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March 2012 | Issue 1

Designer Janella Ibay wears her works and shares her insights on photography and fashion

Colors in the Sky: Pyromusical 2012

double event feature Dr.Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Manila do it yourself

Macro Lens Fisheye Lens

Light & Digital Cameras thWisoupldhotoyowuasbelieve that taken with a Digital Camera?





Hello and welcome to the first issue of ShutterBee ! This is a magazine dedicated to MMA students who are interested photography. What our magazine is about the aesthetic beauty of capturing photos as an art. We wrote our articles in a way that is casual, because we want our readers to feel like we are just talking to them personally. No technical stuff, just pure fun and art. We chose articles that we thnk will help students conceptualize more ideas and stuff, without spending a single cent. Like every great thing, we have our humble beginning - right here, our first issue. So, with celebrations underway, we’d Darlene like to present to you the first issue of ShutterBee. San Agustin We hope you enjoy it, happy reading!



on the cover Gab Visenio

Megan Acsay

Rox Malazarte

A big thank you to all our contributors who shared their works for our magazine!

Do-It-Yourself 15 fisheye lens using items that can be found in your home 17 macro lens without spending a single cent Cover Article 11 light and digital cameras make the most out of your digital cameras

Samantha Shaw

Kevin Velasco

Jelito DeLeon

Mikko Pena

Gel Laciste

Suzie Quiban




Editor’s letter






Abbie Santos

Marc Almeda

Tin Manuel

Features 25 double event feature pyromusical 2012 and dr. sketchy’s anti-art school manila

Tips & Ideas 5 creative pet portraits turn those old boring portraits to cute ones 7 what sorcery is this?! create double exposure photos 8 creative panning idea for kids spin them and pan them Tutorial 18 orton effect give a heavenly feel to your photos Features 20 inside their minds interview to MMA and Photography students 22 around taft: printing shops review of three printing shops other than Dexact 30 gallery compilation of photos by MMA students

Words and photos by: Roxeanne Malazarte


ired of the old same style portraits you took of your pets? Why not take it up a notch by making backgrounds for your pets? All you need is a pair of scissors, colored papers, and most of all, your imagination!

The next step is the fun and tricky part. Place your pet on top of the background you made and shoot them from above. Though, this will take a lot of tries (as your pets may or may not be comfortable with the position), but the outcome will be totally worth it.


Words and photos by: Gab Visenio and Darlene San Agustin


ere’s yet another DIY i’m sure you’ll love. I’ve learned to make magic with photoshop and I’m here to teach you how. Have you seen those multiple exposure pictures? Yeah that stuff’s hard as heck, those photographers used all those expensive strobes to get that picture. WRONG. Again, leave your pocket alone, we’re not spending anything on this one.No flashes, no whatever, just mr. sun’s light and your favorite photo editing program.It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3... 4. With these four simple steps I’m sure you’ll be able to follow, photoshop genius.

Take multiple shots of your friends(or yourself if you’re forever alone like me) walking across the frame or any kind of action you want.





Erase the surroundings leaving only the subjects. (Except on the main background.)

Layer the photos into a single image in Photoshop.

Lower the opacity on the ones that you want to appear lighter.


on’t have the time to edit your own double exposed photo on photoshop? Or just simply feeling lazy to? Then here’s the other way to make your very own double exposed photo. You will only need at least 30 seconds, a tripod, your camera and a flashlight.This method will guarantee hours of fun, especially when you experiment with the different possibilities that can be done!


. Mount your camera on your tripod and set the settings on any high aperture (I used f/22 on my photos to have the star effect) and the shutter speed on 30 seconds.


. Set the camera on two seconds timer and press the button. Once the camera starts capturing, you got 30 seconds to play.

Well, it can’t get any simple as that. Awesome right? Enjoy!


. All you need to do is to light your model on their first position. Once done, turn off the flash light and allow the model to change to their second position and light them up again.

You could do better! I challenge you! With a better background, a more stable light source and stay away from plants and leaves for the wind may move them from picture to picture.



