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Chapter 13: “Lord Nightshade's Lament” The dark stench of death filled the haunted cave's air. Rainee looked around in fear. Her awful memory of the place remained fresh in her mind. Jacob and Rainee flew down from their brooms and hid behind an old house. “Do you remember where he was?” Jacob asked. Rainee nodded. “Follow me.” They both walked over to a pumpkin patch. Each rotting pumpkin was swarmed with flies. Rainee almost puked in disgust. When they got to where the hideout was supposed to be, Rainee gasped. The house was nowhere to be found. “Something's not right.” Jacob said. He went up and examined the torches. “These are freshly put out.” Jacob put his hand over a dead torch. Rainee's eyes widened. “That means they knew that we were coming! But how?!” “Shhhh.” Jacob whispered. “I feel a dark presence.” Rainee's backpack was shaken a bit. “Calm down in there Pizza.” Rainee's hotzilla popped his head out of her backpack. “Grrrr.” Pizza said. “He feels it too.” Jacob said. He walked over to where the house was

supposed to be. “What's this?” Jacob was standing on a strange looking tombstone. It had the symbol of death scribbled on it, still glowing with magic. “What's that?” Rainee walked toward Jacob. “No Rainee.” Jacob gestured a stop sign with his hand. “Hide somewhere. I cannot risk your life.” Rainee nodded and smiled. She drank a bottle of invisibility potion.

WinterBreeze Invisibility Potion; Infinite Strength Do not move and thy potion will last forever.

Jacob whispered magic words and used his hands to blast the tombstone. The tombstone was shattered into pieces and the symbol ceased to glow. Dark cold wind suddenly blew from all directions, sending dust through the air. “Malistaire? Is that you again?” A voice said. Holy firecat. Jacob backed up. He drew out his glowing orange sword. The ground shaked intensely and a huge tower materialized where the tombstone was standing. Its huge wooden door opened. “Welcome Malistaire, I've been expecting you.” The voice whispered. “I have what you require.” “I'm sure that the talking voice belongs to Lord Nightshade.” Rainee said in a telepathic message. “I'll use this situation to my advantage.” Jacob replied.

Jacob's eyes flashed with orange light and encanted a spell. “Hello there.” Jacob said. His spell had worked. He sounded exactly like Malistaire. Let's see what this this punk is made of. “Come in Malistaire. I have been waiting to thank you for this miraculous opportunity.” Nightshade whispered. Jacob snapped his fingers and a summoned a black cloak over his robes. He put on the hood to conceal his face. He then walked in, prepared to end the horror once and for all. Jacob entered a huge room with a pool of murky water in the center. A dark figure sat in a throne across the pool. “Afternoon Nightshade.” Jacob said in Malistaire's voice. “Ah.” Nightshade said. “Good to see you.” Nightshade wore pure black robes wore a skeleton mask. “I have the Krokotopia spiral key that you requested.” Nightshade laughed. “But first... why do you look a bit shorter to me?” “Ah well. It was a side effect from a spell I was experimenting with.” Jacob replied nervously. “Now back to the deal.” “I sense fear in you Malistaire.” Nightshade said. “There's no need to worry. Your spell worked, and our bargain is almost complete. Take a look a sample of the army you created.” Fear hit Jacob like a bullet when Nightshade pointed to five coffins behind him. “Behold.” Nightshade said. “My army's finest.” The coffins opened up. Inside were the senior WIC agents, asleep like

babies. Even more fear swept over Jacob when he saw who they were; Stephen, Heather, Hannah, Cassandra, and Kevin. My friends from WIC and Rainee's sister, Cassandra! How did Cassandra get out of the vaults? “Er, what a fine army I have created.” Jacob cringed as he spoke the words. “I'm glad you like them.” Nightshade laughed. “Because now they will destroy you!” Jacob's heart pumped faster than ever before. “This wasn't part of the bargain fool!” “We never made a bargain, because you are not Malistaire.” Nightshade laughed. “Did you honestly think you can fool me young wizard.” “I guess I cannot deny it.” Jacob unveiled his face. Nightshade sneered. “Well. We all have secrets don't we?” He pulled off his own hood and mask. The unmasked Nightshade was a young boy with dark brown hair. Two deep scars were on his face, the sign of death. “EDWARD?!” Jacob spit out. “Spellcaster!?” “In the flesh. I am the master! No one would ever suspect a new wizard like me to be the mastermind of Wizard City's undead attacks.” “I shoulda known.” Jacob clenched his fist. “But like that? Someone told me that you were a crazy old necromancer.” “It is merely a spell to conceal my true age. But that's not important. The 'Edward' name means nothing to me now.”

“All this time. You've been stalking me and other wizards? You really are as insane as Ms. Deathslinger told us.” Nightshade stepped down from his throne. He brought out a black onyx wand from his robe. “Tell me where Rainee Rosespirit is so I can properly dispose of her.” “Never.” Jacob answered. “You'll never find her.” “Don't move Rainee.” Jacob sent her a message. “What's going on?” Rainee asked. “He wants you to die.” Jacob replied. “I cannot allow that.” “Hehehe.” Nightshade laughed. “I have ways of getting what I want.” Nightshade snapped his fingers. The murky pool in the middle of the room was swirling. Skeleton sharks appeared, baring their fangs hungrily. “Now who should I push in first?” Nightshade laughed. He looked at the sleeping WIC agents. “Ah yes, Cassandra Rosespirit. Rainee's sister.” “NOOO!” Jacob leaped up in the air and performed a double jump. He angrily slashed Nightshade with his sword. The sword did not phase Nightshade at all. “You underestimate me young wizard.” Nightshade blasted Jacob with his wand. Jacob's sword fell to the ground. “I can sense the Rosespirit girl's presence.” Nightshade laughed. “She cannot hide from me forever.” “You cannot get her!” Jacob yelled and drew out his wand. “Lartceps

