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Graphite 1.1 by MediaLoot Installation to existing Wordpress site • • • • •

Locate the graphite folder in the package you downloaded Upload the graphite folder to your web host in the wp-content > themes directory Login to your website admin panel Go to the Appearance menu and select sub menu item Themes Locate the Graphite theme and click Activate

Homepage To set up the homepage template (with the slider): • Create a new page called Home in your Admin panel or locate your existing home page • In the Page Attributes window select Homepage (Slider) template. • Hit Publish

Default Page Template • When creating a regular page use the Default Template • Always try to start your page with a Heading 2. • Enter your content as usual and hit publish • Hit Publish

Portfolio Page • First create a new page called Portfolio • Set the page Template to Portfolio • Go to the Portfolio menu item in the Admin panel and Add New • Enter your title and description as you would a regular blog post • Set a featured image for the post • Use the Medium (300x225) preset for automatic cropping

Custom Menus If you choose to use a custom menu you can add a special function button. • • • •

Go to your custom Menu in the Appearance menu Make sure you have a custom menu and it’s theme location is Main Menu If you add regular Pages to this custom menu they will appear in the top bar of the site. If you add Custom Links, they will be added to the menu as highlighted orange buttons (this is for specific functions such as Buy Now or Download etc).

Homepage Feature Rotator • Go to the Graphite Theme menu option. • You can set the image rotator options here, you should enter the URL of the images you want to appear in the slider. • Images need to be 930px wide and 350px high. • If you leave a field blank it will be ignored.

Homepage Action Button • • • •

Go to the Graphite Theme menu option. You can set the wording, button text and link location here. You must set values in these fields. To disable you should remove the code from the homepage.php template file

The code you need to remove from the homepage.php to disable the promo blurb/action button is from line 27 to line 31. <article class="promo-blurb"> ! <h3><?php echo $g_settings['actiondesc']; ?></h3> ! <a href="<?php echo $g_settings['actionurl']; ?>" class="btn-promo"><?php echo $g_settings['actiontext']; ?></a> ! <div class="clear"></div> </article>

Custom Header & Footer Scripts (ie. Analytics) â&#x20AC;˘ Go to the Graphite Theme menu option. â&#x20AC;˘ You can paste custom scripts into the Header Scripts/Code and Footer Scripts/Code fields.