. You can take up to 3 poses per photo for the 30 seconds shutter speed, but you can also use the bulb option of the camera for longer exposures. Take it to the next level! Use colored cellophanes and cover them at your spotlight to create scary colored shadows like this one. This was taken inside a room wherein the light are off.


With a willing small human and a helpful friend, you can make your very own magic moment!

it towards your arms and point


ove Hold the camera ab ur friend the child. Position yo child in front. Set the behind you and the per sec. to blur the shutter speed to 1/15 background.


Words by: Roxeanne Malazarte Photos by: Roxeanne Malazarte and Darlene San Agustin



the air, advice Once your subject is in ping. your friend to start snap

Get more creative: Try to visit the playground with your little human friend and have your subject ride the see-saw.Hold the camera while you ride the see-saw with your little friend and capture their happy faces. Happy shooting!


Light and Digital Cameras

Words and photos by: Darlene San Agustin

We feature model-designer Janella Marie Ibay, a graduate of College of Saint Benilde, as she models her works and shares her insights on photography and fashion. And would you believe that this shot and our cover image was shot using a digital camera and available light? Flip on to the next page and see how we made it.


hat we u s e d for our shoot was Canon Powershot A560 which has a 7.1 megapixels. Such small number of megapixels? Don’t fret. Because cameras with 7 megapixels can already print photos sizes up to 16” x 20”. As we said, we didn’t used any expensive lights or strobes, instead, we only used natural light and something that can be found at your home - a study lamp. We used it as an extra fill light as well as to give more catchlight to the eyes. You may also want to cover the the lamp with a very sheer white cloth if you want to give a soft light. You may also want to wait for the magical golden hour for a softer light on your subject. Anyone can point a digital camera at a subject and get a good quality snap shot. The cwamera will almost insure that the photo will be sharp and exposed correctly. However, the one thing the camera can’t do for you is compose the shot. One of the major differences between average photographers and professionals is that the pros spend a lot of time thinking about composition while amateur’s just point and shoot. Zoom in your photos and check if they are focused and sharp. Once you are satisfied with your photos, you may want to enhance them in Photoshop. So what’s the point of bothering yourself to to bring a study lamp and stuff if in the end you will use Photoshop? Remember that it’s a “Garbage in, Garbage out” system in Photoshop. It may come out nice, but the work time that you will use will be more. If you have


a nice, focused photo, then it will be a breeze to enhance it at Photoshop. What you only need to adjust are: Vibrance and Levels. Easy right? Or you may also want to use the Orton Effect that we taught you at page 18. What are the advantages of a Digital Camera? One of it’s biggest advantage is it’s size. It’s portable that you can bring it anywhere without the heavy load. Another thing that I love about Digital Cameras is that I can bring them to concerts that doesn’t allow DSLRs. Still unconvinced on the powers of a Digital Camera? Check out our header above. Those photos were taken using a Digital Camera.

The cover that didn’t make it This was the second photo that we were debating if it will be the cover or not. We opt to chose our cover photo because of the angle and her smile. Though we love her eyes in this photo. What do you think? Clothes and accessories designed by Janelle Ibay for Royale House. Hair and Make up: Janella Ibay Photographer: Darlene San Agustin

Janella Marie Ibay

Graduate of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde ‘11 Major in Fashion Design and Merchandising I love music, art and creative writing. Visual Kei is my inspiration. How do you feel about being shot with a digital camera as opposed to the traditional DSLR?

What inspired you to take up Fashion Design? I met a guy named Santi Obcena (Project Runway runnerup and DLS-CSB alumni) and he unconsciously put to words a confusion in what I really wanted to do in my life, which was to express myself in making clothes. Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion designers?

