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Collaborative Facilitator and day-to-day operations for HelloScience Who is the Collaboratorium? We see ourselves as collaborative engineers, that build physical and digital infrastructures to empower collaboration. Our diverse team holds skills ranging from collaborative leadership, facilitation, research to illustration, art, film and documentary production, to designing, coding and creating digital collaboration platforms and infrastructures.

Our passion is to build bridges which enable

The 20th century was the century of engineering and technology. They built and constructed a whole new world. A world of bridges, cars, airplanes and information technology, the telephone and radio, computer and the internet, entwining the physical and digital.

collaboration between

But paradoxically we as a society have not become much better at collaborating or solving the great systemic crises that industrialisation has caused. There is a need for new bridges, new roads and new infrastructures connecting people, organisations and knowledge, to face the social, environmental and epidemic challenge of our current time.

benefit people, society

We are therefore proud to be facilitating Cleaning LiveLab, and the day-to-day management of HelloScience and RUC THIRDROOM, as well as with being the inventors of the underlying software which we named THIRDROOM. 68

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