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what's inside Hello from Megan with CEO Megan Lockhart

Happiness Reads with our Editor Suzy O'Donnell Styled by Leila Hays with #styledbyleila Social Media Tips from Erin ZImmerman Meet the beautiful Coach with Karen Malone Manifesting YES with Megan Lockhart Parenting Coach with Pauline Collard Business Expert & Coach Allie Horner Travel the World Salmon Arm, BC SheConnex with Shelli Warren Hair Tips with Makeup Artist Jamie-Lee Meet our beautiful Cover with Christina Milnes

the details Megan's Photos Taken by Mandi Carter Published monthly Executive Sales Manager - Stephanie Tomlinson All Rights Reserved. Editor - Suzy O'Donnell

focus reads Why I chose E


Pam Grout’s book offers 9 experiments designed to prove that there is a very real energetic field which gives us the ability to shape and design our lives. In theory, while conducting the experiments you will become convinced, beyond any doubt, that your thoughts influence reality. Ultimately, the book aims to teach you how to plug in to this field.

The premise Pam Grout’s book offers 9 experiments designed to prove that there is a very real energetic field which gives us the ability to shape and design our lives. In theory, while conducting the experiments you will become convinced, beyond any doubt, that your thoughts influence reality. Ultimately, the book aims to teach you how to plug in to this field.



The dude abides principle

The hypothesis? “There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.” The experiment? Get ready to ask the Universe to give you an unmistakable sign, within 48 hours! My observations? I suspended my doubts for 48 hours and I looked for signs EVERYWHERE. I looked for kindness, I looked for love, and I looked for the unexpected. Within 5 minutes of asking the Universe to deliver, I received a very special gift from my spouse. By the end of the 48 hour period, I had received several additional special gifts including two new business clients and a free movie ticket. Were any of these things extraordinary? By themselves they were not extraordinary in the least- however it was interesting to tally all of the good things that happened over a 48 hour period.

“Every thought we have, every judgement we make, impacts the field of potentiality.”

The volkswagen jetta principle

The hypothesis? “Every thought we have, every judgement we make, impacts the field of potentiality.” The experiment? Use your beliefs and expectations to draw on the field. More specifically, I spent 24 hours looking for green cars and the next 24 hours looking for purple butterflies. My observations? The first half of the green car experiment did not go well because I completely forgot to look for green cars. Halfway through my regular commute, I remembered the experiment. I began to notice green vehicles, just one or two at first, and then suddenly I was seeing them everywhere. I have seen more varieties of green vehicles than I can even count. To be honest, now I am noticing green cars everywhere I go and it has been over two weeks. They’ve always been on the road I suppose- but I had to retrain my brain to notice them. The purple butterfly task was considerably more challenging. I do not live in a city particularly prone to butterflies; in fact I could not recall the last time I had even observed a real butterfly. I decided to test the field nonetheless, what did I have to lose. All day I searched for purple butterflies, but as the day wore on doubts began to set in. Eventually I gave up completely. I had an online business meeting scheduled that evening and for some reason I decided to change shirts just before the meeting. I pulled out a shirt from the back of my closet that I have not worn in over 6 months, and all of a sudden there they were- purple butterflies. Completely mindblowing (I had not even realized that the patterns were butterflies before).


Did this book manage to scientifically eliminate all my spiritual doubts, once and for all? I’m going to leave you with a cliff-hanger on that one. But do I highly recommend it for those of you who want to manifest but have doubts, be

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe- a spirit vastly superior to that of man.”

they great or small? Absolutely. You’ll get to try these experiments for yourself along with 7 others experiments that get increasingly mindboggling.

Albert Einstein, German Theoretical Physicist

the rosie project An intro to rosie Is it possible to manifest love? Is it even possible to love without feeling emotion? The Rosie Project is a delightfully charming fiction read that will force you to think about what (or who) it is you really want, and what (or who) the Universe thinks you need.