I feel okay with it. i personality go by the principle that it’s not the camera that’s taking the shot, but the person. The camera is just a tool. it is therefore in the photographer’s Find your style and stick to it. Your style is you, and no one control hat determines the quality of the shot. else can ever take it away. Don’t listen to the world. You don’t have to please everyone, but only the right clients. Make it What do you think is the biggest advantage work with them, don’t be afraid to communicate with of digital cameras over DSLRs them. But at the same time, find a fallback that would catch you, some source of money that Biggest advantage is their weight is easy to earn. and size. DSLRs are a hassle to carry, especially when you’re not used to What are the particular characteristics them. Digital cameras aremore portable, of your designs that sets you apart less fragile, and cheap. And some ca from other creatives? produce the same quality of photos like DSLR. It is really up to the photographer’s I guess I’m not a trendy type of person. I usually skill and handling. DSLRs just allow you to don’t follow the trends. Although that has a bad have more technical options, which are i think useless if side to it, I’m not trying to please everyone. I’m finding and handled by a person not knowledgable with them. Whereas sticking to my target market. in digital cameras, it can be used by anyone, be it a first(L) Dress was timer or a veteran photographer. made by Janella that was used for an event at Dr. Which do you think plays a bigger part in the Sketchy’s. creation of a good picture, the photographer or (R) Gown designed the camera? and created by Janella which will Photographer. Like I said, the camera is merely a tool. it is be used for a debut. an extension of a person’s creative eye. No matter how expensive or high-end your camera is, if you don’t know what its uses are then everything is pointless.

“’it’s not the camera that’s taking the shot, but the person”


Words by: Megan Acsay Photos by: Megan Acsay and Darlene San Agustin


ave you ever felt jealous of those photographers who are so creative with their shots; capturing really unique shots that looks like it’s round and bulging out of the frame, only to find out that they used a fisheye lens— a very expensive kind of lens. Unfortunately for students—and people—with really tight budget, but don’t fret! Shutter Bee found a quick and easy way to achieve those fisheye effects with the use of really simple materials. This process wouldn’t even cost you a single cent!

Rip off two pieces of electrical or masking tape. Those pieces should be long enough to fit around your lens. Stick them to both edge of the lens.



Carefully put the lens with tapes on top of your camera’s lens. Be sure to check and secure the tape on your lens, you don’t want to have a very shaky fisheye lens on!



PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Take out the lens of the glasses. Make sure you’ve asked grandma or grandpa that you’re going to do this to their glasses!



E! N O D E R ’ U AND YO Keep in mind that when you shoot with your new Fisheye lens, keep your camera lens zoomed out as much as possible and remember to keep the camera at the same length as your subject so you wouldn’t lose the effect!

Also it is recommended to use manual focus because to get a better shot. The Auto-focus tends to throw off the camera’s focusing computer, so it will just keep on refocusing and never take the picture. 15

Words and photos by: Gab Visenio


’ve got good news and bad news for you; the bad news is that macro lenses costs over 40,000php, the good news is, you don’t have to waste a single peso buying expensive lenses to come up with amazing macro photos. I’m going to teach you how to get professional results with unprofessional lenses. You can use any lens you have already and still get the same results as professional photographers get.

You’ll need:

Third Step:

- Any film or digital camera with a detachable lens.

Move closer and shoot! At this point, you may not anymore adjust the focus using your lens. What you can do is to move closer till you see the clear image of your subject. When you see it, you shoot!

- Anything small to use as your model

First Step: Remove your lens! NOTE: Dust gets inside real quick and easy, make sure you do this swiftly. Also, be be cautious of your surrounding, common sense, make sure you’re not in a dusty place.

Second Step: You flip it and hold it tight against your camera. Take a look at the photo to see.


You are done! You can also experiment with different lenses. Enjoy and share your new found skill!

Words and photos by: Gab Visenio


here’s so much awesomeness you can achieve by spending time with your favorite editing programs. I personally learned 80% of what I know by experimenting on my own, the other 20% are from articles like this one. So read more of our articles! (evil laugh) Anyway, this article will teach you a classic trick. The Orton Effect!

