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Business Concept and Opportunity

What is your businessventure idea?

Initial Concept Questions The following is an opportunity to journal your initial thoughts about your opportunity. There are no right or wrong answers or required lengths. This exercise is designed to surface your initial thoughts about your venture idea. Consideration Opportunity : What is the businessopportunity? What leads you to believe there is an opportunity? What research have you completed – as it related to this opportunity? What are the various ways to generate profits? What are the possibilities for exiting this businessopportunity (e.g. selling the business, etc.)?

Initial Thoughts

Entrepreneur : How are you positioned to take advantage of the businessopportunity? (For example: industry experience, connections, educational background, leadership experience and skills, etc.)

Market : Who are your most probable customers (e.g. who will pay for your offerings)? What do they need? How will your offering meet the need? What kind of experience will they have when engaging your company? How will their quality-of-life be improved as a result of engaging your company?

Concept ď źOpportunity

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Consideration Competition : What companies do you know of that already attempt to addressyour target customers’ need? How do they do so? What do they do best that you can learn from? What are they missing that you can bring to the table? How can your business compete?

Initial Thoughts

Personal Leadership : How will this businesssupport your personal life vision and mission? What inspires you to be a business owner? How is this business opportunity aligned with your values for: physical health, financial health, free time, formal and informal educational goals, relationships with family and friends, and leaving a legacy to be enjoyed beyond your lifespan?

Road-map and Resources: What is your desired timeline for launching/expanding your opportunity? What have you done so far? What is left to be done? What information do you need? Who do you need as a part of your “dream team” in order to compliment your abilities and supplement for your known areas of weakness?

Concept Opportunity

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About Dream Broker, Inc. The Mission Dream Broker is a consulting firm that is committed to helping leaders expand their creative capacities and cultivate enterprises that are aligned with their visions. We connect these creative and compassionate leaders to resources necessary to define, develop, and distribute their dreams. We are a network of compassionate professionals dedicated to serving leaders as you serve the world. The Value Our most requested service offerings include: • Leadership coaching, education, and consulting • Small businessstart-up • Nonprofit start-up

• Concept design/development coaching around your venture • Coaching groups and workshops

Dream Broker, Inc Resources for Creative and Compassionate Leadership 215.764.5304 The I.N.C. Spot Suite 205 1341 N. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125

• BusinessWriting (grants, businessplans, proposals) • Blog / information web site set-up and content • Special projects

The Process We have a three step processfor fulfilling our mission: Edify Lives (leadership development), Encourage Enterprise (venture development), and Empower Communities (resource development and distribution made possible via the leaders we serve). The Relationship There are many great consulting firms and networks that provide the aforementioned services. What makes us unique is our approach to building long-term relationships with our leaders. Once we initiate a working relationship, we become your lifetime collaborators in fulfilling your mission – this holds true when we have a financial contract with you and when we do not. We partner with you in the pursuit of your vision as if it was our own. The Result Our mission is fulfilled when creative and compassionate leaders live fully expressed lives and grow enterprises that profit the world.

Concept Opportunity

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Business Concept  
Business Concept  

Business concept