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Chapter 10: “The Beginning of the end” “Will Leesha be all right?” Rainee asked. The strong smell of herbs and cinnamon filled the classroom. Professor Wu looked at Leesha's scorched arm with great concern. “This dark infection should only take a couple hours to cure.” Professor Wu said softly. “You have to hurry back home. The Headmaster issued a curfew.” “Curfew?” Rainee said. “But I have to know where my sister is.” “Yes dear. I expect you to be get back to Earth immediately.” Professor Wu said as she wrapped Leesha's burnt arm with a glowing cast. Leesha's face relaxed and she took in a deep breath. “Thanks Professor.” Leesha smiled. “Anytime dear.” Professor Wu replied. Rainee packed her stuff and started walking to the door. “I must find my sister, she's usually playing with the fairies in Unicorn Way.” Professor Wu suddenly stood up. “Wait dear.” Rainee stopped. “What is it Professor?” “Before you leave, speak to the headmaster.” Professor Wu said. “It is about your sister, Cassandra.” Rainee's eyes widened. “I was told that she was cursed into a hundred year sleep, the Fallonitis curse.” “What? There is no such thing as the Fallonitis curse.” Professor Wu

exclaimed. “Who told you this?” “That's what Ms. Deathslinger told me.” Rainee whispered. “Ms. Deathslinger!?” Professor Wu almost yelled out. “But she was possessed by a banshee!” A grim realization went storming through Rainee's mind. I was tricked! Rainee tried to brighten her thoughts. “I have to go and speak to the Headmaster.” She ran out into the dark Ravenwood campus. It would be best if Ambrose talks to her about what happened. I can't bear to be the one that breaks the awful news to her. Professor Wu sat down on her chair and started mixing up more medicine for Leesha's wound.

Rainee reached the Headmaster's office and knocked on the door. She was filled with fear and anxiety. If this continues to happen. I'm gonna have to stop using magic and drop out of Ravenwood. The door slowly opened. When it finally opened all the way, Rainee was speechless. “Rainee? Why are you still here?” Said a woman with bright purple hair. “M-m-m-Ms. Deathslinger?” Rainee spitted out. Ms. Deathslinger looked surprised. “What's the matter Rainee?” Rainee looked into the room and saw Jacob and Marissa. They each looked like they were about to drop dead from fatigue. “Rainee, you're turning pale.” Ms. Deathslinger said. “Come inside.”

The headmaster was sitting behind his desk, he was busy scanning through a tall stack of books. Rainee looked at Ms. Deathslinger very suspiciously. Ambrose noticed Rainee's presence. “Rainee. You must get home right away.” “No sir. I have to tell you something... about Ms. Deathslinger.” Ambrose looked stunned. “What is it?” “Professor Wu told me that Ms. Deathslinger was possessed by a banshee. Well, probably while she was possessed, she sent me to a terrible place through her spiral gate.” Rainee closed her eyes, as if trying to remember a lost dream. “I was captured by a dark monster who calls himself the Master.” Ambrose was astonished. “What?! We've been investigating that for ages!” Ms. Deathslinger and Ambrose exchanged glances. “What did he tell you?” “He said that a wizard told him that I was destined to destroy him.” Ambrose closed his eyes. “This is exactly what Bartleby has foretold. You are the girl that he spoke about. Please Rainee, tell us where this dark figure is.” “He calls himself Lord Nightshade, and he is currently hiding in an old house on Triton Avenue.” “Triton Avenue... it all makes sense now.” Ambrose whispered. “Rainee. Go with Jacob and Marissa and put an end to this dark figure's plans.”

Ms. Deathslinger gasped. “Lord Nightshade? I've read myths about him. They say that he was a necromancer that had gone made trying to create an undead army.” “This is a dire situation indeed.” Ambrose said, frowning. “Has anyone heard from Kevin yet?” Marissa asked. Jacob nodded. “Nothing. He left for an errand but never came back.” The door opened and a dark haired boy wearing blue robes entered. “Hi guys.” He said. “Hi Alex.” Ms. Deathslinger said. “What are you doing here so late?” “I needed to copy Kevin's notes about my Snow Angel essay. Have you seen him?” Loud screams were heard from outside, the sound of people running filled the air. “What is that?” Rainee said, trembling a bit. “What in Bartleby's name is going on?” Ambrose walked out the door and gasped. “Everyone get outside now!” Ambrose ordered. Everybody rushed to get outside. Fear seeped into all their minds as they saw a horrible sight. Student wizards were walking like zombies, they appeared to be in a deep trance. They were headed for the tall tower behind the headmaster's house. In the sky, a boy was flying on a broom. His eyes were pitch white and ghostly. He held on a tall glowing blue staff.

