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Novozymes // About 1. What is Novozymes? Novozymes is the world’s leading industrial biosolutions company. We work with enzymes and micro-organisms in over 30 different industries around the world – from agriculture to bioenergy, to household and industrial cleaning. Together with customers and partners Novozymes improves industrial performance while preserving the plant’s resources and helping to build better lives.

2. What is your best advice for the startups? And what does Climate-KIC offer startups that can help in solving the cleaning challenge? Novozymes’ strategy ‘Better Business with Biology’ is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which we believe provides a unique problem-solution fit to consider many global challenges. Novozymes believes that looking at issues like Covid-19 through a sustainability focus also enhances attention on real-world solutions and in working in new and innovative ways with stakeholders.

3. Why are you participating in this HelloScience COVID-19 event, why is it relevant for you and what do you hope to get out of it? Novozymes has solutions in many different industries – including microbial cleaning and probiotics for cleaning products. As many begin to question the longer-term health effects of chemical cleaning and disinfection products, not least during the current COVID-19 pandemic, consumer interest in safer, more effective, and greener products is growing. We would like to learn more about how others are looking into this space for the longer term, and how we could potentially work together. 12