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Dear IFMSA friends and european family, It is with great honor that we present you with our candidature to host the 13th European Regional Meeting of IFMSA in 2016 in Greece. It has been almost six months that our organizing committee was formed and started working on the idea of hosting the next EuRegMe. Both experienced and new members of HelMSIC came together in order to achieve this common goal. Ideas, suggestions, enthusiasm, motivation rapidly turned into planning, task delegation, dedication and hard work and led us to the candidature we are presenting today. Most of you might remember that 2 years before in Chile we presented our candidarure for the EuRegMe 2014. The result back then really disappointed us but at the same time filled us with the certainty that one day we will be back. This whole attempt helped us realize our strengths and weaknesses, work on them and allowed us to proudly declare that we came out stronger, more experienced and more prepared to host a meeting like EuRegMe. HelMSIC is a highly active and growing NMO of IFMSA with numerous delegations in international and european meetings and with several experienced people actively participating in the International Team, the EuroTeam and the Standing Committees’ International Teams every year. Moreover, HelMSIC has always been a NMO that has been working responsibly on the national level with respect to our values, proposing solutions, holding true to the vision of IFMSA. Each year, HelMSIC organises at least 4 national meetings in a different local committee each time. Furthermore, over the last years HelMSIC successfully organised a number of international events, such as SRT in May 2013, TOM 1 in October 2013 and HIT in May 2014. The standards are set higher every time allowing us to say that we have built capability and developed experience in organizing events that it’s time to make an effort in a wider, european level. Hosting the EuRegMe is not just another challenge for us, it ‘s a dream we want to come true. All of our passion and hard work comes down to this very moment. We hope that our hours of working, our dedication and this candidature booklet will be the perfect proof for you that it ‘s worth to give us the chance to show what our country and organization has to offer to IFMSA. Right here, right now, loyal to our dreams and our hopes, we believe it is the correct time to try and convince you that the 13th European Regional Meeting in Greece is possible. Only with your help and support it can be real!

So, what do you say? Will you sail with us?


Thessaloniki, 10th March 2015 Reg. No 1372 To the attention of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association Dear Sirs and Madams, It is with great pleasure and honour to invite the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA) to host the EuRegMe 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Being the second biggest city in Greece, Thessaloniki can offer all necessary services to host an event of such extent. The accommodation and venue provided, professional and welcoming, can guarantee the supreme convenience and will more than enough satisfy the needs of all participants. Moreover, it is a safe city to live in and one can move around easily, given the short distances between major places, and also thanks to the well organized network of means of transportations. The City of Thessaloniki fully supports the Organizing Committee in their effort to hold the EuRegMe 2016 with absolute success and we will be looking forward to welcoming you all in Thessaloniki in April 2016. Therefore, after you have taken all information provided into consideration, we hope for your vote of confidence that will offer HelMSIC and the City of Thessaloniki the chance to host the next European Regional Meeting. Yours faithfully,

Yiannis Boutaris Mayor of Thessaloniki Vasileos Georgiou street 1, 546 40 Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: 2313 317907, Fax 2313 317920 E mail: mayor@thessaloniki.gr

HelMSIC - Hellenic Medical Students’ International Committee is an independent, non governmental, non profit organisation run by medical students in Greece. It was founded in 1958 and as of today, it has 7 Local Committees, one in every medical faculty of Greece. HelMSIC has been an active NMO in IFMSA since 1958 and has more than 140 active members. Through its participation in these international organisations, HelMSIC is the voice of Greek

Medical Students abroad and the main channel of communication, cooperation and training in an international level. Our activities and projects are centred around six thematics, representing the IFMSA Standing Committees, SCORA, SCOPH, SCOPE, SCORE, SCORP and SCOME. Our Local and National Officers mainly organise projects under these thematics. Our projects aim to train medical students on topics that are not fully included in our

curricula, to develop their skills, to raise awareness about health issues, and to promote the international cooperation between medical students. HelMSIC works on a national level with Medecines Sans Frontiers (MSF), Medecines du Monde (MDM), Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA), AIESEC and other NGOs and Governmental Organisations mainly on project based collaboration.

Participating in HelMSIC gives each medical student the unique chance to invest their free time in a creative and meaningful way to benefit the society, their colleagues, and themselves. Our active members develop their communication and organising skills, their leadership abilities and become familiar with project management, and come in touch with medical students worldwide. Be inspired, be more than a medical student, be HelMSIC!

