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Official Newsletter of the West Virginia Key Club District Governor


to Success


Volume 1 Issue 9 January, 2014

In this issue! New Year ................... 1

We made it through 2013 and 2014 looks promising! This is a very joyous time of year but at the same time, for me is a little sad. Why? Because we are about to meet in Bridgeport for the very last time as a district family. Sad... Yes, but no time to dwell over that we have plenty to do. Please look over each page carefully. There will not be a lot of information but what is in here will be important for this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing you all this weekend for the best weekend meeting we have had! Wishful wishes for this upcoming year and seeing all of you all safe and sound on Saturday.

To-Have-Done List ...... 2 Pencils ........................ 3 Dress Code ................ 4 Board Member .......... 4 Dues Letters................ 4 Question..................... 4

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. ~Napolean Hill Contact Information

Yours in Friendship and Key Club service,

Kahlen Browning Kahlen Browning Key Club Governor West Virginia Key Club District

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Your To-Have-Done List


By now everyone should have several things done by this upcoming weekend. The majority of those things have been known to you for several months now. But for a few, I know you did not have much time on. Luckily for those few short notice things you have done several things like it before. Just for clarification I will indicate the short notice items with an * symbol



-Completed forums.-Please bring your completed forum (not your outline) for observation throughout the weekend. Please have these

ď Šcaring

saved onto a flash drive so we can view a copy of the forum. - * Have a list created of extra materials you will be needing for your


forum at DCON

(these can be created throughout the weekend)

- For the lieutenant governors who have not done so, please have


your completed DCON attendance plans. No excuses!

- * Everyone please have a board report ready on Saturday. We will be presenting them first thing on Saturday.


KEY CLUB District Governor Newsletter

…Pencil it in… This is what I would like to call “using the pencils to success.”


Newsletters are due on the 6th for Chairs and on the 10th for everyone else! MRF’s are due on the 10th for everyone!


Remember, Shelby will be grading the newsletters and sending me reports on the 11th.

LTG’s continue making progress on your divisions. Make sure you are following your plans! Start making calls, sending out emails, and setting up visitations to clubs in your divisions. Start stressing DCON. Be sure to use the materials Amanda makes. DUES: Unpaid clubs are now on delinquent status. If you feel like a club shouldn’t be on that list let us know. Katarina will have a list of all non-paid clubs this weekend. This is a total of 27 clubs. We will discuss more on Saturday

LTG’s and same division board members.


DCON is literally just around the corner now, and we must focus on promoting it fully. We will have materials for you this weekend.



* Specialized just because of this weekend 3

…THE DOWN LOW… WEEKEND DRESS CODE Saturday: During the board meeting we will be wearing business professional. (Dress clothes) Don’t forget your badge Then casual afterwards.

Sunday: This again will be business professional with your badge. *Even though we will not be wearing them for meetings please pack your polo.

…QUESTION CORNER? 1. Do you need any help with your forum for DCON? 2. If you were president what was one thing in the U.S. you would like to change. ~ Give your honest opinion, because no answer is stupid or incorrect!

Board Member of the Month After some consideration I have decided to withhold naming my board member of the month until the end of the meeting. I am looking forward to announcing who this person would be after careful consideration throughout the weekend upon everyone's performance. Dues- Katarina sent out 27 un-paid club letters. Check in to find out if your division has paid for all clubs. If you are not sure Katarina can let everyone know this weekend.


DISTRICT CONVENTION 86 DAYS!!! (!Double Digits!)

~ Please send in your answers within a week of reading this newsletter.

Contact Information: (304) 228-0448,, a Key Club Governor

Governors newsletter issue 9  
Governors newsletter issue 9  

January Newsletter for the West Virginia District.