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Welcome to the latest edition of our catalogue, which includes everything you need to run a successful coffee business. Whether you’ve been in business for years or are thinking of starting your first venture, you’ll find all the drinks, gear and knowledge you need.

It’s been an exciting year since our last catalogue went to print; the new World and UK Barista Champions have been crowned, new staff have been welcomed to the BTB Family to cope with increased demand at home and abroad, and we’ve introduced the truly delicious Byron Bay Cookies to our ever expanding product range.

of biodegradable disposables and you will be well on the way to doing your bit. For the skilled baristi amongst you Motta jugs will be a welcome addition, renowned for their great pouring spouts and classic Italian design. We’ve also added a range of double walled Solo cups, saving the need for an extra clutch, saving on money and wastage.

This year saw the launch of Sweetbird 100% Fruit Smoothies, a fantastic easy to manage ambient product that helps the environment too. As we choose to use concentrate the smoothies carbon footprint is smaller and all the fruit is ethically sourced. As they say, if everyone does their bit... Couple this with our range

But how did we get to where we are today? Jem and Nikki started out with just a small home office and a huge passion for coffee and now we have BTBs around the world, so we’ve really come a long way! Between us we have managed coffee bars, served in coffee bars, roasted coffee, and generally drunk way too

much coffee, so when you call us you’ll be speaking to people who are passionate about what they do and know what they are talking about. One of the many things we have learnt is not to take up too much of your time – so have a look through our catalogue and we’ll let our products speak for themselves. More detailed product information, together with lots of other useful hints and tips, are available on our website Of course, if you do fancy a chat we’re a friendly bunch, so give us a call.

All the best, The team at Beyond the Bean


Our gear section contains all the essentials for making great espresso based drinks. We really understand the importance of quality equipment; that’s why we take our time sourcing, testing, finding out customers’ opinions and then testing some more before we make any final decisions. Not every product we test reaches our standards or is exactly what we are looking for, so we commission gear to our own designs. We know our customers are professionals needing professional kit and that’s what we supply every time.

Drinks. Gear. Knowledge.

BTBGear Jugs and Thermometers

Jugs Stainless steel steaming pitcher Available in 60cl, 1 litre, 1.5 litre and 2 litre. Straight sided with the perfect spout for latte art!

new Motta Jugs Available in 50cl, 75cl and 1 litre. Stylish Italian milk pitchers, favoured by many working baristi, ideal for latte art..

Jugs perfect for latte art, thermometers to steam milk to the perfect temperature, all quality gear that withstands not only rigorous BTB testing, but also the test of time.

Thermometers BTB thermometer Our own thermometer, made by the guys at Taylor who do it best. Marked up clearly between 60°C and 70°C for the perfect steaming temperature. Standard thermometer (centigrade or fahrenheit) A tough, reliable milk steaming thermometer also from Taylor’s, for use with smaller sized pitchers. Long thermometer Designed to be used with the larger sizes of pitcher, with dual temperatures.

Through our involvement in barista championships around the world we’ve seen first hand the difference a good jug can make. We had to search far and wide to find these jugs as we found that many available on the market really didn’t make the grade (it’s amazing how many of them just don’t pour properly). These Motta pitchers are excellent for milk

rotation and have a more pointed spout that pours smoothly and neatly. The standard for any barista, and also perfect for the most advanced latte art. For more information on latte art and steaming milk visit


Long thermometer clip The one we like to use the most, and suitable for use with any of our thermometers. Triangular thermometer clip Keeps your milk thermometer firmly clipped into place and can be used with any thermometer.

Check out the Bumper pitcher on page 18.

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BTBGear Essentials

Quality shots are the key to producing great espresso based drinks, and little things do make a big difference. Although small, these pieces of kit will go a long way towards getting the best out of your beans and machines.

Shot pitcher – 3oz Can’t fit your cups directly under your espresso machine? These handy little stainless steel pots are just the job. Digital shot timer To help time your shots to perfection, this neck tie timer counts both up and down. Digital grinder scales Are you going to compromise your espresso quality, or splash out on our grinder set-up scales? 2oz lined BTB shot glasses Lined at 1oz – exactly what you need for measuring and checking your espresso shots. Available in packs of 12 or individually. Also available unbranded. Stainless steel cocoa shaker A quality shaker for dusting cappuccinos and other drinks. Chrome mini whisk A neat little whisk to speed up your hot chocolate making.


Stainless steel milk spatula Keep your steamed milk under control. Square open knock box Designed to sink into your counter top for a simple built-in knockout system. Adding a bin underneath will give you a clean, quick grinds disposal solution. You can find the template to cut your counter exactly to the size of this knockbox on our website Square closed knock box A self-contained counter top system. Like all our knock boxes, the solid rubber bar mounted in stainless steel is quiet but completely solid when you knock out against it. Square wooden knock box holder Use this to house your square closed knock box. Rubber gasket for knock box Taking the knock out of knock box.

Take a look at pages 18 and 19 for our new range of Bumper Gear too.

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BTBGear Cream whipper and Sauce pump

Using professional kit for your business not only helps with the quality of your drinks, but adds a touch of professionalism to the workplace. We’ve been using both these items since we started the business ten years ago and have yet to find anything better.