Greece, officially called the Hellenic Republic and also known since ancient times as Hellas is a country in South-eastern Europe and the Balkans, member of the European Union, well-known for its ancient history and its beautiful natural landscapes. As of today, Greece’s population is around 11 million and the capital and largest city is Athens. Hospitality is a virtue that has always characterized the Greeks, as even Zeus, the father of the Olympian gods,was protector of hospitality. We are friendly people, eager to welcome and treat visitors the best way possible. We are also cheerful and merry, never miss a chance to dance and we totally enjoy gathering together to celebrate any occasion. We honour our word and values and get united to accomplish a goal, especially when it comes to our pride or freedom. Greeks have a long history of achievements in various fields like medicine, philosophy, literature, playwright, politics, architecture and sculpture. The actual history and the mythology, have become a source of inspiration for many authors, even film producers, making a great impact on the world’s cultural development. Moreover, nowadays you will find modern greek scientists and contemporary greek artists all over the world.

Another thing we pride ourselves of is our cuisine, which has been praised by our many visitors. Being influenced by the Mediterranean sea, the traditional greek cuisine consists of a huge number of delicious plates, all based on the Mediterranean diet. Some popular local products are varieties of cheese, olive oil, yoghurt, mastiha, ouzo, paximadi, halvas and loukoumia. Those and plenty of others are combined in many recipes, leading to a delicious result that everyone who visits Greece must taste. What makes Greece such a popular destination is its unique landscapes, that combine mountains, sea and numerous islands with stunning beaches. Picturesque villages, situated close to forests, by rivers or sea, even up on the mountains, offer a breathtaking experience for all visitors. On the other side, the large cities provide access to all kinds of contemporary facilities, like theatres, museums, galleries, and also lots of clubs and bars that guarantee an amazing nightlife experience. This leads to the assumption that the beautiful scenery of the countryside is complemented by the vividness of the urban centres, making Greece a perfect place to have fun as well as to discover a new way of life.

“Ὃς ἂν βούληται τῆν γῆν κινῆσαι κινησάτω τὸ πρῶτον ἑαστόν.” “Let him who would move the world first move himself” Socrates

Thessaloniki is the second largest city, the cocapital of Greece and the most important centre in the Northern part of it with more than a million residents. It‟s built near the sea (at the back of the Thermaïkos Gulf), that‟s why it‟s also well known as “The Nymph of Thermaikos”. It is a modern metropolis bearing the marks of its stormy history as it dates back to the ages of Alexander the Great. Its cosmopolitan & multicultural character gives it a special beauty and charm. A city in which every visitor can feel the vibrant life, meet the most welcoming people, and experience an amazing party time! Situated in the north of Greece, Thessaloniki is a gateway to the Balkans and Europe. Regular daily flights connect connect Thessaloniki with the most european countries and with the biggest greek cities. The international airport „Macedonia‟ serves 3.5 million passengers per year.

It is also a city with a continuous 3,000 year old history; preserving relics of its Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman past and of its formerly dominant Jewish population. Many of its Byzantine churches, and a whole district of the city in particular, are included in UNESCO's World Heritage list. Additionally Thessaloniki is a great shopping destination with many shopping malls and local markets. This city offers countless options to satisfy every desire and budget. Two of the largest universities in the country are located in the center: Aristotle University and University of Macedonia, formed by 15 faculities with more than 90.000 students. As you understand, Thessaloniki is a lively and colorfoul city with studens accounting for a large percentage of its population. It‟s worth saying that Thessaloniki was the European Youth Capital 2014. Nightlife in Thessaloniki is known throughout Europe! Nightclubs,cafe, bars, pubs, “bouzoukia”, anything you want! Just come and wait until nightfall to have fun as real Greek!

Meeting and accommodation facilities that meet our demands and serve our needs are two essential elements for a successful meeting. Capsis Hotel was selected after a careful and detailed research and will satisfy even the most demanding persons with its high-leveled services.

The recently renovated Capsis Hotel, one of the best-known and foremost central hotels in Thessaloniki, is located in the heart of the city, in a walking distance from the train and bus station and very close to the main attractions and highlights of the city.

It disposes a variety of rooms, the luxurious feeling of which is enhanced by anemities such as minibars and suite bathrooms. Room service is available 24 hours a day. The 18 Conference multiuse centers are fully supplied with upgraded technological equipment. Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere.

Greek breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner all based on local Greek products will be served in a bright, spacious and pleasant restaurant. A variety of meals is available that satisfies all special tastes and needs, such as vegan and vegetarian diets. Moreover, delicious and rich coffee-breaks will be available daily.

The environmentally certified hotel is carefully designed to enable access and transportation of individuals with special needs. It is guaranteed to exceptionally host our meeting and create a unique experience during the whole event.

Feeling tired after a day packed with sessions, trainings and discussions? Do not worry and prepare yourselves‌ for this EuRegMe is going to amaze you with its social activities, and keep you motivated and excited for the whole 4 days and nights. Pack your beautiful dresses and fancy suits and get ready for us to meet, while mixing and mingling in the opening ceremony, in a historical venue. Stay tuned for more information!

