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Credits Photography Claudia Bridge-Parkin Design & Typography Marie Cleaver


– University of Portsmouth School of Art & Design, Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries


BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design This course explores a synthesised approach to fashion and textile design, with entrepreneurial practices embedded into the curriculum, directly benefitting the employability of our graduates. Our students are introduced to core creative design development methods including: drawing techniques, fashion design, pattern-cutting, fashion illustration, CAD, silk screen and digital printing, embroidery and constructed textiles. These are enhanced with innovative workshops such as digital projection, animation, 3D printing and ideas laboratories. Our principal focus is on the student’s holistic learning of the complete design process and the acquisition of specialist skills that are relevant to the industry. Students are taught in small groups with an emphasis on original design aesthetics, challenging and encouraging the student’s creative potential throughout their study. Our teaching principles are centred on a profound respect for traditional studio practice and craftsmanship supported by research led teaching, this provides the catalyst for authentic and original design. Our students explore these processes alongside innovative technologies, which push the boundaries of fashion and textile design. Our curriculum is enhanced by visiting lecturers, speakers and industry leaders; allowing our students to participate in and shape the most current trend forecasts and debates pertinent to the fashion and textiles industry. From our graduate shows and design competition winners, our course has an established reputation and recognition from industry for our students’ use of digital design methods and presentation techniques. We believe these skills are as crucial as excellent visual, written and verbal communication skills. All are essential in developing graduates with confidence, professionalism and pride in their work and achievements. This is expressed in their motivation and ambition as they liaise with and enter the Industry, or in setting up their own fashion labels. A fashion and textiles graduate from the University of Portsmouth can expect to develop distinctive, innovative and creative design expertise, integrated with subject specific business knowledge, making them an attractive candidate in a wide range of employment opportunities in the fashion and textiles industry. Graduate employment includes: Fashion Design Textile Design Accessories Design Trend Prediction Freelancers Public Relations / Marketing Teachers & Lecturers Buying Visual Merchandising / Stylists Journalists & Writers Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

c o l l ab o rat ive par tner s & s t udent p lac ements

Am a n d a K e lly D e s i g n S t ud i o / B r y c e D ’ A n i c e A i m e / C h a r l o t t e Tay l o r / C i e l / C o ll e c t i v e App a r e l / D a v i d L o n g s h a w / G r o u n dl i n g s T h e a t r e / J a s p e r C o n r a n / J o ul e s / L i b e r t y / L i p s y / M a t t h e w W i ll i a m s o n / M a r k s & Sp e n c e r / M a r y K at r a n t z o u / M ay h e m M a g a z i n e / M U M O D e s i g n / N i kk i S t r a n g e / Nylon Magazine / Peaks of London / Pyrus / R e n e e L o n d o n / Tat t y D e v i n e / T e a t um J o n e s / W e s t c o t t T e x t i l e s / Write on Trend

a l umn i emp loyment

N i c o l e Fa r h i / B u r b e r ry / H e i d i K l e i n / C o mm e r c i a l & C o n t i n e n t a l / Gucc i / D e w h i r s t GRO U P / J a s p e r C o n r a n / S e w B o u t i q u e / Fat Fa c e / P r i m a r k / L o n g I s l a n d P r o duc t s / C a t h K i d s t o n / D a z e d a n d C o n fu s e d / El a i n e H o o l e y / M o n s o o n / N e w L o o k / R o x i e Sw e e t h e a r t / M a x e ll a / T J X Au s t r a l i a / D uc h a mp / M i a M a i / F l o r e n c e a n d F r e d / M a r k s & Sp e n c e r / P ull + B e a r / D o r o t h y P e r k i n s / H o u s e Of Su n n y / A a r y n W e s t Su r f a c e D e s i g n S t ud i o / T h e S h i r t C o mp a n y / J o h n L e w i s / M a t t h e w W i ll i a m s o n

