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Need For Authenticate or Attest your Certificates from India? Indians travel for many reasons, and there are plenty of needs for attesting their documents, both education and non-education documents and certificates. While most foreign affairs offices in the Gulf region makes use of locally attested documents, foreigners should get their certificates attested from their respective issuing country’s departments. This is the case with UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi and Bahrain. Although it seems a simple task, it is very cumbersome once you reach the Gulf or any other country for that matter, especially since you have to go through various places such as:  Notary of the concerned state  Home Department of the concerned state  Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)  Consulate (Maharashtra)  Embassy (New Delhi) We understand these tasks and steps are cumbersome and difficult, especially when there is a prospective job offer in your hand. You don’t want to waste your time by going through these many places to get your certificates attested for use in foreign countries. Our Certificate Attestation Services in India are designed to suit your needs. We operate a globally integrated firm with offices all over India and many foreign countries. We have strategic and operating partnerships with service providers across the globe. Our reliable and quality services are designed to suit the custom needs of our customers.

VARIOUS DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Educational Certificate Attestation

Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

 BE Certificate Attestation

 Marriage Certificates

 CA Certificate Attestation

 Birth Divorce Certificates

 CBSE Certificate Attestation

 Legal Higher Ship

 Degree Certificate Attestation  HSC Certificate Attestation  INTER Certificate Attestation

 Power of Attorney  Medical Certificates  Transcript  Bona–Fide

 ITI Certificate Attestation

 Document of Export and Import

 M.COM Certificate Attestation

 Company Invoice & Memorandum Articles

 M.SC Certificate Attestation

Documents Required and Procedure for Certificate Attestation for India Documents required for India Attestation Services • • • •

Original Document (depends upon the issuing country) Final Mark sheet / Transcripts Bonafide letter from college or university Passport Copy of the candidate

Attestation Process for India • • • •

Notary Attestation from home country Foreign Affairs Attestation from Home Country India Embassy Attestation Ministry Of Foreign Affairs from India

About the Company Founded in 1988, Helpline Group is now a globally integrated cross-border service provider, dealing with both corporate and individual clientele. Our extensive portfolio covers the most basic requirements such as translation services covering over 100 languages and certificate attestation and legalization to the most complex requirements such as company formation and business set-up and management in foreign regions. Our business model focuses on connecting with people and growing together. With a strong focus on our customers and their


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Certificate Attestation Services in India  

Helpline Group provides assistance for Certificate Attestation Services for India. Click Here :

Certificate Attestation Services in India  

Helpline Group provides assistance for Certificate Attestation Services for India. Click Here :