Cream whipper Use this swanky little number to add freshly whipped cream to hot chocolates, mochas, frappés, milkshakes – just about anything! You could take it one step further – try adding a little syrup to flavour up your cream (for example, vanilla works nicely). The whipper is easy to clean and maintain. And best of all, it’s great for cream fights (although obviously BTB do not condone any such tomfoolery in a professional workplace).

iSi cream whipper Stainless steel, 1 litre.

Server sauce pump Stainless steel, adjustable dose sizes.

iSi nitrous oxide gas charges 10 per box.

Server sauce jar Stainless steel, 3.8 litre.

Sauce pump This heavy duty stainless steel pump will dose your chocolate sauces accurately and effortlessly time after time. It looks good, it works great, and it has a range of low-cost replacement parts for occasional maintenance.

Dosing and spare parts Details of all the available spare parts for both items, and how to change the dose size on the sauce pump, can be found at

+44 (0)117 953 3522


Our travels really do take us around the wonderful world of coffee. Whether it’s supporting barista competitions, sourcing new products or setting up a new BTB, we really are here, there and everywhere!

Italy Where the 2009 European Team Challenge will see 10 countries competing to take the title from Russia.

Moscow Helen is still reeling from the fact there were no takeaway lattes. Shocking.

UK The home of BTB, and the UK Barista Championship - 9 regional heats, 2 day semi final, plus the final - wow, that’s a lot of judging!

China The orient espresso took us to the home of tea ceremonies, death defying jay-walking and the theory that caffeine ages you? Nonsense…

USA The place to be in April for the 2009 World Barista Championship.

El Salvador Our friends at the Coffee School of El Salvador help to support baristas in South America. Paraguay Where Zuma are helping farmers get a fair price on their sugar.

Spain Coffee with curry and coconut made its debut at this championship, and we thought we had seen it all…

India The home of chai, elephants, and banana based espressos from the Indian Barista champion. Kenya Budding barista enjoy using our barista kits here.

BTBGear Tampers

Tamping is a crucial step in the preparation of great espresso. Maintaining the all important 30lbs of pressure and keeping your tamping consistent shot after shot means a solid comfortable tamper is essential. 16

Beyond the Bean tamper Highly polished stainless steel with a black coated aluminium handle, this is one of our own designs. Weighing in at just under half a kilo, it fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, giving a quick solid tamp action. Available in 49mm, 53mm and 58mm, both flat and convex.

Clicker tamper An innovative idea from Beyond the Bean – an automatic pressure regulating tamper. Just push till it clicks and you’ve got exactly the right 30lb tamp every time.

Reg Barber tamper The classic stainless steel RB tamper from Canada with a wooden handle. Available in 58mm, flat.

Available in 58mm or 53mm, both flat and convex.

Rubber counter tamp pad A simple and compact non-slip mat to protect your counter surface and group handle spouts.

Custom sizes are also available; just give us a call for details. If you are unsure about what size tamper your machine uses simply visit where you will find a comprehensive guide for the most popular

machines and information on how to tamp in a professional way. You’ll also find the long running industry argument of flat vs. convex tampers from two coffee professionals.

Aluminium hand tamper 58mm, flat.

We can also produce bespoke tampers on larger orders; give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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BTBGear Bumper Gear

We’re really excited about this new range of gear. Not only does it look sexy but it does a great job too. We think you will find a hundred and one uses for the new bash mat too!


Tamper stand We love this bit of kit and don’t know how we managed without it. Using a tamper stand helps prevent stray grounds from sticking to the portafilter and ending up in your coffee. The stand is a great base on which to rest a wobbly single spouted portafilter and is also ideal for the new trend in naked (or bottomless) portafilters. Latte art pitcher A simple no-nonsense 60cl latte art milk pitcher. Made to a very high standard, this jug weighs just 240g and the Bumper logo embossed on the side adds a nice finishing touch.

Knock box From the humble beginnings of the knock box, (basically a box with a bolt fitted into it) this design is something to really show off. The knock box consists of a round stainless steel tub with the raised back acting as a splash guard. Added features include a protective rubber gasket and it’s neatly finished with a non slip base that helps cushion the impact on your wrists and deadens the sound. Each box comes with a spare rubber gasket and 2 rubber bars.


Bumper Bash Mat Tired of dents in your work top from tamping and general bashing? Then the new Bash Mat is for you. Measuring 25cm x 20cm the virtually indestructible has an indent for your tamper, and a strength to challenge any barista!

Bumper tamper The Bumper range of tampers are a real find. The handles are metal finished with a thick rubber coating, so they feel comfy in your hand without losing weight needed for perfect tamping. Choose from the original Classic, V-shape, or Ball style of interchangeable handle. Each tamper set consists of a stainless steel base, handle, screw set and even a black rubber holder your new tamper can sit on. All styles available in 53, 58 or 57mm, flat or convex.

+44 (0)117 953 3522


BTBGear Barista Kit

Barista Champions around the world are now using these kits when they travel to competitions and for training, safe in the knowledge that everything they need is all in one place.

Barista kit Our Barista kits really have become the barista’s favourite. They make great incentives or prizes for staff too. All the contents are fitted into a custom moulded case with foam ensuring nothing gets damaged on the road.

