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Bulimia nervosa is obsessive compulsive disorder of eating. The person suffering from this disorder has the tendency to consume big amount of food in a short span of time. Research says the individual who is suffering from bulimia problem can eat much more than 3,000 calories in an hour. Normally, bulimia starts at adolescence age and typically can be seen in women; it's never mean that men are untouched from this disorder. Men also suffer from this disorder but comparatively in lesser number. The intensity of this disorder obsesses the individuals to be compulsive for the food. Resultantly, individuals loose their control and start eating. If it not get cured on time, its consequences could be dangerous enough to cause life-threatening troubles like heart damage and injury of digestive system. The other severe problems are anxiety disorders, kidney damage, and dental problems. In addition, this disorder also forces individuals to indulge themselves into self-destructive behaviors like kleptomania, alcohol/drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and self-mutilation. The causes of bulimia are yet unknown to physicians and researchers. However, the probable causes are: o The person who is already suffering from anxiety or other obsessive compulsive disorder. o Has low self-esteem. o If the person has not healthy relationship with his/her family members. o It might be heretical. o Sometimes, culture also causes bulimia. Bulimia symptoms are viz... o Consume excessive food in short period of time. o Excessive care if body weight and shape. o Tendency to purging (self induced vomiting) immediately after intake of food by taking enemas or by abusing laxatives. And, it causes dehydration. o Self-criticism; unhappy mood; feelings of embarrassment and guilt during and after bingeing and purging. o An acute fear of becoming fatty. o Too much exercise or fasting. o Kidney problems and tooth decay. The person who is suffering from bulimia has no need to bother about it because there are many bulimia treatment centers running useful bulimia treatment program. Many people get cured and

again re-started their healthy lives. The objective of bulimia treatment is to lessen or abolish binge eating and purging tendency. Hence, as soon as individuals identify the bulimia symptoms, they should immediately get in touch with bulimia treatment center. Bulimia treatment center provides comprehensive medical care by monitoring the all activities of patients. However, bulimia treatment program exclusively designed in such a way that it o Counsels the patients to diagnose the problems properly o Assists in restoring the lost weight o Control the behaviors of excessive eating, dieting, and purging o Provides long term bulimia treatment for full recovery o Bulimia treatment program also takes care of the other disorder associated with bulimia nervosa. Moreover, the bulimia nervosa, disorder of excessive eating can be easily diagnosed and cured by proper identification of problems. Bulimia treatment center has well established program for the treatment of bulimia patients. Above all, psychotherapy helps patients to regain the lost selfesteem and correct the distorted behaviors.

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==== ==== Proven, Effective Online Treatment From Bulimia. ==== ====

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