Why I loved the protagonist Don Tillman is a quirky yet successful genetics professor looking for love. He designs a questionnaire to find a wife, and I absolutely love this idea. While I may not have known what I was doing my first time around the relationship block, by the time I met the love-of-my-life I had a very definite idea about his 'must-haves' and 'cannothaves'.

Ask the universe- then act Step 1- Don decides that he wants a wife. Step 2Don tells the Universe (in this case, his best friend). Step 3- Don ACTS on his desires. You may not like the way he goes about the Wife Project, but you cannot fault the guy for trying.

Being different Don is definitely different. We're all definitely different, in one way or another (or more than one way!). I think that's why it's so easy to relate to the main character. The Rosie Project will have you cheering for the unusual, celebrating uniqueness and wondering who you could be if you didn't care what anyone else thought.

Why I loved rosie Rosie embodies the smart, fun and rebellious girl who, according to his survey, is completely wrong for Don. The dynamic between this duo is electrifying; you'll experience just enough insanity to question your beliefs and yet just enough mutual support to fall in love with the idea that there is someone for everyone.

The greater question Have you ever reached out to ask for something that you did not receive? Do you think that you did not receive it because you are unworthy? Or did the Universe deliver your very own Rosie without you even realizing it?



hello manifesting

Hello, I'm so excited to share Hello Life Magazine's Summer Issue with you! This summer our theme is MANIFESTING, and let me tell you, it's amazing what the Universe has in store for you if you open yourself up to the possibilities! When I started Hello Life, I had no idea where it would take me but I knew that if I followed my heart that I would get to where I was supposed to be.

"I manifested & That's what manifesting is all aboutworked hard to believing in yourself, and reaching out to grab hold of the destiny you desire. create a future I manifested a future where I could spend enough time with my where I could family. I manifested a future where I could help women feel good about themselves and help them achieve their dreams. spend time with I manifested a future where I could help women feel good about my family." themselves and help them achieve their dreams. I manifested a life where I had a support network across the globe, where I in turn supported women across the globe. Ask yourself ---what's holding you back?

Issue 01

You need to know a few things. To begin, manifesting is only the first step. Dream it, ask for it, picture it... and then make it happen! It is possible to get the dream job you've always wanted. It is possible to find a balance between work and family. It is possible to grow in ways you could never even imagine. You just have to be prepared to work for it. Ideas will come, doors will open as the Universe paves the way for you- but settle in and start taking steps because manifesting is a team effort.

Second- start saying YES. Say it with me. YES! Now shout it with me. YESSSS!!! Now apologize to the people in the room with you who you've frightened... It is hard to say YES. It's scary to say YES. It's so easy to say NO. Do yourself one huge favour. The next time NO pops into your head when you're making a business decision, I want you to stop making a list of reasons not to do whatever you're not doing. Instead, try making a list of reasons to say YES. Let's see where it takes you. Third- let go of FEAR. Make mistakes and embrace them as learning opportunities. When you start manifesting you'll start dreaming some incredible things. You've spend a lot of time programming your brain to be afraid of incredible things, so this one may be tough. Remember- the future you is FEARLESS. I hope you enjoy our summer edition. We have a crazy lineup of power women featured that'll blow your mind- you will be seriously inspired!!! Make sure you also check out my 'To Franchise or Not to Franchise' feature, our new 'Inspired Vacations' feature, and my 'I Said Yes' feature for more insight into Hello Life's story.

"MAKE MISTAKES & embrace them as learning opportunities. "

