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Roger Armando Soliz Aniunez AGE





La Herradura


5- Mother and Siblings

Roger Roger is a great kid who water for his house. His liking Spanish, Math and loves to play. Measuring in favorite color is yellow, Science. His dream is to at just under 1.2 meters, he his favorite animal is a be a teacher when he is is eager to learn. He enjoys tiger and his favorite older, but for now is playing, especially with a foods are rice and learning how to study soccer ball, and doing his beans. When asked his hard. homework. His least favorite class, he favorite thing is fetching couldn’t choose one, water for his house. His liking Spanish, Math and favorite color is opportunity, yellow, his education, Science. His dream is what to children need to break the cycle HHK believes that hope and love are favorite animal is a tiger be of a teacher when he is poverty and abuse. and his favorite foods are older, but for now rice and beans. When learning how to study

Roger Armando Soliz Aniunez