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SBT pushes to bring microbiology measurements into the 21st century by supplying products and technology that measures bacteria in minutes instead of days. We look very much forward to connect and collaborate with larger corporate innovators at HelloScience, who are also eager to move the world forward within the Future of Clean.


Gustav Skands

Michael Maimann

CEO, SBT Instruments A/S

Head of Commercial, SBT Instruments A/S

Gustav is a jack-of-all-trades who thrives equally well in technology and commercial work. He holds a master’s degree in physics supplemented with executive education from Harvard Business School. Gustav has worked full-time in SBT since finishing his studies in 2014.


Michael is a biotech engineer who runs commercial, product and project management in SBT. He brings expertise in technical and market development management from Ă˜rsted, is a true believer of lean startup and is fueled by empowering people.