Willing to make your nights in Greece unforgettable? First, join us for an amazing Neon party. Wear your white shirts, sexy mood, and get ready to glow and shine under the light. Take your Greek experience to the next level by becoming one of us in the Toga party, with special decoration and everything arranged in order to make you feel like Greek Gods and Goddesses. And, of course, the IFMSA favorite National Food and Drinks Party, where you will have the opportunity to get a taste of traditional delicacies, drinks and cultures from all around Europe. Bring your good mood and get ready to socialize and get amazed with us!

It is an intriguing issue that cannot always be properly addressed and many people are unaware of the important role it has in their overall health. In our Organisations and our Federation, many of our projects aim to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of prevention and its impact on the progress of certain diseases or conditions.

Preventive healthcare (alternately preventive medicine) consists of measures taken for disease prevention, in contradiction to disease treatment. Health is affected by various factors, such as environmental factors, disease agents, genetic background and lifestyle choices. Disease prevention relies on actions that can be taken at different levels of healthcare. What is Prevention? It is a critical and often neglected part of medicine and its practice by physicians. Noncommunicable diseases were responsible for 68% of all deaths globally in 2012, up from 60% in 2000 according to the WHO and tobacco use is a major cause of many of the world’s top killer diseases. Diseases preventable due to vaccination, are on the rise, due to the recent, unbased and deadly trend of antiVaccination movements. Vaccination has contributed to the eradication of smallpox, yet despite that, according to the WHO, at least 2 million people of all ages die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases. The recent release of the global status report on Noncommunicable Diseases by the WHO, has provided us with critical information regarding diseases and their prevention.

Our Theme Event is focusing on Preventive Medicine and how it can actively be used in everyday life as well as in our workplace. Participants will be able to take part in discussions about prevention in medicine, the principles of forming and following a healthy lifestyle and all the current and future trends in the medical community. An introductory discussion will provide the students with general information on prevention and our current views towards it. Afterwards, participants will be given a chance to choose one between five separate, themed workshops. Through them we will be able to acquire deeper and thorough knowledge with an interactive and interesting way from reliable and specialized sources. Subjects such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Anxiety, Sexual Health, Vaccinations, Lifestyle and others will be discussed, with the goal to achieve an alternative viewpoint and see them through a broader spectrum. Furthermore, throughout the EuRegMe there will be stands available, promoting the mediterranean diet with healthy and tasty snacks. Lastly, during breaks, relaxing activities will take place in order to reduce stress levels and help us cool off.

The pre-EuRegMe, is one of the most important procedures for capacity building in IFMSA and one of the biggest training events in the European Region of IFMSA. More specifically, it is a 3-day workshop that consists of many different trainings and workshops, such as TNT, TOT, iPET, TNHRT, TMET. The participants of the pre-EuRegMe have a chance to become IFMSA trainers, in fields like soft skills, human rights, reproductive health, public health, medical education etc, get invaluable knowledge on health-related topics and live a life-changing experience.

As for next year, we have chosen the perfect city for the pre-EuRegMe. It will take place in Kastoria, a beautiful city, which is located on the north, about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Thessaloniki. Kastoria is a picturesque and at the same time modern town, surrounded by a lake and with a really interesting and important historic and natural value.

Among the remarkable monuments are the 72 byzantine churches, the prehistoric lake settlement and the dragon’s cave, which according to the legend was a gold mine that was protected by a dragon who spurted flames from its mouth when anyone dared to approach it.

Our accommodation of choice is Hotel Chloe , a newly built and luxurious hotel, almost 15 minutes walking from the city centre, which will amaze you with its compromising level of accommodation and service, as it is a 4 star hotel, recommended by many travel agencies as one of the leading travel choices for holidays in Greece. The hotel, has a wonderful view of the lake! Can you think of anything more inspirational than waking up next to such an amazing landscape? As for the venue, it will be located in a walking distance from the hotel and will give to the participants the privacy they need for their trainings. Also, the transportation from and to Thessaloniki will be provided by the OC.

Hungry for more? Get the most out of your trip to Greece by following the team to Halkidiki, right after the EuRegMe dates. The Halkidiki peninsula is located just a breath away from Thessaloniki. A popular spring and summer destination, it will offer the participants the chance to enjoy the famous nightlife, food and sightseeing of the region. They say that nowhere in Greece can you find beaches like those of Halkidiki. The region has the perfect combination of the distinctive Greek light, unspoiled landscapes, colors and fragrances. This is a place where all your senses will come to life, whether on the endless expanses of sand of the fashionable, cosmopolitan beaches, or in the intimacy of the many secluded bays and coves. The region is formed of three peninsulas or "feet", each with its own unique charm, history and magic. There is Kassandra, or Pallini, scene of the Battle of the Giants in ancient mythology. Then Sithonia, a magical place of green forest and blue sea and Mt. Athos, the world's only monastic state, home to twenty historic monasteries. Wash your post-ERM ‘blues’ out by enjoying the beauty and relaxing with us, at the same time completing the most amazing experience of your life!

