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Official Newsletter of the West Virginia Key Club District Governor


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Volume 1 Issue 1 May, 2013

In this issue!


Welcome ................... 1

Hello Boardies! To start off I would just like to say how amazing it was to meet all of you all at the April Trainer! Also how proud I am for all the hard work you all completed while in Bridgeport. One activity I enjoyed the most was the one-on-one interviews with each of you. It was great how each of you let me in on your personal life, along with informing me of your likes/dislikes, personal goals, and some of your favorite things. To let you know a little about me I will follow the outline in which we discussed at the trainer. As you all know, my name is Kahlen Browning. I am currently a Junior at Liberty High school, in Raleigh County. My Key Club career consists since I was a general member my freshman year, then becoming Club President at the end of that year. I was appointed the LTG for Division 10B during my first DCON, later feeling in as LTG for Division 8 also. Finally during this past DCON I was elected Governor. Outside of Key Club I am an active member at Breckenridge Missionary Baptist Church. I am finishing out my year as Junior Class President, I am in student council, and I love to spend time with family and friends. A few expectations of this Board I have is to have strong communication with all of you, everything turned in on time, and everyone put in their best effort!

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Chit-Chat ................... 2 Katie ........................... 2 Question..................... 3 Dates .......................... 3 Factors ....................... 4 Birthdays..................... 4

Being on Board was the best experience of my life, made friendships for a lifetime and wish my term never ended!

~Katilyn Romain Contact Information Cell – (304) 228-0448 Email – Address – P.O. Box 369 Bolt, WV 25817

I will be at GATC in Anaheim, California from Thursday May 2 nd – Sunday May 5th . So if you need to get ahold of me try sending me an email or texting me and I will get back to you as quickly as possible!

leadership …Continuation…

Now for some other personal stuff:

o o o o o

My birthday is December 29, 1995 My favorite drink is Orange Juice My Favorite candy Almond Joy Favorite animal is a ferret My favorite color is orange


I hope this little bit of information helps you all get to know me just a little better! I am extremely excited for this year and can’t wait until ICON so I can see all of you again! Yours in Friendship and Key Club service,

Kahlen Browning


Kahlen Browning Key Club Governor West Virginia Key Club District

This is an important message from your governor!


Ok guys, we all get upset every now and then. It's just a natural emotion we all have. It's also ok to vent about that anger towards something or someone. If you want to even put something about it on a social network that's your decision but lets keep it classy! Please watch your language when making any type of posts. You never know who is going to see it. It could be a Key Clubber, officer, board member, or even Kiwanian. So follow this one simple rule:


-if you wouldn't say it to Dink or one of the other Kiwanians then you probably shouldn't post it either! Just think before you post!


This spot of my newsletter is designated to recognize select District Board members who have went out and beyond the call of duty for their position! So if you would like to receive a spotlight make sure to perform your job to the best of your ability!

compassion Katie Shaffer

The May Board Member of the Month is Katie Shaffer. Katie has went far beyond the call of her appointed position. When she first arrived at the April Trainer she was the District Communication Chair. Before the training started she was approached and asked to become our new District Editor, which she graciously accepted! Not only has she been a wonderful attribute to the executive board but she also has been working extremely hard since we left the Best Western. She has created the first issue of this years Key Connection (which is amazing), and she has shown a willingness to be a “Key” player! Congratulations Katie Shaffer on being the May Board Member of the Month!

KEY CLUB District Governor Newsletter

…Just a



Question Corner?

A Little Reminder Remember to make sure you turn in all required materials on the designated dates.

It's time for the first edition of question corner! For all Chairs make sure that your newsletters and MRF are sent in by the fifth (5th) of May.

This months set of questions is: 1. What is your favorite way to communicate with others?

All other Board members need to have their newsletters and MRF’s sent in by the tenth (10th).

o email, phone call, text, or video chat? 2. Each month I would like to do something special (in a way of communication) to let all of you know just what all is happening in the district! So please let me know what you think would be pretty cool: o special video, handwritten letter then send out copies, or "your own idea? "

Make sure to email or text me your answers no later than a day after viewing my newsletter.

Make sure that all newsletters are sent in using the Reflector on gmail, then your MRF’s sent personally to Administrator Yurko, Asst. Admin. Dean, and myself.

These should not go through the reflector. *Another reminder, please be sure to (if you haven’t already done so) send in your medical forms to Mr. Yurko.

Just a little reminder! For all those seniors in your Key Clubs, you need to remind them to buy/order their graduation sash or medallion to wear during graduation day. To order the sash/medallion go onto Then click on shop, and you will be able to find them and order. Make sure you let them know ASAP because graduation is right around the corner!

ICON Payment Dates

May 15, 2013 - $500 (Non-Refundable)

June 1, 2013 - $250 (Second Payment) June 15, 2013 - $250 (Final)




IMPORTANT FACTORS Clubs who have yet to pay dues:  Bluefield High School  Elkins High School  Logan High School  Meadow Bridge High School  Nitro High School Please work on the clubs so they don’t go inactive on October 1st!

Dues Message

Most clubs have already paid

Important Dates

October 1st – Clubs may start the dues process in the membership Update Center.

dues, so for some you may

November 1st – Early Bird Dues Deadline.

For the rest of you, you are

December 1st – On time Dues deadline; Nonpaying clubs become delinquent!

time! For clubs that have not

December 31st – First time late notice to Key Club President and Advisors.

relax when it comes to dues. now entering a war against

yet paid dues must have this years dues paid before

January 31st – Second late notice to sponsoring Kiwanis.

year before they can pay for

February 1st – Clubs who have not paid become suspended.

please try talking to your

February 15th – School Principal sent notification of delinquent status.

October 1st of the next school the members next year. So clubs advisors to get this

taken care of ASAP before it becomes an even bigger issue.

October 1st – Clubs who have not paid dues become inactive, and if they decide to pay dues in the next year a $100 fee is added for reactivation!

!!!Happy Birthday!!! District Project Jordan (Michael) Barney Ronald McDonald House May 12th Our District Project once again is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This was voted on and decided upon during the Sunday meeting while we were down up in Bridgeport. This is actually really exciting for the district for several reasons! 

This is a continuation of the District Project from the 2012-2013 Key Club year. Tons of clubs are eager to participate in it this year!

 

It’s not a one trick service project either! Make sure you advertise to all clubs that not only can they fundraise, but they can also volunteer, collect supplies, collect pop tabs, or donate monetary supplies!

I need to make sure you all advertise this to the fullest of your ability. I want the competition to be tough during next years DCON!

Jana (J-Unit) El-Khatib May 14th Francesca (Dora) Folio May 21st Mallory (Walrus) Rinker May 24

*If you have any questions make sure to let Abby Mercer or myself know!

Contact Information: (304) 228-0448, wvkcgovernor@gmail, a Key Club Governor

Governors Newsletter issue 1  

Governor Kahlen's May Newsletter for the West Virginia Key Club Board of Trustees.