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Chapter 9: “Cleared Doubts” Ms. Deathslinger whispered a spell and waved her glowing hands to straighten her bright purple hair. She had taken Jacob to the nurse's office earlier and was now waiting for Jacob to return. Ms. Deathslinger sighed and sat down on her large purple desk chair and opened a small purple spell book. Then she closed it again after a few glances. I hope Jacob is ok. Then we'll go to Wizard City immediately. A soft knock was heard at her office door. “Who is it?” Ms. Deathslinger asked. “Ms. Slindeth. I have a question about the school.” A voice said. It sounded like an old man. Ms. Deathslinger sighed again. “Come in and we'll talk.” Ms. Deathslinger hid her tiny spell book into a bigger decoy book labeled School Rules. She then pointed her finger at the door. It unlocked with a click. An old man wearing an old fashioned suit and a top hat. A black eye patch covered his right eye. “Afternoon... Ms. Deathslinger.” He said. Oh he's a wizard. Ms. Deathslinger smiled.

The old man snapped his fingers and the door behind him closed. “What brings you here wizard?” Ms. Deathslinger asked. The old man had a grim look on his face. “Jacob contacted me about the incident.” He sat down on a chair. The old man closed his tired eyes. His whole body flashed with light. His “modern” clothes were replaced with robes with stars and his top hat was replaced with a pointy hat, which also had stars. Ms. Deathslinger gasped. “Headmaster Ambrose!” Ambrose laughed quietly. “Its been a long time since I've been on Earth.” “Headmaster, did Jacob tell you about what happened to me and the school?” Ms. Deathslinger asked. “Yes he has. But I must asked you about what you know.” Ambrose said. “Did the banshee mention anything about a master while you were possessed?” Ms. Deathslinger's eyes widened. “Yes! That's exactly what she threatened me about.” The Headmaster closed his eyes. It is as I feared. “What's wrong sir?” Ms. Deathslinger said. “Your incident is linked with what's going on at Wizard City.” “What exactly is going on?” “Students are disappearing and something has been enchanting or possessing them into a semi-undead state. All who have been enchanted have mentioned a master of some sort.” “I'll warn parents not to send their kids to Ravenwood until we find a

way out of this mess.” “I have sent most of the remaining students home. The WIC officers have volunteered to stay and investigate. Some of them have gone missing as well.” “Any clues on where we should start the investigation?” “I haven't a clue yet.” The headmaster stood up and walked closer to Ms. Deathslinger's desk. “Professor Balestrom might be of help. Unfortunately, he's been paralyzed and can't speak.” “Professor Wu's magic should help. Right?” “She's been trying all sorts of remedies. Most have failed. Bartleby has told me that Balestrom will be cured in time, but he doesn't know when.” A knock was heard at the door again. “Come in Jacob.” Ambrose said with a grin. Jacob entered the door looking a bit surprised. How did he know? “Ms. Deathslinger, Headmaster.” Jacob said as he walked in. “Good afternoon.” “Sit down Jacob.” Ms. Deathslinger pointed to a chair. Jacob sat down and looked at the Headmaster. “Are you feeling better?” Ambrose asked. “Yup. I'm fully refreshed.” Jacob replied. Ms. Deathslinger smiled. “My sister, Diana, is a master at healing. I'm glad she took the position of nurse. I'm so glad that you're well again.” Ambrose nodded. “Jacob, we must hurry back to Wizard City. The lives of my students are at stake.” The headmaster looked at Ms. Deathslinger. “And Scarlet, you're

coming with us.” “Me?” Ms. Deathslinger was surprised. “Then who's going to act as principal of this school?” “Ah, don't worry about that. Your vice principal will handle it.” A weird combination of icy warm fog filled the room. A tall woman with blue hair appeared. “Hi everyone!” She said in a melodic voice. “Principal Alyssa Score, otherwise known as wizardess Cassandra Hexthorn, at your service.” “But she's still an apprentice Ambrose.” Ms. Deathslinger argued. “She's more than capable of handling your students.” Ambrose replied. Alyssa waved her wand and encanted a spell. “Ekam Em Kool Ekil Regnilshtaed1.” Alyssa's body started to morph. Her blue hair became purple like Ms. Deathslinger's and in a few moments, they looked exactly alike.” Alyssa giggled. “Don't worry about it Ms. Deathslinger. I got it covered.” Ms. Deathslinger laughed. “I guess it could've been worse. Good luck.” Ambrose pulled out a key from his pocket. “We'd best be going now. Jacob. Scarlet.” “Ambrose, I had the key renovated to fit modern looks.” Ms. Deathslinger said. She pulled out her cellphone and used a spell to reveal the spiral door. “By Bartleby... what is that?” Ambrose asked Ms. Deathslinger. “Its what mortals use to communicate with each other.” She replied. 1 Eh-Kam Ehm Cool Eh-Kill Reh-Nil-Sheh-Taid

Ambrose scratched his head. “Interesting.” The door was unlocked upon contact with Ms. Deathslinger's glowing phone. “Wait a minute.” Ambrose said. His eyes flashed with white light as he blasted the door with white energy from his hands. “That door was cursed. Probably while you were possessed.” He said. Ms. Deathslinger looked surprised. “I had no idea.” She looked as if trying to remember a lost dream. “Well its all fixed now.” Ambrose said. Jacob and Ms. Deathslinger followed Ambrose as he stepped into the spiral door. “May the power be with you.” Alyssa smiled. A purple sticky note materialized in her hand.

Don't leave the school with a big mess that I have to clean up Alyssa. I don't know what got into Ambrose's old brain to sub for me. Just kidding. :P - Scarlet Deathslinger “Don't worry Ms. Deathslinger. I won't let you down.” Alyssa whispered and sat down on Ms. Deathslinger's comfy chair. She summoned a bottle of fruit punch and a submarine sandwich. “Life's good as principal.” Alyssa giggled.


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