All the barista kits include a 1 litre steaming jug, large steamy wanda, BTB caffeine wrench, BTB thermometer, long thermometer clip, tamp mat, two lined BTB shot glasses, digital timer, mini whisk, milk spatula, a tub of Joe Glo, rubber back flushing insert and a BTB Coffeetool. The BTB Barista Kit Pro also includes a BTB Tamper in your choice of size.


BTB Barista Kit Pro With BTB tamper. BTB Barista Kit Without BTB tamper (not shown).

+44 (0)117 953 3522



Baristas play a vital role in the growth and promotion of the industry, bringing much needed vitality and innovation. They are the industry link to the public so it is vital they are fully trained, knowledgeable and motivated. Beyond the Bean is involved with both the SCAE and the UKBC and committed to the continued development of the barista community. We are proud to sponsor the UK Barista championships and support many others around the world, including the barista programme at the Coffee School of El Salvador.

ton f i l C , n o Ed Bust

y n a p m o C Coffee

t, Vincen s in a l e m a r P e lio and ffeeshop owneaux) o F n e i co ord Fab as and uch (near B t s i r a B de B la Test

We are looking forward to the much-anticipated World Barista Championship in Atlanta where nearly 55 countries will compete for the title of World Barista Champion. For more information on how to take your baristas to the next level visit or Beyond the Bean – the barista’s choice.

Thomas Liebe – Swiss Barista I love the fact that you are in contact with many very interesting people in coffee bars – Coffee Competence Connects! With a lot of enthusiasm, professionalism and atmosphere you can bring this world of unbelievable taste closer to all the people. My advice to future baristas? You have to play! Barista is not only a job behind a bar. Barista is: communication, science, history, technique – and passion. Barista is: celebrating coffee culture.

e and b e i L s a m o Th Switzerl Braz ilian Cham pion, Silvia

Everything you are doing, do it with high professionalism and enthusiasm. If I wasn’t a barista I would not be able to create a really functional and emotional coffee machine. For me it is never a question “if you were not”.

Catalin Hogea Radu – Romanian Champion The best thing about being a barista in Romania is the creative part of the job, you are never too tired to make good coffee because you must always pay attention to it. It is a pleasure to pull the best shots every time. The most important thing it is having a passion for coffee and after that you must practise until you can pour the best shots, lattes and cappuccinos. That’s why it is a lot of work to be the best.

Champ’ Vikram Kashyap, Indian

Romanian C

hampion, Cat

Silvia Magalhães – Brazilian Barista Champion The thing I like most is teaching people how to make the best coffee. For entering competitions it is important to do a lot of training before and not to be nervous during the competition and of course find the best coffee and the best signature drink! The best thing about being a barista is that in Brazil we have great coffees and many farms of coffees, so we get to know the full circle – the bean to a

cup. Coffee is exciting, is enigmatic and the more I work with coffee the more I like and more I know that I don’t know anything...and I start everything is my life. Fabien Folio and Pamela Vincent – Baristas and coffeeshop owners in la Test de Buch (near Bordeaux) The best thing about being a barista in France for us is the contact with the customer; who are often very interested in discovering the latte-art

concept which is still largely unknown in this country. Our advice for baristas is to enjoy your job! When we had our first coffee shop we used to argue over who would be on the till or making drinks: we both wanted to be making the drinks!


Vikram Kashyap – Indian Barista Champion In India we have all the resources for great coffee at our fingertips. The customer appreciation and communication is the best thing for me. I would recommend any new baristas to watch and read anything from David Schomer, and make sure they learn the basic espresso and milk steaming skills.

BTBGear Q-series blender

Blended drinks account for more than 30% of summer drinks sales in coffee bars and cafes. You can offer an almost infinite range of smoothies and frappés to generate cash all summer (and winter too). That’s why your choice of blending equipment is such a big deal for your business.

One of our favourite things about the guys and girls at Blendtec is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Their ‘Will it Blend’ series became one of the most viewed downloads on the web in 2006. See for yourself at – and remember, don’t try this at home…

The new Q-series With the development of the Q-series sound reduction technology, Blendtec continue to deliver industry leading performance. Known as the ‘strong silent type’ the Q-series has a noise reduction of up to 10 decibels, roughly half the noise of a normal blender. As with all Blendtec models it can be mounted in-counter. The Q-series new jar design offers improved overall performance and durability. The shape of the stainless steel blending platform dampens sound and drains liquid away from the blender drive socket. With a breakthrough fan design, improved motor air flow and cooling capacity, the Q-series really is the quietest you will find.

Sshhhh... 24

+44 (0)117 953 3522


BTBGear Blenders

Blendtec blenders are designed for high volume production of ice blended drinks. They’re the worldwide industry standard and are powerful, tough and clever too. The blade tips rotate at over 200 miles per hour, using 2,000 watts of power. Crikey. Metal to metal direct drive contact means longer lasting equipment, meaning less investment for your business. The

Q-series blender The blender chosen by most coffee chains in the UK and worldwide. 30 pre-programmed blending profiles, choice of blending jar sizes, insulated motor enclosure and sound surround for nose reduction. It all adds up to a quality piece of kit.