It's time to MANIFEST THE YES. With so much love --

megan lockhart xo

makeup with Jamie-Lee CAMERA READY HAIR

Hello beautiful ladies! So in the last couple articles I've touched on how to get your face camera ready. This time I'm touching on how to get your hair camera ready also! Because let's be honest, if we do our makeup but leave out our hair it doesn't always give a completed look. Generally for film or pictures, you'll want your hair to be a little bigger volume wise than you normally would have it. Think higher the hair the closer to Heaven. To achieve more volume around the crown it requires product!! What I generally recommend is a root lifter such as Redken Guts 10 sprayed onto your scalp after you've washed and towel dried your hair. I also like to keep the ends smooth so I use Redken Diamond Oil and disperse the oil through the mid to ends of my hair. Next up is blow drying. If you find you lack volume, try over directing your hair in the opposite direction you want it to lay. So for my crown area, I direct my hair towards the front of my face until 80% dry, then use a round brush and brush it in the direction you want it to lay. Do this all over your head in smaller sections while clipping the rest of the hair out of the way. Lastly, finish your style by either spraying into place or using a hot tool such as a straightener or curling iron and then spray into place. You may need to back comb certain areas as well to add extra volume and since you used a root booster back combing will be a lot easier. Happy hair days ladies!



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meet our cover Christina Milnes

building a business

I worked for almost 12 years in the pharmaceutical sales industry. I saw, firsthand from dealing with my own medical issues, that there is a missing link in healthcare and that link is nutrition. I yearned for something fulfilling desperately. Thankfully, after becoming Gluten intolerant I found my way to IIN.

"I set the I began to work with Megan Lockhart (my business coach) and learned how to develop an online program. I gave my 2 intention, week notice to my boss earlier than anticipated because I literally could not handle living a less than an authentic life and take action... for one more second. I had zero paying clients, and no savings... and just lost my company car. BUT, I did have a passion, a business coach, and the support of my husband and and parents. leave the To supplement my income while I was getting coaching off the ground, I got certified to teach barre. I knew I could no longer afford to pay for it while I was building my business, rest up to the so why not teach? It's amazing how synergistic this world is. Teaching barre became not only one of my most favorite Universe" things to do, but it opened up a connection and access to entire fitness and wellness community in Baltimore. Basically, almost all of my health coaching clients and events I can now connect back to teaching barre. Crazy, right? My point of this long winded story is: quitting your financially stable but soul sucking career to pursue your passion is NEVER going to make sense on paper, so don't wait for it to do so. TRUST that you WILL make it happen!

what's the "big"question from clients What do I eat? Can I eat x,z,y? HA! I like to give a little insight or direct them to my bog, but in a few words explain that wellness is NOT just all about what you eat... and that's why I won't just send someone a meal plan. When we're happy, we eat foods that serve us better. When we eat foods that serve us better, we're happy.

How do you stay motivated to focus on your own health? When I don't focus on my own health, I feel bad. Energy, or lack thereof, is usually my indicator that I have neglected myself too much

"quitting your financially stable but soul sucking career to pursue your passion is NEVER going to make sense on paper, so don't wait for it to do so. TRUST that you WILL make it happen!"

Why should people hire you as a health coach?

For the same reason I won't just give someone a meal plan... if telling you simply what to eat was the answer, why hasn't this worked for you before? I will help you connect the dots in the wellness wheel. I will help you breakdown your cravings and understand why certain foods love you more than others. I will help you realize that the number on the scale will never be a long-term motivator towards reaching your health goals... because I will help you realize that what you're searching for isn't WEIGHT LOSS, but HEALTH GAINS..

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I said Yes

To creating Hello Life Signature Coaching Platform. To a diamond ring and a fairy tale wedding. To opening Hello Life fitness studio in my basement. To inspiring women through online programs. To connecting women through Hello Life Magazine. To my dreams and to helping others achieve their dreams.

But first, I said NO

I said MAYBE. I said I CAN'T. I said I'M NOT SURE. I said I DON'T KNOW HOW. And all of a sudden, I just stopped saying NO.

I said Yes

meet pauline collard

About your biz

Have you ever thought that parenting should come with a guide book? I am a Parenting and Self Esteem coach. I assist parents particularly mums who are struggling with knowing how to support their child when they are dealing with challenges such as being bullying, suffering anxiety issues, doubting their abilities and critical of themselves, struggling with peers and lacking confidence and self esteem. -




Your first few years in business I totally understand the term Ignorance is bliss when it comes to running your own business! It was crazy busy and I just absorbed so much new information! I am still busy but in a more systemized and controlled way. ‘


"When we accept the role of being a Mum, we seem to automatically assume the role of self-sacrifice as well."

