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BRING YOUR OWN BEAMER Launched in Februrary 2013, Vivid Projects' acclaimed 33 REVOLUTIONS programme asks the question, can art and popular culture act as a catalyst for social change? Thought provoking encounters between new works and archive from 1960s to the present has addressed ways in which filmmakers and artists from a diverse range of cultural situations and societies have protested. 33 REVOLUTIONS has taken audiences on a journey through film, print, performance and song, celebrating personal acts of protest and resistance from the anti-institutional spirit of 1960s-70s Britain to the mosh pits of 90s USA, right up to the simmering Arab Spring and Occupy!

We are delighted to work again with artist and curator Antonio Roberts (Revolution 2, Dirty New Media) to present Bring Your Own Beamer, a one-night celebration of the projected image, which concludes Vivid Project's dynamic opening season. Bring Your Own Beamer is an international series of one-night exhibitions inviting artists to convene and explore the art of projection in an immersive environment of moving light, sound and performance. Armed with projectors an army of artists from Birmingham and beyond will beam their responses to 33 REVOLUTIONS in Vivid Projects' space. Raise a glass to the revolution viva the beamer!

Revolution 33 is dedicated to Lou Reed 1942 - 2013


PETE ASHTON Pete Ashton is an artist, photographer and teacher. He is interested in digging into the fundamentals of photography, from the bare mechanics of a camera to the act of taking photos themselves. His current focus is on camera ubiquity and the death of professional elitism in the photography world.

of 2012. In Autumn 2013 his first public art commission was created at Livery St in Birmingham. DOM BREADMORE Dom is a Digital Media Artist. He likes being able to make up his own job title. He lives in Coventry in the West Midlands. Places are very important to him.

GEORGE BENSON Growing up through the rave generation and working in commercial design through the internet revolution has greatly influenced George Benson’s art. This influence has led George to turn away from the bright lights of the branded commercial world. His subjects concentrate on the life passing, forgotten moments, childhood memories and physical creations using analogue objects. George was a winner of the Magenta Flash Forward Emerging Photographers 2010 and his Colour of Music series was exhibited at United Photo Industries in New York at the end

He likes cameras and screens. He is an evangelical gadget geek. He likes to hide in the space between the physical and the digital. He works with all kinds of people in all kinds of places. He likes to learn new things and have new teachers. ASHLEY JAMES BROWN Ashley James Brown is a digital artist based in Coventry. He works with a variety of technologies and digital medium to create interactive installations, games/play spaces and mobile applications/games.

His work has spanned music and sound production, film scores, interactive and digital art installations, iOS/Android development, mobile and locative based augmented experiences, custom electronic interfaces and electronic instrument creation. He has a strong international relationship with digital artists in Poland, France, Germany and USA. He enjoys working collaboratively with other artists to combine disciplines to further broaden his artistic development and evolve the work that he creates. Above all, he aims to create memorable playful experiences. Hence the grand title of Experience Designer DAVID CHECKLEY David’s work involves the use of light, sound and activity not just to illuminate and serve functionality, but to create and re-define spaces that evoke emotional response and to make the public see and understand a space from a unique perspective.

His work also involves elements of the psychology of play, regression and exploring the acts of the forbidden by inviting the participant to become part of the creative process by either interacting directly and indirectly with the piece. David’s working practices include technical design and management; artist design facilitation, lighting and sound design and manufacture, installation and engineering. CHROMATOUCH AV artist. except when there’s no A

FAISFX Faisal Hussain is an experienced Journalist, Assistant Producer and Artist. His broadcast work ranges from a BBC 2 Series, original journalism reports for BBC Asian Network radio, freelance voice over work, and most recently, he worked on a TV series looking at Muslim Diasporas throughout Europe for ntr France. Faisal has also worked with many arts organizations, social enterprises and businesses, and has produced a variety of media for them, including graphic and web design, video and audio production.

ROXIE COLLINS Life artist. Gets excited about concrete, car parks, subways, slide projectors and stupidly designed spaces. Fuelled by dark 80s music, depictions of dystopia and the study of the everyday. VLAD C. COSTACHE endlessly experimenting; romanian, no-name. wwvvwwwvvwwwwwvv wwwwwvvwwwvvww.

With music artist Mad Flow he directed the first documentary film on Hip Hop in Birmingham, named ‘Preskool’. He also made the first ever documentary film on the history of Bhangra in Birmingham, named ‘Form Soho Road to the Punjab’, with Punch Records. SORAYA FATHA Soraya Fatha studied at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design. Her practice presents and explores different aspects of digital participation, creating performance, adaptation and interaction within the moving image.

Soraya previously exhibited at the first BYOB Birmingham, 2012 in association with Flatpack Festival and VIVID. Other exhibitions include:Transform Festival, (West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds), AIR (Archway, London), Perpetual Presents (The Shavian Gallery, Archway & Studio 41, Glasgow) and Moving Image Art Fair of Contemporary Video Art 2013, (Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank, London) ANNA HORTON Anna Horton is a recent graduate of Margaret Street School of Art. She is an active member of Styrx Studios in Birmingham. Her current sculptural practice explores formal line and transforming space. Her works often appear like they can be reconfigured and changed. In her new sculptural pieces she focuses on play as tool to interact with her audience. For the installation Mirrored Blocks, artists are invited to project their works onto these mirrored building blocks allowing the audience to interrupt, change and manipulate the space.