‘sound enclosure’ reduces blending noise by about 30%. All Blendtec blenders have pre-programmed variable speed auto shut off drinks cycles that ensure consistently blended drinks every time.

Blendtec Xpress blender It may be the baby in the Blendtec family but it’s no lightweight. 5 pre-programmed profiles and auto shut-off. Blendtec SpaceSaver blender All the power and programmes of a Q-series in a compact format.

Blendtec jars 1 litre – for use on all models. 1.5 litre – for increased blending capacity. Use with the Q-series and SpaceSaver. 1 litre – Q-series jar with all its benefits – see pages 24-25. Blendtec spare lid For use with Q-series blenders.

All Blendtec blenders from Beyond the Bean come with 2 jars and 2 lids as standard.

Blendtec gripper lid For use with the SpaceSaver and Xpress. Blendtec Little Red Rinser The easiest and quickest way to rinse blender jars without tying up sink space or wasting water (and it gets into the corners hand washing just doesn’t reach).

+44 (0)117 953 3522


We’re professional individuals who care passionately about our products and our customers.

It’s all about quality: the people and the products.

We never sit back and relax as there’s always some new gadget or drink or idea out there, and we aim to be first to know about it.

We’re fanatical about drinks and gear, and what we sell is the best that’s out there.

When you do call you’ll always talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

We hate call centres and we believe your call should always be answered within three rings.

What we believe...


Whether you’re just starting out or livening up an existing menu, if you’re in the business of selling drinks you’re looking in the right place. On the following pages, you’ll find the whole Sweetbird range including smoothies, sauces and syrups, delicious frappés and chocolate from Zuma, as well as teas from Island Rose. So, what’s new this year? Sweetbird’s 100% ready to drink smoothie, and in the food section, the delicious range of cookies from Byron Bay. Together with our existing range including Fairtrade Frappés and Hot Chocolate, Zuma Chai you will have no end of ideas to expand and update your menu. You can use these ingredients to make signature drinks, seasonal specials or challenge your baristas to get their own recipes on the menu!

Drinks. Gear. Knowledge. 30

BTBDrinks Syrups and Sauces

Syrups Classic flavours Almond, Amaretto, Butterscotch, Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coconut, English Toffee, French Vanilla, Gingerbread, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Mint, Toasted Marshmallow, Vanilla, White Chocolate. Fruit flavours Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry.

Since its launch we’ve seen Sweetbird go from strength to strength. Use Sweetbird syrups and sauces to create flavoured espresso based drinks or deliciously different hot chocolates. They’re great for cold drinks too, including iced teas, granitas, milkshakes and sparklers. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Syrups All 33 flavours of original and 5 flavours of sugar free Sweetbird syrups are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are free from GMOs and artificial flavours and colourings. If you need further inspiration have a look at for hundreds of recipe ideas and details of the posters, menus and table toppers available in the funky Sweetbird style... Gingerbread latte anyone? Sauces Uncompromisingly tasty, sweet and sumptuous, Sweetbird sauces are rich and delicious and exactly what you want from a sauce. Use them to make the classic Caramel Macchiato, hot chocolates, sweet coffee concoctions and even milkshakes. You can mix them up in the drink like syrup or drizzle over the top as a final touch. And they’re easily dispensed with a portion control pump from a compact stand that sits neatly on your counter.

Tea flavours Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, Spiced Chai. Sugar Free Caramel, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Amaretto , Vanilla Available in 6 x 1 litre bottles, mixed cases on request.

new 250ml Glass Retail Bottles English Toffee, Hazelnut, Caramelnew Available in 6 x 250ml bottles Stainless steel syrup pourers 12 pack Black Sweetbird syrup pump 7.5ml / 1/4 oz dose Sweetbird clear perspex stand For 5 bottles Sauces Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel. Available in 4 x 1.89 litre, including one pump. Sweetbird sauce pump – 15ml dose Sweetbird sauce display stand – holds 3 bottles ‘Squirty’ bottle for drizzling – 35cl


+44 (0)117 953 3522


BTBDrinks Smoothies

Sweetbird Blended Smoothies Mango, Peach, Strawberry and Banana, Wildberry, Strawberry, Banana. Available in 8 x 1 litre tetra packs.


Sweetbird 100% Fruit Smoothies Available in 3 delicious ready to drink flavours, Orange & Mango, Pineapple & Passionfruit and Blackberry & Blueberry, the 330ml 100% fruit smoothies come in 100% recyclable PET bottles. As with all Sweetbird products, the smoothies contain no artificial colours, preservatives, GMO’s or flavourings. All the fruit is ethically sourced, making sure that everyone involved is looked after as well as your customers. At 30% larger than most bottled smoothies, and only requiring ambient storage, the new smoothies are ideal for people who don’t have much chilled storage space.

Smoothies are an unbeatable menu item in summer but they’re fast becoming a year round healthy choice for many customers as well. Sales of smoothies have risen by a staggering 523% in the last 5 years, and the number of smoothies sold is expected to treble by 2011*.