Advice for new entrepreneurs

Take one step at a time and stop comparing yourself to others who have had their own businesses for several years. I fell into this trap very early on in my business and became totally overwhelmed running on that treadmill trying to keep up! Don t do that!! The moment I stopped and listened to what was true for me and getting realigned with what my purpose was, why I had created my business in the first place, and what do I love doing the energy shifted I was able to really connect with my ideal clients and create a wonderful program that produces incredible results for my clients. ’


On balancing business and family

When we accept the role of being a Mum, we seem to automatically assume the role of self sacrifice as well. Otherwise, we feel we are not being a good Mother. I have learned that when we begin to serve from this place of depletion it becomes another chore rather than a gift to be present with our kids and family. We start to feel resentful for not having any time for ourselves and then feel guilty that we are not giving as much as we would like to our children. -

Therefore, I first worked out what was important to me and what I value. This then defined the structure of my business. In the end, it was a WIN: WIN because I got to spend more time with my children and my business got my full attention when it needed it.

"stop comparing yourself to others who have had their businesses for several years"

Your Signature Program

I offer a program called ‘Empowered Parent, Confident Child’ which is a 3-month deep dive program to assists parents with the tools and techniques to raising happy, confident, self-assured children.

Beyond Borders & Qualifications I travelled the world for 3 1/2 years. For some, this is not formal education but the things you learn and discover about yourself when travelling and experiencing different cultures you will never learn from classical education! I have travelled the world visiting 45+ countries and 5 Continents – which has included: meditating with Tibetan Monks in Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh, praying in Mosques, extensive travel through India and spending time visiting the Taj Mahal, Kashmir and the Holy Ganges in Varanasi, having an Audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, spending time in the slums of Calcutta with Mother Teresa’s nuns, holding the hands of dying patients, trekking for several weeks in the foothills of Mount Everest in the Himalayas, coming face to face with Silverback Gorillas in the jungles of Zaire Africa, white water rafting on the Zambezi River, helicopter riding over Victoria Falls Zimbabwe... The most transformative experience I have had is being a Mother to my two beautiful little souls. It’s a crazy adventure but the most rewarding experience that I am grateful for every minute of the day.

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Social Media isn't about a Push

It's about the Pull Drawing people in with your stories, your experience, your personality. It's time we start treating social media like the beneficial relationship-builder that it is. An asset to ALL of us. It's time to share ourselves and connect with other human beings all over the world. But we have to be willing to move out of our comfort zones. This means getting visible, CONSISTENTLY. Utilizing video. Sharing behind-the-scenes. Letting people in. You have to do the work and set the flow. You have to be willing to share yourself to build relationships, and therefore earn your raving, loyal fans. Then, what you seek will come with ease. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given was on my wedding day: No matter what happens in this life, live to make your spouse happy. Live to support them and lift them up. Then, your marriage will work, and happiness will come easily. This is how you should treat your client relationships, your followership, your tribe, group members, etc. If they know, like, and trust you, they will take care of you as well.

how to #1 1. GET ON VIDEO. Only then will people be able to see the real you, free of filters, with true language and in real life.

how to #2

2. Pay attention to the types of posts – as well as the times you are posting them – that draw the most engagement out of your audience. Take note, and give them more of what they want!

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In connecting more deeply with your audience, you are DRAWING THEM IN. Ask them questions, show them your world, and engage. Fully, & with all of you, take care of them. They will return the favor.

Fashion rule-breaking stylist and empowerment mentor for women.

