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You'd think myself and Lucy would've met each others' parents earlier in our relationship. No. We're not that smart. Instead, we left it until last week. There is method to our madness though: If either of our parents disagree with the other half, we'll be running off together for 2 months, 5000 miles away. TAKE THAT AND SHOVE IT UP YOU A HOLE MA! ahem... It went really well though. The meeting of the parents that is ­ there were attacks of nerves before hand (just ask Jon). Lucy met my parents last thursday/friday, after meeting Emily and Rob for the first time, and Carl for the second time. My mom was most helpful in making Lucy feel at home. I wont explain why... The dinner I feel was very successful. My family behaved just as I expected them to: They talked shite all night, so obviously Lucy felt comfortable (not a jibe at her, we both talk shite all the time) A few days after it was my time to meet her mom... and grandma... and grandad... and little brother and sister... and aunt. Aiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!! I think it went well ­ we just went to her nans house for awhile and (I) talked very little. hmmm, not much else to say. I think I'll propose to her in Las Vegas... ­­­ Oh yeah, and I'm leaving for America tomorrow... ta ta! ­­­ Hey [insert sisters name], Just thought I'd send a quick e­mail to let you know things are going good in America :) Flying wasn't as bad as I thought, though I did suffer a few head pains due to decreasing altitude and my sinuses :­/ Our first stop was LA for the night. Our original hostel that we booked was for some reason full when we got there, so they sent us down the beach to a much nicer hotel :) Next morning we went to explore the city, finding out that it's overpopulated by bums and low­live. How lovely lol Now, we're in San Francisco, where we've discovered that it's probably the most diagonal city in the world! Even more so than leicester! We spent the day mainly on the beach, and tomorrow we'll be passing over the golden gate bridge. We leave for Seattle on monday evening, where we'll be sleeping on the coach to save ourselves some money. Anyways, gotta get going now, there's a beach party at the hostel soon! Send my love to Mum and the rest of the family, and I'll send some pictures and postcards soon. Ta ta, Ant ­­­ 24 hours. That's the answer I'd give you if you asked me how long it takes to get from San Francisco to Seattle by Greyhound coach. That's including the 4 hours me and Lucy spent asleep on the Sacramento coach station floor. Woke up not long ago, not in a bed, but in a room full of matresses. ­­­ Canada is ace, everybody recycles :) ­­­ From the last time I updated I've probably travelled the length of the UK at least five times. In all, I've been to Los Angeles, California­ San Francisco, California­ Seattle, Washington­ Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)­ Seattle again­ Boise, Idaho­ Butte, Montana­ Rapid City, South Dakota­ and now we're in Minneapolis, Minnesota :­) It's wet. We've slept on a coach for at least 6­8 hours between each city, slept in a room with matresses, slept on random people's couches twice, slept in a motel and currently we're residing in a Gay owned and operated hotel... We rock! Next is Chicago or Detroit. Maybe Milky way Milwalke Mike Tyson France :­) ­­­

I wanted to update with something in the short time that we have at the library here in Cincinatti.... so there it was... There you go Lucy, now you can check your e­mails!!!!!!!!!1111 ­­­ Back in San Francisco again, after finding out that accommodation in Reno would be upwards of $80. Yikes! This past week has been the best of the trip so far. Mainly due to how friendly some of the locals have been. In Cheyenne, Lucy asked Roger, the clerk behind the desk at the Greyhound station which way the town was and instead he gave us a tour of the whole city. It included a trip to the oldest military base in the country, where we got to stand next to some huge penises missiles, a paid lunch, and a trip to a celtic festival, where an old pervy drunk guy perved all over Lucy... He did a good British accent though ;) In Denver the people were just as welcoming. Upon arriving at the hostel we were invited out for a Shindig trip to the 7­Eleven for a drink. We'll be heading back to Denver in a few days to rendevous with Roger and see some "Kick­ass military fireworks" for Independence Day :) Ciao for now. Back August 2nd ;) ­­­ has been shut down :( *weeps a little* ­­­ Is riding in a mountainous region on a bicycle that has no breaks fun? If I survive I'll let you know ;) ­­­ Well, hello there everyone. It's 12:18am and I'm in none other than "sunny" New Orleans :) ... I miss Denver, though the hostel here is very different. It's got a swamp/cabin theme to it. Also, they have a beer vending machine, though of course I don't need it, as I can go drinking anywhere, being of the legal drinking age *cough* in England *cough* ;) ­­­ It's been so long since I've updated... A lot's happened since New Orleans. Despite having a whole song named after it, Amarillo sucks ass The Grand Canyon is beautiful :) Las Vegas is overrated. It has some really beautiful attractions, but after you've gambled away your life there's nothing to do. Though if you like porn youre in luck. Within 10 minutes of walking the famous "strip" you'll be handed at least 10 porn cards. I've collected about 20. I'm thinking of making it into a trading card game. San Diego was alright, though I was only there for the San Diego Comic Convention, where there were a surprising amount of pornstars... Now I'm in Tuscon, AZ, gonna head back to San Diego for two days, then rest in LA for the final 3 days before I'm back in good ol' England :) Oh, and my webhost is shutting down, so the photos will be gone soon :( ­­­ Eerythingabotuthiswebcafesucks!!!Thespacebardoesn'tworkandnordoestheletter"v"unlessyouholddownonit!!!!Arrrrrrgh !!!

Anyways,I'mcominghomeinafewdaysw00t!!!I'llbebackby2nd:) ­­­ I forgot to mention, I'm back in England :)

America 2006  

In 2006 I went travelling across America for two months. I started making a zine made up of scraps that I had collected and in 2011, nearly...

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