Sweetbird Fruit Smoothies Mango & Orange, Pineapple & Passionfruit, Blueberry & Blackberry Available in 6 x 330ml

Sweetbird Blended Smoothies Made with real fruit and a touch of green tea extract and ginseng, Sweetbird Smoothies are 99% fat free and offer a high margin sales opportunity, helping you make the most of this massive growth. If you would like some more ideas on how to make the most of your smoothies visit Sweetbird at home at There is plenty of room for improvisation by adding fruit, syrups or just using your imagination!

*source, Mintel Report


+44 (0)117 953 3522


BTBDrinks Frappés

Frappés are a delicious alternative to hot coffee in the summer and are so easy to make. Just add ice, milk and a scoop of frappé mix into your blender and blend until smooth. 36

Zuma frappés allow you to create thick, smooth and consistently delicious iced blended drinks. Containing real chocolate, real vanilla and real toffee pieces to give strong, natural flavours, Zuma Frappés have a low fat content and contain no dangerous or unhealthy hydrogenated fats. Caffeine-free Chocolate and Caffeine-free Vanilla mean you can add your own blend of espresso or serve them to kids. The UK’s first Fairtrade Frappé We know that consumers are becoming more concerned about how their products are made and how producers are treated, so we’re really proud to bring you this delicious Fairtrade frappé blend, production of which helps support coffee farmers in Columbia and Paraguay. Available in single serve sachets for ease of use and portion control, the attractive 10-pack box is also great for retail sales.

Caffe frappé Medium roast Brazilian coffee with a full creamy flavour. Mocha frappé A superb blend of medium roast Brazilian coffee, cocoa and real chocolate. Sticky Toffee frappé A great combination of coffee, cocoa and 10% real toffee pieces. Chocolate frappé (caffeine-free) Blended West African cocoa with 10% real chocolate for real chocoholics!

Vanilla frappé (caffeine-free) A great frappé base made with real white chocolate and vanilla. For making blended coffee, syrup, or fruit drinks. All available in 6 x 2kg tins. Fairtrade Caffe frappé single serve sachet Ideal for easy portion control and convenience, made with sugar from Paraguay and coffee from San Domingo. 20 boxes of 10 x 40g single serve sachets. Frappé portion scoop (40g) For the perfect blend every time.

The FAIRTRADE Mark on Zuma products guarantees •

Farmers a fair and stable price for their products

Extra income for farmers and estate workers to improve their lives

A greater respect for the environment

Small farmers a stronger position in world markets

A closer link between consumers and producers

+44 (0)117 953 3522


BTBDrinks Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is as popular as ever, with customers becoming more discerning and sophisticated in their tastes, and should account for around 15% of your winter drinks turnover.

Original hot chocolate A smooth, sweet, and creamy chocolate taste with 26% cocoa.

Dark hot chocolate 32% dark roast cocoa beans, for the real chocolate connoisseur.

100% Fairtrade Dark hot chocolate Made with dark roast cocoa beans. 32% cocoa content.

Available in 6 x 2kg tins or 12 x 795g bags (not pictured).

Available in 12 x 795g bags (not pictured).

Available in 6 x 2kg tins or 20 boxes of 10 x 28g single serve sachets, ideal for easy portion control and convenience.

Hot Chocolate portion scoop (28g) For the perfect portion every time.

Marshmallows Small and fluffy, a great topper to any hot chocolate. Available in 12 x 200g bags

new new

Paddle machine As the paddle machine gently warms the chocolate and slowly swirls it round, the air fills with a lovely comforting smell of warm chocolate. The chocolate is gently steam-heated so it never burns and is always perfectly ready to serve. Just add steamed milk, or serve as a shot of thick hot chocolate, great for dipping fruit or fingers in!

Available in both Original and Dark, Zuma Hot Chocolate caters to hot chocolate lovers of all tastes around the world. Zuma hot chocolate is good as cold chocolate too – just mix it up with ice on hot days. Or you could create some interesting flavour variants, coconut and chocolate, chocolate orange or even chilli and chocolate. Zuma’s 100% Fairtrade Dark Chocolate contains 32% cocoa from San Domingo, with fairly traded sugar from Paraguay. Helping farmers to get a fair price for their produce and helping your customers to indulge themselves with a clearer conscience.


+44 (0)117 953 3522


BTBDrinks Chai

Chai has been a favourite spiced drink in India for centuries and is emerging as the next big trend in the speciality coffee arena. Made with a blend of exotic spices, we recommend chai for anyone in need of comfort, energy and a dash of happiness. A great alternative to tea or coffee, chai is a spiced milk tea traditionally handmade with various spices, varying from region to region around India. The most common ingredients are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pepper.


Zuma have developed their own recipe, available in three flavours and packed in distinctively designed, easy to use single serve sachets. This also gives your customers the opportunity to take a box home to enjoy!

Spiced Chai A subtle combination of natural ingredients including honey and real ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

Red Chai & Cranberry Made with Rooibos and cranberries, bursting with natural ingredients and full of healthy antioxidants.

Vanilla Chai A smooth, aromatic blend of natural ingredients including real vanilla, honey and spices.

Each case contains 20 boxes of 10 x 28g single serve sachets.