About your biz

background I have a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing

I am a fashion rule-breaking stylist and empowerment mentor for women. I help women feel beautiful,

from the University of Iowa, a Paralegal Certificate from

Southeastern Paralegal Institute, and I've studied at the powerful, confident, and independent through the power Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City (well, of clothes. Changing your clothes can quite literally change your life. It did for me, and now I help other the online program, but I still know my shit). I also spent 4 months interning with an image consultant in Houston women experience the same transformation. I work with women in-person at events and my VIP weekend, via with over 30 years of experience. I actually think that 4 video, and group programs. What sets me apart frommonths is really what taught me the skills to do my work, other stylists is that I am about radical size inclusiveness

more than any formal training could.

and body love. I work with women from size 00 to size 30. Size is jij /gkust a number, and EVERY woman deserves to feel amazing.

Finding your feet

I've been a stylist for almost a year now. What's totally

becoming an entrepreneur

amazing to me is how natural is all is. It's the calling I've

I didn't quit a job to do this. I was a SAHM, and when my son turned 3, I needed to so SOMETHING other than be Mommy. I started with a direct sales business, but after

a session with a stylist that TOTALLY changed how I felt about myself, I closed that business and googled "How to become an image consultant." What I do now is way less strict and structured than traditional image consulting, which is why I don't describe myself that way.

been waiting for my entire life. I NEVER used to care about fashion, but once I realized its power, I can't imagine doing anything else.

There is a lot to learn in your first year and a lot of room to grow. It's really been in the past few weeks that I've truly come into my own. I've got a team of amazing people supporting me, finally getting some systems in place, and being completely true to myself in my work and online presence. For a while I was filtering myself, toning down my passion and use of profanity. But I'm past that now, and it's fucking AWESOME.

business and family balance My husband takes over watching our 4 year old son when he gets home from work and on the weekends. If I have a lot to do during the day, there's an amazing dropin day care center near my home that is the BOMB. I don't know what I'd do without it. Probably lose my mind. My son will also start going to preschool 2 days a week in the fall, so that'll be awesome. What I LOVE about this business is that I can do SO much of it on my phone. So I got in some work a few days ago while I was at the beach with my family. So awesome.

Talking to women about clothes I know exactly what my clients are going through because I've been there. While I can seem a bit hardedged, everything I do and say comes from a place of love. I truly and deeply believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, powerful, confident, and independent. And so when I tell a woman something doesn't work, I ALWAYS emphasize that it's not her or her body that's to blame. It's the clothes that are the problem, not her. If something looks awful, I always say, "You deserve better".

Who is your inspiration?

I truly and deeply believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, powerful, confident, and independent.

I'm a huge fan of my own coach, Cassie Howard. She is so unapologetically HERSELF, and that just speaks to me. She's also the first person who really believed in me and showed me that there's this HUGE potential and need for my message and what I do.

What can we look forward to?

My main focus for the next couple of months is #styledbyLeila LIVE in NYC. It's a posh weekend at the Refinery Hotel in New York City including fabulous food, totally chic hotel rooms, and a day of style tips, tricks, and inspiration. Twenty amazing women will have the opportunity for some serious time with me learning about color, fabric, how to choose clothes that fit, how to get past the fashion noise to what they truly love, how to shop for clothes that make them look and feel fabulous, easy hair and makeup tips, and SO much more. A two night say at the hotel is included, PLUS food on Saturday, including an amazing celebratory dinner. PLUS, there's a VIP option for a THIRD night at the hotel and an entire day of shopping, food, and fun with me in Manhattan for just 4 women. It's all going to be epic. It's going down on October 1st, and I am SO excited!!!!! Details are here >>

Meet Shelli Warren Shelli Warren is a Success Coach, Mastermind Leader, and Encore Career Enthusiast. Her long standing corporate gig taught her a thing or two about striving for success as a woman in manufacturing. She's a self-proclaimed leadership junkie who thrives on assisting others to reach their full potential.


