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Bulimia Nervosa, most commonly known as bulimia, is an eating disorder in which an individual engages in recurrent binge eating followed by feelings of depression, guilt, and self-condemnation. An individual who suffer from this type of eating disorder usually purge to compensate for the excessive eating and try to prevent weight gain. Purging can take the form of vomiting, inadequate use of laxatives, enemas or excessive physical exercise. This disease is mainly found in women aged from 16 to 40, but it most commonly starts around the age of 19. However, at times it develops in men and children as well. In last few years, the ratio of people suffering from Bulimia Nervosa has increased proportionately. In fact, according to recent studies, it is even predicted that the number of people suffering from Bulimia eating disorder is two to three times as much as the number of people currently living with AIDS. Apart from this, it has also been found that Bulimia also affects different organs. The longer an individual suffer from Bulimia the more organs get affected and damaged. The organs that generally suffer are kidney, heart, digestive system, bones, endocrine glands and even brain. Certainly, these are only some alarming indications that clearly point towards the seriousness of Bulimia Nervosa. Thus the simple and best way to prevent from dangerous effects is to treat this eating disorder sooner rather than later. Different ways to cure Bulimia Nervosa There are many ways to treat Bulimia. However, looking at the present scenario psychological therapy and nutritional counselling are two most popular ways that are gaining worldwide acceptance. Psychotherapy has really turned out to be effective and long lasting treatment for an eating disorder like Bulimia Nervosa. During this type of treatment, the therapist not only addresses the eating disorder itself but help the sufferer by underlying reasons for why the individual is behaving in this manner. This behaviour is usually caused by psychological, interpersonal, and cultural influences and forces. Nutritional Therapy is yet another way to treat Bulimia Nervosa. In this type of therapy, dieticians and other health care providers offer information about a healthy diet. At times, they even help in designing a proper eating plan to achieve a healthy weight and healthy-eating habits. Depending upon the chart prepared, the person's progress is monitored such as weekly weighing. Though this type of treatment takes time for curing eating disorder but has gained considerable importance. The next way of treatment is Group Therapy. As the name suggest, in this type of therapy a sufferer is supposed to get ongoing support and help from other sufferers and a group leader. But this way cannot be very helpful every time. At times, it can truly become harmful to many sufferers. The reason is that in group, patients frequently get worse or connect in more symptoms just to get

extra attention from each other or the therapist. Apart from all this, outpatient therapy is yet another type of therapy where a sufferer is allowed to go home after each session. Today there are many people who are responding to this type of therapy very well. This type of therapy gives them a feeling of security being in a home environment. Though, this type of treatment program largely demands a family care. In this type of treatment, it is important that the family cautiously watch and taka care of the sufferer while he or she is at home and ensure there are no bingeing and purging. Certainly, with so many types of treatment options and therapies available, an individual can easily cure Bulimia Nervosa. Though for some, the condition become lifelong battle. As a result, it is important for an individual suffering from this type of eating disorder get instant treatment.

Are you struggling with binging and purging? This could be a sign of bulimia nervosa. Kildare Street Clinic is a specialized eating disorder treatment center in Ireland offering effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for treatment of Bulimia nervosa, Anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders.

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==== ==== Proven, Effective Online Treatment From Bulimia. ==== ====

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