+44 (0)117 953 3522


BTBDrinks Tea Island Rose Tea Island Rose has an extraordinary range of flavours, full of interesting mixes and clever combinations. Their fruit teas are made with actual fruit (relatively uncommon in the world of tea). Taste something like their Orange Fountain fruit tea and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Their green and black teas all have a single estate origin, and all teas are guaranteed free of pesticides and residues. Island Rose teas are great iced too – just brew up 1 litre of boiling water with four or five teabags (depending on required strength). Chill in the fridge, and then serve over ice and fresh lemon slices. Mmmmmm.

Teaspoon A special teaspoon, not just a spoon to stir, but also to filter. Just fill the spoon with tea leaves, pour in boiling water into the cup and relax as the tea aroma dilutes through the specially designed pores. Made of fine grade silicone rubber, the teaspoon can stand up to 250°C. Get them in the full range of colours to really brighten up your customers’ day, or if you’re just looking for something a little funkier! As with the Teastick, they make great gifts or products to sell on.

Teastick We love innovative gadgets at Beyond the Bean and this one is no exception. Tea drinking has never been so stylish with this contemplative toy which infuses clouds of flavour before your eyes. Its cool “scoop-slide-steep” functionality, together with a stainless steel construction, means your loose tea drinking is a pleasure, no longer the messy business it used to be. It fits nicely into most glasses and mugs, and makes a lovely gift for staff and friends alike, or even to sell on to customers.

Island Rose tea flavours Commonwealth Tradition, Organic Bergamot, Organic Ceylon Rose, Exuma Lemon, Long Island Cola, Mummy’s Passion, Orange Fountain, Green Lime, Strawberry Vanilla, Rum Vanilla, Mandarin Lapacho, Cat Island Chamomile, Bimini Mint. All available in boxes of 20 individually foil wrapped tea bags. Experience 20 pack A great starter pack containing a selection of Island Rose Teas. Tea rack An attractive display unit holding four boxes and ideal for on counter display. Luxury tea chest A really lovely gift set, great for giveaways or promos – or even as an incentive for your staff! Teastick Available individually or in boxes of 12. Teaspoon Available individually.


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Meet the BTB Family...














1. Nikki 2. Helen too 3. Jonathan 4. Kim 5. Rob 6. Little Ben 7. Jem 8. Miranda 9. Terry 10. Helen 11. Zak 12. Caroline 13. Maciej

BTBFood Byron Bay Cookies Byron Bay cookies are baked in the UK using locally sourced ingredients and free range eggs. With biodegradable packaging, low food miles, approval from the Vegetarian Society (and approval from the Coeliac Society for the Gluten Free range) we’re sure you customers will love them as much as we do. BAKED IN BRITAIN

Cafe Cookies (CC) Byron Bay Café Cookies are sold from stylish glass jars, which are available with branded mats, tongs and swing tags. Each cookie weighs between 55g and 65g and they’re packed in biodegradable trays of 6.

Single Wrap Cookies (SW) Byron Bay have packaged their all time favourite classic varieties into fast, convenient grab and go cookies for people on the move. Packed into attractive counter display boxes, Gluten Free are also available. Each cookie is 55g – 65g, packed in trays of 12.

Gluten Free (GF & GFSW) Gluten Free doesn’t have to be taste free; Byron Bay have produced an acclaimed range of gluten free cookies for a number of years.

Baby Buttons (BB) If you’re catering for the masses, then these are ideal. Each cookie weighs 13g – 15g and are all packed in 500g bags.

Limited Edition (LE) New limited edition flavours are available throughout the year – give us a call to find out what this seasons flavours are.

Byron Bay Cookies are a premium American style cookie, sold in either stylish glass jars or individually wrapped for the Grab’n’Go market. They are the market leader, winning many awards world wide. The full range includes a selection of Gluten Free, and Reduced Fat options. 46

Dark Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut Filled with dark choc chunks and crammed with macadamia nuts. Available in CC. Reduced Fat Fig & Pecan A moist chewy cookie crammed with pecans and moist figs, enhanced with a subtle flavour of orange. Available in CC, SW. Traditional Shortbread A great cookie with afternoon tea, made with premium ingredients and lashings of butter! Available in CC. Lemon & Macadamia Nut Shortbread Crammed with macadamia nuts and delicately flavoured with lemon citrus, this cookie won Gold at the Great Taste Awards Available in CC, SW, BB. Dark Chocolate Orange Rich dark chocolate pieces with a splash of real orange, a real classic combination. Available in GFSW. Spiced Apple & Sultana A moist, chewy, delicately spiced, muesli-style cookie with apple and sultanas. Available in GFSW. White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut Our original classic cookie filled with white choc chunks & crammed with macadamia nuts. Available in CC, SW, GFSW, BB.

Sticky Date & Ginger A moist chewy cookie, delicately spiced and overflowing with dates, walnuts and chunks of succulent ginger. This cookie won Gold at the Great Taste Awards. CC, SW, GFSW, BB. Dotty ™ The famous golden cookie smothered in colourful ‘choc drops’ and crammed with creamy milk choc chunks. A favourite amongst adults and children alike. Available in CC, SW. Triple Choc Fudge A rich, dark choc cookie crammed with white and dark choc chunks. Available in CC, SW, GFSW, BB. Natural Honey & Oatmeal A moist chewy cookie brimming with oats, coconut and delicately flavoured with local honey. Available in CC. Milk Choc Chunk A classic cookie packed with creamy milk choc chunks. Available in CC, SW.

