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Green Adult Dating: Ways to Find the Man of Your Environmentally Sound Dreams In our age of inconvenient truths, finding an environmentally aware partner has never been easier. The growth of the green movement has prompted a surge in eco-friendly themed dating sites, matchmaking services, and networking events. Sustainably sensitive singles no longer need move to the nearest hippie commune to find love. Instead, just hit up these awesome green adult dating trends. ●

Green Drinks

There is no doubt treehuggers love to party. You can find them at your local bar, nightclub, rowdy disco, or rave party. Yet, beer goggles, blinking strobe lights and even inebriation can make any hippie tough to spot in the crowd. Add an automatic smoke machine and you might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack. Save yourself the reconnaissance mission and go for a room full of greenies at Green Drinks, a non-profit green networking event that meets monthly in over 300 cities worldwide, ranging from Sri Lanka to Stillwater, Oklahoma. ●

The Great Outdoors

If you want to avoid the strobes and beer goggles altogether, go for a sober search in the great outdoors. A lot of cities boast of hiking, biking, and boating networks. Join any of your city's outdoor interest groups and you're bound to meet a bunch of thrill-seeking greenies. Bonding over a tough climb or breathtaking mountain views will strengthen the connection, and nothing gets the blood pumping—quite literally—like hiking or biking outdoors. ●

Eco-Dating Sites

Though some may still consider it taboo, online adult dating is a fully acceptable way of connecting with likeminded members of the opposite—or same—sex. There are many eco-dating sites to choose from, and a lot of them also feature gay and lesbian options. ●

Green Volunteer Project

It’s time to get your hands dirty. Volunteer at your local conservation site, community-garden project or oil spill. It's a fun activity and you'll feel good for helping out. Plus, you may meet a burly young eco-hunk and nothing breaks the ice like sweaty tree planting. There are endless volunteer opportunities to choose from, just find a mission that mirrors your level of activism. ●

Organic Café

If you’re a newbie to the eco-scene, try hanging out at an organic café. It's a low-key, stress-free, and inexpensive way to meet green-minded singles like you. By visiting an organic coffee house, you'll drastically increase your chances of meeting Mr. Right, especially if Mr. Right is a man who would drink only a pesticide-free cup of joe.

Green Adult Dating: Ways to Find the Man of Your Environmentally Sound Dreams