“Missed me?” He asked. Ms. Deathslinger gasped. “Kevin! He's been enchanted!” Alex looked up. “Kevin. What the heck are you doing?” “I am serving the Master. He will soon rule Wizard City... and everyone who lives here.” He laughed. “These foolish students will soon become one of the sleeping dead.” He jumped off his broom and landed softly on the ground on his feet. “Now you will join me or die.” His staff started to glow brightly. “Tsorfelab!1” He uttered. His eye's flashed with blue light. A shock wave of cold air was emitted from his staff. The surroundings became covered in snow. Cold wind blew in every direction. Alex stepped forward. “I'll handle this. I'm more than capable of beating Kevin.” Kevin laughed and pointed his staff at Alex. He fired a shot of cold magic and it hit Alex directly in the face. Alex fell to the ground and couldn't move. “You were saying?” Kevin sneered. Marissa pulled out her diamond lollipop wand. “Rojam Gnisselb! 2” She screamed and blasted Alex with healing energy. Alex's body glowed with green light quickly got back up on his feet. Ms. Deathslinger put on some purple gloves encrusted with Amethysts. She aimed her hands and blasted Kevin with a strong surge of electricity. Kevin flinched a bit, but looked as if he was barely phased. “Nice try stormy one. You cannot stop the Master from doing the mass ritual in the 1 Teh-Soar-Fell-Lab 2 Row-Jam Knee-Selb

Golem Tower!” Ms. Deathslinger screamed. “We'll hold him off! Ambrose. Take Jacob and Rainee to the Golem Tower and stop Nightshade!” Ambrose summoned several flying carpets and ordered Rainee and Jacob to get on them. “Hurry young wizards! We haven't much time!” They flew past the trail of beguiled students and spotted the Golem Tower. Ambrose fired golden blasts of energy from his staff and broke the windows of the top floor. They all jumped off the carpets and into the window opening. The place smelled of rotten blood and dirt. Bones lay everywhere and pieces of books were on the floor. “What!?” A man yelled. He turned around and saw Ambrose with the two young wizards. Ambrose was astounded. “MALISTAIRE?” The man wiped off some dirt from his mustache and sneered. “Ambrose...” “You are no longer welcome here! Why have you returned?!” Ambrose questioned. “I'm here to resolve some unfinished business. Are those your latest students? My henchmen will see to your little friends.” Malistaire snapped his fingers and two draconians appeared. “You fools handle these idiots while I complete the ritual. Then Nightshade will give me what I bargained for.” The draconians had dry red scales and looked like a human-like lizard with wings. Each time they hissed, smoke came out of their noses.

Rainee backed away in fear and brought out her wand. Jacob summoned an orange glowing sword to his hand. “Jacob. Take drink these health potions and deal with those creatures while I tend to Malistaire himself.” Ambrose threw two plastic bottles of a purple potion to Jacob. “Don't be so sure of yourself, old man.” Malistaire whispered as he encanted words of power. His staff burned brightly in blue light. Jacob handed Rainee a bottle and they both chugged it down. They were completely refreshed and ready to fight. Malistaire whispered to the draconians. “Make sure to kill that girl first. She is dangerous and you can't let her live.” At least that's what I told Nightshade. He'll believe any nonsense. What can I say? Villain partners always double cross each other. His key to the desert world will be mine. Malistaire chuckled to himself. The draconians spit out rocks of fire from their mouths and threw them at Rainee. Jacob whispered a spell and enclosed Rainee in a protective aura. The rocks barely affected her. Rainee let out a deep sigh of relief and started charging energy for a spell. Ambrose walked over to Malistaire and blasted him with bright light from his wand. “Ugh!” Malistaire shouted. “You'll pay for that!” Malistaire's eyes flashed with white light. The rug that Ambrose was standing on was pulled. The headmaster slipped on fell on his back and

couldn't move a muscle. “That'll teach you, old man.” Malistaire cracked. He went back to the ritual. Rainee aimed at a draconian and fired red lasers from her wand. “HISSSSS!!!” A draconian screamed in pain as it got hit. It fell to the floor and died. Jacob cut off the wings of the other draconian with his sword. It hissed loudly and scorched Jacob with a powerful blast of fire breath. Jacob fell to the ground. “Rainee! Finish it!” “Jacob, I just got lucky killing the smaller one. That monster is a lot bigger than the one I defeated! I can't do it!” Rainee trembled in fear. Malistaire laughed. “Of course. Now get yourselves out of here before I decide to kill all of you.” Its now or never. Jacob drew a symbol of a scale in the air with his fingers. “Edalbecnalab Rainee!1” He yelled and pointed at Rainee. A stream of orange light was emitted from Jacob's finger and engulfed Rainee. “Rainee. I've given you a boost. Now try to kill it!” Jacob said. Hope began to fill inside Rainee, she waved her wand around and drew a fire symbol in the air. “What!?” Malistaire shouted. Rainee encanted words of power. “Etalommi Nainocard!2” Rainee's wand burst with flames. The draconian melted before her eyes. 1 Ed-All-Beck-Nal-Lab 2 Et-Tall-Oh-Me Nay-No-Card

Ambrose and Jacob got up from the ground and rushed to get where Rainee was. “Rainee! I knew you could do it.” Jacob hugged Rainee. Malistaire laughed. “It is to late Ambrose. I have completed the spell.” The tower began to crumble in flames. “Now I will take my leave of this wretched place.” Malistaire laughed and teleported out of the dying tower.” Ambrose closed his eyes and teleported himself and the two students out of the tower just in time. When the teleportation magic wore off, the three wizards' faces filled with horror and fear at the sight they saw. All the students who were in a trance have been transformed into undead-like beings. “The Master will rule all.” They chanted in unison. Dark clouds formed in the sky and raindrops fell like ice cold bullets.


SC Chapter 10

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