Tsalb!1” A powerful blast of electricity escaped Jacob's wand and hit Nightshade directly in the chest. He stumbled backward and tripped on his throne. “UGH!!!” Nightshade screamed. “Your juvenile games end here young wizard!” Nightshade hurried over and grabbed the sleeping Cassandra. He positioned her near the pool of skeleton sharks. “Make. Your. Move. Boy.” Nightshade whispered. “I dare you.” A loud stomp was suddenly heard on the roof of the building. The ceiling turned into transparent ice that shattered like glass. A woman jumped into the building and pointed her wand at Nightshade. “Etibtsorf Nightshade1.” She screamed. Nightshade was too slow to make a move. He was hit with the spell and was frozen in a block of ice. Jacob picked up his sword and slashed the block of ice. It broke off into a million pieces. Nightshade was finally destroyed. “Icy! Just in time.” Jacob said to Christina. “Just in time.” Christina replied with a laugh. The wizards in the coffins slowly woke up, and their zombie-like faces were restored. “Look!” Christina exclaimed. “What's going on?” Cassandra yawned. Heather, Stephen, Hannah, and Kevin looked dazed as if they awoke 1 Lar-Seps Tel-Lab 1 Et-Bit Sorf Nightshade

from a deep sleep. “We'll explain back at the Watchtower.” Jacob said. “We need to get out of here and tell Ambrose the good news.” “You naïve little wizards.” A voice said. “It's not over yet!” A black cloud appeared at the black throne. Christina gasped loudly. “Malistaire!?” “You idiots have no idea what's in store for MY Spiral.” Malistaire sneered. “Now to get what I came for.” Malistaire blasted Nightshade's throne and stole a golden key. “Well. It was nice seeing some of my old students but I have some important business to attend to in Krokotopia.” “You're not going anywhere you old traitor!” Stephen yelled. He put on his feathered hat and drew out his staff. “I'm sorry. Are you referring to yourselves?” Malistaire flashed an evil smirk. Malistaire's eyes glowed with white light. He pointed his staff to the remains of Lord Nightshade. “I will leave you fools with a gift.” Malistaire snapped his fingers and disappeared into the darkness. “That son of Meowiarty got away!” Kevin yelled. Heather gasped. “Look at Nightshade's body!” Nightshade's wrecked body merged back together. His face became deformed and wrinkled. Black wings sprouted out of his back. His broken wand became a scythe. “Thank you Malistaire for the dark rebirth!” Nightshade cried. “Now you wizards will pay for ruining my plans!”

Nightshade flew over and grabbed Cassandra's hand. “OUCH LET ME GO!” Cassandra screamed. “HELP ME!” “Don't worry. I don't bite. But THEY do. HAHAHAHA.” Nightshade hovered above the pool of skeletal sharks. Outside, Rainee's mind became filled with vengeance and courage. She couldn't resist the temptation any longer. I can feel my sister's suffering. I must help her! Rainee ran inside Nightshade's lair. “Any last words Cassandra?” Nightshade asked. Cassandra looked down and saw the hungry sharks. She instantly fainted. “Cassandra I'm here!” Rainee screamed as she ran inside. Her invisibility potion wore off. “No!” Jacob said. “Rainee!” “I knew this would work. It always does.” Nightshade laughed. He threw Cassandra to the floor and hovered toward Rainee. “You're not gonna get away with this Nightshade, Master, or whatever the heckhound you call yourself!” Tears of anger ran through Rainee's cheek. “EVERYONE ATTACK!” Kevin ordered. Jacob, Heather, Kevin, Christina, and Hannah all fired magic blasts at Nightshade, using every ounce of their mana. Magical energy illuminated the dark tower. They all looked in horror when they saw that the spells did not phase Nightshade at all. “That's impossible!” Christina said.

“Try again!” Jacob yelled. “I can't.” Heather cried. “I can't feel my powers.” “This can't end this way!” Jacob yelled. “Try again!” They all fired another round of synthesized magical energy, but this one was weaker than the one before. Again, it had no effect on Lord Nightshade. “Insolent brats!” Nightshade screamed. “Wizards! I see darkness falling upon all of you! I will seal your fates!” Nightshade held his scythe against Rainee's neck. “NOOOOOO!” Rainee screamed. Her eyes burned with flames and her whole body glowed in red light. “No more darkness!” “WHAT!” Nightshade shielded his eyes with his arm. “NOOOO!” A burning Phoenix rose from the ground and eyed Nightshade angrily. “The city of Wizards needs no such parasite living in it. This wizardess has power which I have never felt before. I will now light her darkest hour and serve her in the fight against an upcoming evil. I hope my power serves you well, young Rosespirit!” Rainee waved her hands around and spoke words of power. “Yortsed Nightshade Xineohp!1” The phoenix blasted Nightshade with burning flames from its mouth. Nightshade's whole body was history. The flames consumed him until no trace was left. Soon the building itself became inflamed in bright light. 1 Yort-Said Nightshade Quin-Eh-Yop

Kevin took out a silver ball from his pocket labeled Emergency Port Sphere. Kevin threw the ball on the floor. Its smoke teleported everyone to safety. As Nightshade's tower disappeared, the skies over Wizard City became sunny and clear again. The dark clouds and cold rain parted and the traces of evil vanished completely.

Stay tuned for the finale of Book 1. Check Twitter; @helpfulwizard for updates.

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