gra d u at e s ho wc ase /14

GRADUATES OF 2014 Fatemeh Afshar-Hanaee Sophie Allen Leonora Asomanin Hannah Baker Martha Beck Charlotte Bradbrook Madison Britton Lucy Brown Charlotte Cave Meghan Charlwood Hayley Childs Holly Deagle Katharine Earle Ella Faulkner Joanna Franks Katie Grimstead Hannah Hayden Zoe Hodges Rebecca Hollis Emma Horton Katie James Daisy Janson Abigail Jarvis Sophie Joyner Joanne Manning Zaneta Saunders Laura Smith Jasmine Stenning Rebecca Stone Charlotte Toal Emma Townley Taylor Jade Willis Chelcie Wreford

“This course has widened my knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry and over the past three years has taught me how to design and construct my own fashion and textile pieces from scratch. My confidence has grown with the course and has prepared me to go into the industry and achieve what I want”

– Chelcie Wreford Final Year Student Representative

Fatemeh Afshar-Hanaee / 078 8546 4019 /

Sophie Allen / 075 1108 1450 /

Leonora Asomanin / 079 5699 4190 /

Hannah Baker / 074 2762 2594 /

Martha Beck / 075 3409 0200 /

Charlotte Bradbrook / 078 7261 4126 /

Madison Britton / 078 7359 0069 /

Lucy Brown / 077 1557 6091 /

Charlotte Cave / 079 8879 9225 /

Meghan Charlwood / 077 3505 2529 /

Hayley Childs / 079 4661 1342 /

Holly Deagle / 079 818 11519 /

Katharine Earle / 078 2514 9312 /

Ella Faulkner / 077 8046 2361 /

Joanna Franks / 078 1607 6341 /

Katie Grimstead / 017 8726 9397 /

Hannah Hayden / 077 3279 5212 /

Zoe Hodges / 078 8031 8554 /

Rebecca Hollis / 077 8750 1757 /

Emma Horton / 077 7239 8173 /

Katie James / 079 2049 8049 /

Daisy Janson / 078 5026 2472 /

Abigail Jarvis / 079 4735 6484 /

Sophie Joyner / 074 4793 0878 /

Joanne Manning / 079 5016 8722 /

Zaneta Saunders / 078 5460 6389 /

Laura Smith / 078 3308 9168 /

Jasmine Stenning / 074 1911 9336 /

Rebecca Stone / 075 7762 8026 /

Charlotte Toal / 078 9105 9079 /

Emma Townley Taylor / 077 8740 6494 /

Jade Willis / 075 1814 9888 /

Chelcie Wreford / 077 8248 1725 /


Contact School of Art and Design Eldon Building Winston Churchill Avenue Portsmouth PO1 2DJ United Kingdom +44 (0)23 9284 2421

Duration 3 years full time, 4 years sandwich with work placement.

ENTRY 240-300 points to include a minimum of 240 points from A levels or equivalent, with 100 points from an A level in an Art & Design subject, or Foundation Art & Design or National Diploma in Art & Design. Applicants may be subject to interview. A portfolio is essential. English language proficiency at a minimum of IELTS band 6.0 with no component score below 5.5.

UCAS Course Code W990

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Cover Stock: 250gsm Cyclus Offset Inside Pages: 115gsm Cyclus Offset Paper Consultant: Naomi Shelley – Antalis By using Cyclus Offset rather than a non-recycled paper, the environmental impact was reduced by:


kg of landfill


kg CO2 and greenhouse gases


km travel in the average European car


litres of water


kWh of energy


kg of wood Source: Carbon footprint data evaluated by Labelia Conseil in accordance with the Bilan CarboneÂŽ methodology. Calculations are based on a comparison between the recycled paper used versus a virgin fibre paper according to the latest European BREF data (virgin fibre paper) available. Results are obtained according to technical information and subject to modification.

ArjoWiggins Graphic is a member of the WWF Climate Savers programme.

Graduate Showcase / 14 Fashion & Textile Design  

University of Portsmouth School of Art & Design BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design Graduate Showcase 2014

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