Travelling to Greece could be easier than you think! Thessaloniki, the host city of EuRegMe, has the second biggest international airport of Greece. “Macedonia airport” serves thousands of travellers every day through its frequent, low cost international flights. You also want to pay a visit to Athens previously? Athens’ Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is known for its luxury, accessibility and high-leveled facilities. Travelling from Athens to Thessaloniki shouldn’t concern you at all; there are means of transport for every taste. You can choose among bus, train or aeroplane depending on your time and affordability.

Visa is necessary for: Armenia Ajerbaijan Ukraine Russia Russian Federation - Tartastan Turkey (1) (1)The visa exemption applies to holders of service and special passports issued by Turkey.

Of course, both airports in Athens and Thessaloniki are connected with the biggest european cities with frequent, low-cost flights, therefore travelling to Greece will not cost you a fortune! If you are a neighbor from the Balkans, there some more options for you. Sofia, Belgrade and Skopje are linked to Thessaloniki by train. The train station is located in a walking distance from the hotel, so you won’t have to worry at all. For more details and prices, you can check the tables below.

The rest of countries do not need a visa but there are some notes for: Bosnian & Herzegovina (2) Macedonia (2) Montenegro (2) Serbia (2),(3) (2) The visa requirement exemption should only apply to holders of biometric passports. (3) The visa requirement exemption is not applied to holders of serbian passports issued by the serbian coordination directorate (in serbian: koordinaciona uprava).

You can find an estimated cost of your flights from some countries of Europe to Thessaloniki in this table

COUNTRY Spain The Netherlands Denmark France Italy Belgium UK Germany Switzerland Poland Turkey Malta Portugal Catalonia Croatia Austria Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia


PRICE 180 € 180 € 150 € 110 € 50 € 70 € 80 € 90 € 200 € 70 € 150 € 230 € 200 € 75 € 140 € 150 € 125 € 138 € 110 € 150 €

We estimate that 3 early and 3 late registration spots will be provided per NMO, reaching a total of 300 delegates approximately.

Early Registration fee: 140€ Late Registration fee: 200€ Extra Late Registration fee: 200€ Observer fee: 300€ Pre-EuRegMe fee: 145€

Expenses Accommodation (including food)

38,080.00 €

Coffee Breaks

7,200.00 €


1,000.00 €

PR and Marketing

1,217.50 €


2,072.50 €


3,416.30 €

Theme Event (externals, speakers)

400.00 €


400.00 €


1,193.10 €

Reserve (7% of expences)

3,862.56 €

Total Expences

58,841.96 €

Revenues Early Registration Fees (150 spots*140 €) Late Registration Fees (150 spots*200 €)

21,000.00 €


1,300.00 €

Total Revenues

52,300.00 €

Amount to be fundraised

6,541.96 €

30,000.00 €

Keeping in mind the general guidelines followed by HelMSIC concerning funding and sponsorships, we have adopted a pharma-free fundraising policy. Our goal is to organise a EuRegMe unlike any other meeting IFMSA members have experienced and at the same time make sure to keep the participants’ fees to the minimum possible price. As a result, we primarily and successfully addressed promotional material companies.

Our mapping also includes our seven medical schools, with which we have already communicated and waiting for their replies. What is more, we are planning to apply for a grant through the Erasmus+ programme, in the next months and also approach catering companies, companies working in the fields of medicine and technology and several institutions that actively promote education and culture.

Expenses Accommodation Food and Coffee Breaks Venue PR and Marketing Social

6,300.00 € 3,900.00 € 300.00 € 300.00 € 900.00 €

Logistics and Ttransportation

2,170.00 €


255.00 €

Reserve (7% of expences)

988.75 €

Total Expences

15,113.75 €

Revenues Registration Fee (100 spots* 145 €)

14,500.00 €

Total Revenues

14,500.00 €

Amount to be fundraised

613.75 €


Save the dates Pre-EuRegMe:17-20/4/2016 EuRegMe: 20-24/4/2016 Post-EuRegMe: 24-27/4/2016 If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us at euregme2016@helmsic.gr And if you want to keep in touch with us anytime and be the first to know everything about our EuRegme, just Like our Facebook Page in this link.

EuRegMe 2016 Greece - Official Candidature Package  

Here, you can find any info you'll need, regarding HelMSIC's candidature for EuRegMe 2016. Pack your bags and... get ready to sail to Greec...

EuRegMe 2016 Greece - Official Candidature Package  

Here, you can find any info you'll need, regarding HelMSIC's candidature for EuRegMe 2016. Pack your bags and... get ready to sail to Greec...

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