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Our Progress to Date

The Challenge

Nearly 200,000 surgeries provided since 2012 •

Over 100 million blind or visually impaired by cataract

Surgical Partners in 8 countries: India, China, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Togo

20 million are completely blind from cataract

Training 30,000 MSICS specialists by 2030

• 90% of blind live in developing countries

$50 per adult surgery

• Some countries have less than 1 ophthalmologist per million people

$350 per pediatric surgery

20 West 36th Street | Floor 4 New York, NY | 10018-8005 | USA

Nearly 2/3 of the blind are women

Blind individuals & their families face severe economic setbacks


A Global Campaign to End the #1 Cause of Blindness

HelpMeSee’s Sustainable Model to End Cataract Blindness We Train Certified Specialists

We Find Patients in Need of Care

We Ensure Safe Surgeries… And Prove It

Simulator Based Training

HelpMeSee Reach App

Surgical Kit & Quality Assurance

Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) is a safe, effective, and very low cost procedure to cure cataract blindness. It takes just a few minutes to perform and costs as little as $50. The centerpiece of HelpMeSee’s strategy is the use of high fidelity virtual reality simulators that will allow rapid scaling-up of high quality training in the MSICS procedure.

The HelpMeSee Reach app makes patient outreach far more efficient. It allows community health workers to locate patients, ensure optimal locations of MSICS specialists, build community awareness, screen and schedule patients and plan post-surgical follow up. Paired with cloud-based reporting systems, it provides an unprecedented level of reach and efficiency for local health workers.

For the trainee and the instructor, it provides a “live” surgical experience, including preexisting conditions and all complications. This replaces traditional MSICS training which, up until now, was performed on live patients with the associated risks. As technology continues to improve, simulation is becoming a far more effective way to achieve surgical proficiency while minimizing risk.

“It used to take us from 1 to 2 days. Now with the mobile app, the whole process is completed in 10 – 15 minutes and then we just need to click send.” –Meera Devi, Community Worker, India

Setting high safety and quality control standards is one way HelpMeSee is able to measure and maintain our success. The kits are supplied to HelpMeSee surgical partners and are a vital part of the HelpMeSee delivery and quality assurance program. All surgeries are documented in our cloud-based surgical reporting system, allowing us to monitor effectiveness of care and maintain the highest quality assurance standards. Key Goals of the Surgical Kits: • • • • •

 llow delivery of care in remote areas. A Clean instruments for every surgery. Standardize cost of instruments. Provide all necessary tools for MSICS. Link instrument set with patient data.

HelpMeSee's Sustainable Model to End Cataract Blindness  

Over 100 million people are blind or visually impaired by cataract. 20 million of these are completely blind. 90% of the blind live in devel...