in order to meet the defined service levels

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