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photography, computers, music, theater, SAT and TOEFL preparation. A variety of sports and recreation activities take place in the afternoons, with large group games and activities in the evenings. The French Immersion Program is led in coordination with Concordia Lan-

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guage Villages, the premier language and culture immersion program in North America. Students learn French through work and play in French. Recreation and Culture Week is held between the two sessions: excursions for the younger students (8-12); Cultural Tours for the older ones (13-18).

What we do

Students learn about international awareness, cultural tolerance, community-living skills, independence, leadership, and much more during their time in Leysin. Prices vary from CHF 1985 to CHF 2350 per week for a full residential programme.

We aim to be the best partner for expats whose careers are in transition, offering search tools, extensive networks and deep expertise.

Contact Jeanette Cerquone Managing Director / Business owner phone +41 79 279 86 96

• Employability assessment • Career coaching; individual support as needed, with research, consulting and networking, to leverage the spouse’s portable skills for the local job market • Social integration support • with a diverse group of local and international professionals and expertise of 10 years in this field


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Hello Switzerland for Expatriates, Summer Edition 2012  

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