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Ways People Are Used In Hookup Dating When I failed Advanced Biology in my senior year of high school, the class still left me with valuable lessons. One lesson related to the hookup dating discussion is the concept behind symbiotic and parasitic relationships. To give you a straight definition, a symbiotic relationship is comprised of two organisms that benefit from each other. On the other hand, a parasitic relationship includes organisms in which one organism benefits but the other is harmed. In the hazardous world of dating, parasitic relationships happen more often than not. In a parasitic relationship, people use other people to get what they want. Of course, the “harmed” person ends up getting hurt, inflicting more shame and making that person feel stupid after the cat's out of the bag. Here are the common ways people get used in hookup dating: • For Sex Generally, men are guilty of this offense, but it can also go both ways. It’s a rare occasion when both parties are fine with using each other for sex. Some say they can do it, but at some point human emotion is factored in and somebody ends up at the losing end of the stick. • For Money There was this one time at a family meal with guests and my sister said, “I really don’t like my boyfriend. I just stay with him because he buys me things.” My dad immediately chimed in, “What do you call that, a cocktease?” It was such a treat to have my father call my sister a

cocktease in front of other people. Anyway, hookup dating someone for the money is pretty much an age-old standard way to use someone. • To Make Someone Else Jealous What’s more insulting about this is the victim feels twice as dumb. In addition to this, when the situation gets out of control it turns out the user was interested in somebody else all along. The victim is pretty much a clueless pawn in this game. • For Self-Esteem You can hear this from people saying, “They make me feel good about myself.” People shouldn’t depend on others to feel better. It should come from inside. And if a relationship is used to make you feel good, then you’re in it for the wrong reason. • To Climb a Ladder There are a lot of times when people get to be where they want to be because of who they know. It is common in Hollywood wherein unions between aspiring actors and hotshot producers happen. We’ve all heard of “sleeping your way to the top,” so relationships go the same way. Always remember that when somebody is used in a relationship, the balance is thrown off. Be aware of what your partner talks about. No matter how much they try not to make it look like they are using you, what they want from you will regularly come up in your conversations—it will eventually have to rear its ugly head.

Ways People Are Used In Hookup Dating