Third Step: On the Filter Menu, choose Blur – Gaussian Blur Note: Depending on the resolution of the image you are using, the amount of blue needed will change. Use enough that the shapes are still visible, but detail is not. For this I used 16.4.

To give you a brief background, this effect is named after Michael Orton, the guy who first used the technique and followed by many others. It’s basically just merging two images, a sharp, overexposed one and a blurred one to get a glowy, heavenly feel to your picture. You can use any editing program you wish, I’ll be using Adobe Photoshop CS5 in teaching you how! Here we go! First Step: Open your Image! You can use any image you please. I used a picture I took of my sister!

Fourth Step: Change the blending mode of the Out Of Focus layer to Multiply.

Plus: Duplicate the background layer (Right click on the background layer and choose duplicate) and name that layer Sharp. Create another duplicate of the background layer. Change the Blending mode of the Sharp Copy to screen.

Second Step: With the Sharp Copy layer selected, right click and choose Merge Down. Plus: Right click on the Sharp layer, choose Duplicate and name this layer Out of Focus.


Voila! You’re done with the Orton Effect! Play with the opacity of your layers to get the perfect glowy effect you’re looking for! Enjoy, share and experiment!



Interviewed by. Megan Acsay

.hotography is a way to express oneself. With a Digital SLR, photographers feel comfortable to express what they want the world to see. It is made to capture memories and eternally make them exist. People often say that photography isn’t only about a photo, but about the story that is inside of it. So we talked to selected students of De La SalleCollege of Saint Benilde who are very into their craft to tell us something about their field and what are the stories behind a great photo and see more of their works at our gallery.

Suzie Quiban Course: MMA I speacialize in portrait and travel photography.

Samantha Shaw Course:: Photography As much as possible, I’d like to specialize in any form of photography that deals with nature

Mikko Pena Course: MMA I would very much prefer to learn more about the intricacies of portrait photography if given the chance.

Question 1: Why is Photography important to you? Photography is my passion. I can’t live without it. It brings me joy whenever I capture moments that should be treasured because only in photography can you certainly recall small details about the people whom you’ve been with; the things that reminds you of something special and many more. Photography is reliving the moment and by enjoying life and reminiscing fun events it is simply being me.

Photography is important to me because it’s a great way to It is important because it serves as a deeper extension of creatively immortalize beauty. one of my interests - observing social phenomenon as they unfold. Through the lens, these moments can be captured and preserved, along with their significance and the other memories which they invoke.

Question 2: Do you think that a person must possess talent to capture emotion and expression in a picture?

Not necessarily. Photography can be learned and the skill used in capturing those moments cannot be exactly mastered. We can be talented or skilled when using our equipment but the timing and capturing of emotions is something we all should be patient for; viewed in another perspective or be lucky to snap one.

Talent, not necessarily. I think as long as a person possesses a sense of imagination and knows how to adjust even just the basic settings of his camera, he will be able to capture emotion and expression in whatever picture he takes.

Question 3: Does the price and type of camera matter in getting a good shot?

No or Not necessarily because with a good camera, it can really help boost one’s photo. Better cameras may get the job done easily but it’s all in the photographer’s way of pressing the shutter button.

Not exactly. A camera is still a camera no matter Camera quality matters at the higher end of professionalphotography. A fast, strong camera body goes a long how terrible its specs are. As long as the camera level way in increasing the chances of capturing important shots takes accurate shots, it’s up to the photographer to make it where the money may (or may not) lie. For the rest, just be a good one. happy that you’re able to take pictures with a DSLR, not everyone has the privilege to do so.

Question 4: What makes a good photographer?

The one that has a good eye and patience. Technically, that one person whose soul is photography.

A good photographer is one who is able to deliver his A good photographer follows the book and its rules. message to the viewers of his photograph.

Question 5: Do you have any message to the MMA students who are interested in photography?