Alex Juno is a profoundly Autistic musician from Birmingham, United Kingdom. From a young age he discovered that the structure and essence of music was very noticeable to him, even before he learned to play an instrument he was picking out bass lines or notes from songs and humming them to himself.

Michael Lightborne is an artist based in the UK and Ireland, who works primarily with sound and video. His work engages with rural and urban landscapes, digital reconstructions of analogue media, and the relationship between memory and video.

Walter Newton was born in 1981 in Glasgow. He remained there for the next 21 years, attending the Glasgow School of Art before being lured to the bright lights of London and the Royal College of Art. Five years later he moved to Birmingham, where he still lives, drawing pictures and sporadically animating for anyone that will let him near them.

SEBASTIAN LENTON After fooling around on home keyboards for a couple of years he started lessons at the age of 14 and progressed quickly, working his way through the grades and moving on to jazz piano, all the while experimenting with synthesizers and sequencing. Nowadays Alex spends his time teaching other lower-functioning Autistic people how to discover music as therapy, and teaches them a number of instruments. He has a band called “Elmo Sexwhistle” who are popular on the Birmingham Electronic Music Scene and have just finished their debut album. He also creates synthesizer-demo videos for Youtube, the “Dem Jamz” series. This series fuses music, sound collage and video together in a vibrant display of creativity. He is starting to work with other audiovisual artists on several projects. elmosexwhistle/

A Birmingham-based web developer/designer, musician and DJ with an interest in videogames & film-making. MARK MURPH Full time independent Graphic Designer and sometimes musician (healthandefficency. net) - Birmingham via Bristol via Birmingham. SAM ALEXANDER MATTACOTT Working with high-end production sofware for film VFX, Sam looks to unearth interesting side effects generated by industry standard procedure. Using these tools provides a huge amount of control over the creation of images, allowing these side effects to be manipulated with a high degree of precision.The results are on going and Sam is always experimenting with new software and new techniques.

NATALIE O’KEEFFE Natalie O’Keeffe was born in London, 1990 and is now an artist working in Birmingham and lives in the picturesque town of Kenilworth, Warwickshire. In 2011, she received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from BIAD, Birmingham City University. In 2013, she completed a Masters in Fine Art. Through Photography she travels to document and explore the symmetry, balance and the sublime that resonates within contemporary everyday life.

CHRIS PLANT Chris Plant has been projecting on things for over 20 years, starting off in Snobs nightclub with some projectors from car boot sales, he now has permanent installations around the world, using cutting edge technologies. Work over the past 10 years has mostly been interactive using video tracking, and more recently kinects, leap motion, oculus rifts etc. TIM NEATH Neath responds to the ideas and imagery found within film. A large amount of time is devoted to the decline of the classic western genre taking the form of cardboard models which create film sets and photography. Dancing the West (2013) is dedicated in memory of Laura Peaty. ANTONIO ROBERTS Antonio Roberts is a new-media artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK. whose work focuses on the errors and glitches generated by digital technology. Since 2007 he has curated a number of exhibitions and projects including fizzPOP (2009 - 2010), GLI.TC/H Birmingham (2011) and Dirty New Media (2013). As a performer and visual artist his work has been featured at

galleries and festivals including in Arles, France, Laptops Meet Musicians Festival in Venice, Italy, Notacon in Cleavland, Ohio, US, Leeds International Film Festival in the UK, and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, UK. SELLOTAPE CINEMA Sellotape Cinema (Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain) create film worked directly onto sticky tape and played through a specially adapted projector.Recent exhibits include The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea and the ICA London DANIEL SALISBURY Birmingham based artist looking at the mundane everyday life with strange set of eyes. DAN TOMBS Dan Tombs works with abstract moving image, creating music videos, installation work and live visuals for a range of electronic musicians. (Jon Hopkins, Factory Floor, Gold Panda, Luke Abbott, and Tim Burgess amongst others) Performing across UK, Europe, US and Japan at clubs, festivals and galleries. Exploring the nature of video signals and exploiting flaws and artifacts inherent in the signal to develop a strong aesthetic, of rapidly moving colour and pattern.

Dan lectures in Film and Moving Image at Norwich University of the Arts and the University of East Anglia School of Music SWOOMPTHEENG Swoomptheeng are a multimedia collective whose world is defined and shaped by the elements of rave craft, zombie breakbeat music and ritualised punk technology, these elements are the rules of engagement through which they create. BEN WADDINGTON Ben Waddington is an independent researcher, artist, tour guide and director of the Still Walking festival. Walking is his usual subject and medium but his practice occasionally manifests as a physical object.

BYOB Birmingham 2013 programme  

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