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ISS // About 1. Who is ISS? ISS, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, provides placemaking solutions that contribute to better business performance and makes life easier, more productive and enjoyable – delivered to high standards by people who care.

2. Which changes have you experienced in the cleaning market before and after corona, and what do you see looking into the future of clean? With the pandemic we all became acutely aware that bacteria and viruses surround us and that cleaning is no longer just a question of aesthetics, but a matter of making sure that contact surfaces are kept hygienically clean. Where we did visual quality management before, there is a need for scientific documentation that the premises are indeed as clean as they look.

3. Why are you participating in this HelloScience COVID-19 event, why is it relevant for you and what do you hope to get out of it? This is an opportunity to approach innovation in cleaning from the different angles and perspectives needed to accelerate development. ISS employees will be servicing our clients using the new products and technology – the sooner we engage the better.