Hello to my fellow MMA students and photographers! Photography is a fun and wild thing to do. Enjoy it to the fullest. Learn the world of photography step by step. Have the patience for it. Good photographs can be achieved without

For MMA students, I say if you have a real interest in photography, don’t be afraid to try it out. It’s good to venture into something you enjoy. Even if you mess up at first, you’ll learn from your mistakes and eventually be able to correct them as you grow.

It’s all in the person who presses those shutters. Take your time and click necessarily using high end dslrs.

I don’t think talent is a requirement for capturing expressions and emotions. The ability to empathize however, is a huge advantage - the more that you can connect and relate with the thoughts and emotions running through your subject, the more that you can predict how they’ll act. And then you’ll be there, waiting for that special moment to arrive.

A great photographer however, is a different story. For those interested, photography is a great hobby, but it can get expensive very fast if you fully intend to commit to it. Once you get your camera, don’t buy anything else yet. Just go out there and shoot until you figure out if photography is right for you.

as many as you can! 20


Need to Print?

Around Taft: Printing Shops

Cre8+ive Hub Grafikfx 2nd floor 2614 global bldg. Arellano st. (Corner P. Ocampo malate)




ar says: The price of their services is fairly similar to Dexact, as well as the quality. I would gladly go here to have my prints, but there is one thing that ticks me off: the ambience. Ambience is a big thing for me. Their place was so spacious. To the point that it makes me uncomfortable. Or maybe it was just me? Nevertheless, quality of print is nice. If Dexact is full and jampacked, this is the shop where I go to next.


The Printing Place

Unit 101 No. 945 Estrada St., Estrada Bldg. 09228309069 Grafikfx Manila on Facebook


ab says: So I’ve tried this printing shop along Arellano Ave. corner Pablo Ocampo Sr. It’s just a few walks farther than dexact, It’s relatively near, even the scorching heat won’t get the sweat out of you for walking that near. Anyway, Cre8+ivehub isn’t any less than the ever so famous Dexact, only a little farther, I have no negative comments on it, I was fully satisfied with my plates. Only one comment really that I can give is that the name isn’t very appealing to look at. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty witty, sure, but I don’t get the significance of the number 8, and the + sign was just overdoing it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t lessen the quality of their performance.


exact may be the go-to place for most multimedia students to print their works, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one available. Join us as we go around the taft area to check out other alternatives for your printing needs!

ab says: This shop is located behind St. Scho. It’s a bit of a hassle to go there if you’re coming from SDA, but if all the other printing shops are full you have no choice, I guess. So I went there thinking it’s a good idea since it’s far away, no one would be there, but sadly, I don’t know why but it’s the fullest printing shop that day that I decided to visit this one. Sad to say, I can’t really comment any personal experience on this one since I gave up after a long wait and left. Judging by its number of clients, that says something about their service. So keep an eye on this shop, people are swarming it. ar says: This printing shop is just a few steps away from my place, and I usually have my prints here whenever I feel lazy to walk to Dexact. Though, there are really times when the place is really full (Like Dexact). My theory here is that maybe because this is where the students from AKIC have their prints. This is the shop to go to if you want to have high quality prints, for a higher price compared to Dexact. The materials they use are different, as well as they offer services that Dexact doesn’t offer (Spiral Binding, CD Labeling, etc). The employees are also approachable and kind. I usually canvass my printed projects here first, but will leave and not have it printed because of the price.

TKG Tower,2560 Singalong Street +63 2 467 1537


ab says: This one I guess is the closest to SDA next to Dexact. Let me start off by saying it’s cold inside. If you’re on your break and out under a hot day, you can go there and pretend to inquire just so you could chill real quick. Kidding aside, it’s an okay printing shop, they have the basic shizz students would usually need. But we’re not usual students, we’re art students and this printing shop doesn’t meet our standards. I’ve been disappointed twice already here. Well the first time I went there the guy was new and he didn’t understand what I was trying to explain to him, and when you’re having a stressful day, this can get into your nerves. The second time, just the other day I got a coffee table book printed but I didn’t know that they didn’t print photo paper there, so I had to go to another shop to get it printed again. My fault for not clarifying that, but still. They suck for not being able to meet my needs. Other than that, you can always go there when the day gets hot.


ar says: Nothing much to say here. Was expecting a lot from this shop since they even have a website. But sadly they didn’t met my expectations. The place was small, too. The price is also similar to Dexact, but the quality will not be similar to them.