SheConnex provides Career & Mindset Coaching,

Corporate Training, Guest Speaking, Masterminds, Feminars, and Retreats. I help women in the corporate world who are stuck and seeking advice on their decision of “should she stay or should she go?” I’m a safe haven for her to say what she’s thinking, out loud. She can vent about her current work situation, her need for worthwhile work, and her good girl voice that keeps her stuck. I assist her in the decision process by teaching her how to first become the person she wants to be on the inside, so she can become her on the outside. If she decides to stay, we craft an action plan to regain her love of her career, or we develop an exit strategy that enables her to continue to contribute at a high level while creating a side hustle that inspires her. If she’s ready, we take on the task of breaking down the steps required to confidently launch an encore career that she considers worthwhile work where she can play to her strengths and follow her purpose. Whether she stays or goes, I’'ll be with her every step of the way.

Goodbye to Corporate

When I was contemplating leaving my corporate gig after 25+ years, the biggest challenge I had was shuttin

the “good girl” voice in my head that kept telling me “the responsible thing to do would be to stay and retir

later.” She went on and on to remind me that “these types of jobs don’t come along every day” and “people

counting on you.” Her frequent squeal was, “what makes you think you’d be successful doing anything differ

Another challenge was maintaining my contribution and focus at work while I was so distracted by thought

leaving. It was critical my performance didn’t waiver and that my decision did not become the subject of idl

at the lunch table. I needed to find someone who I could trust and hold the space for me to vent, brainstorm

gain confidence to take the leap without creating drama amongst my team and my department. Once I took

control of my thoughts, having an exit strategy gave me confidence and an outside interest to focus on whi greatly energizing me in my off hours.

Advice for new entrepreneurs

1. Progress over perfection. So many of us get caught up in seeing what everyone else is doing and thinking do the same. Fear of not having every bit set up and not be fully funded, or qualified holds too many of us

don’t need to have everything figured out. You can build your brand and nurture your side hustle part time.

ensure you are still showing up at work each day as an accelerated leader who is hitting the targets and nai metrics. This will keep your confidence level high leading up to your transition.

2. Know what you want and be bold enough to declare it out loud. No one can help you, connect you, refer y

sponsor you for a promotion or a small business launch if they don’t know what you truly desire. Keeping y

desires tucked into your journal or with your best friend won’t make it come alive. Once you actually say it, you’re on your way. The universe will conspire to meet you. So will others who believe in you.

3. Your brand is not your logo, it’s what people say about you. Find your point of view and then own it. Em

unique about you. While you may admire what others are doing remember they are on their own journey. Yo

own path towards success. There is no such thing as an overnight success (unless you’re on some reality T

show). I started my business with a Facebook page, too many rubber chicken dinners, and overpriced vendo tables. Although I was well versed in art of networking, I needed to educate my community that I was now

SheConnex” and introduce my business to them and how I could help them. Putting myself out there, seeki interested, versus interesting all helped form my new identity and create some buzz about my business.

On key talents

My secret ninja warrior skill is recognizing key talents in others. Once I’ve noticed their capabilities I love to showcase their brilliance by highlighting them, and setting them up for exposure and valuable connexions so they too can reach their fullest potential and success goals. I’m also not afraid to be controversial and put myself out there whether through guest speaking or asking key questions to better understand a current event.

On life and work balance I feel blessed every day that at 54 years of age, my work is my life and my life is my work. What most excited me about leaping into an encore career was the fact that I could plan a life that incorporated everything the fuelled my soul. This includes spending time with our daughter who is 27, another entrepreneur with a full life, mixed in with spending time with other like-minded women who “get me.” I am very active in my community and lead two passion projects (Success for Teens & Leadercast Brockville) which keep me engaged, motivated and connected to other leaders who like to roll up their sleeves and get involved. I sprinkle in time with my husband, brothers, mom and mom-in-law who are both recently widowed. Chick chatter gives me goosebumps, so deal me in for any girl get together!

How long have you been coaching? Throughout my life I’ve always been a coach of some sort. I’ve been a gymnastics coach, a dance coach, a corporate training coach, a performance coach and a situational leadership coach. Coaching comes naturally to me. In my corporate career I often coached those seeking promotions and therefore needing to learn how to become “top of mind” for all the right reasons. Nothing is more rewarding that coaching someone who was deemed a low performer who then becomes the go-to-person solely due to allowing them to play to their strengths, coupled with impactful motivation, feedback, and catching them doing something brilliant.


