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La Valise


This second generation-run family business, which has been a household name in Amsterdam for 25 years, is well known for its high level of customer service as well its extensive range of high-quality products from brands like Tumi, Longchamp, Victorinox, Samsonite, Bric’s, Valentino and Lamy. All staff are trained to have a wide product knowledge, so it doesn’t matter who you are dealing with, you will always get top-drawer service. Tip: You may notice that a large part of the shoppers are tourists, expats and immigrants. That's because La Valise offers you TAX-Free shopping. And because they handle the refunds themselves without the interference of a third party, they are able to give back the full 21% tax. Take it from us: If you are looking for a bag, purse or suitcase, be sure to visit La Valise.

La Valise Tumi Voyageur