Byron Bay Cookies have won Gold in the Great Taste Awards for the last 3 years running

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BTBFood Biscotti

We’ve been working with our old friends at Nikola’s (and eating their biscotti) for years – and we still think they’re the best.


Biscotti originated as off-cuts from the edges of trays of biscuits, hence being slightly crunchier. Nikola’s are handmade following a century-old method, using premium ingredients, in a range of spectacular flavours using pistachio, chocolate, raspberries, hazelnuts, apricots and more. Kosher certified and double baked for dunking durability, we think you’ll be pushed to find a better quality biscotti.

Morsa The Italian original with buttery almonds, pistachios and rich dark chocolate.

Chella A merry blend of creamy white chocolate and tart cranberries with a crisp finish.

Large round glass jar A classic design to display your biscotti, great for till sales.

Bianca Baked with sweet apricots, white chocolate and an abundance of hazelnuts.

Available in 30 x 50g individually wrapped biscuits per case.

Small square glass jar Great if you’re short of space.

Small round glass jar An attractive display jar.

Square biscotti display stand Biscotti to grab and go? This one holds approximately 40 biscuits and is great for impulse sales at the till.

Salina A rich combination of raspberry with white and dark chocolate. A chocolate lover’s dream…

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BTBTakeout Cups and lids

Where would we be without coffee to go? If you are looking for funky designs, great insulation or just something bright to liven up your business, we have cups for every taste and style.


This year we’ve developed a new design for the unique Ripple-Wrap cups from our friends at Detpak. Providing increased comfort and insulation, the cups come with a contemporary illustrated ‘50 cups’ design suited to any stylish establishment.


Ripple cups 8oz – Charcoal, 12oz – Chocolate Both 1,000 to a case.

Small white lids 1,000 to a case, sip thru lids for 8oz Ripple hot cups.

16oz – Sage; 500 to a case.

Large white lids 1,000 to a case, sip thru lids for 12oz and 16oz Ripple hot cups.

Solo cups have earned their place as the industry standard. They’re made from particularly fluffy fibres, resulting in thicker, tougher card, and they’re used by some of the world’s most demanding customers. If they’re good enough for them, we think you’ll like them too.

Solo double walled colour cups 8oz - Pea Green, 12oz - Blueberry, 16oz - Plum All 1,000 to a case.

Solo single colour cups 4oz - White, 8oz – Orange, 12oz – Purple, 16oz – Aqua All 1,000 to a case.

Solo Circle design cups 4oz - Light Brown, 8oz – Cream, 12oz – Brown, 16oz – Caramel All 1,000 to a case.

20oz – Yellow; 600 to a case.

Small Solo traveller sip thru lids Black or white 1,000 to a case for 8oz cups. Large Solo traveller sip thru lids Black or white 1,000 to a case for 12oz, 16oz and 20oz cups.

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BTBTakeout Environmentally friendly

Being an environmentally friendly bunch here at BTB we’ve been looking far and wide for a range of products that can help you help the environment. Visit our website for more detailed information about these green products… you know, the science bits.

Clear Eco-cups 12oz and 16oz; 1,000 to a case. Clear Eco-domed lid 12oz and 16oz; 1,000 to a case.

Clear Eco-cups The facility to separate rubbish for recycling when we are out and about is rarely available so although some cups can be recycled, it’s not always possible when you are on the go. That’s the beauty of this product. A fully compostable cold drink cup made entirely from natural corn starches and therefore renewable annually through harvests. Within 50 days (yes, really) there will be nothing left of the cup.

The benefits of this are multiple including reduced fossil fuel usage, and decreased landfill contamination. 100% compostable with a crystal clear, slanted rib design and a smooth rolled rim – what more could you ask for? Eco-sleeve As with our new eco-cups, these sleeves are 100% biodegradable. The only sleeve certified by the Environmental Choice

programme, the sleeves are made from MemoryTech™ technology. They insulate against hot or cold, and they’re waterproof so protect against leaks, spills and general sogginess. 100 cases of Eco-sleeves can save 10 trees! For more information visit

us so they have a diameter of 6mm, great for slurping up even the thickest of frappés and smoothies. Once they come into contact with soil the degradation process begins – total disintegration will take place within two years… nice.

Eco-straws To go with your bio-cups and clutches, how about some straws? We’ve had these straws specially developed for

Eco-straws 200mm x 6mm straws Black – straight Clear or Green – bendy Available in boxes of 250.

Eco-sleeves Green, black, red or natural. Available in cases of 12 x 100 sleeves. Also available branded with your own logo.


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BTBTakeout Disposable accessories

If your customers are tired of grabbing a takeaway coffee and promptly spilling it down their shirt then StixToGo is the product they’ve been waiting for. This little gizmo fits any hot beverage lid and seals the sipping hole so beverages can’t escape, and stay hotter for longer.

StirStix develop the idea further by being a stirrer and a lid seal in one. Simply stir, snap and offer your customers all the benefits of StixtoGo at little extra cost to you. StixToGo are available off the shelf in solid black or white and StirStix are available in clear red or blue. You can also have StixToGo branded with your logo, so your brand stays with customers as long as their drink.