The LIVE monthly Success Series will be expanding into new locations and morphing into a podcast to better serve women who are looking for inspired conversation, expanded reach, and meaningful insight as they consider launching and encore career. Here are some highlights from the next few months: VIP Weekend Retreat at the Mansion - Sept 2nd, 3rd, 4th Mastermind Group Launch - Sept 8th She Leads Success Series Video Blog - Sept 6th #sheleads - Successfully Stacking a Team Feminar - Oct 22nd

Find Shelli Here

meet allie horner

About the biz

Adventure Knocks- that's the name of my business and I want you to open the door! I am a transformational business success coach and strategist. I help new and new-ish women entrepreneurs create an easy life/business flow, so their business and life work together in harmony. If you want to create a thriving online businesses and infuse your live with more freedom and self care, I'm your coach!.

"Give yourself the space and the permission to figure out what you really want in life. There is no wrong way to do anything."

Quitting corporate I started thinking about quitting my corporate job 2 years before I actually quite- always knew corporate was not right for me but I ignored my inner voice. I used to work 70/80 hours a week at my corporate job. One day I fainted from exhaustion and found myself in the ER. After that, I quit my corporate job and gave myself a few months to recharge and be a mom before launching my coaching business. I used to think that everyone must hate their job and that exhaustion was normal- then I began to see magazines about entrepreneurs pop up. I started to pay attention to signs and realized that there was a way to love my job..

On finding the right business for you Don't take the stuff in that you don't like doing! Make your business about what you love, or do what you are naturally good at (when it's natural you feel it!). Start by thinking about what personal skills you have that could translate to a business.

Chat with Allie here

karen malone

About your biz I’m an Intuitive Mindset Coach, I work with entrepreneurs that seek private 1:1 coaching to support a higher version of themselves. They often hire me to align their higher vision of themselves to manifest it faster!

Mysterious ways and end of corporate days

I left my brick and mortar practice to support my children’s quest of going to a private ski/snowboard academy. I was sort of 'forced' into it, but I also knew this was the aligned path for me anyway! I was thrown into my future reality faster than I thought I would! The universe works in mysterious and hilarious ways!

Your biggest fear biz "Success – I fear I won’t

actually own it. I fear I will keep on reaching and will forget it has arrived."

What are you super confident about?

I’ve been lead to this calling by something far bigger then my own designed career path! This was the work of something bigger. I never could have imagined having been so lead straight down this path. Every move I made seemed to point to this. I see this now.

The next 6 months I'm launching my new program: The Upleveled Life!! Then I'm releasing my new website with a digital product called: 5 day immersion Money Manifesting! After that? I'm working on a collaborative program to create a VIP day that I just can't wait for!!!

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life with us. Between the two stands the Resistance.” Stephen Pressfield

find karen

What were the first few years running I’ve had my practice for years, but – the your business like? online practice is new. The adjustment is overwhelmingly challenging and thrilling at the same time! The early months were the toughest mentally, I had to infuse my own "words” and “practice” frequently to stay on top of the fear and doubt. But the purpose was so strong, the desire was too big to abandon.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

1. Know your purpose (the BIG WHY)! Why is this important to you? 2. Know your outcome! What do you want to accomplish? What do you want this business to MEAN? 3. Get an accountability partner!

to franchise or not

Purchasing a franchise Definitely- I almost bought a Barre Studio. The idea was super attractive because Barre provides you with tons of support including guidelines for what the store should look like, training for marketing, images for marketing, consistent staff training for everyone including myself, and a team of other women who own studios across the world.

