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Geny Roberto Castro Velasquez AGE





December 20


La Herradura


11Grandmother and siblings

Geny Geni is the perfect gentleman. He is the man of his household, and because of that has a lot of responsibility. His sister Paola is at the Hogar but he still lives with his grandmother. He has so

much potential and will animal is a horse, and be moving onto the high his favorite food is rice school this coming year. with chicken. Anyone He loves to sing and who meets him sees read, though he doesn’t something special in like to dance when he him, and we hope to help can help it. His favorite him achieve his dream of color is blue, his favorite becoming a surgeon! aand his favorite food is rice with chicken. HHK believes that opportunity, education, hope and loveHis are what children need to break the cycle favorite animal is a of poverty and abuse. horse.

Henry Roberto Cortre Velasquez  
Henry Roberto Cortre Velasquez  

GRADE 6 FAMILY SIZE 11- Grandmother and siblings RESIDES La Herradura HHK believes that opportunity, education, hope and love are what child...