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Mariely Dinera Murillo Martinez AGE





March 14


Casa Blanca


7-Mother, Father and siblings

Mariely Mariely is one of the brightest girls in second grade. She is always the first to raise her hand, and she learns very quickly. She skipped three months of school due to certain events and she is already

caught up with the others. She might be considered the teachers pet of the class, always trying her hardest. In school she likes Spanish best, especially reading and stories. For

fun she loves swimming in the river and playing with her Barbie. She doesn’t like fighting. She likes fried chicken and her favorite animal is a bunny. When she is older she wants to‌ teach!

HHK believes that opportunity, education, hope and love are what children need to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Mariely Dinera Murillo Martinez