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From Friday 14th May to Sunday 16th May I was in Minehead for my first ever ATP festival, this one curated by Pavement. Like most of my music I discovered Pavement only months or

weeks before they split up. I was completely wowed by Shady Lane and then my dreams shattered when they broke up. When I first heard the announcement that they had reformed I knew that I'd have to see them no matter the cost. That cost turned out to be ÂŁ170 plus around another ÂŁ80 for travel, food, and other

festival expenses. It was all worth it. What followed was a weekend of wine, friends and seeing many bands that I hadn't heard of before in addition to one of the best gigs that I have

ever to... year.

been this

Part of me wished that I had instead just gone to their (much cheeper) gig in London. I also wish that I hadn't accidentally booked a double bed instead of dobule room.

Or... Balding men social club. "Jokes" aside this is really one inventive band. Similar to Saccharine Trust this band has spoken word vocals over rather interesting and complex music. Whilst Saccharine Trust draws on jazz, Enablers are definitely more post足rock/progressive. Their front man throws himself around on stage like some lunatic, but it matches his style of story telling. I couldn't tell what the stories were about, but it was probably something quite sinister.

I wasn't looking forward to this one. I'd listened saccharine to some of their stuff before the festival and it seemed like very basic punk with some guy speaking over it. After seeing them live I feel frikkin' stupid. At a guess it seems like their straight足up punk stuff was their earlier work, 'cause most of what I heard was jazz足fused punk. Their lead singer was either stoned, drunk, drunk and stoned, suffering from some sort of mental illness or just a really good performer. He feigned falling over, constantly threw himself around and between songs would go on about love, freedom or some shit like that.

Boris are one of those bands that I probably should have checked out earlier. The only problem is that there's so many post rock and sludge bands out there that it'd be impossible to know of them all. Boris was a somewhat welcome change to the indie足fest that was been Pavement ATP. For their first performance there was a lot of technical glitches, but they

soon got over that and blasted out the musical delights. They really do like the moody atmosphere. They all wore black and the whole stage was backlit and filled with smoke. Like most people I left early so that I could get a good spot for Pavement, but luckily they played another set on Sunday. For this they did an extended rendition of Farewell. It was amazing.