Is payback a *itch

My studio price tag was over 500,000 this would have easily taken me 10 years to pay back. I lknow that I could ve paid it back eventually but in my mind I kept thinking, Why would I do that when I can start my own? I knew that with my dedication and passion I could make it happen on my own. $






Tipping the scales

Being told how to renovate, where to renovate, how to manage the marketing really threw me off. I wanted the creativity to create build my own business. I also wanted to run a more heart centred business with the bottom line being helping XO. -



What was your sign


" I knew that with my dedication and passion I could make it happen on my own".

The universe always always always has my back. I know there is a plan, and when I trust in it and work hard, my business always falls into place. All the signs were pointing against purchasing a franchise: people were coming, clients were asking for products... I took that as a sign that I could do it on my own without purchasing a franchise.

Why build your own business? SO many great reasons! I love that if I want to create a magazine I can… and that if I want to teach Pilates this year I can! It gives me SO much joy to see my kids play while I work, and sometimes I play too. Building my own business was the perfect blend for me.

Will Hello Life ever franchise?

Nope! I want the coaches business owners to have their full creative abilities to run their own business... However I do sell the Signature Program that coaches can use and can change as much or as little as they d like. It s a bit of a kick start to online programs. &

" I knew that with my dedication and passion I could make it happen on my own".

Can you compete without a franchise I don t compete I look at what s happening focus on what I m doing. I do it to the best of my ability. I love watching what other people are doing it helps me grow as a person as an entrepreneur. Whenever I see what someone is doing that I LOVE… I think, I love that! ’







" I don’t competeI look at what’s happening & focus on what I’m doing".

Business building blocks Start with non-stop thinking about your business. Seriously, do something every single day. I posted on Facebook daily, I talked to people daily… And I made sure to create a business plan! Although my plan changed & grew daily, it was VITAL to where I wanted to go. Things happened by keeping the plan in front of me and working towards it.

Advice to anyone thinking of owning a franchise?

Trust yourself! Make sure to ask yourself if you like having a guideline with specifics, or are you more of a free spirit when it comes to decisions. There are pros and cons to both but I truly believe most people know almost immediately what the answer is for them. You’ll succeed if you know, love and trust that you will succeed! XOXO

inspired vacation

n n I n a l l o d o The P

This luxury boutique hotel is set against panoramic mountains and the world famous Shuswap Lake. Even without the views and the abundance of natural beauty Salmon Arm has to offer, the Podollan Inn has a gorgeous poolside wonderland, an award winning restaurant to satisfy your palate, and a delightfully relaxed atmosphere to give you that much needed vacation.

Salmon Arm is an ideal stop for a romance-rekindlingrendezvous or for a fun-filled family vacation. Local summer attractions include hiking, house boating, watersports, swimming, fishing, golfing, zip lining, wildlife watching, and wine tours. We enjoyed a short hike to Margaret Falls, exploring Shuswap Lake for the fabled Ogopogo, and trying our hands at mini-golf. To be honest even the journey to Salmon Arm is beautiful so you cannot go wrong with this destination.

inspired vacation

t i s i v o t e m i t t bes If you love the water, try to time your vacation for spring,

summer, or fall. Summer stays come at a premium price tag, but the sunshine is worth it (just make sure to book in advance because the area fills up in the summer)! Winter can also be lovely if you'd like to try your hand at skiing, dog sledding or other winter activities.

Our evening started with cocktail hour at the pool where we soaked up the sun and enjoyed some leisure laps in the creatively laid-out pool. Delicious drinks in hand, we then let the hot tub work its magic. By the time we made it to our evening dinner reservation at Table 24, a gem of a restaurant (Triple Rated) and renowned for its fine dining and fresh local organic cuisine, we were ready to party. Table 24 did not disappoint! We started with a charcuterie plate followed by various mains including house-style chicken parmesan and duck a-la-brasa, complete with local wine pairings. We were impressed by the friendliness of the staff as well as their ability to deliver custom meals or special requests (so impressed in fact that we went there to eat a second night)! If you love fresh, local, and meals made with extra TLC- try Table 24 at the Podollan Inn Salmon Arm.

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