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PLUSSMARTE founded in 2013 to provide energy efficiency with the expertise in sensors and remote control technologies, transformed the company to be one of the leading regional energy management with a portfolio 1,500,000 m2+. Vironance, promises great hope to neutralize viruses that deeply affect our lives such as H1N1, SARS, MERS and CORONA virus.

As of October 27 2020 roughly 43.6 million people have been globally infected as the death toll has risen to 1.16 million due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although contaminated surfaces were considered as the initial transmission route, recently the airborne transmission is heavily questioned. There is an urgent need for a less harmful rather than UVC & Chemicals and Ozone, more effective and sustainable technology for surface and air virus inactivation.

Collaborative Possibilities


PLUSSMARTE is looking for ALL kinds of LOGICAL collaborations to rapidly distribute the Vironance technology globally to effectively reduce the spread of SARS Cov2 and possible next generation viral threats. We are looking for; production, sales, distribution, research partners further to include robotics suppliers, facility management companies, welcoming; funding, investors and highly appreciate scientific, commercial and legal mentors.

VIRONANCE encapsulates inactivation of viruses with resonance in a single word. Under ultra low dose electromagnetic excitation, viruses vibrate and inactive at a certain frequency. EM energy transfer freely in air and in/ over surfaces to excite the airborne and surface attached viruses. With ultra low power and long life virus inactivation capability, VIRONANCE has a wide application areas such as facilities, areoplanes, public transformation, HVAC filtering, medical and household appliances.