StixToGo Black or white, Available in cases of 12 x 200. StirStix Transparent blue or red Available in cases of 20 x 100.


Clear plastic rod stirrer 2,000 to a case.

4oz white Solo espresso cup 1,000 to a case.

Brown Fairtrade sugar sticks 100% fairly traded, 1,000 to a case.

Wooden stick stirrer Simple and effective, 1,000 to a case.

2 cup carry tray 360 to a case.

White Fairtrade sugar sticks 100% fairly traded, 1,000 to a case.

4 cup carry tray 300 to a case.

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BTBGear Cleaning

Cleaning your coffee machine is absolutely essential. It keeps your coffee tasting good and fresh, and means your equipment will serve you longer.

The products and tools on these pages help ensure your machine is performing at its peak and as clean internally as the rest of your workplace. Any item that comes into contact with espresso should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid any residues or build up of coffee oils and grinds. Use Joe Glo daily to backflush your espresso machine, and to soak your group handles. Joe Glo is specially designed and formulated to tackle the heavy duty cleaning required for espresso machines. The revolutionary Coffeetool

For information on cleaning schedules and instructions on using the products please visit


Joe Glo 706g or 113g tubs with screw caps Rubber backflush insert Coffeetool Available in transparent green or orange and solid red or black.

is a whole bunch of really useful tools in one and the definitive answer to group head cleaning – we vote it the number one low cost must-have item for baristas worldwide. For extra technical tips and know-how about Joe Glo visit or for more info about the handy Coffeetool take a look at

3 bristle replacement pack Steamy Wanda Now there’s a better, smarter, more comfortable way to clean your steam wands. Two different sizes available, the small size in green and the larger in red.

BTB Caffeine Wrench Lots of useful tools for the coffee shop all packed into one mean little wrench.

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BTBKnowledge Books, DVDs and Training

Beyond the Bean is all about knowledge, understanding every aspect of the business, including how the speciality coffee industry is developing in other parts of the world. It’s not just equipment and ingredients that count – good drinks are about the culture, the history, techniques, skills, and of course nothing beats great training. There are a number of excellent schools offering courses in coffee preparation, latte art, roasting, or tasting. We recommend the London School of Coffee in the UK or 9bar who run a comprehensive programme of barista courses at their schools in both Italy and France.

Details of all their courses can be found at londonschoolofcoffee. com or If you have any general queries or are looking for some new ideas, we’re here to help too. There are also some useful DVDs out there on how to make great coffees. Or you can turn to books. Here are some that have caught our eye.

Training with the Champions Bellissimo Coffee This training DVD is the first in which regional, national and world barista champions share their passion one-on-one with the coffee world.

Professional techniques David Schomer If you are interested in making espresso taste good, this is the place to start. Our biggest selling book, this is often used for training.

For regular updates on everything that is happening in the world of coffee we recommend subscribing to the following publications:

The Devil’s Cup Stewart Lee Allen

Coffee Basics Kevin Knox and Julie Sheldon Huffaker

Caffe Latte Art Techniques of the Barista

The Coffee Book Gregory Dicum and Nina Luttinger

The New Complete Coffee Book Sara Perry

Café Europa – The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe’s bi-monthly magazine.

Barista Magazine – Great for all budding coffee heads, written by baristas for baristas. Tea and Coffee – An international view of the tea and coffee industries, published since 1901.

Café Culture – Dedicated to the café as a way of life

Boughton’s Coffee House – A totally independent voice in the industry.

Fresh Cup – A leading voice in the specialty coffee and beverage industry.

Café Business – Industry news, reviews and ideas.

A successful attempt DVDs also available at encapsulating the from David Schomer. entire coffee industry in a relatively small book! 60

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BTBGlobal We are very lucky at Beyond the Bean to work with some great people around the world who are as passionate about coffee as we are. So, whether you’re planning to sell short espressos in Italy, flavoured lattes in the UK or tea in China there is a BTB nearby to help you. Call us in the UK or email and we will put you in touch with your nearest BTB. You can reach us in the UK: +44 (0)117 953 3522

Metric converter There’s a lot of confusion about all the different weights and measures used in the coffee industry, especially as the information is drawn from many different sources around the world. Although by no means exhaustive, we hope the tables here will come in handy for those occasional conversions you have to do… is a comprehensive knowledge resource where you will find information on tamper sizes, smoothie making, menu planning, signature drinks, promotions, staff incentives and much much more. You can give us a call to discuss any of these topics, or if you prefer email



0ºC 10ºC 20ºC 30ºC 40ºC 50ºC 60ºC 70ºC 80ºC 90ºC 100ºC

1oz 8oz 12oz 16oz 20oz

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32ºF 50ºF 68ºF 86ºF 104ºF 122ºF 140ºF 158ºF 176ºF 194ºF 212ºF

= = = = =

30ml (3cl) 240ml (24cl) 360ml (36cl) 480ml (48cl) 600ml (60cl)

Weights 1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg

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2.2lbs 4.4lbs 6.6lbs 8.8lbs 11lbs

You can also sign up for the informative BTBMail, our quarterly e-newsletter which will keep you informed of new products, adventures as BTB goes on tour and promotions throughout the year. Simply sign up at to receive the current and all future editions.

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