Our Final Verdict


s a final word, we here at Shutterbee pick Dexact as the place to be when you find yourself in need of really good printing services. They offer superb quality for their price, and are very flexible in catering to your specific needs and demands. The place’s airconditioned ambience and numerous chairs also ensure that you won’t be waiting stressfully for your turn. And speaking of turns, they employ a good first-comefirst-serve system, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly. However, the place is often populatedespecially during midterm and finals week, and the waiting time could last for a couple of hours. Should you find yourself in need of immediate printing services, the other places we’ve featured are still perfectly capable of catering to most of your printing needs. There may be some tradeoffs more expensive pricing and/or lesser quality of prints, but they’re still a good deal especially if you’re in a hurry, since these places are less crowded and will be able to attend to you in a shorter amount of time.



et’s talk about events out of campus then let’s squeeze out more of those creative juices. Read on the next pages and allow us to share to you these awesome events to inspire you more.




Pyromusical 201 2



Colors in the Sky page 26

Dr. Sketchy’s

Anti-Art School Manila

page 28

Colors in the Sky Pyromusical 201 2 Words and photos by: Darlene San Agustin


Now that you’ve got the right focus, you’ll also want to get the right framing before the event. There’s no solid rule for framing fireworks but picking a position which allows you to capture the whole explosion with a bit of background is a good starting point. Later on you can adjust and play with the way you frame your work.

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is an annual affair that’s held at the Manila Bay area near the SM Mall of Asia. Here, the world’s top pyrotechnic experts compete through artistic displays of the blending of light and sound, which paints both the sea and sky in vivid colors. I was fortunate enough to witness two of the most celebrated countries in the history of the competition, Australia and Canada, battle it out for this year’s title, taking home with us lots of wonderful pictures, and more importantly, useful advice for both would-be and seasoned light-chasers alike. Taking pictures of fireworks is a wonderful, surreal, but quite technical experience, and to get the best photos even from the initial volleys of light it’s important to prepare beforehand. Here are some tips to know:


To capture the “flower” pattern that you see in most firework photos you need a moderately slow shutter speed. You know what this means – yup, you’ll need a trusty tripod with you. The actual shutterspeed might vary from one firework pattern to another (more on that later), but somewhere 2-6 seconds offer good results. On the plus side, the slow shutter speed means that we can set the ISO to lower levels (usually 100400), which means less grain and more vibrant colors.



As for aperture size, the magic number lies between f/8 to f/11, but you can go all the way up to f/22 if needed (i.e. you’re shooting near the fireworks). The deeper depth of field allows us to capture all parts of the fireworks in detail.


Switch your lense to manual focus. During the event, the constantly-changing nature of the lights will confuse your camera’s autofocus function and make you miss out on a lot of shots. It is better to set your camera’s focus manually even before the event starts. Unless the distance of one firework to another greatly changes (and it’s rarely the case) there’s almost no need to refocus during the event once you’ve set your camera’s right.

Tip: It’s even possible to get the right focusing distance even before the main event! Before the event starts, the organizers launch a couple of fireworks every five minutes or so to test their equipment. Use this opportunity to get your camera in focus!


While it is very easy to press the shutter release button and let the camera do all the work, proper timing on when to take the shot will can make all the difference between a good firework photograph and a memorable one. As the event goes on, try to anticipate when each firework will explode. This will allow you to capture the full trajectory of its lights and create the perfect “flower” photograph.


Do check your shots every now and then, especially in-between breaks. Try to tweak the settings a little bit and see what works from your location. This prevents entire sets of firework pictures from being wasted due to wrong focus or framing.

