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Contributed by Mary Seidler


The IMPROVables


As expats, we rely on our improvisational skills most days.

The talented cast of the IMPROVables

e sleep in our underwear when we run out of clean pajamas and “wash day” is still two days away. We use many free plastic bags for our groceries when we realize we forgot our sacks at home and refuse to buy yet another one. We drop in “da” whenever we are confused about whether it should be die, der or das in German, and we pretend we understand when we don’t or we pretend we don’t understand when we do. Our attitude and ability to adapt can make or break a day. That is why an evening with the talented actors and musicians of The IMPROVables, Zurich’s English-speaking improvisational comedy theatre, is highly recommended for the expat community. Not only can expats pick up some pointers and tricks for unexpected situations, but we also have the opportunity to enjoy the humor of human ingenuity. The IMPROVables’ show consists of a series of short scenes, songs and games. One of the actors introduces and explains a little about the next segment before it starts. Each bit requires the audience to give the players input – perhaps the name of a famous person, a place, or a song. Any answer will do; there are no right or wrong ones. Often

one performer is sent outside while the suggestions are gathered, only to return to the task of unraveling what is going on by interacting with the other actors. This all takes place unscripted with no one knowing what might happen next. Doesn’t that sound like some expat days? It is wickedly fun to yell out awkward and embarrassing challenges for the performers. The more the audience is willing to get involved, the better the show, so do not be afraid to let loose or bring friends who like to speak out. In return, the audience is amazed at the actors’ creative and quick responses, but even more importantly, one laughs so hard, it is difficult to catch a breath. The IMPROVables’ performances are currently scheduled for: Friday and Saturday nights, June 22, 23, 29 and 30 at Lebewohlfabrik im Seefeld, Zurich. Tickets are available via Ticketcorner. The IMPROVables have been part of the Zurich Comedy Club since 2003 and are available for private hire. Mary Seidler enjoys Swiss life in Thalwil with her family and Swiss dog, an Entlebucher Sennenhund.



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