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Sex Tips Online - Escort Mania Have you ever wondered why escort services and not so elegant hookers never go out of business? I’ve often wondered what keeps men and women (because yes, women are clients too) going back once and again to these professionals. I did a bit of offline research, among people I know who have pay for sexual favors and these are their reasons. Maybe you can pick up some sex tips online or two while reading! 1. They listen. I guess it’s probably because they’ve got absolutely nothing invested emotionally or in any other way, with you that they are able to listen to your ranting with an open mind and a closed mouth. 2. They are ready and willing to please. They are there to do their job and they intend to do it well, whatever it is that you request of them. No excuses, no bitching, moaning or whining, consider it done with a happy face on. They put effort into the way they look for your outing. Whether they are exceptionally attractive or not, these are people who dress up and put effort into the way they look, in preparation for your encounter. 3. Nothing but fun. Like any other person in the planet, surely these professionals have problems and worries of their own, yet all that is left aside as an unbreakable condition for having a good time. 4. The agreement is very clear, no fine print. Everything in life should be as simple as these contracts. You know, up front, what your money is good for and how much more you need to put out if you want to change the rules. Limits are super clear and well defined; no excuses. 5. Willingness to try new things. Often, those who resort to an escort, do so because they want to try new things, be them sexual or not. Maybe it’s that they wouldn’t dare ask them of other people or they’re sure the answer would be no 6. Having an active companion. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to pay simply to have company, whether it eventually ends up in sex or not…just having a companion to share activities with and not have to go solo all the time. They seem like simple things but obviously they are lacking in a lot of relationships if escorts are so popular to this day. Make sure you incorporate some of these practices today!

Sex Tips Online - Escort Mania