Tip: People can get too much into the technicalities of firework photography that they miss out on the fun of the event itself. Try to trigger your camera via a remote controller instead. This allows you to take shots while having fun with your friends and watching the actual fireworks light the sky!

Successfully shooting a firework in “full bloom” is one of the best moments that can be captured in a camera. We hope that with these tips, you’ll get yours too! Happy shooting!


Dr. Sketchy’s

Anti-Art School Manila Words and photos by: Darlene San Agustin

We found that the event is packed mostly with arts students of varying skill levels, and some of them are even from our very own School of Design and Arts! Exhibited on the side are works of the movement’s prominent members, while up-and-coming designer brands set up shop to showcase their unique range of clothing.

Let’s talk about sketching for a second. Yup, that’s right - pencil on pad, spending hours in the resounding silence of aching backs. It’s good, but you’ll have to admit, the solitude turns to boredom at some point. Now, let’s talk about life sketching. Can you picture it? A white room, somewhat amply lit, with a model in the middle, bored and silent, without a hint of personality. Yup, still boring.


nd that, dear friends, is what a certain former illustrator and model who went by the stage name of Molly Crabapple wanted to change when she started the interestingly-named Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Arts School movement back in 2005. She envisioned an interesting idea of “glamorous, underground performers in a mix of boozy conviviality”, open to everyone with a pen, paper, and a couple of hours to spare. This brilliant concept has spread through more than a hundred cities worldwide since. That too, means that it had reached our local shores! Sketching enthusiasts might be glad to know that there’s a Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School 28

branch here in Manila, which has been active for some time now. So without any further delay, we here at ShutteBee packed out pencils and pads (and cameras) to check out what goes down at their events. Our first stop was in their event back in February called “Harlequin Romance” held at the KYSS Bar and Lounge in Makati, and boy did it not disappoint! The free drinks, boozy atmosphere, coupled with the nice beats and of course, the gorgeous models dressed sexily in their harlequin attires all made up for a surprisingly great atmosphere for sketching.

Despite their main event being sketching, Dr. Sketchy’s also welcome a limited number of photographers into their events, so if you’re going to attend as a photographer, do contact them beforehand to know if it’s okay. The new, unique atmosphere might inspire you with great new ideas The next stop and keep your creative juices flowing. was their recentlyTrust us, we’ve been there, done that... concluded event last and will still be coming back for more! March called the “Acid Asylm” held in the Vinyl on Vinyl bar at The Collective, Makati. The event featured the winning combination of great drinks, gorgeous dames, and non-stop drawing. This time there’s a twist though – the twistedly good exhibits glow in the dark! Also present to serve the ever-growing crowd was the Dokissaten group of Photos of the recent event: Acid Asylum. (L) Royale House Shop whose maids and butlers. True to the theme, the models for these members are all graduates from CSB-SDA. (M) Dionne D’Souza is one events were garbed in colorful, dark, and sinister ways of the oragnizers of Dr. Sketchy’s events and is also a gradutae from that will challenge the sketching skills of the attendees. CSB-SDA. (R) Models were always dressed in relation to the theme of the There’s also a noticable increase in the crowd since last event. Royale House also sponsors the clothes that they model. events, which is a good indication that Dr. Sketchy’s won’t (L) Students from CSB-SDA be leaving our shores anytime soon. So if you’re looking for a change from those long, silent, boring hours of traditional pencilpushing, come to one of Dr. Sketchy’s events.

enjoying the event. (R) Even professors attend the event, too! Here’s Sir Quirante concentrating on his work.

Check out these awesome sketches that were made on the spot!



Š Mikko Pena 30

© Abbiegail Santos

© Jelito DeLeon

© Suzie Quiban

© Abbiegail Santos © Gab Visenio

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Finals for DESKPUB class created. (c) 2012. Darlene San Agustin. De La Salle College of Saint Benilde

Shutter Bee Magazine  

Finals for DESKPUB class created. (c) 2012. Darlene San Agustin. De La Salle College of Saint Benilde