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TiMo+ Teacher Integrated Media Organised.

Skillphones TiMo+ provides State of the Art Media Integrated Classroom and Campus Solution Skillphones TiMo+ is a small cost effective teacher friendly hardware replacing the need for a PC in a classroom, with this technology the teacher may share information in any required media from a thumb drive to their sky drive. Skillphones TiMo+, enables the teacher to Program and organize the Videos, Documents, PowerPoint Presentations Audio books and share it as per the time table inside the classroom. The Skillphones TiMo+ gives the members anytime access to thousands of HD learning resource which, may be auto play with streaming Videos and videos on demand. Skillphones TiMo+ , connect to the World Wide Web, through Wi-Fi and also share it in a Local Area network through 10/100 Ethernet connectivity ,it is Portable, Powerful and Efficient, Android Designed for TVs or Projectors . The Skillphones TiMo+ comes with easy to use interface for the teacher to browse the Web in full control seamlessly, connected to the wireless keyboard and mouse or a simple remote control to make it the best of interactive learning system ,allowing the teacher share the lesson seamlessly inside and outside the class room. The Skillphones TiMo+ provides free Cloud space through for their teachers who will organize their content to share it from any where anytime, it can be linked to the topic of the hour as per the time table. Skillphones TiMo+ is Easy to setup Just Plug and Play, click and watch. Setting up Skillphones TiMo+ takes almost no time at all, just plug the power cord into the wall and connect Skillphones TiMo to your wide screen TV using an HDMI cable or RGB cable. The Skillphones TiMo+ allows the teachers to convert any audio visual room into a programed learning center within minutes and take control of the class with a simple remote control. It is a must for every class room. Skillphones TiMo+ is fully loaded with HD video library in 5 most important categories which is most sorted, it may be installed inside the classroom for regular reinforcement and or on the strategic locations like ,Library, Hostels, Cafeterias , Lobbies and can be a sensible singe system. Etc., Skillphones TiMo+ comes with the following pre-loaded subjects : Skillphones TiMo+ Kindergarten

Skillphones TiMo+ Teaching Next.

Skillphones TiMo+ English Express

Skillphones TiMo+ NLP Career Care.

TiMo+ Teacher Integrated Media Organised.

Skillphones TiMo+ provides State of the Art Media Integrated Classroom and Campus Solution Skillphones TiMo English Express Loaded with more than 1000 videos and audio podcasts Is a complete collections of English language teachers resource, implement step by step learning process ,helps students enhance from beginner level to fluency level and the approach is phrasal starts with Lessons on Daily Pronunciations Follow me , Look ahead and starting Business English are some of the collections apart from resource to implement English through Humor, English through Music Etc.. , A must for all class for instant language teaching.. Skillphones TiMo, NLP- Career Care Program Skillphones NLP- CC ' is a state of the art onsite soft-skills learning tool. Skillphones NLP-CC comes pre-loaded with more than 500 engaging and entertaining video clips, including a collection of great speeches from successful people, mentors and corporations. Skillphones NLP-CC are modular and the topics are more towards preparing a fresher. The inbuilt lesson plan is designed to lead the students towards “The Path way to success�. The tool kit assures exposure through most of the important skills towards an excellent job.

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