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Fully automatic testing system for proactive pandemic management. Democratizing testing, protecting frontline workers and enhancing swab quality.

Coronavirus lead to an exponential demand for throat swabs. It is monotonous and labour-intensive work for the frontline workers to collect manual samples, while also being in danger of infections from cross-contamination. Manual procedures are victim to inter-personal variability resulting in the risk of a low quality sample, leading to failed analysis or false negatives.

Collaborative Possibilities


We are looking for funding, legal advice and partnerships to reach our next steps, clinical trials and certiďŹ cation, along with development of a cleaning and diagnosis system.

Careebo LLR S1 consists of a force sensitive robotic arm, AI-based visual processing system, automatic label management system, automatic patient identiďŹ cation along with an intuitive user journey. This enables a safe, gentle and consistent swab without wasting the valuable time of healthcare personnel in a time of crisis.